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Testosterone supplementation after prostate cancer?

June 19, 2009
  • By Harvard Prostate Knowledge

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June 4, 2018

Richard Somsel – “Will the therapy help me physically and emotionally?” – – – Yes, but you have to be active. You don’t have to be extreme, do what you can. Walking/hiking is a good way to start. I highly recommend joining a mall walking club, or better yet, a hiking club. It will do a number of things with the T therapy – you’ll feel much better and get stronger, plus be in a calmer & better mood which will all build on itself. As you can see from my posts, I do not like pharmaceuticals. I like a natural herbal product to boost my testosterone level. The medical establishment shuns natural products in favor of the money machine they created.

June 4, 2018

David Nixon – It’s not just calories causing weight gain, the hidden major problem with weight gain is sugars. It is in everything – milk, potatoes, pasta, white bread, processed food products, soda, ice tea, etc. Read the nutritional labels and look at sugars, 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of raw sugar. Sugar get’s processed very fast in your blood causing excess which is then stored as belly fat and hard to get rid of. Look into drastically cutting sugar from your diet. Look on the web for low sugar menus. If it was me, I’d replace your Dr asap. A testosterone level below 300 for your age is not good. Most Urologists are old-school anti testosterone based. You don’t need to be at 1000 T, you’ll feel much better at half that number (only use natural herbal testosterone boosting supplements). You also need to look into using natural progesterone, 10mg per day dose for 3 weeks then one week off, to balance the testosterone.

David Nixon
May 24, 2018

God afternoon doc,

I am 49 years old, on active watch, diagonsed with prostrate cancer gleason 1 stage 1 March 2017. I was on T treatment upto this point my T score was 130 and was treated to 1000. Urologist stopped all T treatment now I am less than 100. I cannot loose weight even when consuming less that 900 calories per day. Weight maintains at 235 -239 43″waiste 5’11”. My insurance company refused to allow me to do an MRI biopsy this year. I have added supplements, pawpaw, 15000 units of vitimin C, 1000 mg ginger to my diet to increase blood flow. I am in the military and now struggling to stay in because of weight issues. I have zero desire to partake in sexual relations with my wife of 23 years whom I love and I would love to visit about options. My urologist will not treat my low T perior ever so he says.

Richard Somsel
April 21, 2018

9 years ago had Robotic Prostatectomy. PSA negligible ever since. Have many similar sexual symptoms but penis shrunk at least 1.5 inches and now curved greater than 30 degrees. Am starting on T therapy. Am 71 years old. Will the therapy help me physically and emotionally?

February 26, 2018

Excellant article and posts. I’m in the same boat as most. I wanted my life back, and got it, and now I’m taking even more action. I had a minor bladder cancer operation when I was 40. That is how I ended up with my urologist who I have been seeing yearly for 26 years, with no reoccurrence. BUT, because of my check ups, he found my prostate cancer at age 52, 4.0 psa, and with 9 of the 12 biopsies showing cancer. My prostate was surgically removed and I have been cancer free for 14 years, and resulting in no erections possible. My PSA levels since have hovered between .08 and .01 and he doesn’t know why it’s not 0.0. I’m a former fit triathlete, now just biking about 3,400 miles a year at a high B level, fairly fast with over 120,000′ of total climb a year. I have the energy at 66 and eat right but I can’t loose the belly fat roll. SO, I did the research and up popped LOW TESTOSTERONE as the problem. I did more research and settled on an herbal product called “Virectin”. I had all the low T symptoms they identified. Short story, it reversed every single issue, and more. It took 3 months but the belly fat disappeared, doing even less bike riding than the previous 6 months (my Dr said it’s psychosomatic as he does with anything he doesn’t understand). Amazing, but even more, my lifelong issues with anxiety disappeared. Gone for the first time in over 60 years. Energy level also skyrocketed as did sexual desire. BUT, for the first time since the prostate removal I now get erections at about 80-90% erect and feel I like I’m 20 again. I also use 10mg of “NOW” brand progesterone for women once a day for 3 weeks and one week completely off. I winded down all these doses 7 weeks ago and completely stopped 5 weeks ago with 3 weeks before my PSA test and then annual exam with my urologist which was today. I wanted the testosterone to be out of my system so it wouldn’t affect my PSA test. My body reverted to belly fat storing, the anxiety returned, energy levels crashed, erections & desire crashed. My Dr said my test results were fantastic, .01 which was way better than I expected. THEN I told him what I’d been doing. As expected, we know each other very well, he said I was pouring gas on the fire …. even though it looks like it did the reverse and put out any fire with a .01 PSA result after 3 months of flooding my system with natural testosterone and progesterone. He said I should stop, I told him with my research and results I wanted my life back and was going back on the Virectin/Progesterone program and I wanted blood work done to set a hormone baseline. He seemed insulted that I am not bowing to his medical degrees, but ordered the extensive hormone blood work, drawn today, and we’ll see where I am in 6 months. You can get back your life, but this is in uncharted waters, and I’m a Type A, INTJ Type person – (google it) so this may not be for you. The Urology industry has everything to loose and nothing to gain in understanding dropping testosterone and progesterone levels, and rising estrogen levels in men may be causing prostate cancer. I’ll be following up here in late August with my results.

