Treating prostatitis: Any cause for optimism?

Michael P. O’Leary, M.D., M.P.H., looks at what may be ahead

Prostatitis gets little press, but it’s an all-too-common genitourinary condition in men. It accounts for about 1.8 million visits to the doctor’s office in the United States each year. Depending on how you define the term, 9% to 16% of men experience prostatitis. It’s also an “equal opportunity” disorder. Unlike benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer, which predominantly affect older men, prostatitis affects men of all ages.

Despite its commonness, little is known about what sparks prostatitis or, more importantly, how to treat it. Frustrated patients visit one doctor after another in search of a remedy, but they usually leave disappointed. Relative to other prostate conditions, little research has been conducted on prostatitis. But a few bright spots may be emerging.

What is prostatitis?

The term prostatitis, which translates to inflammation of the prostate, refers to a loose assemblage of syndromes characterized by urinary problems — for example, burning or painful urination, urgency, and trouble voiding — difficult or painful ejaculation, and pain in the perineum or lower back. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, classifies prostatitis into four categories, each with its own treatment approach (see Table 1).

Table 1: Prostatitis: What’s your type?

Type Definition Symptoms Comments
Category I
(acute bacterial prostatitis)
Acute infection of the prostate Chills, fever, body aches, fatigue, pain in the lower back and genital area, urinary frequency and urgency (often at night), burning or painful urination and ejaculation Rare; responds well to antibiotics
Category II
(chronic bacterial prostatitis)
Low-grade or recurrent infection of the prostate Same as above, but symptoms are often less pronounced More common than Category I; usually treatable with antibiotics, although the infection can be persistent and require several courses of therapy
Category III
(chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome)
No proven bacterial infectionCategory IIIA
(inflammatory): white blood cells in urine or prostate secretionsCategory IIIB
(noninflammatory): no white blood cells found in urine or prostate secretions
Pain in the lower back and genital area, urinary frequency and urgency (often at night), burning or painful urination and ejaculation Represents about 90% of all cases of prostatitis; no known cause or clinically proven treatments
Category IV
(asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis)
White blood cells are present, but condition is usually found during tests for another medical condition, such as infertility None Treatment usually unnecessary

Category I and Category II refer to acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, respectively. They are both associated with an infection of the prostate. Acute prostatitis begins abruptly with high fever, chills, joint and muscle aches, and profound fatigue. In addition, you may have pain around the base of the penis and behind the scrotum, pain in the lower back, and the feeling of a full rectum. As the prostate swells, you may find it more difficult to urinate. Unlike the acute form, chronic bacterial prostatitis is a subtle, low-grade infection that can begin insidiously and persist for weeks or even months. Together, these conditions, which can be treated with antibiotics, account for about 5% to 10% of prostatitis cases.

Category III prostatitis, also known as chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS), accounts for almost all other cases of prostatitis. (Category IV is rare; it has no symptoms and usually requires no treatment.) It’s characterized by episodes of pain and discomfort that come and go unpredictably, as well as the urinary difficulties and sexual dysfunction mentioned above. Quality of life takes a beating, too. The pain can be disabling, causing a man to withdraw from activities and become depressed.

A major difficulty is that in most cases doctors are unable to definitively diagnose CP/CPPS or identify a causative agent. Not surprisingly, with so little to go on, treatment is empiric — guided by a doctor’s clinical experience and instincts rather than hard evidence of what actually works, which isn’t much. Patients often find that the “standard” treatments provide little or only temporary relief.

Figure 1: The NIH–Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index

Pain or Discomfort

  1. In the last week, have you experienced any pain or discomfort in the following areas?
    a. Area between rectum and testicles (perineum) Yes (1) No (0)
    b. Testicles Yes (1) No (0)
    c. Tip of the penis (not related to urination) Yes (1) No (0)
    d. Below your waist, in your pubic or bladder area Yes (1) No (0)


  1. In the last week, have you experienced:
    a. Pain or burning during urination? Yes (1) No (0)
    b. Pain or discomfort during or after sexual climax (ejaculation)? Yes (1) No (0)


  1. How often have you had pain or discomfort in any of these areas over the last week?
    0 Never
    1 Rarely
    2 Sometimes
    3 Often
    4 Usually
    5 Always


  1. Which number best describes your average pain or discomfort on the days that you had it, over the last week?
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (0 = no pain, 10 = pain as bad as you can imagine)


  1. How often have you had a sensation of not emptying your bladder completely after you finished urinating, over the last week?
    0 Not at all
    1 Less than 1 time in 5
    2 Less than half the time
    3 About half the time
    4 More than half the time
    5 Almost always


  1. How often have you had to urinate again less than two hours after you finished urinating, over the last week?
    0 Not at all
    1 Less than 1 time in 5
    2 Less than half the time
    3 About half the time
    4 More than half the time
    5 Almost always

Impact of Symptoms

  1. How much have your symptoms kept you from doing the kinds of things you would usually do, over the last week?
    0 None
    1 Only a little
    2 Some
    3 A lot


  1. How much did you think about your symptoms, over the last week?
    0 None
    1 Only a little
    2 Some
    3 A lot

Quality of Life

  1. If you were to spend the rest of your life with your symptoms just the way they have been during the last week, how would you feel about that?
    0 Delighted
    1 Pleased
    2 Mostly satisfied
    3 Mixed (about equally satisfied and dissatisfied)
    4 Mostly dissatisfied
    5 Unhappy
    6 Terrible

Scoring the NIH–Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index Domains

Pain: Total of items 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2a, 2b, 3, and 4 = _____

Urinary Symptoms: Total of items 5 and 6 = _____

Quality of Life Impact: Total of items 7, 8, and 9 = _____

SOURCE: Litwin MS, et al. The National Institutes of Health Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index: Development and Validation of a New Outcome Measure. Journal of Urology 1999;162:369–75. PMID: 10411041. Reprinted with permission.

The “three A’s”

Known as the “three A’s,” traditional treatments for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome are antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and alpha blockers.

The use of antibiotics remains controversial. For starters, few men with CP/CPPS test positive for bacterial infection. This suggests that antibiotics aren’t likely to be helpful, and randomized clinical trials bear this out. (See “Ineffectiveness of antibiotics.”) Even so, many doctors still prescribe a single course of antibiotics lasting several weeks, arguing that a negative test for bacteria doesn’t mean that bacteria aren’t present. Also, some antibiotics have anti-inflammatory properties, but work differently from other anti-inflammatory medications. This means they may help some men even when symptoms aren’t caused by a bacterial infection.

Ineffectiveness of antibiotics

Alexander RB, Propert KJ, Schaeffer AJ, et al. Ciprofloxacin or Tamsulosin in Men with Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: A Randomized, Double-Blind Trial. Annals of Internal Medicine 2004;141:581–89. PMID: 15492337.

Nickel JC, Downey J, Clark J, et al. Levofloxacin for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome in Men: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Multicenter Trial. Urology 2003;62:614–17. PMID: 14550427.

Repeat courses of antibiotics probably aren’t helpful. Even though they generally have few side effects, they aren’t without risk. They can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea; interfere with other medications; and trigger allergies.

Anti-inflammatory medications, notably aspirin or NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, help some men cope with the pain of CP/CPPS. Yet only one controlled study supports the use of NSAIDs as the primary treatment for CP/CPPS. Most doctors agree that if NSAIDs are used, they should be taken for a limited period of time, to control pain, and preferably with another medication, such as an alpha blocker.

Alpha blockers (see Table 2) are most commonly prescribed to treat high blood pressure and BPH. However, they may also be prescribed for CP/CPPS. That’s because the prostate and bladder are rich in alpha receptors. By blocking these cellular structures, alpha blockers help relax muscles in the prostate and urinary tract, allowing urine to flow more freely.

Table 2: Alpha blockers

Generic name (brand name) Drug class Comments
doxazosin (Cardura) Nonselective alpha-1 blockers Block alpha receptors in the prostate and elsewhere in the body, including the heart and blood vessels (talk with your doctor if you have heart disease)
terazosin (Hytrin)
alfuzosin (Uroxatral) Selective alpha-1 blockers Act more selectively on alpha receptors in the prostate; have less effect on receptors elsewhere
tamsulosin (Flomax)
silodosin (Rapaflo)

Four randomized, placebo-controlled trials initially demonstrated the effectiveness of alpha blockers in easing the symptoms of CP/CPPS, based on the NIH–Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index (see Figure 1, above). A 2003 study randomly assigned 86 men with CP/CPPS to receive either terazosin (Hytrin) or a placebo for 14 weeks. Of participants taking the drug, 60% had a greater than 50% drop in their average symptom score, compared with 37% for participants taking a placebo. A subsequent study by the same researchers concluded that the beneficial effect lasted up to 38 weeks.

Another 2003 study evaluated the effectiveness of alfuzosin (Uroxatral) in 37 men diagnosed with CP/CPPS who were randomly assigned to receive either the drug or a placebo. After six months, the men who took alfuzosin had a statistically significant drop in their symptom score compared with the men who took a placebo. At that point, therapy was discontinued, and over the next six months, the beneficial effect of alfuzosin wore off.

In 2004, researchers tested the alpha blocker tamsulosin (Flomax) in 58 men with CP/CPPS who randomly received either the drug or a placebo for six weeks. As a group, the men treated with tamsulosin experienced statistically significant improvement in their symptoms compared with the men who received the placebo. The effect was greater in men with moderate-to-severe CP/CPPS than in those with mild symptoms.

Another study compared tamsulosin, the antibiotic ciprofloxacin (Cipro), both drugs together, and a placebo. In contrast, this trial found no benefit from the alpha blocker. Researchers speculated that the lack of improvement was due to the fact that many participants had had symptoms for a long time and had previously tried several treatments, including alpha blocker therapy. (See “Alpha blocker research.”)

Alpha blocker research

Cheah PY, Liong ML, Yuen KH, et al. Terazosin Therapy for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Journal of Urology 2003;169:592–96. PMID: 12544314.

Cheah PY, Liong ML, Yuen KH, et al. Initial, Long-Term, and Durable Responses to Terazosin, Placebo, or Other Therapies for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. Urology 2004;64:881–86. PMID: 15533470.

Mehik A, Alas P, Nickel JC, et al. Alfuzosin Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study. Urology 2003;62:425–29. PMID: 12946740.

Nickel JC, Narayan P, McKay J, Doyle C. Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome with Tamsulosin: A Randomized, Double-Blind Trial. Journal of Urology 2004;171:1594–97. PMID: 15017228.

Given the contradictory findings of the studies, as well as the fact that the studies were small, the Chronic Prostatitis Collaborative Research Network (CPCRN), which includes dozens of researchers, launched a larger randomized, placebo-controlled trial of alfuzosin. Two hundred and seventy-two men from the United States, Canada, and Malaysia enrolled in the trial. They were randomly assigned to take 10 milligrams (mg) of alfuzosin per day or a placebo for 12 weeks. Participants who had previously taken alfuzosin or another alpha blocker were excluded from the study. The result: alfuzosin was no better than a placebo in treating CP/CPPS. In both groups, 49.3% of the men had a decrease of at least four points in their total NIH–Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index score. The findings were published in The New England Journal of Medicine in December 2008. (See “Alfuzosin for CP/CPPS?”)

Alfuzosin for CP/CPPS?

Nickel JC, Krieger JN, McNaughton-Collins M, et al. Alfuzosin and Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis–Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. New England Journal of Medicine 2008;359:2663–73. PMID: 19092152.

The news was surprising and disappointing to urologists and their patients. Experts had thought that alfuzosin would probably be the most effective of the alpha blockers in treating CP/CPPS. But doctors continue to prescribe the medication because they have so few pharmacological options to offer patients. That may change, however.

On the horizon

Researchers are assessing the effectiveness of two other drugs — silodosin (Rapaflo) and pregabalin (Lyrica) — for the treatment of CP/CPPS. And nontraditional techniques, including biofeedback, which involves becoming more aware of the body’s signals, and myofascial trigger release, a type of massage therapy, are bringing much-needed relief to some medically savvy men. But most patients know little about these options.

Harvard’s Dr. O’Leary is a urologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on CP/CPPS, and one of the researchers involved in the CPCRN, a consortium funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. In this interview, conducted in August 2009, Dr. O’Leary talks about clinical trials under way for CP/CPPS and explains why biofeedback and myofascial trigger release might be worth looking into.

Lots of physicians were surprised by the outcome of the alfuzosin study. We were not expecting a negative result. Was the study poorly designed?

I think it was a well-designed trial. I may be biased because I’m one of the authors of the study, but The New England Journal of Medicine doesn’t publish poorly designed trials. My explanation is that alfuzosin just doesn’t work. As you know, we found that the placebo was just as effective as the drug at relieving symptoms. We did assess a number of secondary outcomes, such as general pain, urinary urgency, anxiety and depression, and erectile function. But the only difference we found between the two groups was in ejaculatory function, which improved significantly in the alfuzosin group. Otherwise, it was a completely negative trial — and another trial suggesting that alpha blockers probably don’t work.

Are any other drug trials under way at the moment for prostatitis?

We’re doing one right now on a drug called silodosin (Rapaflo), which is another alpha blocker. It’s being funded by a pharmaceutical company, and I’m a little surprised that they decided to go through with it after they saw the negative results of the alfuzosin trial and some negative findings related to tamsulosin. But it’s a brand-new drug and we really don’t have a lot of data on it. That might be why they are moving ahead with it.

Has the trial started? How many men do they hope to enroll?

The trial started in the fall of 2008, and the researchers aim to enroll 150 men who have had pelvic pain for at least three months. As with the alfuzosin study, men who have previously taken alpha blockers aren’t eligible. And it’s also a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Participants will receive either 4 or 8 mg of silodosin or a placebo daily for 12 weeks. After that, the researchers will look at changes in the total symptom score. They will also look at changes related to pain and urinary symptoms, but those are secondary outcomes. I’m not involved in the trial, but we have enrolled a few patients in it.*

*Editor’s note: The trial concluded in October 2009. As of February 2011, the findings had not yet been published.

It will be interesting to see what happens, given that the other large alpha blocker studies have been negative.

That’s true. But I should say that I still prescribe alfuzosin even though the placebo response rate was so high. After all, what have you got to lose? These men are in pain, and they don’t have many other options at the moment.

Are researchers studying any other drugs that might ease prostatitis symptoms?

Yes. There’s the pregabalin (Lyrica) trial. Pregabalin is used to treat fibromyalgia.

People with fibromyalgia experience pain and stiffness in tendons, ligaments, and muscles, perhaps because of overly active nerves. What does that have to do with prostatitis?

Many experts hypothesize that severe, abnormal tension and overly active nerves in the muscles of the pelvic floor [see Figure 2] could explain the pain, discomfort, and urinary problems associated with prostatitis. Given that pain and muscle stiffness are symptoms of both conditions, and that pregabalin is effective in treating fibromyalgia, it seemed worth trying in men with prostatitis.

Tell us about the trial. Any encouraging findings?

Like the other trials I’ve mentioned, it was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. We randomly assigned 324 men with pelvic pain for at least three of the previous six months to receive either pregabalin or a placebo daily for six weeks. The dose started at 150 mg, increased to 300 mg after two weeks, and then finally to 600 mg two weeks after that. The primary endpoint was a drop of at least six points in the total score on the NIH–Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index. After six weeks, 47.2% of the men assigned to take the drug reported a drop of at least six points in their total symptom score compared with 35.8% of the men assigned to take the placebo. That’s not a statistically significant difference, so technically, the trial was negative.

But it was positive for a number of the secondary endpoints. For example, 31% of the men who took pregabalin reported that their condition had markedly or moderately improved from the start of the trial, compared with just 19% of the men in the placebo group. The pregabalin group also showed more improvement than the placebo group in terms of pain. That was really encouraging. It suggests that pregabalin may be effective in some men with prostatitis. This was another CPCRN study. The findings were presented at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting in April 2009.

Do you prescribe pregabalin to your patients?

You bet — you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it. Virtually every patient I see who’s already been to another physician has been given long courses of antibiotics; that just doesn’t work. So we try alpha blockers, and if they don’t work, we try pregabalin. I use pregabalin for patients who mainly experience pain because that was one of the secondary endpoints of the trial that was positive.

Do you have any trouble getting insurance companies to cover the cost?

Yes, absolutely. Pregabalin isn’t approved for the treatment of prostatitis, so insurance won’t cover it. It’s not cheap.* But most of the men I see are so miserable that they’re willing to try it and pay for it themselves.

*Editor’s note: In February 2011, the Web site charged nearly $95 for a 30-day supply of 150-mg pregabalin capsules. Rates may vary by merchant.

