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Yoga for people with back pain

April 14, 2018
  • By: Matthew Solan,


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Raghav Gupta
May 10, 2018

Very Good article.
Nicely written, was reading Articles from { Yoga Teacher Training Goa India } , they are having Bunches of Articles on each Asans, { poses }

But you have given Points that can help each of us on,
* Back Pains,
* If lower back gets tight
* Soothe low back pain

But after reading this article on Yoga i will definitely share this link in between my Friends and Relatives

L. Milne
April 25, 2018

Good article. I appreciate the study link. The photo choice is very unfortunate. A yoga teacher pushing someone into a very poor forward bend with a rounded overstretched back and lumbar spine. Not a good example of proper form which the article emphasizes.

April 14, 2018

“Talk to your doctor first about whether it’s okay to begin a yoga program if you suffer from low back pain.” Ah yes, that famous doctor that has so much time to talk with each of his/her patients . . .

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