John ledford
November 21, 2017

I had my prostate removed about 6 years ago due to cancer. My Gleason was 7 on one side and 4 on the other. ALL My PSA Scores SINCE HAVE BEEN 005. My question is, can I use any products that raise free testosterone levels safely and not worry about getting cancer again.

Adams johnson
July 23, 2017

I was diagnosed B-cell lymphomas which are types of lymphoma affecting B cells. Lymphomas are blood cancers” in the lymph nodes. They develop more frequently in older adults and in compromised individuals.I remember being on my knees praying, “God, I will fight as hard as I can if you just let me get through this chemo stuff.” When I went in, Dr. Noy said, “I have something that’s going to help. I’m going to give you Procrit after you get your chemo.” Once I got the Procrit, I never felt again like I had after that first chemo treatment. I got tired and I didn’t feel 100 percent, but I was really okay. My cancer became very real to me once I lost my hair. But by then the mystery, the uncertainty, was sort of gone. Not gone, but it just wasn’t at the forefront. There were things that I started looking forward to doing, like going out and not just staying in the house. By then, the weather had started getting really nice, and I decided I needed to get out. I would go for a long walk or take the subway into the city and look in the store windows. It’s funny, people I didn’t know would chat with me on the bus, on the train. We would talk about anything. That made me feel a lot better. It come a day when i was told by a lady to try and do some research on the internet for help maybe there will be a cure to my Cancer.I google for treatment for cancer and i saw some testimony about the herbalist called Dr Adams johnson and the great work of his Herbal Herbs. With the hope i have in God i believe this to be the end of my problem for i have pray for a solution from God. I contact Dr Adams johnson with the giving email and also click on his website to see his work. I finally believed in him and told him about my problem. He prepare His Herbal medicine and which I was advice to take for three weeks, There are lot to say about Dr Adams johnson, I Thanks God that this man was used to end my sorrow All my pains and sorrows turn to joy and history from the day i came in contact with Dr Adams johnson, Who really help with his herbal herbs, I WAS TOLD HE IS A HERBALIST AND HE CAN BE OF HELP, I gave him a try and it really work out for me, today here I’m cured of B-cell lymphomas. Contact him via: ( )

steve brker
July 21, 2017

Look…if you supplement with Test you are rolling the dice. One guy can probably do it and he will be fine…the next guy fires up his cancer again and is dead in a few years. The medical community won`t give an answer because they DON`T HAVE ONE. There`s not enough real proof one way or another. At 56 years old I started using Androgel and then I went to pellets. I LOVED it…felt better, slept better, better sex drive, put on 10 pounds of muscle at the gym, etc, etc. BUT…My PSA was creeping up(from 2.0 to 3.6) so I had a biopsy(I also had a family history of PC)…came back Stage one, Gleason 6. I had robotic prostate removal 8 weeks ago. Just had my 1st PSA test…came in at 0. I asked my Dr about using Test again…he said “let`s wait a year and see hoe things are going”. I`m 5`11, 178lbs and in the gym 3 days a week. I was in good shape going in and I`m going rather well now. Have to use Viagra…but big deal…like my Dr said in the 1st bad news meeting we had…you can`t get an erection if you are dead. I wish you all the best….my Dr is just GREAT….and nationally rated in the top 1-2-3…Dr
Ronney Abaza in Dublin, Ohio…brand new hospital, NEWEST robotic machine and a great staff. You couldn`t find better care!