What about nonpharmacological therapies?

I don’t know very much about biofeedback. I have had some patients who’ve tried it. As far as I know, they’ve had no great successes in terms of controlling pain. But the patients who are dysfunctional voiders definitely benefit from a behavioral technique like biofeedback. The challenge is to find professionals who know how to do it properly.

There has been growing interest in myofascial trigger release, or the so-called Stanford protocol, since the publication of a case study analysis back in 2005 in The Journal of Urology, which just published results of another study on it in the August 2009 issue. It wasn’t a large study — only 47 participants — and women were included, because they can develop chronic pelvic pain syndrome, too. Participants were randomly assigned to have weekly sessions of either traditional massage or myofascial therapy for 10 weeks. Although their goal was to determine whether such a study would generate solid data that might be the basis for a larger trial, the researchers also made some interesting observations. For example, 57% of those who received myofascial therapy reported that they were “markedly improved” or “moderately improved” versus just 21% in the group that received ordinary massage. [See “Myofascial physical therapy for CP/CPPS.”]

I don’t know whether they’ll find funding for a full-scale trial of myofascial therapy, but these results were definitely encouraging. And I’ve had a number of patients who say the treatment is definitely beneficial.

Myofascial physical therapy for CP/CPPS

Anderson RU, Wise D, Sawyer T, Chan C. Integration of Myofascial Trigger Point Release and Paradoxical Relaxation Training Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Men. Journal of Urology 2005;174:155–60. PMID: 15947608.

FitzGerald MP, Anderson RU, Potts J, et al. Randomized Multicenter Feasibility Trial of Myofascial Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes. Journal of Urology 2009;182:570–80. PMID: 19535099.

What criteria do you use to refer patients for myofascial therapy?

I’m willing to refer almost anyone who is suffering with chronic pelvic pain and hasn’t responded to standard pharmacological therapy — and that’s a lot of people. There simply isn’t much that works, so this is cause for optimism.

Originally published October 2009; last reviewed Feb. 23, 2011.


  1. Martin K

    Hi guys, am in Uganda and also a patient of Chronic Prostatitis two years now, my Prostate had even enlarged and could find hardship passing stool well then my doctor told me to take azithromycin 500mgs and DicloDenk for a month, bt now i pass stool well….now i still have burning urine, urgency urinating, bladder pain….any help teach me on +256771407131

  2. James

    John & Alex,

    I am amazed at what I read from you and the similarity to my situation. One major difference is I am over 50 but about 2 years ago I got a NASTY does of prostatitis from a BJ. I initially thought I had an STD but after going to 3 clinics and passing every single test AND yet being treated for STD’s with antibiotics, it felt like I was peeing glass and the pain was excruciating. It was my regular Dr who is an older man who immediately said I had prostatitis and put me on 30 days of an antibiotic and it started working right away.

    Jump ahead to 2018 and in January I cold a cold and Bronchitis and have never really rid myself on a nagging cough. I have been treated for 3 cases of bronchitis since then. Two months again I noticed that my urine stream was weak and my erections were becoming fewer and less capable. For the last 30 days I have been dealing with a extreme case of gastric problem, including constant pain, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue that I started getting treatment for 10 days ago.

    The treatment was Levofloxacin and Metronidazole which immediately helped my GI issues but also changed my pee stream back to normal and my nagging cough is pretty much non-existent now.

    All of this clearly points me to follow your suggestion an regarding Microgen DX and I have already registered and will be doing this right away!

    My Sincere THANKS!!!

  3. Gerry

    Had chronic Prostatitis about 15 years ago. Wild sexual adventure my Dr. said. My main symptom was having to pee every 20 minutes and had to do all I could to hold it. Life truely sucked. Anyway primary Dr. prescribed 750mg of Cipro for 2 weeks. I took 2 cycles and this did nothing. Anyway found a Urologist who eased my mind and prescribed me low dose 100mg doxycycline for 6 months and detrol. The detrol was a life saver. It literally gave me my life back. And guess what after the 6 month cycle was over I’ve been good ever since. Hang in there if your battling this and most importantly keep a positive attitude and your stress down. Good luck

  4. Alex

    I posted a lengthy chronology about a year ago. I’ve been suffering from this debilitating illness/disease for 11years. I guarantee that everyone suffering has this in common. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    – A BJ is what caused all of these problems. And she was wearing a tongue ring at the time that entered the pee hole.
    – Many of you noticed symptoms after something simple like riding a bike or going pee. I guarantee that it takes approximately 72 hours for this disease to ravage your body, so you may not have noticed the BJ three days earlier was the cause.
    – there are such things as irreversible diseases and I have come to grips that this is one.
    – The only medecation that provides relief are pain killers. I’m not sure if it’s just the mood altering effect or the relief from pain but this is absolutely the only treatment that can help. The unfortunate thing is that pain medication can kill you over time and good luck with a prescription.
    – Asside from discomfort in the urinary system I have seen a definite change in bowel movements. No more firm productive stool. Zero visual erections and morning wood, no desire to tackle the world, a constant brain fog, more small veins in the penis, erections are half of what they were, frequent urination at night, very sensitive to hot and cold weather, perspiration under arms and groun area.
    If anyone cares to read this I can add to the list.
    I’m just trying to be factual about my experience and several others who shared similar issues in their post.

    Thank you.

  5. Rahul

    Hi John,

    When u say u have done all the 6 tests which came back negative before doing DNA sequencing, does that mean that u also done Normal sperm culture test as well?

  6. john

    ########HOW TO FIX YOUR PROSTATIS##########

    If you have been suffering from prostatis then pay attention, I’m going to give you the most important information of your life.

    Quick story about me:
    I had been suffering with prostatitis for a year, my symptoms started with just my penis burning after peeing (SO I had no idea it was prostate related).

    Then along with the penis burning, I started feeling major prostate pain. The prostate inflammation started a month or two into this whole thing.

    This infection all started after a blow job (I’m 29 years old). Started as a UTI then spread quickly to my prostate. I had 6 cultivations done, PSA test, every STD test available, saw 5 urologists. Everything came back negative and the doctors were just as clueless.

    1. Unless you have pelvic pain, ignore all that hippy dippy headache in the pelvis crap. If your pelvic area hurts then go see a physical therapist and see if that helps you, I also recommend you walk first thing in the morning!

    Now If your dick burns, and your prostate hurts, or vice versa, and you don’t have any STDS or other wird shit then you most likely have an infected prostate! Theres no need to overcomplicate this, you don’t have some weird rare disease trust me on that.

    IMPORTANT: Traditional semen/urine cultivation tests will not find a damn thing, believe me do not waste your time!

    2. If your young, and not above the age of 50, you most likely have an infection. As the doctor put it, if you don’t fit into the critera of having an enlarged prostate because your old, YOU HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM! If you have no pelvic pain then it’s damn sure not your muscles causing an inflame prostate. Think about this logically theres something causing the inflammation, because theres something inside your prostate messing it up.

    3. Do not take random antibiotics hoping to fix this, that will not work and will damage your body. You need to identify the bacteria first and I will explain that below.

    SOLUTION (How to manage the pain AND how to fix the problem):

    1. For pain management take the following natural supplements (This will help you until you cure it which I describe below): Vitamin c (Not absorbic acid, order one that is sourced from natural fruits). Queretine with bromelain (Very important, works great!) AND Tumeric.

    ***THE MOST important for prostate pain: First thing in the morning walk for at least 20 to 30 minutes, for some reason this helps releive pain for the rest of the day, I think it massages the prostate when your walking and releives some inflammation.

    2. Google “Microgen DX” and call them up and ask them to recommend a Urologist in your area that uses their LAB. You are going to make an appointment with the urologist to take a urine and semen sample and send it off to Microgen DX for a DNA sequencing test (You can also ask Microgen Dx very nicely to send you a urine and semen kit so you can do your business the day of the appointment. You can also ask the DR office to send these kits!).

    Microgen DX takes your samples, finds every bacteria in there and compares it to a huge database (thousands) of known bacterias. They will return a test result with the bacterias found, and the amount of each bacteria. They will also include a page that shows what antibiotics each bacteria is sensitive to so you can kill the damn bastards that have been ruining your life!

    Some Important Notes:
    1. If Microgen DX finds bacteria you will need to take a low dose of the antibiotic it’s sensitive too for at least 30 days. (This might fail even after a month).

    2. If the antibiotic fails your next step is too find some one who will do antibiotic injections directly into and around your prostate (This will be painful but if your suffering get it done!!) for 30 days!

    It’s truly sad that only a small percent of medical facilities are using DNA sequencing as the traditional cultivation tests are only viable 33% of the time.. as they don’t cultivate for the correct amount of time etc.

    I hope this helps all of you, before I got these results the other pain management techniques I listed above got me back to around 90% better. The Walking really made the difference, but if I don’t walk in the day I’ll suffer for it!

    I wish you all the best!

  7. john

    Oh by the way: I had about 6 tests done, std checks, swabs. I had these issues for almost a year now (penis was burning AFTER peeing for hours – 3 months later my prostate started to get really inflamed especially after a bowel movement). I had people in my ear constantly telling me it was muscle/nerve related, however I knew theres no way that could be it. It all happen after a BJ.

    After every test being negative I seriously started to lose hope, that was until I found out about DNA sequencing and the semen sample I sent in showed I had 4 nasty Bacterias, the bacteria in most abundance is a common cause of UTI infections.

    Stop over complicating it guys, I know it can get obssesive. Go get TESTED properly so you KNOW what the hell is going on.

  8. john

    Everyone here who thinks they have a prostate infection but all the tests are negative, get a DNA sequencing test done on a semen sample, you need to RULE out a bacterial infection. Traditional cultivation tests won’t find anything. DNA sequencing is just as simple (you bring semen in a sample cup) but 99.99% accurate. Google “DNA sequencing lab”. i WOULD recommend the one I used, but I don’t think this comment would be posted then.

    I always read that ONLY 5% of cases bacteria is the cause of prostitis, it’s not true. If your below the age of 50, especially if your in your 20s or 30s, it’s most likely a UTI infection that spread to your prostate.

    If your DNA sequencing test comes back positive, have the doctor prescribe you the antibiotic that will kill the bacteria(s), the DNA sequencing test should include a sensibility report.

    Also, while your taking the antibiotics I highly recommend doing prostate massages daily to allow the antibiotics to penetrate and do their job. (You will need a minimum of 30 days of antibiotics)

    Good luck

  9. Eric

    I found something that works extremely well for me guys. A really smart doctor thought it was worth a shot, and it has helped me get back to living my life.


    It’s technically an anti depressant, but at very low doses it is used to treat neuropathy issues.

    My doctor believes I did have a bad infection at one point. But now my brain is telling my body it’s still there.

    I kid you not… This stuff really really works well.

    It’s more of a stabilizer than a cure I’d say, but dudes! Seriously only thing that’s worked for me.

    One bit of warning… This stuff makes you hungry at first. And it is rather easy to put on some pounds while on it, like really really easy, so be careful there.

    If anyone here is no longer enjoying life because of this, I’d seriously talk to your doctor about this drug as an option. Gave me my life back.

    Goodluck gentlemen

  10. Ray

    I have been suffering for 25 years also, tried everything known to man, and have pretty much given up. I am going to try to find a Dr. who will remove my prostate. Has anyone given this any thought ?

  11. michael

    I have been suffering from frequent urination for 4 months, and recently came across some information about Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill herbs which is said to be effective on relieving the symptom of frequent urination.I want to have a try on it, does anybody know about it or have taken it?

  12. mark

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    ass hole
    fake news

  13. Alan

    My Love Spell delivered my ex back to me so we could fix the problems we had. It was a process that was far easier then I thought. I was literally floored at the effectiveness of my Universal Lover Spell Casting. I had doubts until he called and told me he couldn’t stop thinking of me. Thanks you Dr. Todd (manifestspellcast@ gmail. com)

  14. Lloyd Seidel

    My problem began with a very tight penial orfice causing urine backup into my prostate. After I had that openned things worked good for about a year at which time the prostate began to tighten. Dilating with self cathing (up to 22 Fr) helped a lot. Reflexology was also good along with frankinsence, myrrh, sage, rosemary, and white thyme oils are antseptic and help control infection. Draining the bladder by self cathing helps to prevent reinfection. Saw palmetto, pygeum nettle root, and cranberry have been very helpful for me.

  15. Lloyd Seidel

    Dilating strictures by self cathing can be very useful to keep urine flowing easily and to prevent backup of urine that can reinfect the prostate. Saw palmetto, pygeum africanum, nettle root, and cranberry also helpfull. Reflexology aid blood flow which in turn can help the body deal with any infection. Use of essential oils of frankinsence, myrrh, rosemary, sage, and white thyme diluted in grape seed oil rubbed into the skin between anus and scrotum helps shrink prostate for better urine flow.

  16. No Name P Sufferer

    Long time sufferer of Prostatitis here, 25 years. I’m 36, so it started at 11. Super rare, but happens. I’ll get right to the point, I know all the symptoms, been there done that with quite a few treatments. You can try all these drug store “natural methods” all you want. I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying every thing, please do so, because in YOUR case, something may help. But realistically, this issue, is much more difficult to treat than some simple antidotes you’ll read about online.

    So first you need to determine your particular cause and what kind of Prostatitis you have. If you think you have Prostatitis find the best Urologist you can by doing research online and go into their office to request the following: A sonogram of your testicles, your prostate, a scope through your Urethra to check for strictures in the Urethra to your bladder, test your semen for any bacteria cultures and while your doing this test you might as well ask them to test your testosterone levels and fertility (Alot of times Prostatitis suffers have a lower T and low fertility). Now you’ll get somewhere to find YOUR cause. Don’t let any doctor just hand you antibiotics and think you’re treating this issue, you will just be wasting time and money.

    There definitely could be calcified areas in your testicles and/or prostate, depending on age. You may also have stones in the prostate that need removed. If you have bacterial Prostatitis then I recommend to accept the anti-bacterial trials your Doctor will want put you on. Everyone is different, Keflex, Cipro and sometimes Levaquin work best.

    If your Prostatitis is non bacterial, then there may be a few different other causes found after all the tests I mentioned..

    In my case, which is more common than mentioned here and most websites for that matter, it is Urethral stricture related. That’s where somewhere in your pipes, your Urethra (or in the prostate itself) your tissue is closing in causing essentially a backflow of urine back to the testicles and inflammation of the prostate. It’s that simple. While painful, discouraging, extremely unpleasant… It’s not a life threatening nor a cancer causing issue. It’s just a major inconvenience to live with…

    So now to the the best treatment, honestly… It’s to have your penis dilated, opened up all the way to the bladder. This procedure is extremely painful. However, this opens you up, you’ll flow better, not drip when you pee and ejaculations will fly out of you. Seriously. Also, a medication you probably have never heard of but will change your life forever if all others have failed on you….is URIBEL. It is rarely used, some Doctors have no idea it even exist and is an old school treatment of urination issues. Look it up, it’s not cheap, probably in your higher tier of insurance too. I have paid out of pocket for it, hundreds… it’s THAT worth it. Miracle drug for Prostatitis. Also, the more you use your prostate the more you are aggravating it. See, when you ejaculate it squeezes rapidly, so if it’s inflamed it will get MORE inflamed. So abstaining helps, but you also do want to ejaculate once a week or so to get any bacteria that may be residing in there out. Hopefully this helps someone out there, I also recommend prostate massage and hot baths. If you get to the point where you have back or leg pain, your prostate is really inflamed. Just take it easy, don’t ejaculate for a while, if you haven’t been to a doctor yet and your in that kind of pain get to a Dr. to get on something to help. But again, make sure to have a scope done, if you have strictures then self cathing yourself daily will keep you open, getting dilated every 3 to 4 months will help and save you from this misery. Don’t forget URIBEL!! 3 to 4 times a day. This, I can guarantee will help. No BS, no trial and error of other “natural” etc treatments needed. Blessings to you

  17. Johny

    I’m still not “cured” but i’m 90% better, do yourself a favor and get the following supplements:

    1. Quercetin with bromelain pills (Most effective supplement you will find to subside the pain)
    2. PolenAid pills (Very effective with the quercetin)
    3. Magnesium oil (put this on your body every day)
    4. Zinc pills
    5. Vitamin D pills
    6. A Natural Vitamin C pill sourced from real food (try viva labs)

    I still think It’s bacterial.. so I’ve also been downing 5 drops oregano oil, 5 drops dandaline oil, 5 drops golden seal in teaspoon of garlic infused olive oil 3 times a day (I will continue this for 2-4 weeks).

