Feeling uninspired about tackling a core workout?

core workout

Sticking with exercise isn't always easy, but setting goals and having a plan for when your motivation lags can help. If you're spending more time finding excuses than doing those planks and bridges, try taking a look at the list below for some inspiration.

Doing core exercises regularly will

  • keep your back strong and flexible, which will help you avoid low back pain
  • ease back pain or stiffness so you can move, sit, and sleep comfortably
  • enhance your balance and stability, which will help prevent falls and make walking and other activities easier
  • reclaim the strength and flexibility you need for everyday movements like bending, turning, and lifting
  • build up the strength and flexibility you need for on-the-job tasks like lifting heavy items, twisting, or standing or sitting at a desk for hours
  • add power to activities you enjoy, like tennis, running, golf, kayaking, gardening — or any other active pursuit
  • improve your posture, which can trim your figure visually and help prevent back injuries
  • help tone your waistline
  • spice up your regular workouts by adding variation.

For more ways to keep your core muscles strong and working for you, read Gentle Core Exercises, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

Image: DeanDrobot/Thinkstock