Steve solot
June 19, 2017

I had my prostate removed via a prostatectomy in 2001. I have not been able to maintain an erection sufficient for penetration. Can I take Testosterone without the possibility of my prostate cancer returning?

Kimberly Arrington Burns
June 17, 2017

4 years ago my husband had his prostate removed by robotic surgery. He was a very sexual, strong, athletic, happy and alive person prior to the surgery but now he has no sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased energy, lower muscle mass and bone density, along with severe incontinence 24/7. His condition is very severe, and it all points to hypogonadism. No one will help us where we live. Where do we go to find out if he is a candidate for T therapy? I begging for help, Please!

June 7, 2017

go to for another alternative treatment

Craig Cummings
May 14, 2017

This is a wonderful bulletin board but it is of only limited value without any answers to the many questions that have been posed. Why are there no responses from the medical community to the questions asked?

Derek E
May 3, 2017

I’m 44 years old. I was on testosterone replacement therapy for four years prior to my diagnosis of prostate cancer. To be honest the testosterone therapy changed my life for the better in every regard. To include sex drive, muscle mass, leaner body and most of all my overall feeling of well being and health. My psa score climbed from a 0.8 to a 3.6 in those years. I had regular exams and no issues concerning my prostate ever! When my level hit 3.6 my dr said he wanted a biopsy to rule out cancer. I thought this was crazy my psa was a 3.6 but he concluded it had been rising at an alarming rate to him. They stopped my testosterone and I had my biopsy. I had one core 40% affected with a Gleason of 3+3. 6. I had a radical prostatectomy done in February this year. My first psa score post surgical is 0.01. Good news but; I feel terrible. No energy at all, zero sex drive, Complete erectile disfunction and have lost my muscle mass as well as tone and have become very soft and weak. My metal outlook is very poor, and my depressed state has massively increased. That being said I look feel and act like I did before my testosterone replacement therapy. ive read and read the studies of pro vs cons of post prostate cancer testosterone replacement and my opinion is this: I I will gladly accept the risk of cancer reoccurrence if in fact it exists for my well being and my life back. I want my doctors to understand this. Life is great but only if you’re living. My 2 cents .

April 25, 2017

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 had my prostate remove. I still have the will to have sex but I cannot get fully erect. My question is will hormone booster or anything help me or will they put me at risk?
my prostate was totally removed. my p.s.a has no reading. my energy, muscle mass, has fallin off. am I a candaite for t-supplement treatment. they say I’m cancer free. i’m 60 years old.


Jim B Harris
May 13, 2017

I has my prostate remove 3 years ago. My sex drive have hit rock bottom. Is there anything I can do to help with this problem. My doctors had me on cialis,Viagra and levitra with didn’t work. Is there anything out there that will work. Thank

April 15, 2017

A very interesting synopsis of the problems and issues felt by those with PC. I suffer from all of the iossues described; no energy, depression, ED, PSA rising again; incontinence increasing, etc , etc etc.
Have tried a lot of modern herbs and have kept up with Ty Bollinger’s; The Truth About Cancer; an excellent program of worthwhile and valuable options.
Unfortunately I am going downhill faster than I like.
Progesterone seems a good start, I hope.
EBC46 seems very promising as does nanoparticle gold now being processed by FDA and we know who owns that less than forthright agency.
I would like to know more about some of the cures recommended on here if possible. Thank you and may the Lord keep us safe.