    I’m also trying a juice fast as we speak.. pure juice for 3-4 days to let my prostate heal (seems to get irritated after a bowel movement).

  18. Campbell

    My friend’s sister has been suffering from Prostate pains for the past few months and her family has been completely distressed. While browsing I came across and thought of trying PeaPlex. It has worked wonders for us and would recommend to others as well.

  19. dave

    Hi, it’s dave again. Recommend you Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill,which is a herbal medicine. It’s amazing, that works on me well.


    Hi All
    i am glad to see that i am not the only one suffering with this
    chronic non bacterial infection
    this is how it started with me
    at 57 years of age (now 62) and still suffering one day was having a pee and about 30 mins later got terrible pain/stinging in the penis area
    thought nothing of it but then it got more frequent
    visited my doc he said it was a uti infection and had me on three different sets of antibiotics. this lasted about 3 months but the pain was getting worse
    so he referred me to a urologist who put me on all sorts of antibiotics that did not work
    did a culture test which did not show up anything
    it got to the point where i asked him straight
    what is the cure for this
    his reply to me was fucking unbelievable!!!!
    we have tried all methods to relieve your pain which is prostatitis!!!!! and is non bacterial that will go away itself after time maybe a few years
    so i suggest you try some herbal remedies from the internet!!!
    This medical condition should by law be made more transparent and clarified to the general public as to what exactly what the definition of this condition is!!!!
    thousand of people are moving to doctor after doctor consultants the same, seeking answers as to how to cure this Prostate condition instead of being left in the dark and trying to find answers and a cure from what i can see is a medical condition that there is no clarified medical answer for, and no qualified medical treatment that works
    tony Dublin Ireland

  21. Matt

    I suffered for years from this condition and feel for all of you. It began for me in 2005 and lasted until about 2014. A constant burning sensation for 9 damned years can do a number on you psychologically especially when test after test and doctor after doctor finds nothing and offers no insight. 2014 is when i discovered Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar as others have mentioned. It’s cheap and available at most Vitamin stores. Take 4 heaping tablespoons mixed with water. The stuff is tough to take down because it tastes nasty so i dilute with half a cup water and then wash down with a full glass of water. Do this EVERY day for the rest of your life. It has other benefits too. You will start to feel better within a week and 2 weeks it should be gone. If you do it everyday you can take some time off but a consistent 1 week without it you will feel the symptoms start to come back. But once you start it again you will notice the effects that same day. I swear by this stuff. What a lifesaver i have taken my life back and don’t have to live in pain anymore! i think it has something to do with reducing inflammation.

  22. sako levonian

    mostly all useful informations.i will opt for apple vinegar 2 spoon in a 1/2 glass of water in the morning for one week.since i’ve tried doxycycline and ciprobay.i also intend to take some anti inflammatory.cause my prostatitis relapsed suddenly,and i have frequent urination specially during the night.

  23. Chris

    36 yrs old had two flare ups of prostatitis thus far …first round two yrs ago was temp cured with us of antibiotics (bactrim / sulfa ) but this past month went back on bactrim and had terrible side effect (would strongly advise against this drug ) .. cringing for days after stopping for it to leave my system and finally when it did symptoms reoccurred – so now back to square one ..from my experience and research this is what i know

    1. Urologist’s only throw drugs at you bc -they have no clue what the cause is ..
    2. Stress and lack of sleep can be a big factor over the course of time
    3. Over use of alcohol and min intake of water over the course of time (daily dehydration) also a big factor
    4. Lack of sex / not ejaculating like your 16 again can play a role (never had this when I was younger and I was very active that’s for sure)
    5. Could be related to STD , but than drugs would cure so very confusing
    6. Sitz baths with epsom salt to draw out inflammation helps with pain
    7. Donut while driving / trying not to sit long
    8. Can alternate hot and cold treatment for pain
    9. Motrin etc works temp
    10. Valium helps relax muscles may also help short term
    11. Exercise helps to get the blood flowing
    12. Trigger point / Myofacial release ?


  24. Shane P

    I had prostatitis non bacterial (chronic one).. Treated with many doctors with many meds (antibiotics, muscles relaxation tabs etc etc).. Same test result all the time urine culture zero. Finally I met one doctor he told me ur disease is due to your mind. Mind related. Keep ur mind out from thinking about it.
    “Mark these words…
    I came to know my prostatitis was due to thinking about sex from mind all the time so prostate and muscle got stressed so burning sensation, pain I felt, but when I controlled my mind and stop thinking about sex and my life is going good, my advice if someone is having same issue like me then plz stop thinking about it, do sex if needed but dont bring them in mind way to live pain free”
    Am okay living all right without any unsatisfactory pain from last 5 years.
    This is i wanted to write for those who are still suffering. Guys i know how it feels.
    God bless you all people..

  25. Ryan

    Anyone tried ozone injection into the prostrate? That is what is being recommended to me by a local doctor.

  26. Jason Anthony De bari

    So my cpps started after stopping Xanax with makes sense, Xanax and other benzodiazepines are the most effective muscle relaxers on the planet.

    My symptoms are more to the neuromuscular side

    Pain in the penis
    Frequent urination
    Sometimes I have a slit or dribbling stream sometimes it’s pretty much normal

    These symptoms are common for ic and cpps

    Now my neuromuscular symptoms are
    Electric shocks
    And little bee sting feeling in my genitals

    So don’t try to get help with benzos because when you come off your muscles will spasm worse
    I think the best help for ic/cpps is internal trigger point release
    And diet changes.

  27. jorge

    As everyone here, i live the same hell. Just ask if anyone tried ESWT or intrathecal pump. I´m putting my last hopes on it.

  28. Eli Raed

    I suffered from Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis for over 27 years. I can’t begin to count the number
    of Antibiotic pills I had to take over the years especially the last 3 years with 3 different antibiotics
    at once on an almost continuous basis. I begged my idiot Urologist to remove my prostate which he kept refusing to do. Finally I took it upon myself to travel abroad and get an LRP and removed my prostate completely. It’s been 5 months, I am finally free of infections and didn’t have to take a single antibiotic pill since then. If you require additional information I’d be delighted to help just email me your phone number and I will be more than happy to call you, just want to help as many sufferers as I can and no worries I am not selling anything just want to help.

  29. Best Sexologist in Delhi

    It is my first time I visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff on your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the excellent work

  30. Johny

    Well, all the STD tests, UTI tests, and urine culture were negative. i decided the only test I didn’t do was gonorrhea test, which is a swap of your urethra (they stick a swap down your pee hole half way down) which they then try to cultivate whatever is in there.

    They found Streptococcus viridans! I’ve read a few cases where people have had similar symptoms as me, and this is what they found as well.

    This all started with a blowjob. I’ll be starting anti biotics soon that are able to kill this bacteria and i’ll follow up.

  31. Johny

    I honestly think this is all caused by bacteria that can’t be cultured. I’ve had this for around 3-4 months now and it all started after a blowjob, all STDs/multiple urine cultures negative. It was such an extreme pain the first day, burning in my penis and rectum, I could barely sit. Now I just have buring in my penis, 99% of the time a bowel movement starts the pain and it can last for hours.

    I found some relief with ozone therapy administered in an IV bag directly into my blood stream. It improved the burning in my penis significantly. I will be trying ozone therapy directly administered in to my urethra next so it can hit the problem areas.

    Ozone kills bacteria.. could be the answer.

  32. DEe seeking help

    Hey Mike. Yea have that as well with regards to the stool. I suffer from constipation (life long) and my GI, urologist, and pelvic floor specialist all day the straining and constipation can make this all worse so they gave me remedies to make my stool softer. I have been stretching as well. My PT told me that the stool is harder to pass Bc the prostate muscles are super tight and firing. Her suggestion wa stop give them a rest with proper diet and no straining during a BM. My GI gave me lizness ti help me go easily. At it’s worse it feels like I still a lot more to go after a BM. It’s very uncomfortable and depressing. Antibiotics made me severely constipated so I’m off of those but if I can cure the underlying constipation i may try another round of antibiotics

  33. Mike

    Hi Everyone,
    I have had prostatitis for a few months now. Originally did a 30 day round of antibiotics. My symptoms went away, but came back 4 days after I finished my meds. My PCP referred me to a Urologist who prescribed me Cipro 500mg 2 days for 60 days. Said the initial medicine probably did not remove all bacteria, as it is hard to get medicine to the prostate. I have been on Cipro for 2 weeks and I feel the bottom of my feet are tender. I also feel foggy sometimes. The biggest changes have been with my stool. Sometimes they are hard, soft, or I have diarrhea. I find it difficult to pass stool. The stool symptom started around the time my prostate issue flared up. Has anyone else experienced. Both my doctor and urologist tell me not to worry, but I can’t help it.

  34. sammy edwards

    wanna use this medium to inform everyone ,about traditional medicine. i ordered the hsv herbal medicine from dr.kpomosacom@outlook email i saw in vegan post on facebook. And received it through ups within 5 days and used it as directed . in just 2 weeks of medication i felt relived, the inching suddenly stopped, the cold sore began to dry up. i went for a text and was HSV 2 negative . same virus the scientific researchers said no definite cure, i endorse traditional herbal medicine for all who are in need of alternative cure.

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    Thank you so much!

  38. Rex

    Six doctors in six years – none of them have a clue except to stop drinking coffee and scotch – which I find unacceptable.

    If 10% of men have this, why don’t the profit-driven drug companies come up with a cure? There would be loads of money in it!!!

  39. Daniel

    Hi guys,
    I am from germany and have also this Problem but have no pain only some times at lower back.
    My biggest Problem is that i have erection Problem with New girls.
    Sometimes Also alone.

    You have that too?

  40. Fred Callaghan

    See my comment above.

  41. Fred Callaghan

    I have the answer for all your pain because I have had it on and off for 40 years. The way to get rid of the pain is a prostate massage by a doctor willing to do it. Not one not two but three treatments maybe a week or so apart. It works . Yes they want to give you very strong antibiotics so take them for a few weeks. They stick their finger up your butt and massage very hard on your prostate gland for several minutes. Yes it hurts but just say it will solve your pain. Most doctors wont do it and use the excuss it will spread an infection even though they cant find one . Total BS. Back in 1970 I came back from overseas and had a prostate problem treated by a base doctor with antibiotics which took a long time to help. A year later it came back but I was home then and was lucky enough to find a doctor who saved me from life long suffering. He treated me with antibiotics and whats called a prostate massage. I had three visits and was better for years. I had a reoccurrence years later went to many doctors and no cure until I found a doctor who would do a massage. Once again it worked without problems. Be careful these doctors want to put you on a floxen antibiotic which do number on your joints. Now one reason I get this problem coming back is antihistamines. They do a number on your prostate. Believe me when I tell you I did everything know to man to solve this pain and only one thing works prostate massage. If you have long fingers or a strong wife that might work. I understand many years ago chiropractors use to do this as part of their business. It is very hard to find a doctor who will do this. When you do it will solve your problem. Notice I didn’t try to sell you anything.

  42. richard

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  43. Alex

    Amazing stories this site gives a lot of hope and less fear , thank you!

  44. David Morey

    Hello All I have seen people Writing their Stories , I am Suffering from BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia . I was Taking Antibiotics Since 5 Years with no Improvement . I Have just Started a Treatment with Nanke pills it’s Just been a week and My Urine Frequency is Almost Disappeared . I hope this can help you guys .

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  47. Gavin

    My symptoms are slightly different from
    most people but I’m wondering if it definitely is prostatits and if it’s bacterial or non bacterial.
    They are: Constant Heavy baggy/ache feeling in rectum
    Some penile/testicle/perinium pain but this subsided with antibiotics but is now back after stopping them
    Occasional back pain
    About 50% Erictile dysfunction even with the use of viagra with no morning wood etc
    Very lumpy sperm
    Newly formed veins in the penis

    This has been going on for about 4 months now and was wondering if anyone suffered something similar?

  48. reza

    prostatitis bacterial symptoms

  49. reza

    Hi im 27 years old from philippines i have prostatitis cpps for almost 4 years i been visiting many doctors but no cure at all
    but here is the good news tnx god i found how to manage my pain by my self with the only simple herbal tea ur pain will totally disappear
    for more details u can contat me through whatsapp or viber

    note there is no cure for prostatitis but with this herbal 99% of ur pain will totally gone

  50. Richard

    Dear all.

    A short comment from the Netherlands. My name is Richard 40 year old, fantastic live till december 2016, now livibg in hell. Pain in low back and genitals. Oxcycodon for pain in low back and Amptriptliny for pain in genitals. Did search on internet for succes stories instead of horrier stories, but I cannot find them. Talked to Mr. Wise from the book headache on the pelvic and have 4 therapy sessions every week in holland for my back, genitals and also for fighting against my depression that I got from the pain-internet-horrorstories. I have the idea that nobody is recovering from cpps, unbelievable that there are no succes stories and simple effective methods which can help somone white cpps. All methods are based on relaxation (how to relax if you have 24/7 pain) and long triggerpoint therapy. For me everyday is hell since december and I only can pray for a miracle and hopefully succes stories which can help me (and you). I know acceptance can help also a little bit but I do not know how I can accept this for the rest of my life. Tips and succes stories are welcome.

  51. Joe

    Had chronic prostate pain for months and thought I was going to have to quit work because of the pain. For me zinc was the answer. Started taking 100 mg of chelated zinc every evening and pain completely disappeared in about 10 days. Several years later while traveling overseas I thought I probably didn’t need to take zinc anymore. After a couple of weeks, pain returned. Been on zinc supplementation for two decades now. Probably will not work for everyone since so many different things can cause prostatitis, but certainly worked for me.

  52. Lucas

    Hello all,
    I am currently on my third week of treatment in ChIna for chronic prostatitis and epididimytis. I had a lump on my testicle, swollen prostate, and shooting pains on my whole right side (which urologists in the US said was unrelated LOL). Anyways it took me a year to finally make the decision to come here and get treated and needless the say the doctor saved my life. If you have prostatis, you definitely have an infection. Oral antibiotics do nothing and neither does diet. If your first round of antibiotics failed the prostate starts forming calcification around the infection and this needs to be addressed as well. This is the Only clinic in the world that has unblocking medicine to address and break up the calcification. You need to be here between 3 to 6 weeks depending on your condition. I am only writing this because I had read some of the comments here and want to state the truth. If your prostate symptoms have not resolved after first course of treatment you will need to have this treatment of direct injections through perenium, please don’t use doctors that go through the rectum it is dangerous and will spread bacteria and the infection will only come back if the calcification is not treated as well. I will leave my email and will respond as best as I can. I am not disclosing the name of the clinic publicly but will do so by email or phone. Please don’t hesitate as I want to help as many people as I can because I’ve been through the suffering. Good luck to you all on this journey and if you are looking for a cure email me asap.

  53. Paul Boublil

    I have solved the enigma of chronic prostatitis . It has nothing to do with prostate. I have tested a new treatment. The first results are good. I hope to ne free of symptoms on summer.
    Hope to give you some good news.

  54. Craig

    I’ve been dealing with this for four months now and has only gotten better now that I’ve researched and learned the alternatives. First off meds aren’t going to help. Stretching the pelvic and pelvic excercises have helped enormously. I have also massaged the pelvic and stomach muscles myself and have felt much relief, I also visited the chiropractor to work stretch out the lumbar area of my lower back and it has decreased the achy discomfort I’ve been experiencing. I also read that stress has a lot to do with the way we hold in tension in the pelvic area disrupting the pelvic floor muscles. Sitting for long periods of time and stress I believe has caused my symptoms. Paying more attention to releasing the stress and working out the tension from the lower back to the front of the pelvis region I believe is the only solution. Try a lumbar cushion and try not to lean forward while sitting, I’ve noticed that the symptoms are worse sitting in that position. I play video games and sometimes lean in a forward direction sitting for long periods of time also while at work leaning forward in a sitting position while working on a computer. I believe the lumbar area of the lower back and pressure on the pelvis area is creating tension along the pelvic floor muscles and the stress is a big contributor. Breathing and relaxing excercises along with Dailey stretching and msssage should assist in better results.

  55. Marco B

    Nice Shy Miami Guy

    You seem to have some useful information,but you sped through your post-(shortened/abbreviated etc.)If it’s not too much trouble, could you go over your post, assuming as I, and others are- new to prostatitis.(ie exercise,internal massage, wand, etc. are all new terms)


  56. Dave Mark




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    We need your urgent responds…

  57. J.H.

    Nice Shy Miami Guy,

    Can you elaborate in the internal massage? How and with what tools?

