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Why won’t some health care workers get vaccinated?

February 17, 2021

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Nathanael A DePano
February 28, 2021

Incentives outside of straight delivery of accurate information about the vaccines will only heighten the distrust of people who are already leery of the government’s zig-zaggy handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The understandable dearth of data about long-term vaccine effects is also a major factor. I have waited this long and have remained healthy. I can wait a bit longer until such data is available.

A Butterfly
February 24, 2021

Ok so I get the mistrust issues and why, totally understandable. Ppl are worried about putting something into their bodies with potential side effects.
I’m not saying that we should take it but you HAVE TO look at the alternative., get the virus and have side effects that won’t go away for some, or oh ya DIE. This isn’t going away any day soon.
Has anyone considered this, almost all of us are taking in toxins in our air, water, soil, pesticides, food, chemicals inside and outside of our homes, body products, and voluntarily taking medications that have toxic, dangerous, and even worse some can kill you. We do this voluntarily most often not looking at what they can do to us. You say ya but we don’t have a choice or they have been tested and tried, but that doesn’t change the facts that they all have side effects on our bodies, but they don’t bother looking up the side effects or they resign themselves to it being a necessary part of their health care.
BUT when a vaccine comes out that hasn’t been tested that long you aren’t sure of what it could do to you, but it could save your life……. but not if you won’t take it!
BUT you will take all the other products prescription and or over the counter that harm you including smoking and alcohol abuse, drug abuse smoking or vaping anything into your lungs has been documented to cause harm or kill you.
Do you see my point? I’m nervous too but we have to use our heads and consider all examples I just gave you. Like I said the meds I take to treat my ailments are probably more harmful than the shot. And you know what is more dangerous than the shot, you dieing or you giving covid to someone else who dies. It’s no different than taking your meds to keep you alive, it’s just one more thing to keep you alive or someone else.

Ruth Yoder
February 21, 2021

I did not receive my vaccine. It had nothing to do with management at my assisted living facility. It had everything to do with me not trusting the government and how fast this vaccine was pushed through. I could not get an answer to my queation, if I had covid why should I get the vaccine?

February 26, 2021

Why? Because the scientific community does not yet know if having the Covid-19 illness provides immunity or not, and if it does provide immunity, how long does that immunity last, and is it effective against the new variants? At this time, for the safety of yourself, your patients, your family and the community you live in, they recommend you get vaccinated. Make sense?

Krystine Loeb
February 20, 2021

This article is spot on. As a CNA in a long term facility, we were chronically understaffed, and near or at burnout as we were also not allowed to take time off. Our management was unstable, if there at all. I live and work in Arizona, and I’m glad people around the country can also speak up for these issues.

February 18, 2021

“and funding for these payments would require government support.” Why? It doesn’t seem as though the “government” (gov’t exists as city, county, state & federal levels-which level is referred to? And what part of what gov’t? Medicare? Congress? Who?) pays for the frequent testing to see if employees have been infected by the SARS-COV-19 virus, even though Medicare requires that the frequent testing be done. What puts payments to employees as an incentive for vaccination in a different category? Does Medicare, or the CDC or FDA or a state labor agency or other state or federal agency regulate, say, a decision by a nursing home to give wage employees bonuses? Hazard pay?
There often is a lack of trust & it’s unsurprising that it’s so, given how many low wage employees are treated. Not all, but way too many.

February 18, 2021

The reason most health workers refusing is because of trust issues. They are worried about safety.

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