February 16, 2017

My prostate was removed when I was 60 years old. My energy level crashed to the point that I had to force myself to get up in the morning. It would take me 2 days to weed my small gardens as I couldn’t work for longer than an hour or so. It got so bad that my wife ended up doing the work. I would fall asleep frequently through the day and still never had any energy. I spoke to my doctor numerous times and he would not authorise TRT due to the possibility of cancer-recurrence. I finally told him that the lack on energy was affecting my life so badly that I had to retire (FYI:I did not have a manual labour job). He finally sent me to a specialist when I was 66. Fortunately for me, my PSA tests had been virtually 0 since the operation. The specialist put me on Androgel and my energy level went back to normal in a very short period of time. It’s been 5 years since then, my PSA levels are still reading 0 and life is good!

February 14, 2017

Men beware!
A prostate cancer patient survival guide by a patient and often a victim.
Men, avoid the over diagnosis and unnecessary treatment of prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer patient exploitation, testing and treatment dangers.
Revised February 11, 2017

In my opinion:
Read the hard facts about prostate cancer testing and treatment that no one will tell you about, even after it’s too late. This is information all men over 50 should have. Also, anyone concerned about cancer in general or privacy issues should read this text. Prostate cancer patients are often elderly, over treated, misinformed and sometimes exploited for profits. The testing, treatment and well documented excessive treatment of prostate cancer often results in devastating and unnecessary side effects and sometimes death. At times profit vs. QOL (quality of life).

Per some studies:
Studies have verified more deaths caused from prostate cancer testing and treatment then from prostate cancer itself.
Extensively documented unnecessary testing and treatment of prostate cancer because of profit or poor judgment by some doctors in the USA.
Medical mistakes are the third cause of deaths in the USA (over 251,000 deaths a year, over one million deaths in 4 years) more then suicide, firearms and motor vehicle accidents combined.
1 man in 6 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his life.
About 233,000 new cases per year of prostate cancer.
About 1 Million prostate blind biopsy’s performed per year in the USA.
6.9% hospitalization within 30 days from a biopsy complication.
About 1.3 to 3.5 deaths per 1,000 from prostate blind biopsies.
.2% deaths as a result of prostate cancer surgery.
60% had a prescription filled for an infection after a Biopsy.
Black men are at an increased risk of prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer patients are at an increased risk for fatigue, depression, suicide and heart attacks.

Excuse the generally accurate humor and sarcasm. Its intent is to entertain and educate while reading this possibly laborious text.

Prostate cancer patients are often elderly and exploited for profit, the treatments offered has horrible side effects, and newer treatment options are either unavailable or not offered to patients or available outside the USA. Prostate cancer is often slow growing and of low risk and can just be monitored. Often no treatment is the best treatment. Over testing and treatment has been verified by numerous experts, studies and investigations, documentation, etc.

If a surgeon is financially responsible for a building lease or a large staff or an oncologist is also responsible for a lease on 5 million dollars of radiation treatment equipment, do you think they would be more or less honest about the benefits and hazards of treatment? Do you think the profit margin would compromise some doctor’s ethics?

A 12, 18 or 24 core blind biopsies, holey prostate! Men with a high PSA tests result are often sent to an urologist for a blind biopsy. Men should be told about other options: Percent free PSA test, 4Kscore test, PCA3 urine test or a MRI test before receiving a blind biopsy. These tests can often eliminate the need for a more risky and invasive blind biopsy. Insertion of 12, 18 or 24 large holes (most of the time) through the rectum into a gland the size of a walnut, a blind Biopsy can result in (per studies) prostate infections, a risk of permanent or temporary Erectile Dysfunction, urinary problems, hospitalization and sometimes even death from sepsis (About 1.3 to 3.5 deaths per 1,000 from blind biopsies). There is also controversy that a biopsy may or may not spread cancer because of needle tracking. A blind biopsy can also increase PSA reading for several weeks or months, further frightening men into an unnecessary treatment. Blind biopsies are almost never performed on other organs. One very prestigious hospital biopsy information states: “Notice that your semen has a red or rust-colored tint caused by a small amount of blood in your semen”. Another large prestigious hospital states “Blood, either red or reddish brown, may also be in your ejaculate.” These statements are often an extreme exaggeration. Very often after a biopsy a man’s semen will turn into a jet black goo. This could be an unpleasant surprise for a man and especially for his unsuspecting partner. However if a biopsy is performed before Halloween or April Fools’ day this may be of some benefit to a few patients. If some very prestigious hospitals are not factual about the color of semen, what other information is not being disclosed or misrepresented?