  58. Nice Shy Miami Guy

    Oh you’re screwed if you have this big league BUT get cleared by a Uro then move on to exercise. Yes you won’t feel you want to but do it. Stretch that pelvis out – a physio not a uro is your best friend. Then do some internal massage. Take hot bath before internal massage and after (may need a wand). Study trigger points WAP protocol. You will want to then think about keeping ejaculation to no more than once every other day (longer if possible) and no porn and edging (often edging is why you have it you are just over using muscles over and over again – no time rest and repair – was that a eureka moment for you?). People who edge do it without thinking (but behind that are very tired pelvic muscles and a sore prostate). Just do it calmly no messing about. The only meds useful are anything that stabilises mast cells (anti histamines etc). Stay well away from Opioids they are only for acute use, it never goes away with pain pills as your pelvis is numb to finding the sore bits and fixing them. Over 15 years with it does not bother me one bit now. Just follow the above and keep going through the pain you will come out the other side. It will never go away 100% sometimes it will kick back in when you revert to your bad lifestyle that causes it – don’t expect it to just let go – expect to manage it – but you won’t notice it in the end much if you follow these simple steps. I wish someone has told me this 15 years ago. About 1 year of this you will be in a good place. Yes it is a long haul. The younger you are the better as you can actually do these things.

  59. CMC

    Hey guys good night. I had been suffering from prostatitis for awhile now after I contracted chlymedia two years ago. I had spent a lot of money going to doctors and doing multiple labs to try and get a cure for the chlymedia and the prostatitis and I can honestly say now I’m a 100% better. (This may take long so bare with me)

    Firstly, the most important thing to do is to find out what’s causing the prostatitis. What I mean is it’s either STI related or bacteria related. To find out definitely what’s affecting you, you have to do multiple labs and I would recommend doing all the test for different STIs. An interesting thing I found out was there are two ways to test for STIs, one is the normal lab that shows what you have or it doesn’t and another one is the lab is done to test for the antibodies that may be present in your body fighting the infection (if present). The latter option is important because certain STIs carry different strains of the infection, and each strain is better treated with the right amounts and type of antibiotics.

    Secondly, after getting treatment it’s important to be tested more than once and preferably at different labs to see if you still have the STI or not and also request a semen culture to be done to test for bacteria and STIs that may still be lingering. Why?? Because if indeed they are hiding in your prostate once you ejaculate, it has to be present in your semen sample that is released.

    Thirdly, after doing the labs, getting the results that you’re cured or (not infected) and doing the semen culture, the next step (if you are still getting discomfort) is to building back your immune system and also your sexual reproductive health. Reason being (I’m no doctor), but think about it, if you’re taking meds for even a cold, you also drink juice with vitamin C etc to also help with the meds, hence, it’s the same thing after taking a whole lot of meds that have penetrated your sexual organs and reproductive system. How to do this, by taking fish oil jell caps, vitamin b complex (with folic acid) and garlic capsules (odourless ones are available) and take them as natural, everyday supplements and I promise you will feel better. Let me explain, for those who are feeling the pain in your prostate that did not happen bcz of a STI or bacteria, you are suffering from inflammation of the prostate, these natural supplements will help to gradually reduce the inflammation. For those who got treated for bacteria or a STI, after being cured, taking these supplements will help to increase your immune system and also settle the nerves that contribute to that “awful golf ball feeling” from your stomach all the way down to your pelvic region.

    In addition, to all that I have said above, it is very impossible to have a supportive partner who will understand and be patient with you during this process. Moreover, have as much sex as possible with you partner during the process, as this will help your sexual organs to go back to normal, it will help with your libido going back to normal and also the confidence you will need to stick to the process and believe you will get better. I hope all this info helps you guys because I went through it, I sat up late at nights for two years straight, in pain, feeling motivated, to get all the info I could and to get better. All that I have mentioned above helped me in the space of 7 months. So please try it.

    1. Find out if what you are suffering from is STI or bacterial in nature.

    2. Seek treatment if it is, until different tests results demonstrate you are cured, if it’s not bacterial in nature, go straight to taking the supplements I mentioned above (they work).

    3. After being cured, then go straight to taking the supplements right after.

    4. Have sex with your​ partner as much as possible, or make sure you ejaculate when there is a sexual urge. This will help in restoring your libido level.

    5. During the processes of either taking medications and/or the supplements, it is paramount to ignore all alcohol and stick to drinking water. Water helps to flush the system of toxins in your body which will multiply 10 fold in your body, as by products of antibiotics. In addition, it’s the most natural and safe transporter of nutrients in the body, second only to blood.

    Take care guys and God’s blessings with you all.

  60. Rahul

    I started having irritation around my stomach and then sensations down my leg when I was about 29. This was after I went through a nasty break up with my girl friend which left me heart broken and full of stress.

    Initially I thought I had stones, but as I started feeling pain around groin and a golf ball feeling, I started searching online. I realized it should be prostatitis. I reached out to few urologists who just did some urine tests and said I had no problem.

    I then tried multiple vitamin supplements, massages, oils, etc, which did little good to reduce the pain.

    One thing which worked for me was a version of the kegel exercises. This is best done while sitting on the western toilet and then trying to pull your anus muscles up. Try to hold it there for a few seconds and then release it. I try to do it 5-10 times a day whenever I get time. This is I think the same exercise as the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev recommends for any type of sexual problems or any type of mineral deficiencies. I guess, most people must have realized that if they have prostatitis they must be low in zinc.

    I am now 90% cured. I still have the golf ball feeling, but for 90% of the time, I am 100% pain free. I get some pain when I am walking/standing for long periods of time such as 1-2 hours.

    I would say this exercise has been a miracle for me, given that at one point in time I had to visit toilet every 20-30 minutes and I could not sit on my office chair because the pain was unbearable. I could not even focus on my work. The pain in groin and testes was so bad I tried multiple vitamin supplements with good discipline for about 4-5 months with little improvement in my condition.

    I also tried applying various types of oils – coconut, olive, sandalwood, essential oil, etc – around my groin area; again with little help.

    At one point I was so desperate to even try the almost obvious fake doctors based out of Africa or even go to China for an expensive treatment.

    It has taken me about 9 months from the time I started doing this exercise. Initially I was not regular; but as I started seeing improvement in my condition, I started doing it with more discipline.

    Apart from this exercises, I think fast running (>13-14 km/hour) on tread mill has also helped me. I would give 10% credit to this and 90% credit to the version of kegel exercise I talked before.

  61. The pain pills do work which is scary. It’s the only thing that alleviates the pain or more accurately the discomfort.

    It’s the only hope but how long can you go that route without consequence?

    Not long.

    • Edmond Sokol

      Been on pain killers for years due to a bad accident I had.
      With them, yes you have consequences but if your burning is as bad as I am having… Just tortuous!!!… I have just accepted the side effects of them.
      Good luck Alex… Hope you find relief.

  62. Julia

    I know a lot of people are going to gasp. But my husband is 24 and has been dealing with this for 3yrs. The only thing that has helped is pain pills and herbal remedies. None of those meds work. Just try it one time and give some feedback.

    • Edmond Sokol

      Thanks Julia… I have been on pain medication for a long time due to an accident I had.
      I have tried highly concentrated Blueberry supplements that I thought was helpful but the burning came back shortly after I started them 🙁.
      Have changed my primary care provider due to the lack of any answers from the one I was seeing.
      He kept telling me every visit that he thought that the burning had stopped. Such a moron!!!
      Hope you and your husband find an answer. Ed

    • Edmond Sokol

      Thanks Julia… I have been on pain medication for a long time due to an accident I had.
      I have tried highly concentrated Blueberry supplements that I thought was helpful but the burning came back shortly after I started them 🙁.
      Have changed my primary care provider due to the lack of any answers from the one I was seeing.
      He kept telling me every visit that he thought that the burning had stopped. Such a moron!!!
      Hope you and your husband find an answer. Ed

  63. Ken lee

    Ken lee..
    For those who find some cures for their prostatitis…that is miracle.For those who is suffering despite all attempts…i have posted two comments since last year..
    The reason u r in the second group is that the causative bacteria persists in the prostate..
    The trick is is to cultute it n identify which abiotics can works..
    Then u take the abiotics long term..hopefully it is a cepholosporins because u can take it in high dosage n forevet without lethal side effects..just like u take chronic hypertension or heart medicines..
    By the way…go systemically with different abiotics to cover for unusual bacteria like chlamydias and gardnella…which is very hard to treat them one by one even culture results does not shoe it..
    Secondly take clonazepam together with the cephalosporins for good muscle relaxing..
    Thirdly…take flomax if u have pain after sex..prostate is very cramped up after u ejaculate because it is irritable…all the pain n discomfort u had is due to your prostate is in cramps because of bacteria and irritation from ejaculation ..siiting..urine..alcohol..etc
    But only take flomax for short term..and double the dose if the discomfort
    Persists…becoz sometimes the prostate are so cramped up or screwed it need higher flomax…which i find most effective.
    I only take it for 5…6 days then i stop coz by that time the cramp is gone and i m all 100 % ok just with antibiotics n clonazepam..
    My life now back to normal…and had great sex n ejaculation coz now i know flomAx can relieve the prostate cramp post ejaculation. All the discomforts from prostatitis is in fact your prostate is irritAble and become crampy n knotted up after ejaculation…alcohol ..sitting…prolonged full bladder..
    U call it pelvic pain..but put simply it is just your prostate cramping up because it has been insulted n become irritable..
    Nsaids therefor n other painkillers is not useful…n i dont them at all for the problem.
    It should be prostate cramp..not pelvic pain…that is the essence

  64. Is anyone on this forum in the U.S. or California to be specific.

    My story has similarities to all of the above. Seems you can piece it together like a puzzle.
    After countless doc visits and a small fortune, 10yrs later still no relief. It really diminishes your quality of life and the fact that every MD looks at you like your from another planet doesn’t help. On the other hand there are plenty of opportunist selling snake oil and miracale cures that have no merit.

    This all began 10yrs ago. Fever and chills for about three hours. The next day an ER visit yielded no infection, at least per their methods of testing. Many rounds of antibiotics and lifesyle changes later you have no choice but to live with it and as you all know it diminishes your life. The worst thing is not being able to engage in activities you would like with your kids and other family.
    I’ll give you a chronology thatyou all may be able to relate with after this was inflicted upon me.

    – Doc visits- all yield negative for infection.
    – Countless rounds of antibiotics.
    – Prescribed Valium to relax muscles and prostate. No results
    – Finally got in to see a pelvic floor specialist. All claiming they can cure it. They recommend generic exercise and electric stimulation or estem. Contact me for details.
    – All the vitamins and dietary changes gave no relief.

    Symptoms: Frequent urination, especially at night, poor Irvine flow, no visual erections or morning wood, sex is nowhere near what it was before the onset, testicles withdrawn and sweaty especially during summer, horrible symptoms in the winter, flaccid penis size about 30% of what it was.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions. I feel like I’ve earned an advanced degree in this Prostatitis world.


  65. richard

    if it didnt work
    i will help u wat else u can do
    just add me on whatsapp

  66. richard

    Organic Greg

  67. Greg

    Richard, what type of apple cider vinegar is required? Organic? Filtered? With Mother?
    I’ve tried everything and nothing works, so I’m willing to give this a try. Please help!

  68. That which does not kill makes you stronger

    Experimented a lot with prostatitis. I suffered from the same for the past three years . Tried all antibiotics ( all generation cipro, levaquin, moxiflaxin but nothing works) . Tried metrodniazole ( flagyl ) 2 mg got some relief but the condition prolapsed. Tried changing my diet , no carbs ( pure fat / protein diet),sugars , increased fiber intake , regular intake of alkaline water (add baking soda+lemon) drastically improved my condition . Abstinence helped a lot too.This condition affects one both physically and mentally hence it is important to change your habits to realize changes (no alcohol, unwanted sex, drug abuse, avoid caffeine ) . Drinking coconut water , apple cider vinegar helps a lot. This condition helped me to hit the gym and become better

  69. Michael Hall

    Dear Juan — you are a very astute person and I like your style…… After 16 doctors and many years later I have found a lady doctor who added three weeks antibiotics TRIMETHOPRIM to a weeks supply I had already from Spain….
    I am in the UK where there is now a blanket ban on giving any one no matter how desperate they are in need of antibiotics.
    The Patients Advisory Liason Service ask is ti financial?
    I would not be surprised but feel that primarily the majority of the medical are illiterate regards the male reproductive system. One only has to look at the various research artiles
    by eminent phisicians and it is stated that little is known about certain aspects of the male reproductive system especially the prostate.
    Progeress is being made by those who are questing souls and thank goodness for that type of doctor.

    After two bad doses of the felling of a bush stale up the rectum painfull peeing and three time up at night for 9 nights I thought enough is enough. I had quite a few Trimethoprim so started them at 200mg twice a day. After 28 days vague symptoms existed so SEPTRIN for 10 days with less symptoms then onto Cyprofloxacin 250 twice a day and the symptoms have gone after 2 days…….
    I ask myself though why is it that any bacteria in the blood can be detected by blood culture that has never been done in my case…. Why Why Why…. The NHS is overwhelmed
    so is this the reason or are doctors onj the whole thicker than us laymen?

  70. richard

    fuck you dave

  71. Dave

    All I can say is For me my bike causes it! If i don’t ride my back it goes away. Also, Don’t be a P****!! Stress and anxiety make it worse so I always just tell myself its a pulled muscle. GO all organic drink Oil of Oregano and Grapefruit seed Extract (2 drops) daily. THIS TO SHALL PASS….HOORAH

  72. BillyB

    Having to deal with prostatitis for the last 30 years, I have had some very positive results with the Chinese herbal prostate gland pills. At the worst I regularly experience symptoms of sore urethra, pelvis pain, split stream, dripping, and urgency. Since starting the Kai Kit pills (green box, you can google them or look on root and spring dot com) my symptoms have greatly reduced. I didn’t have to get up 2-3 times at night to go to the bathroom. During the day, I only had to urinate every hour to hour and a half. The pain around my stomach and pelvis has went away. Hope this helps.

  73. mark b

    I am 61 now and have had intermittent prostatitis symptoms since the age of 5. I have seen multiple doctors over the years and most of them will recommend ejaculation or even perform prostatic massage to “clean out the prostate”. I have discovered this just aggravates the problem. For me, the best approach so far is to avoid any manipulation of the prostate, avoid ejaculation, and hot as you can stand sitz bathes. Using this approach, my symptoms usually resolve in a week. I hope my shared experience is helpful to someone else.

  74. Kevin G

    I believe that that most people that have chronic prostatis have no prostate infection at all, which is confirmed by medical tests.
    I have had a CT scan recently, which revealed nothing. All urine samples were also negative.

    I came across a book called ‘A Headache in the Pelvis’, which describes this condition as being entirely caused by pelvic muscle issues, both internal and external muscles.

    The research is out of Stanford university, and they have had great success in treating this thing.

    I think this book is a must read, and seems very promising

    • Steve

      This is very similar to my experience. It very well may be a pelvic floor muscle problem and stress related causing the problem or making it worse

  75. Davin

    I had suffered from pain caused by chronic prostatitis for over 6 years. I had all unbearable symptoms include a frequent need to urinate, urinate urgently, burning pain when urinating, pain in pelvic and genital areas. It also affected my sexual ability. Every time I had sex with my wife, the pain would be severer and my libido was greatly reduced. I took several different antibiotics but no result. I also tried herbal remedies to manage the pain. The one that really helped me get rid of the infection was called diuretic anti-inflammatory pill.Thanks to the efforts I made, I had defeated this difficult-to-treat disease.

    • Eric

      Whats sort of diuretic anti inflammatory pill?

