Thiazide Diuretics and Diabetes Video

A reader asks, "Thiazide diuretics are recommended for high blood pressure, but the ALLHAT study linked them to diabetes. Is this something to be concerned about?" View Dr. Nancy Keating's in the video below. (Locked) More »

Treating H. Pylori Video

A reader asks, "I'm in my mid-80's and have H. pylori infection, but I don't have any symptoms. Do I need to be treated?" View Dr. Komaroff's response in the video below. (Locked) More »

Washing Your Face Video

A reader asks, "I don’t wash my face very often because I’ve heard soap will dry out the skin. What do you think?" View Dr. Ken Arndt's response in the video below.   (Locked) More »

Editor's note

The editor in chief of the Harvard Health Letter introduces this year's edition of a special issue comprised entirely of "By the way, doctor" letters from readers. (Locked) More »

By the way, doctor: Should I stop taking these vitamins?

In addition to a multivitamin, I have been taking vitamin B12 supplements (1,000 mcg) for a few years, hoping to increase my energy. My recent blood profile showed a high level of B12 (1,826 pg/ml). Should I stop taking B12? My energy is about the same. (Locked) More »