    • Steve

      I can relate to most of the stories in this room. I too am battling prostatitis and halve been for over 3 years now. I want to share my story because it may help some one else. I’m replying under this comment because it mentioned anti inflammatory medicine (I’ll get to that in a moment). It all started about 3 years ago when I had to urinate often and when I did it was barley anything and I always felt like I could never empty out my bladder completely. As time went on a faint pain set in and symptoms got worse. I finally went to see the doctor and her told me I had prostatitis and prescribed me antibiotics. I felt a littke better fir a coupld of weeks but not 100%. Symptoms came back even worse than before. I went back to the doctor and he referred me to a urologist. At my consultation with the urologist we came to the conclusion that because I had driven heavy machinery, trucks, forklift and stuff my whole career and the fact that I had had chlamydia in the past when I was a teen that there may be scar tissue built up creating a “stricture” (or blockage made by built up s at tissue). I opted to have surgery to fix it. After the surgery things were a lot better but never normal again but about 90% better. Then the pain came back after about 2 months but not as bad (at this time still driving heavy machinery and such which was not helping me bouncing around on my butt all day). I then went to a different urologist which also said it was prostatitis. He did a semen culture and gave me a round of antibiotics, it cleared up for a little while then came back so we did another semen sample with another round of antibiotics but this time he paired it with CIALIS. He prescribed 5mg but to me to get a pill cutter and cut it in half for a 2.5mg dude. He told me to take it daily to help relax the prostate muscles. The goal was to relax it so that the inflammation would go down and it could heal itself. CIALIS IS THE ONE DRUG THAT HELPED ME THE MOST. It did not completely rid me of my problem but it helps to make it bearable. CIALIS IS family new to treat certain kinds of prostatitis so it is not recommend per daily dosage unless it is 2.5 or less but it is still not recommend. I have been taking it for over a year and a half. I haven’t had any noticeable side effects from it. I know I need to eventually stop taking it.
      So the better part of my story is this. Recently I had a “flair up” again. This time a few things I noticed is: I was sick, like coughing all the time sick and to make it worse I was smoking weed. Believe it or not weed can be a trigger for irritating your prostate whether you realize it or not. I think it makes certain people anxious and this tightens up the pelvic floor. Also coughing is HORRIBLE for the prostate because it is stressing the pelvic floor. With all of my symptoms coming back I was pissed and depressed at the same time. So, I set out to do everything possible to try to rid myself of this demon for good. I cut out coffee, soda, anything with caffeine, alcohol, ECT. I bought a donut style seat cushion for riding in the car. I also unbuttoned my jeans and belt when driving as it relived pressure. The one most important thing that I did was take NAPROXEN SODIUM for ten days straight (YES I SAID NAPROXEN SODIUM! A SIMPLE ANTI INFLAMMATORY!) It has been about 2 weeks now and my symptoms are almost gone. So I decided to do an experiment. I kept my no coffee, alcohol lifestyle going but I cut out the naproxen sodium and cialis 2 days ago and my symptoms are almost gone! Only in pain slightly went I sit down for long periods.
      I wanted to share this because after 2 years I got more relief from a simple anti inflammatory pill than anything a doctor gave me! I will try to come back for an update soon. Bottom line is in my experience: find the bug if there is one!, lose weight, change your diet, get healthy, change you lifestyle and job if you have to! I got out of the kind of work I was doing because I had to. Invest in a special cushion or donut($10 at Wal-Mart in health section) about the weight thing: The heavier you are the worse it will be! More pressure pushing down on your prostate!
      I know everyone situation is different but I hope my story helps someone.

      • Steve

        Some information I forgot to mention. Don’t strain when you urinate or use the restroom as this will irritate it more! Also, this may be difficult but try to RELAX. Relax in general and try to reduce stress in your life as this makes symptoms worse too. More importantly is try to RELAX YOUR PELIVIC AREA. This is difficult however, I have come to the conclusion through my own experience that this disease is circular. What I mean by that is, you hurt in your pelvic area so your natural defense is to tighten up or tense up the muscles down there which will then make your symptoms worse which will make you want to continue to tense up. I tried my best to relax especially when i got home from work after a long day (which is typically when people whom suffer from this hurt worse at night or before bedtime). The last thing that helped me is when you sleep get a full sized pillow and put it between your legs for when you sleep on your side. The next thing is when you lay down to sleep first, lay on your back and try to completely relax your whole body (I mean really concentrate and try to ignore any discomfort.) If the pain goes away or reduces drastically then you may be able to fall asleep quick. What I used to do is relax completed then after about 5 min reach down with your hands(this may be a little difficult for some as I am somewhat slim and flexable) now try to massage your inside of your thighs close to your pelvis gently , then massage the top of you quads or thighs. This has given me temporary relief long enough to fall asleep. Another place that is a “trigger point” (so I’ve read) of prostatitis is the back upper thigh right below your rectum. If you do these things I believe they will give you temporary relief. These are things that worked for me but I tried to make sure I went the anti bug/bacterial prostatitis route first. Once I thought that mine may not be a bug now and the fact that a reported 95% of prostatitis patients are supposedly NON BACTERIAL I decided to take matters into my own hands and start trying to cure myself. After I have read countless articles and information about this horrible condition and talked to 2 doctor friends of mine on a regular basis as well as being treated by specialist I have come to a semi conclusion. That conclusion is that Doctors dont know enough about prostatitis yet and they haven’t studied it enough but it is on the rise like crazy. Information that I have read admitted that they don’t know much about it. All I can say is if you narrow it down to the non bug type then now is your time to start experimenting with dieting and lifestyle changes to help your wonderful body heal itself. That is all the doctors do is just GUIDE your body in the right direction to heal itself! Like a check engine light on a car, go through every possible cause and try to make a change. Since we know that A LOT of illness and conditions are directly related to your diet and lifestyle then the time might be now to try all other options to help yourself.
        I sincerely hope all of you find relief. I have not gotten back to 100% but it’s damn close! Best of luck too all! Hang in there I promise it gets better! Don’t be depressed about it like I was, get serious and take your life back!

  76. Saada Patrick

    We make the prostatic drainage in France and we have a lot of success with the Manilla protocol

  77. Charles

    I have non – bacterial prostatitis. I was successfully treated in 2002 with an intravenous steroid injection. Stayed free for years. My relapse came from pressure on the prostrate while riding my 10 speed bike with a hard seat. My problem now is finding a doctor willing to administer IV steroid. Does anyone know of a doctor who will? This may help many men. I truly believe many doctors are not interested in a cure wanting all to believe there is not a cure. There is too much money to be made in pain life time management treatments.

  78. L

    @Tom E, I am in your case. I also have problem with bowel and I mostly need to defecate at the morning.

    In my case, I found out stress has indeed 80% power to increase symptoms and pain. One of the most terrible symptom I have is pain in the legs from top of laps till bottom of legs with increase pain in the poplite hole area (behind the knee).

    I also have time to time difficulty to seat due to pelvic pain. I also get slight pain when I urinate at the morning.

    Personnaly, I am also modifying my diet to try to improve the condition as I am firmly believe that bacteria may come from migrating from bowel to prostate.

    I was wondering if anyone already tried to use coloidal silver. I read a few witness indicating they have been cure with coiloidal silver. I read some who drink it, and i read that some use it with suppository.

    I didn’t try myself yet at the moment as coiloidal silver is forbiden in my country.

  79. Tom E

    Does anyone who has prostatitis, also have problems with their bowel. My first urinations in the morning are difficult to start, but they are also accompanied by a need to defecate too. Most of the time as the urine starts to somewhat flow, the pressure makes me have to sit on the toilet and have a bowel movement. It has become increasingly prevalant each day. When peeing, it feels like i must have a bowel movement too, and the pressure can be painful.
    Any input?

  80. Kevin G

    That makes sense that the direct antibiotic injection may be the best delivery method into the prostate, However, it won’t make a difference if the bacteria are resistent. I guess a better specimen sample needs to be obtained by a pathologist to see what bugs are there, and match the anti-biotic that eradictes them. I am hoping to get to see a few specialists soon about that.

    For now, I am trying the lyrica (pregbalin) in order to help manage this hypersensitivity/irritation, as suggested in the article. I definately belive that pain over-sensitization is a factor in this wretched condtion. My doctor agreed. Hopefully it has some effect!

    Sending all you guys positive vibes…we gotta keep fighting!

    May God help and bless us

  81. Daniel

    I’ve been researching a lot and I found that Direct antibiotic Prostate injection is the best way to treat or even cure this thing. I’m 19 with the same symptoms, which are burning and itching when urinating and ejaculating. No infection or white blood what so ever. I believe a uti I had years back caused this. I havent found or visited any docs yet that does this performance but I will when I’m financially fit enough. Fyi Oral medication won’t work. The reason why direct injection is likely to work is because there are calcifications present they act act as areas of that hide bacteria. So to simplify the explanation, there are bacteria hiding in the prostate and maybe the seminal vehicles, etc. that regular antibiotics don’t reach or are immune/resistant to it because of constant oral medication of the antibiotics.

  82. Kevin G

    Hello All,

    I have had 2 prior bouts of prostatitis, the first about 10 years ago and the other about 2 years ago. in both cases, both resolved without incident with cirpro for 2-3 weeks.

    Currently, the Prostatitis has returned with a vengeance!I have had almost constant irritation, perenial pain, and urinary symptoms as we are all familiar with for 2 months. 5 weeks of cipro and 2 weeks of cephalaxin was not effective.

    My doctor prescribed flomax (alpha blocker), which decreased output of my ejaculation. I recently was referred to a Urologist who changed the alpha blocker to cardura, which seem to help a little, but also decreased erection and libido. It also leaves me less energetic.

    As all of you guys, I am extremely frustrated. No doctor seems to be able to tell me what is happening. The Urologist told me I could try septra(bactrim) if I want, but he seems to think I have the non-bacterial prostatitis. I am currently taking septra and cardura for almost a week, with no significant change of symptoms

    It makes sense what you are saying Ken Lee, about there being a bacterial cause, and that the bacteria are hiding in prostrate, and that in my case, they are obviously evolved resistence. That’s why I pushed for the septra, a different type of antibiotic, but no effect so far.

    I was told a biopsy of the prostrate was the best way to obtain a culture. Is that what you did Ken Lee? My Urologist said this was too invasive. he did another urine sample, which will likely be negative.

    The other theory apparently is that prostatitis begins as infection. It causes damage to the tissue, even after the infection is over. This damage causes the chronic and recurrent episodic problems that we all have.

    Frankly, at this point, I don’t care about the theories…just looking for a solution!

    In terms of what has helped me, the only medication that I know which consistently helps is Naproxen. I take max dose daily.

    I think that cutting caffeine and spicy food, and sticking to green tea and fruits and vegetables as much as posssible also helps. I have also tried the Homeopathic remedy 25 that Hassan mentioned which seems to help.

    Daily sitz/epsom salt baths also seem to help my symptoms, I am also doing pelvic floor exercises, which provide some relief.

    I hope all of us find the relief we need! May God help and bless us

  83. bryan

    guys try this for 2 weeks and see the deffirence,, 1 table spoon for virgin coconut oil every 20 minutes before meal 3 times a day,, 1 cup of apple cider delute in water for morning before sleep.. only masturbate 1 a week,,, my pain is lessen may it will be gone im from 7-8 pain to 2-1 i pee evry 1 hour sometimes close to 2 hours good luck to us

  84. Lon Stover

    Been there done that would describe my situation. I truly believe the analogy here would be Diabetes. Far too much money generated in the medical community to search for a viable cure. Have worked with knowledgeable urologist and tried all the meds. No help. I did not try Proscar which has the most significant side effects. I do take Uroxitral which really only helps to soften the prostate for catheter insertion. Have had negative biopsy. My prostate is in the upper 5% in size which requires me to self catherize. Inexpensive(on line supplies)and painless. Initially had regular UTIs but found out the lubricant I was using was removed from the market for contamination issues. No problems now. Check out prostate artery embolization on line. It is the best option rather than TURP (surgical prcedure). PAE is new but VERY promising! Your uroligist will not know or does not wish to as the procedure is performed by a radiologist. As soon as we move to Florida next year this old boy is in line at Tampa General!!!

  85. Marco

    It is normal in most of men at certain age and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will develop prostate cancer in the future. I had to face it for years and it was not comfortable yet I did learn how to live with this until the symptoms got worse, the doctor prescribed me a diet based on fruits, vegetables and a supplement named alpharise, it has ingredients like saw palmetto, zinc, pumpkin seeds, vitamin b9, it is effective.

  86. malinda jil barnes

    Greetings to the general public. Hiv is a terrible disease, if not for my husband and the help of a great herbalist DR OZI my life would have been a mess! i was diagnosed with hiv in 2008, my husband encouraged me and told me not to lose hope, i manage to give birth to a baby boy who was free from the disease, and my husband was always there for me. one day he came to me and told me that he have found a man who can cure me. base on scientist, they said there is no cure for hiv, he told me that he has seen many testimonies about him on the internet. we decided to contact him, we filled his herbal home form, and he asked us to buy some items which we did. three days later he asked me to go for hiv test, faithfully i went to do the test, and behold i was cured, the virus was not found in my body….. my dear husband and my father DR OZI God will surely bless the both of you, till the end of time… if you have any problem kindly contact him with his email: droziherbalcurehome@gmail or whatsapp him on him mobile phone number +2348060858046

  87. richard

    i have prostatitis with normal prostate size how can i manage the pain any good herbal ?

  88. Joe

    Prostatitis could be classified as an auto-immune disease.

    Start with reducing stress, check your D3 blood serum levels to make sure you are near 40-50 ng/mL. D3 is the most important contributor to your immune system. Make sure to have a clean healthy diet, reduce sugar intake, and for those with food-triggered reactions, you must avoid spicy food, caffeine, alchohol, fried foods, and other triggers. If you must eat them, take two querciten supplements with your meal and it will reduce the symptoms by 70-80%.
    I suffered for a short time and used the above advice to settle into a semi-normal life. As a normal course, I take querciten twice a day. No symptoms, and no drugs needed.

  89. Johnson

    I had this for 1 year, nothing worked for pain, quality of life was zero, than I came across bee pollen and saw pallero, Took it by mouth , see a 30% reduction in PAIN, now this is a shitty thing but
    who cares, so my friend told me to take 2 of each capsule, dissolve
    in COLD water, and use one of those enema tubes and squirt up in rectum, oh boy, as soon as i did that, within seconds, i was totally pain free, what a feeling, now i have done that for 3 weeks
    and still good result, i dont know how safe it is but this is my last resort kind of thing. Try it once, make sure you get organic
    BP and SP.

  90. Bill Rhoades

    Fosfomycin (brand name Monurol) is emerging as an alternative antibiotic for treating prostatitus in Greece, where quinolone resistance is common.

    Google/search for: Fosfomycin an Option for Prostatitis

    Like Cipro & Sulfa, it may not cure your prostatitis, but it may be useful to knock back flares, without the side effects associated with sulfa and quinolones.

    Fosfomycin is a very benign drug, with few side effects and no interactions. I’ve been on this for a couple of weeks and it is effectively treating a flare of prostate related epididymitis, much like doxycycline used to before it stopped working for me. I’m very pleased with this drug (fosfomycin) so far, as it is helping me to avoid the Cipro & Sulfa drugs and their nasty side effects.

  91. Hassan

    Homeopahthy R 25 Drops will help everyone.
    As i suffer from same non bictrical pros. from last one year consult Top Urologists in Pakistan all they can give you is pain killers and antibiotics. but it didnt cure you.
    try 3 times 10 drops and then reduce as per your condition. you must take it atleast for one month.
    its better then pain killers and antibiotics as it had no side effect in long term on liver/body.
    change your dite to less meat, workout atleast 20 mints a day. drink water slowly as per your need not too much as it will give presure.
    try to relax and keep tensions away from you.
    sex after week as sex can aggrivate the pain or inflamation.
    I hope it will help us for long term.


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    S T D diseases

  93. Oundo Wakerera

    Am Oundo WA-Kerera,an (Architect/Theologian) having prostatitis/prostate enlarged with UTI for over 2 years. Factually,ihave tried to consult agood number of urologists around but all in vain. However.icall upon the prayer worriors to pray for me Psalms 103:3,or contact me on +256772454452/,or +256752454452. Valuable drugs are not available in Uganda but only Jesus our healer and redeemer. God blss u.

  94. Gennaro

    Went to my 4th urologist and finally got some straight answers … They can’t figure out why Men get prostatitis this Doctor said and instead giving me antibiotics and alpha blockers .. He told me to take 500mgs of Quercetin with 250mgs of Bromelain for 3 months.. It’s starting to help, took like a couple of weeks but I can pee a little better or should I say I say faster doesn’t take forever to start.. Pain in my groin 60% better, penis doesn’t burn anymore .. But i’ll definitely keep the forum informed …. take care & good luck………..Regards Gennaro….

  95. tracy malay

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  96. Joe

    Well Richard i have to disagree whit you, yes maybe when you have prostatitis you will never be 100% like you where before but the different treatments have helped diferent people because ive speaked whit some of them, and as i tell you there si no guarantee that it will work for you and it will work 100% but telling people to stop looking for medical advice its not a good answer. I encourage to all the people like me who have this disease that keep searching and dont give up on looking for something that works. Because if you give up on that, well its obvious that you will never make it.

  97. Bill Gar

    I am 35. I am on trt. A week ago prostatitis symtops appeared. My doc gave me cipro and anti inflammatory. No relief. I got my psa, which was 3.5. I am really worried if it is prostatitis or cancer? Bloodwork and urine show no infection. Everything is normal under ultrasound. I have stopped trt for now. Should I ask for DRE or prostate biopsy?

  98. richard

    guys do not trust any doctors they cnt cure prostatitis they are all looking for your money
    try apple vinegar 2 teaspoon every morning before breakfast mix it with half glass of water and tell me the result after one week

  99. david jessica

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  100. Rich

    Cold! A breakthrough?
    I have had symptoms of BPH for over a decade. Occasionally I get flair ups where I’m up every hour. The most recent one led me to this website looking for answers. I couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted. I even tried going into a steam room, hoping the heat and biofeedback would relax whatever process was causing this. After the steam room I went into a shower and turned on the cold water. I realized it made my skin and muscles contract, and then it hit me. Why not treat prostatic inflammation with cold, the same way you would if you hurt your knee or ankle. I went home and sat on an ice pack, through my pants. It’s been a miracle. I do it twice a day and the symptoms have virtually disappeared. I still wake up once or twice a night, but I don’t have to pee. Give it a try. I can’t believe how well it has worked. It’s been two weeks.

  101. richard

    guys please try 2 teaspoon of vinegar mix it with half glass of water drink it before breakfast it will surely help ur prostate pain im taking that for almost 8 months 95% my pain in prostate has gone

  102. Ferdie

    Been chronic prostitis fir several years,different antibiotic but no improvement,my last chance is to see a pain management specialist and started at 37.5mg 3x tramadol and gradual increase to 100mg so far the pain subside and started to reduce now to 50mg 3x a day.hoping it will continue.

  103. dave

    I am a 34 years old man and had prostate prostate problems for more than 10 years. From around two years ago the problem became increasingly worse and had seriously impacted my life. I had frequently urinating problems urinating and extreme pain.My doctor prescribed me antibiotics but did not work. Out of desperation I even tried vitamins and other treatments. I do know the pain you guys are going through. The remedy which worked for me is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill! A trial for a few months may give you a couple of years with less pain. Its worth a try Hope my story helps one person, then its well worth it.

  104. S Mohanty

    Patanjali Gokhuradi guggulu helps not only in inflammation control but also in infection eradication.Try Shilajit with this.But the dose depends on you.Turmeric also helps.These are Ayurvedic product,surely will help you

  105. S Mohanty

    Patanjali Gokhuradi guggulu helps not only in inflammation control but also in infection eradication.Try Shilajit with this.But the dose depends on you.These are Ayurvedic product,surely will help you

  106. Darryl

    I’ve been suffering from Chronic Prostatitis on and off for about 20 years. I was fine until one night after ejaculation, I felt some pain and discomfort in the testicles. I knew I had it again. What I’ve since learned that I also have Hemorroids which can contribute and. I also have moderate to severe tension, numbness and stiffness in my legs and thighs and Sore and saggy testes. (I’ve also had Epididymitis) I was on Cipro 500 mg for 2 weeks, didn’t work, now I’m on Sulfatrim and Terazosin and nearing the end of the bottle. I was noticing some relief for a while until I decided to have a beer the other night and what a terrible fucking mistake that was. My prostate feels like a baseball is in my ass. I know I need to see a Urologist for a culture, I haven’t had one since my Urologist Dr.Prince retired. I’m getting desperate. Need to get my life back as I lost my job in March because of this and haven’t worked since. My life is currently on hold. This sucks so much it’s killing my will to live.

  107. Richard

    BOUBLIL: what is YOUR treatment that you imply has been effective??

    • Boublil

      my treatment needs to be evaluated
      so patience is necessary at the moment

    • Boublil

      For the first time since I m figting this desease I got upper hand on it so I want to give hope to all of you. The end of this satanic desease may be for to morrow
      Sincerely Youurs

  108. Bill

    I read a previous comment we need serious paid killers but they won’t prescribe them because of drug addicts. I first hand know opiate pain killers do nothing to help prostatitis pain. I am on opiates and benzos which dont even mask the pain and discomfort. Don’t think the doctors are holding back the good stuff. They are saving you from from a serious chance of addiction with little or nothing to gain from the drugs. There’s a reason opiates aren’t prescribed for prostatitis.

    As for me I’m in my third month of prostatitis. Was prescribed 5 days of ketorolac 10mg 4 times a day and four weeks of cipro. The anti inflammatory ketorolac helped a little. I am two weeks into my treatment. I am not expecting a full recovery since my symptoms are worsening again. Mostly I suffer from my urethra and testicles being pulled into my body. Also the golf ball we have all come to hate.

    I have to walk 15,000 steps a day at work and doing that with your groin pulled in is horrible. I pray I don’t have to live with this forever or I don’t know how I’ll make it through work. You can’t walk or sit. Anyone know a legal way to make money laying in bed lol.

    • boublil

      I am suffering with chronicprostatis since 18 months restlessly
      I am experiencing a treatmentof my own Since two weeks
      I am much better but not cured
      I am doctor and will propose this treatment very soon if it works
      Your testimony is very moving and I will do my best to help you
      be patient
      sincerely yours


    I think everyone shud try wt am I advising u…I got 90% improvement in my nonbacterial prostatitis treatment is..
    Tab alfuzosin 1 od×6 months
    Tab oncetone 1 bd×4 months
    Tab curzest1 bd×6 months
    All day best guys…do one thing..take 1 tsf turmeric powder bd in milk…as it is natural anti inflammatory agent..all day best again…my contact no 9718402999..

  110. Doris Melody

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  111. Laureen

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  112. Kevin B

    Prescribed levo for 30 days. It seemed to clear up symptoms but stopped at 10 days due to side effects. Hip joint pain, tingling sharp pain in calf. I started getting debilitating vertigo. Vertigo went away weeks after stopping levo.


  113. Samuel

    I am 22 and am waiting to see a prostate specialist as they believe u have prostitus. I have continual abdominal pain, but it flares up, once so bad I had call all ambulance, I constantly need to urinate, and have pain in my scrotum and back which comes and goes. I am currently taking cipro all though the pain has dropped for now, I am constantly needing to urinate and have taking time off work, does this sound like prostitus to you guys? Also how did you manage at work I am worried about losing my Job

    Thank you


  114. Ken lee

    Dear all…..
    I have stated all chronic prostatitis are caused by bugs…….there are just two types of chronic prostatitis according to treatment….
    Type I…..intermittent ones that need intermittent antibiotics treatment…. this patient are lucky ones as some stated above….
    Type ii……permanent in pain and symptomatic that requires permanent antibiotics suppression…muscle relaxant…… and regular strong nsaid.
    This classs is the majority stated above……y permanent……? Becoz somehow the causative bacterial persists in the prostate. In times it spread to seminal vesicle….. bladderr…calcification in prostate causing urination problem..ejaculation pain and perineal pain.u need to find out the bug and the right antibiotics fasts to stop progresssion of the disease. Try less sex n rest the prostate in the meantime….or else it will spread the bug everywhere. Think of it like diabetes……it is chronic and progressive….U need long term antibiotics….. muscle relaxant….. intermittent nsaids….then u will get 95 % of life back…avoid alpha blocker…alcohol n frequent sex….
    I found myself back to 99 % active life back again… after taking these tx for 2 years…..
    Beware of hot pad viagra n massage…if u got bugs in prostate all these will in fact spread it everwhere..
    The no 1 drug to avoid is alpha blockers…this in long term cause me lost my energy……once i stop it….I become active again and be able to do daily chores without the profound malaise.i stop the alpha blocker becoz it was giving me oral ulcers…..then after a few weeks the deep malaise is gone……and all the time i tot it was the prostatitis that coz it. See how stupid those urologist are….giving a medicine that make things worse for those who already sufered so much……..!!!”!!!

  115. okosun

    my name is doctor okosun i’m a medical doctor.i’m here to
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  116. Joel Hirschhorn

    I am 76 and have been suffering with periodic prostatitis attacks for over 40 years. Sometimes they last for weeks, other times for months. It has been very, very frustrating trying to get effective treatment. Have gone through countless antibiotic treatments because every urologist seems to think this is necessary. Have been using finesteride and flomax for many years. Have focused my own efforts on a number of supplements and believe these have had much success at times. My current urologist also recommended a few of these (pollen and quercitin). I also routinely use anti-inflammatories (ibruprofen and celebrex), which I think help somewhat. I intend to ask my urologist for a prescription for Lyrica based on this article. Hard to believe that more research has not been productive in creating better treatment.

  117. Sergio León

    I’ve had chronic prostatitis type II. First was treated with antibiotics for urinary diagnosis then moved to prostatitis. I’ve been taking for now Gastrogutt and no antibiotics I had a uroculture and spermculure, both revealed not to have any microorganism but I will have performed another test bacause there is no other way to explain the fever. If anyone wants to share info and experience knowledge I’d be happy to know.

  118. Mark

    current age: 25
    first UTI at age: 9; treated with antibiotics(dont remmber) and pivodine iodine on top

    minor symptoms: between age 18 to 20..treated with high water intake and frequent masturbation. no doctor consulted

    again at age 22: blood clture -ve, HIV -ve, treated with antibiotics like ciprofloxacin & levoflocxacins and alfusin, antifungals like fluconazole…some symptoms stayed..esp pain and brn after ejaculation

    age: 24.5 : severe symptoms: pain even without urination, on penis, black spots on penis head..
    SCAN results: prostaitis and severe seminal vasculities
    SEMEN Culture: diferent bacteria on each tests(entero coco., some pneumonia and one more and again enetero coco)
    Treatement: LIZOLID for 20 + 20 days
    levofloxcin 15 days
    Amickacin inj for 6 days
    ciprofloxacion is not sensitive as per test
    and Alfusion for 90 days
    FREqent masturbation and prostarte masssage as per doc to get the bacteria out
    Results: some times better, sometimes worst

    PLEADING to suggest

  119. Mark

    current age: 25
    first UTI at age: 9; treated with antibiotics(dont remmber) and pivodine iodine on top

    minor symptoms: between age 18 to 20..treated with high water intake and frequent masturbation. no doctor consulted

    again at age 22: blood clture -ve, HIV -ve, treated with antibiotics like ciprofloxacin & levoflocxacins and alfusin, antifungals like fluconazole…some symptoms stayed..esp pain and brn after ejaculation

    age: 24.5 : severe symptoms: pain even without urination, on penis, black spots on penis head..
    SCAN results: prostaitis and severe seminal vasculities
    SEMEN Culture: diferent bacteria on each tests(entero coco., some pneumonia and one more and again enetero coco)
    Treatement: LIZOLID for 20 + 20 days
    levofloxcin 15 days
    Amickacin inj for 6 days
    ciprofloxacion is not sensitive as per test
    and Alfusion for 90 days
    FREqent masturbation and prostarte masssage as per doc to get the bacteria out
    Results: some times better, sometimes worst

    PLEADING to suggest, please

  120. Steve

    Shit fuckin sucks huh fellas, all I know is I’m done with it, I’m never going to any more doctors they will never get another fuckin penny from me , so when this turns into cancer wich it will , all I can say COME AND GET ME U PUSSY MOTHERFUCKER CAUSE I AIN’T SCARED OF UR BITCH ASS!!!!!!

    • Steve

      Actually the only way I’ll go back is if they got a hot nurse that’ll rub and suck my taint to get rid of a few minutes of suffering I’ll even throw her a5 $ tip ahahahaha

    • Hi Steve and all you suffering from prostatitis …. A little heads up for all.. Doctors told me that prostatitis doesn’t turn into prostrate cancer .. I took Advil for a few weeks without anti biotic which I have taken countless of times and pain in my groin has gotten better.. Just mild pressure in my groin..Sex no pain when I Cum . Tomorrow going to The Cleveland clinic in Weston Florida to see my fourth Docter for not bacterial Prastititus.. Hoping that he can cure it for good,,, IL let you all know…. Wishing all of you good luck….

  121. dafydd roberts

    Chronic non bacterial prostatitis for 15 years, mild to start off with but now is extremely painful with all of the usual symptoms. Tried short and long term AB, herbal remedies, meditation, because i think stress makes it worse. – but no real help. Doctor only recommends pain killers which I am fed up of taking. Don’t know where to turn to next.
    Has anyone tried a gluten free diet or black seed oil or 95% standardised curcumin?

  122. Ken lee

    I have this terrible prostatitis for 4 yrs now. seen so many urologist and mostly useless drs. my experience is all prostatitis are caused by a bug or mixed bugs. The trick is get the bug cultured and it’s sensitivities to which antibiotics identified. For that u need to cease all antibugs treatment for at least 10days so that the lab can grew the bug. You need a good urologist to .do the prostate massage. Extract the prostate fluid and a good lab to culture bugs. Mine was eventually identified to be e coli and klebseilla ….and resistant to quinolones and bactrim but sensitive to 3rd generation cephalosporins. Why the quinolone and bactrim resistance….. may be I have been prescribed this antibiotics for so long. Anyway i was put on long term cepahosporins which reduced my symptoms by 80% but I can’t stop brcoz it is only suprressive therapy… due to presence of calcification.
    The second thing that really help is stop alpha blocker…this medicine really sucks in the long term because it sucks away your energy….once I stop my energy level is back to 95% back….sometimes it is the medicine tat cause the deep lethargy.. not just the disease…
    Finally I come to realize prostatitis is a multiface problem….it can spread to seminal vesicle which cause the ejaculation problem…. it cause a lot of inflammation I the rectal and pelvic and bladder area….causing pelvic and urinary pain and symptoms…. so do take strong painkillers mainly nsaids which deal directly with the inflammation as long as u can tolerate. Do not take opiods etc becoz it doesnt control the inflammation.
    Aall said the number one task is to identify the bugs and treat long term…nonstop… if needed
    Then do the second and third steps….which I do now… 99% controlled except for the ongoing antibiotics…
    No herb no vitamins… all prostatitis are caused by bugs.. u need to find out this first or everything else is a waste of time… or unless u have prostate removed which will caused more n severe problems. Why is it so hard to culture the bug….because how can u culture bug if u been put on so many different antibiotics…. so stop all antibug tx for minimal 10days…get a gd urologist to massage prostate and get the fluid culture in a gd lab…once u get the bug.. the rest is straightforwatd.. .u will get at least 90% of life back….the catch is u wilL be on antibiotics long term…just like any diabetcs needs lobg term meds..

    • Bb

      What antibiotics r u taking?

    • Ben

      U are so right? How do you find that urologist?

    • lestervital

      Thanks for the information.can you call me I would like to fine the right doctor. 337-5787754 thank you

    • Jonathan

      What’s going on sir! Wanna thank u for ur comment I believe you nailed it on the dot definitely appreciate it. One thing I would like to know if you have any urologists you recommend for it cause it was said I have a stomach bug or something now I wanna take it further. Don’t mind where I have to travel just need some better answers. Definitely appreciate your help if you can email me or text me at 609-721-1054 would definitely appreciate thanks again

  123. bob
    anybody was there?
    They have bacteriophages treatment for chronic prostatitis.

    • joe

      Well men im actually planning on travelling to georgia in january.These antibiótics are killing me i have to take 25 days of levofloxacin and it will be the last antibiótics that ill take this year if they dont work then to georgia its expensive but i hope it works and i dont want to go the injections way even in China. So if theres anyone that went tp georgia any info will be usefull thank you

  124. Lubo

    Chronic Prostatitis for 13 years. Prior to symptoms infections with Human Papiloma, Chlamidia, and God know what else from possibly swiming in an unclean pool and then having sex with my now wife.
    Symptoms started to show when I was working in an extremely cold place and started contracting my pelvic muscels, it started to burn after a while, had a course of antibiotics, which did not help. Doc did not find the bugs, although my wife was positiv chlamidia , papiloma and probably other bugs as well. Doc asked if I had back pain, I did not, he said it is a non bug type. When I was working in the office I was sitting on a special cushion which I designed myself, which leaves the whole perineum are free of pressure. Another docs from another country scaned me and found a prostate stone 1cm, said can be removed only surgically. After a while (2 years) symptoms were gone, without any meds. But after sex got the burning again, but had good erection and everything for quite a while, then 4 years ago started urine dribbling, without further complications, a year ago got some viral infection and my prostate symptoms flared up, got neuropathy as well and was very very concerned. But things got better with a little homeopathy and diet no alc no smoke, I do not take pharmaceutical drugs for 5 years now, only herbs homeopathy. Then in december was riding my bike like a mad man hurrying for work and my prostate burning came back full power and. I stopped coffee still eating strict with lots of fruit and veggies and vitamins and minerals. Herbs do not help anymore as they did, homeopathy helps temporalily. I believe it is the damn prostate stone which is causing the troubles again and again. I am thinking of inquiring about vaporizing the stone with holmium laser or similar bloodless op. The worst for me is stress, stress gets me to contract my perineum muscels slightly and this reflects on my prostate and burning increases. I am confident prostate can be cured. Worry and Stress contribute 70% to persisting inflammation. The stone needs to be remove or dissoved, these are the other 25%. The rest I can take care of with diet and herbs. My dick will be glorious again.

  125. Easy Fix

    Switch to an all fruit diet. Bye bye prostatitis. Simple.

    Google Dr. Robert Morse ND. Plenty of information for all.

    • Steve

      Ur full of shit ! I done tried it it makes me shit way more wich makes the pain worse

    • Steve

      All fruit diet! Man who the fuck wants to live like that, hey why don’t we just go to all water diet after that and vote for Hilary Clinton to !!!!! Ur a fuckin asshole and people like you are what’s wrong with the usa

  126. Richard Highman

    I have had prostititus for years. I have managed to control it with Cipro (weeks at a time) NO beer or alcohol no more smoking–ejaculation at least once a week–warm heating pad for an hour or two while on medicine watching TV–plenty of water and a balanced diet–still have frequency of urination but very little pain After reading these posts, I guess I am one of the luckier ones. At 64, I try and keep the area clean and practice good hygiene and change underwear daily (or so). My doctor helps with the meds (mainly Cipro) and doesn’t obsess about over prescribing–you just have to be careful. Drink plenty of water (my downfall is caffeine)–good luck to all of you

  127. richard

    thoes injections are temporary relieve pain i have tried all the injections and same like u relieved a lot of symptoms but after having sex the pain comes back again

  128. Dan

    I got injections by dr bahn Ventura California relieved a lot of symptoms and lessened pain I’m gonna go to dr toth in ny next

  129. richard

    dont trust this doctor Antonio E. Feliciano, Jr. Non-Surgical Treatment of Prostate hes from philippines i was hes patient last month he assured hes patient 100% cure this doctor charge hes patient too much and i didnt even get cured for 2 months going to hes clinic in manila nothing happend no result so guys be aware of this doctor u can search hes name on google to know about this fake doctor

  130. JS

    It is true, no doctor has a cure. And you can try all the drugs in the world, nothing will really help. So what needs to be done is, a cure in nature has to be found.

    I know someone who experimented with black seed (nigella sativa). Black seeds are seeds that look exactly like sesame seeds, except they are black in color and are very bitter to taste. In Indian ayurvedic medicine/traditional medicine black seed is called “kalonji”. On pubmed (U.S national library of medical research) there are more than 500 medical research articles praising the health benefits, curing properties and anti inflammatory properties of black seed. In the US and Canada it is easily available in Indian ethnic stores, sometimes even in big box grocery stores. Just ask for Kalonji or black seed.

    So the person I know tried black seed for 6 months and found some relief. Their symptoms went from excruciatingly severe and debilitating to moderate/mild-ish. But then the person moved to a different city and in the hustle bustle and stress and new routine, he couldn’t continue. So I suggest you guys try black seed, raw, for 6 months to a year and see for yourself that it does give some relief at least & improves symptoms. the only drawback is, it takes very long to fix the problem and it is very hard to maintain a daily dosing. especially given that black seed is terrible in taste.

    Recommended dosing is: start with a quarter tea spoon (just a pinch) of black seed. Chew them raw until they’re granular and then swallow. do this everyday & start noticing effects within a month, and keep using and increasing the dose periodically and you will see the miracle yourself. thank me later.

    Good luck everyone, until a cure is found !

  131. richard

    no doctors can cure prostatitis so guys dont trust anyone if they said they know someone that can cure prostatitis they just want to earn money only and they are all “spam”fake”

  132. ProstaSufferPoland

    All the world prostatitis problem exists, not only in USA or Canada.

    There is a doctor in tirana albania: Arqile Gjikondi.
    He has facebook account, treatment using antibiotics into anus with heating probe. on facebook he write his treatment lately.
    Please gays read about him, maybe he helps.
    I have terrible side effects after antibiotics so i cant use this method.
    This method is for bacterial prostatitis only.

    Currently I use medical lamp for sinus infection (aparat lightmed)
    with wit C large doses (10gram daily in wather, drink all the day).
    This lamp I must use 3hours daily, 1 year. Twenty few people completly cured, but for some people only pain is less.

    Try also strovac autovaccine. May be helpfull.

    In odessa there is a androgen team – vasily bayractar, but only few people treatment and must have very very very big bank account.

    those methods are for bacterial prostatitis.
    I read lot of forums about this hell. Im not spam/seller/doctor.
    I suffer bacterial prostatitis since 2 year, so maybe we help each other.

  133. richard

    if u have prostatitis do not waste ur money for doctors cos they have no cure for prostatitis they talkin shit at all

    • Steve

      Amen u know the deal like I do and ain’t gonna b no sucker Letin them bitches
      Finger are asshole and take r hard earned money, fuck them money grubbin fake ass doctors

  134. richard

    there is no treatment for prostatitis and u need to live with it until the end of ur life

  135. Brian Lawrence

    Forgot also to add, don’t become a cyclist (peddle bikes) without special pants and seating. I also drive a motorcycle but every bike I get, I have an upholstery shop carve a “Prostate ditch” for most every bike I drive unless the seat is like cement, which actually works better for me!

  136. terry

    please go to bloggs where people who have had to horrible condition talk to each and encourage each other.They help each other with what has been successful and made a big difference to their lives.
    l suffer with the condition which comes and goes.l hate it too but remain positive (for most of the time).If the doctors had an answer then they would proscribe it.We must help ourselves by research and encouragement.remember people do care about not give up hope.

    • Dan

      Terry, when the pain goes away are you able to do things like drink alcohol or coffee? I’ve been dealing with this for about 6 weeks now and trying to map my road ahead.

    • Steve

      Go hope at a wishing well dude cuz doctors are out drinkin and eatin prime and lobster off ur Dr visit money , THEY DONT CARE BRO !!!!! THEY JUST TAKE R $ AND WAIT FOR NEW DRUGS TO HIT THE MARKET THEN GIVE TO ALL PATIENTS KNOWING THE SHIT WONT CURE IT

  137. Eric

    24 year old sufferer here – have had urethral strictures since 2011 which causes the prostatitis. Have stricture surgery to remove tissue it came back but not as bad for several years I got better and better in TIME. Time was the healer along with refualr sexual activity with a loved one.. Then, I got a new job in 2016 which requires long hrs, more stress, etc and moved away from loved one and my prostate has gone nuts. Less sexual activity haa certainly had an effect. I have a decent urinary flow but my lower back, and testicles hurt so bad. As mentioned above, it makes simple daily tasks not only difficult but almost not worth doing. I’m dying inside guys, I took a shot by moving away to a seemingly better job so that I could get a better foundation before starting a home life with my loved one. Should I quit and move 2 hrs back to her without a job ? Or push through ? Neither seems worth it when this awful disease is in full force, it’s crippling. Seeking advice guys, not even med advice just life.

  138. Praveen could be potential help for all prostatis patients. This is my experience on how I fought this demon WITHOUT antibiotics and conventional allopathic wisdom.

  139. richard

    hi my name is richard i am suffering from prostatitis pain since 3 years ago i have seen too many doctors they keep giving me antibiotic i feel more worse until now i have pain can any one help me pls

  140. praveen please visit, could be potential help for all prostatis patients.

  141. Fred Smith

    Is it okay to take avodart with cranberry supplement?

  142. Sam Jones

    I’d like to know if anyone has tried Levoquin. It is supposed to penetrate the prostate better than anything else and two studies show it works better than Cipro. If anyone tries it and has a breakthrough in their condition, I’d be interested in hearing about it. You can Google for Levofloxicin prostate fluid to find a pdf about how it reaches higher levels in the prostate than Cipro.

    • Ian Maclaughlin

      Sam did go on leviqun for 8 week course it did help me. But after a few weeks my elbow and ankle tendons aching. You can get tendon rupshures of this stuff if on for along time. But it has the deepest penetration of all antibiotics.

  143. Alex

    Hi, I’m Alex and had prostate problems since 1989 when I was 35 years old. I was initially diagnosed with prostatodynia (prostate pain) now renamed as chronic prostatitis. Mainly discomfort, dull pain in particular when siting on soft chairs. Initial investigations with DRE, cystoscopy, urine flow, treatments with Cipro w/o significant results then yearly check ups with MD and urologist, DRE and PSA OK. Things were stabilized the last few years but now having another episode including discomfort, occasional dull pain, burning sensation. Used naturopatic treatments for some time (saw palmetto ie Genestra Saw Palmetto Combo #1, nettle or other combo teas, pumpkin seeds) but now seems ineffective. The only thing that seems to help is small doses of Lorazepam which relaxes the body inclusive the pelvic areas for a while.
    I’ve read a bit about the link between prostatitis and HBP but didn’t manage to find information about this condition and more serious problems such as cancer.
    Anybody with similar problems?

  144. Greg

    Guys I don’t know what else to say other than I know what you intense pain sufferers are going through. All my problems started after having hernia surgery and mesh screen installed. It presented as epiditymitis first and progressed to horrible prostate infection. Specifically my seminal vesicles get really jacked up. Massage helped me and I was symptom free for a few years other than a few minor episodes of it. Within the last two years it has really came on gangbusters. I hope each and every one of you find relief.

  145. Al

    My prostate has been a flaming walnut or 27 years. It all started after I had sex with a girl who was, for lack of a better word, unclean. I panicked and thought I had caught something. But nothing was ever found. A couple of times I tried anti-biotics but they did nothing. I’ve taken Saw Palmetto for 25 years. Nothing, but I still take it for some reason. In the past year, I’ve developed a really bad fascia problem throughout my body. A really bad neck and aches and pains in all my joints. And now, suddenly, in the past three months my prostate has never been worse. It’s never worse than it is at night, when I wake up in the wee hours, convinced I have cancer. So it’s back to the urologist who will rape me with a damn camera on a stick, and will offer me no relief…. So cheery, I know…

  146. Anthony

    I have been dealing with prostate issues for a year. I am currently trying anti inflammatory Tumeric to treat it. I have gone through al the same things you guys have gone through. Some days I have no pain at all and other days it hurts all day. I will say that message therapy definitely helps, it seems to increase the blood flow to the area and lessen the pain. This condition is definitely life changing and causing me major depression. I will try and add the pumpkin seeds and saw palmetto and see if that works. Good luck to you all.

  147. Adam

    This is so hard. I’m 32 and I have had this for three straight years now. Bactrim brought my pain from a 10 to a 2. I tried internal massage with a pelvic floor specialist and it remained at 2. Then, I was referred to a specialist who did a very aggressive DRE. Now my pain is back up to a 5. My penis is tight again with tingling in the testicles. 2+ years of work erased by some careless doctor. I’m back at square one with new symptoms now. Every single day suicide crosses my mind. I feel so helpless, and nobody other than y’all sufferers online can even relate to me.

    Every single daily task is so hard. 🙁

    • Sam Jones

      Bactrim didn’t really work for me. Did you try Levoquin? It is supposed to reach the prostate better than any other antibiotic. I haven’t tried it yet but plan to the next time I get a flare up.

    • Eric

      Nobody should deal with this alone , feel free to reach out brother I’ve been dealing with this for 4 years and I’m only 24! Could use somone to talk to. Email me

  148. Amin


    • James ~

      Have you considered having your prostate removed ?

      All the best to all of us.

    • Sam Jones

      Have you tried Levoquin? I’ve been reading that it penetrates prostate better than Cipro. I agree re: once it gets infected it stays infected, but am wondering if Levoquin could be the answer.

  149. demo

    guys, sorry to drop this but this s the trashbin of modern medicine. docs aint gonna help. try not stressing about it and deal with the symptoms. it ll ease with time and there ll be times you ll be symptom free. gl u all. no perfect solution here( dealing with it last 15 years). hot baths, ibuprofen , and some other antiflammatories and some hormone medicines they prescribe might work. antibiotics didnt work for me.but for some it might work.

    • Dan

      Demo, this condition just hit me about 6 weeks ago, and after a round of cipro im pretty convicted this is CP/CPPS. I think I’ve had mild symptoms for months before, but they were so small I didn’t think much of them. When you say you’re symptom free for periods of time, how long do they last? Are you able to do things during those times like drink alcohol or coffee? Just trying to figure out what my road ahead is going to look like.

  150. shaw

    I’m 28 from Ohio.. mines started in February. I noticed it when I cum I would have the worst pain in my penis that would last all day. Sharp pain in my stomach and balls scared me, so I went to my doc he test me for std’s… NOTHING. Then he told me ” your symptoms have me thinking u have prostatitis” ,put me on ciprofloxacin for a month made things lot worse. So I started doing some research on my on and found out it’s a clinic in China that has a cure for prostatitis. Read EVERY WORD ON THEY SITE and I believe they do have a cure. Testimony and all people leaving they emails for support, I can’t get to China. So by luck and the grace of God I did more research and found out saw palmetto berry is great for prostatitis and Wat help me was tomato juice and fresh watermelon every morning. And was have erection problems so I was taking “vigrx plus” yes vigrx plus it has saw palmetto berry 200mg in it. Took for three months with tomato juice and fresh watermelon every day for three months, but wat ever is in vigrx plus HELP ME I’m not cured but my pain went from 10 to 2. I think the increased blood flow is helping with my problem I dnt feel the pressure on my prostate as much or pain when I cum. But I stop like fool cause I was feeling better but the pain came back but not as strong it’s like a 5 I’m starting it again. Until they find a cure the U.S I’m doing this for a year and see if this cure me. Hope this help some of yal..I definitely feel every last one of yal pain. But the increased blood flow have be the problem everything down feel so constricted and tight and increase blood loose everything up

  151. steve

    We are FUCKED!!!! THE DOCTORS DONT KNOW SHIT!! Its just a money makin job 4 them , so let me ask you, do you really think they care about peoples pain the answer is FUCK NO THEY DONT!!! WE ALL NEED HEAVY NARCOTICS 4 THIS BULLSHIT and they wont give you any because of all the fuckin loser dope addicts that abuse the fucked up system that r lazy pieces of shit that get to go to pain management 4 FREE so they can get a fuckin fix OFF MY FUCKIN TAX DOLLARS MAN FUCK THAT, IM TIRED OF SUFFERIN CUZ CAUSE SOME BULLSHITM IF U CANT FIX ME, DRUG ME!!! IM TIRED OF WASTING MY LIFE IN PAIN AND BEING MISERABLE, AND BASICALLY BEING TOLD TO LIVE IN A BUBBLE TO GET MINOR RELIEF! This shit ruins lives!!!!!!! Im living proof

  152. Damian

    Can’t find this group on Facebook???

  153. Dave

    Male 59
    I have had this condition for 3 years ( although probably a lot longer), X-ray shows a large number of stones in my prostrate, my psa levels change all the time 3.5 to 10 depending if I am on ciprox , I have had 4 doctors check my prostrate, each says it is large but fine. I have had 3 courses of 40 days ciprox 500mg x 2 and another 2 courses of 14 days, now on 90 day 250mg ciprox also on finistride and afluzosin.

    I have been told the stones are causing the reoccurring infections, usual problems blood in semen, pain during sex, poor stream <10 a lot of dribbling ,pain in the left side and penis. The finistride seems to have removed the golf ball from bum:-). The major problem for me is the difficulty starting, it could take 2 minutes before anything happens.

    In my case after 10 days on ciprox all symptoms disappear , flows is 15 to 18 ml/ sec,frequency in normal, no pain or hesitation at all, unfortunately after 10 days without ciprox symtoms come back.

    Thanks to all the posters for the different views and while I would not wish the condition on anyone it nice to know I am not alone.

  154. Imran munawar

    Prostatitis sufferers please join fb secret group named “prostatitis ” to share your experiences. So that we would have a palteform to share the treatment options

  155. I have prostate gland infection

  156. Chris

    For prostatitis I have something natural that should work.
    Antibiotics don’t work well.
    Drink 3 soup spoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning diluted in water (not too much)
    Cranberry juice + Tomato juice (from concentrate because it has some lycopene): 1 or 2 big glasses full.
    4 pills Africanum Pygeum pills (available on Amazon)
    No sex for 10 days at least.
    After seing a urologist who only prescibed antibiotics I had to find a way and it worked.
    I am feeling way better.

    • John O Brien

      Dear Chris
      I had a kidney stone blasted at Christmas.The result of this procedure was that I ended up with an inflamed prostrate.A cystoscope confirmed this.I was out on Tamsulsin followed by ciproflaxin.I have these drugs to be of little benefit.In the last month,I experienced chills,flushes and aches.My doctor has now put me on antibiotic called septrin for the next month along with some inflamatories.I am a 55year old man and thankfully I have always had excellent health.This really is s vexing problem.I would love to hear how you are now getting on since you stated taking your alternative medication.At this stage,I would try anything.I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks Chris.
      Kindest Regards

  157. scott

    I had my first prostate exam at 30, about a year after having a hernia mesh and polypropylene plugs put in due to pain in the prostate area and trouble urinating with no help or treatment for years after numerous complaints. After getting a holistic dr. and not being able to tolerate sitting anymore at 35, i got sent to urologists and surgeons, offered pain meds, neurontin, flomax, surgery to remove the mesh and then having the symptoms everyones describing on here basically disapear. There is hope. I read so much about natural cures in an attempt to save my penis function and testicles from the perils of mesh removal, & here is everything i learned. First. How to kill the terrible pain without addictive stuff. White willow bark is where aspirin came from. eating Black seed oil(nigella sativa) @ middle eastern stores hits your brains mu opioid receptor and the kappa one, so you dont get addicted to it…it helps reset addiction and cures lots of things. Myrrh oil applied topically hits the third delta receptor, giving one an almost vicodin like effect. I used other herbs to help with the prostate itself. Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed extract, graminex pollen or swedish bee pollen, stinging nettle were for the prostate. uva ursi for the urinary tract. I also took herbal antibiotics and i believe the cure lies in cats claw or unicaria tomentosa although i also took olive leaf extract for that purpose. Forget pharmaceuticals, you can cure yourself. I also make my own kefir, its dronkable yogurt you can grow easy thats supposed to have lots of healthy bacteria and yeast we need that antibiotics from dr.s kill off. symptoms stopped from level 10 pain to level 1 tingle in 2 weeks for me. First strong piss in years! No pain during sex or from driving stick! Jeans again and no more sweatpants!

  158. Frank

    Hello all…I have dealt with an enlarged prostate for years. Even to the point that I could barely urinate at times. Urinating was painful and uncomfortable. This is what I’ve done to relive it to almost normal..I was already on Tamsulosin for years and still had problems. I started on Saw Palmetto which takes a pretty long time to start working..It softens the prostate tissue. I also started taking a cranberry pill supplement which helps keep the bacteria from sticking you your urinary tract. Thirdly, start drinking plain water in the afternoon to keep you bladder flushed out…(no beer..I beer..The worst thing you can drink with an enlarged prostate…And I love beer..But stopped it all)..I take the Tamsulosin after dinner every night…Now what really helped me sleep better and urinate better was taking 200 mil of ibuprofin every night before bed…It must help with the prostate inflammation and I now have no pain or discomfort when urinating..also my sex life is comfortable..I do have two alcohol drinks every afternoon as alcohol is a diuretic and will help with the flushing process…And it does….I sleep better….but still get up some nights more than once…but without the painful urination…I’m still in awe as to the change in my years long prostate misadventure..It’s part of getting old I suppose….I’m not prescribing this method to anyone….Just relating what has worked for me..Thanks Frank

    • Alex

      Hi Frank, I would be interested in learning more about you approach. Please coukd you send me your email address?

      Thanks, Alex

    • Thank you Frank for the heads up on Beer… I noticed that my symptoms got worse after drinking Beer & Malt wine coolers… But after a night out drinking Vodka and Cranberry or Mohitos no problem… If anybody has any more advice please call me.. 954-261-5019. My name is Jerry

  159. Ricardo

    Well people it seems like the medical community has taken a low key stand on prostatitis. When they say 5% to 9% of men have prostatitis sounds low. But in Canada alone if you do the right math it’s around 1,000,000 men having this dredful condition. The sad part what we are not told is that’s with a number that high it’s not a condition…it’s an epedemic.
    Now with the US population being 300 time larger were talking a major epidemic.
    Right now the experts are spending grants and funding so fast it will make you head spin. Sadly still no cure.

    Good luck everyone!

  160. John

    I had urinary tract infection and prostatitis in 2013. PSA was 95. I went on Cipro for several weeks. Tore 2 tendons in my shoulder a month later which required surgery. I never had problems with that shoulder before. (Be careful of taking a lot of Cipro) My PSA never returned to normal. It’s stayed at 7. I still have minor prostatitis symptoms.

    • Ryan

      Same thing happened to me. I’m 36 and have been dealing with prostatis for almost 20 years. Never had a shoulder injury until I went on Cipro. Torn labrum on my right side and separated my left in a span of 2 1/2 years.

  161. Ty

    Sorry it’s

  162. Ty

    Check out this site it more then helped me! Dr Kaploun helped me a ton!

    (416) 892-1559

  163. Albert

    Iam 37 years old, I have been dealing with is for 4 years now. I am tired and sick of dealing with this pain, urgency, frequency, all day , everyday. How can I find a cure?

  164. Ricardo

    You must have someone watching this sit 24/7….yet you still leave insignificant posts up…

    Too bad so much time wasted….waiting….looking for answers…..maybe now you see what other go through everyday.

  165. Richard Porter

    What a complicated subject but for me as well as others important.Yes l also have prostatitis Everything iv read concerns me,yes iv had as much change in medication as youv all had.The amount of blood soaked sample l took to my GP.he was pretty shocked,decided strait away,phoned the hospital and got me in,at,once.(He thought l had Protate Cancer)after the was prostatitis thank goodness.Didnt get away that easy.The cathiters incerted(plastic straws?)actually didnt agree with my inside,l had a allergic reaction within 12hours so between me and my GP.tore it out.The pain was intense never felt thay before, blood everwhere,the event was the worst ever.Do you get my point.The pain can be as bad as the diagnosis. RICHARD PORTER.😅

  166. Hi

    Juan, post your email address. Would lIke more info.

    • Alex

      Hi Juan,

      I read about your post on Harvard Prostate Knowledge.

      Im wondering if you can provide me with links to good info? Also, did you go and see Dr Toth? What have you heard about him?


  167. Juan

    To tell my story would take a full day…but in short…here goes

    Got a blowjob back in march…two days later..Boom!! Major UTI symptoms…

    Went to multiple doctors…they all said that the urine dip stick never turns pink and the standard two day only cultures always negAtive…I did 5 of these urine cultures for two day only…..

    I will tell u later bout the truth of two day cultures…u well b shocked… And whoever the idiot that said two day urine cultures should b the standard….should b hung!!

    Fast forward to April 20th…UTI symptoms are like out of this world..hotshowers for bladder spasms..and not one doctor would prescribe me one antibiotic

    Urologist visit ..said u don’t have infection…at this point my prostate was giving me early signs of infection…saw this guy twice after hospital visit….same thing stick never turns pink and 2day urine culture

    At this point I started taking probiotics and sum relief occured which def prove my point of sum bacterial Infection…but still fighting the main uti which lead to my prostate infection..

    Fast forward into may….prostate swells into a golfball! Fever, chills ,backaches…etc

    Goto another family MD…checked my prostate…said wow u got prostatis…stated let’s do a 7 day culture and test u for bacterial vaginosis…guess what everyone!!

    Two pathogens showed up that had to b cultured by a diff lab…which for sum reason there is no code on the standard lab check off sheet for doctors to check off on!!!

    They have to special order these labs cultures!!.which 90% of docs don’t do or don’t do!!!

    Two pathogens are strep veridian group( oral bacteria) green dots show up on a special gram stain…but have to b cultured for a long time and…it has to b your first morning piss!!!

    Which u Neva give when u goto docs…cuz by the time u go pee in the cup u probably already went like 50 times…which is a diluted colony
    Count and another thing they do is set the colony count at such a dumb cut off point that no other bacteria shows up on the report or the lab completely ignores it!! And guess what negAtive culture results…

    Next pathogen was ganderilla vaginosis!! Which is what I call the underlying host bacteria…meaning this guy was probably in there for a while leaving the door open for Mr strep viridians….no doctor or urologist will send your urine for BV test…none

    To beat the bug u have to study pathology and pharmacology on your on time….I’m on my journey to fight for my cure and hope u guys out there are too!! Neva give up my brothers!

    As a side note….the only urologist that I have found that has a pathology background is Dr Toth in NY….he actually does direct injections into the prostate after extensive 2 weeks of culturing and semen sampling….but I live very far to see him But he is on my to do list!!

    At this point…It is my strong belief and new found knowledge that 80 percent. Of prostatis is caused by a pathogen that never gets cultured or studied properly…hence never gets found!!!…

    and that the pathogen never gets eradicated and mutates due to wrong antibiotic protocols and penetration effeciency into the prostate bunker which harbors the pathogen…and the natural immune defenses that the prostate has to push back antibiotics thru it’s front door!!!

    I truly think that all prostate issues should b sent to a microbiologist or pathologist first!! For multiple back to back culturing and IV standard antibiotics!!

    But these specialist never talk to patients…they only look at the check off sheet…and can only b ordered by docs that sometimes have no clue these tests exist…and every urologist I have dealt with believe in the standard two day culture and pink stink test!! Which is why I’m in this mess now!

    I think the entire industry of standards should change!! Stone age tactics with the science we have now….

    • Jonathan

      What’s going on sir. I appreciate your writing and curious more on what you said cause can definitely relate. If you don’t mind please email me regarding this topic. Id greatly appreciate it thank u sir. Seems like you may be very helpful in my situation

  168. Carlos

    I was recently diagnosed with prostatitis I was given Celebrex 200mg twice a day all symptoms have disappeared.

  169. Dave

    would anyone mind share the cause of their prostatitis? i got mine from oral sex.

    DAVE: i do experience general weakness and i had muscle ache running around my body for 1.5 week but not somuch now.

  170. Tom

    I was (somewhat) successfully treating my BPH w/ sawgrass palmetto, until a fairly bad flare up. My doctor suggested Flomax. I took one generic pill and it gave me prostatitis – wicked penile burning. No more pills for me.

    Over the course of the next three months, we tried antibiotics, massage (temporary relief) and Quercetin. Not much relief.

    Finally we tried daily Cialis and after a few weeks. the pain subsided. Sadly, I just read where Cialis may cause blindness, so I stopped taking it and the pain has returned. Damn.

    • Take the Ciales if it helps, I have the same problem as you plus I have a young girlfriend and been taking the max dose 20 MG EVERY OTHER DAY FOR 6 Months and didn’t go blind… I buy from Big Mountain Pharmacy The generic ones there in Canada,

  171. Alecs

    I live in RUSSIA, prostatitis ill for more than 15 years, tried everything, all kinds of lecheniya.Nichego not pomoglo.No once I bought the device released military industry, for the treatment of kosmonavtov.I miracle I cured this device prostatit.Ya his happiness did not know that delat.Teper I’ll sell these devices, ’cause I know how important it is to cure prostatit.Mnogo customers who have bought from me, these devices send me blagodarnosti.Vot link to a website-http: // /

  172. Amin

    I ‘ve had prostatitis for 24 years and noting works .
    I have tried every medication on earth and seen many doctors .
    Stanford protocol. 3D Treatment
    Somebody need to come up with an answer!

  173. Allen

    I have had these prostatitis symptoms now for 3 months. Did all of the tests and have all been neg other than hsv1 which could be a possible factor that caused the inflammation. I was also told to take a general antibiotic. Cipro and azithromycin to be exact and I don’t want to take the antibiotics as I fear it won’t help and just make it worse. Has there been any case where symptoms disappeared for good from these antibiotics? Doing a ton of research I am convinced that the massage therapy and biofeedback is the best natural cure to control the symptoms in the one run. Another interesting point for alternative medicine choices in where I find similar findings with this article is the part about fibromyalgia and how oxalate loads can have an impact on the core of the symptoms.

  174. Harry

    i have had prostatius for several years and this had lead to fibromygia.
    I’m really fed up although I’m on Ceflexiine and Tramadol but lately this is not helping either.

    Has anyone else also had Fibrimygia as a result of there prostatitus?
    Please let me know

  175. joseph

    34years old and very depressed I don’t care the cost I was ready to go to China I’m in Florida. I will go broke to have my life back. I have had ct scan of pelvis normal, urinalysis several times all normal, blood work for kidney function normal, std tests blood and urine everything negative except hsv1 makes me think possible urethritis but that’s just speculation. I cannot fully empty my bladder I have frequent and urgent urination, I have an enlarged prostate, pain constantly in pelvic area and penis tip of urethra is red. Urination is sometimes uncomfortable. I will do anything and go anywhere to get some help antibiotics seem to only give me side effects. I’m planning on doing a cytoscopy I don’t know what else to do please help me.

    • Jason

      Try Dr. Toth he does injections and has a place in NYC and Florida. I went and it helped some. I would do the scope they prob won’t find anything. Also a bland diet help. I hurt 24/7 and it can ruin your life. I’m on pain meds which saved my life. Good luck!

    • Dan

      I suffer too went to prostate institute of America in Ventura California dr bahn. Direct injections into prostate of antibiotics it helps I feel way better but not perfect

    • Wazeer

      Hi been havin same problm

      • Joe

        Bro if u still have it call me at (267) 416-9907
        I was a sufferer for 4 years but then I found this doctor in Albania which treat me completely by using antibiotic in the rectum and anal heater for 10 days only it’s not that expensive and it works this is his website and he explain anything in it:
        I went from PA to Albania and it was worth it
        If anyone has any question call or text my number

      • Albo


        I went through your post and surprised to ser that you hd positive results from the cure given in Albania.
        Are the sypmtoms back yet?
        Would you strongly recommend?

      • wazeer

        Hello i also suffer drom this wiling to share info?

  176. Dhwaj Gupta

    If any known cure is known then please
    Contact me on:+91 8378966110

  177. Dhwaj Gupta


    I am facing this problem from last 11 years. Previously there were some blood drops after urination but when doctor gave me anti biotic the blood stoped. But I am having so much of pain both while urination and ejeculation. There is no
    Infection found in urine culture test. If I drink more water I have to urinate again and again and the pain increasis everytime I urinate.

  178. Cory

    Thank you for this insight! The past few weeks have been rough. One dr says this and another that but with both drs nothing is helping. My dr now says I have torn muscle tissues but with all that I have read and understood, it is very clear I have prostatitis and there is not a cure. I have been on meds after meds. I am requesting to see a specialist. My question is does it affect specific people groups? I am over weight and have had UTI’s in the past. I have heard there is a vitamin or formula called silversol (sp?) that helps but I have not tried. Thanks for any answers!

  179. Tk

    For prostatitis try dr allens device

  180. A good rundown of Chronic Prostatitis treatment Clinics

    I’ve tried everything, now on permanent cipro. I’ve been searching everywhere for more information. The Clinics list here has given me a lot to think about. Peer reviewed articles at pubmed have too

  181. Pk

    I have tried using ciprofloxacin 500mg but still facing the same problem and is even worse… any help please?

  182. Pk

    I also having frequent and urgent urinal and it makes me feel more pain

  183. Zubair khan

    I m in chronic prostitus.havng a lot of pain in urinate and ejaculation

  184. aaron

    one disease with no confirmed answers to suggest it bacterial in origin or not. One dr suggests it is while another says its not. So on it goes try my cure the others don’t work. To not tell the truth and dr;s know the truth is a great way to continue the income stream. 800 diseases in the world and no cures for any of them.

  185. Dave

    Lyrica (pregabalin) was developed and released as a replacement for gabapentin for neuropathy/fibromyalgia. It is available at a much lower cost. Couldn’t it also be used for prostatitus cases?

  186. Lloyd

    I have had prostatis for 4 years.. but was not properly diagnosed till Januaury of 2013.
    All of it has been poorly delt with by the doctors I have seen.
    My urologist has had me on 250 mgs. of Septra for 9 months at 250 mgs. once a day.
    Five a days ago he switched me to CIPRO 250 Xs 2 daily for 10 days.
    At this point does it make since to go to a infectious disease doctor .Can a doctor who specializes in infectious disease give me a better out come them a urologist.????

  187. jacob

    Why do my testicals stay in body with skin hanging

  188. Peyton

    If i ask a question will I get a response?

  189. anthony

    I have had 6 major prostatitis attacks in the past 10 years , usually when I run myself down , i wake up the next morning feeling off , the following day its chills and fever and achy joints , these symptoms usually persist for 3 to 5 days and I am on strong antibiotics to knock it back …

    I would like to find out what the latest drug treatment is and how to treat the accompanying chills & fevers.


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