Bone scan scam: Prostate cancer patients are often sent for a bone scan. A bone scan has about a 13% chance of having a false positive and only 3 men in 1,000 have bone cancer who have a bone scan. Bone scans may sometimes be unnecessary in lower risk prostate cancer patients.

Low risk cancer patients or patients with advanced age are often sent for aggressive treatment by some doctors when monitoring is usually a better option. An extreme example of overtreatment is one SBRT radiation clinical trial. Prostate cancer patients (victims) where intentionally treaded with a huge dose (50Gy total, 5 fractions) of radiation resulting in disastrous long term side effect for some of these men. A large percentage of prostate cancer patients in this clinical trial had low risk prostate cancer.

Clinical trials may or may not be hazardous to patients? The goal of a clinical trial is to gather information; the intent is not necessarily to help or cure patients. In a clinical trial, if someone is given a treatment that will harm them (as in the above example) or given a placebo in place of treatment or needed treatment is withheld, the patient may be deceived or harmed. Investigate before you participate in any clinical trial.

Privacy and confidentiality may be just an illusion: Prostate cancer patients are asked to fill out a series of EPIC questionnaires and other standard questioners. The EPIC questionnaire asks several intimate details about patient’s sex life, urinary and bowl function. By a prostate cancer patient completing an EPIC questionnaire may be able to assist his doctor, nurse or other office workers track his progress or decline. By refusing to fill out these questioners and supplying other unnecessary information one can help insure his privacy, dignity and insure he do not unknowingly become part of a study or clinical trial or other collective survey or have his information forwarded to multiple databases. He may be told these questioners and records are “strictly confidential” (as stated in most EPIC questionnaires); this statement is misleading. Most of the time a patient has no idea who has access to the records or why the records are being looked at. Who has access to medical records? Probably everyone that works in a medical office or building has access to the records. This may include/however not limited to non-medical employees, office workers, bookkeepers, janitors, insurance companies, temporary high school or college interns, etc. This may also include other medical facilities, programmers, hackers, researchers, etc. Often records are placed on a health information exchange (HIE), dozens, sometimes even hundreds or thousands of people may have access to the records. Some major databases like SEER are linked to Medicare records to determine “the final outcome” for researchers, studies, drug companies, etc. SEER is an appropriate name for this database! Your drug prescription history can also be tracked. Records may be packaged and offered for sale, this does happen. Your medical records can be downloaded to servers all over the world to countries that do not have any regulations for privacy. If a doctor, patient or insurance company is involved in a criminal or civil case, medical records may become public court or law enforcement records. If a patient has radiotherapy he may have a photo taken before treatment to verify identity. All patients should get a copy and read any confidentiality disclosures statements (HIPAA statements). Patients can also become the victims of financial or medical Identity theft. Under the HIPAA laws you are entailed to a copy of all your medical records, however if you try to obtain a copy of extensive records as in a hospital stay you may be met with resistance. I recently went to a new optometrist for glasses and I was given a form that asked details about my heritage, including my mother’s maiden name and a form for my complete medical history. My family doctors office hires summer time high school interns with full access to all records. Would you like to have a high school or college student that possibly lives in your neighborhood or attends to school with your children read over your extensive family members medical records and personal information? How much curiosity or self control does a high school or college student have? I also went to a hearing aid center in a department store to get a free hearing test and was given forms inquiring about personal information and my complete medical history. This is information I do not want filed in a department store. All patients should avoid supplying unnecessary information whenever possible. Supply relevant information only. In the USA identity theft is very common, growing problem and is often financial devastating. Medical forms can be a good source of information for thieves. Recently my friend with arthritis in her hips received a letter offering a clinical trial for a new medication; coincidently looking for patients with hip and knee arthritis. How did this company determine she and not her husband was a prime candidate for this new drug study without violating any HIPAA privacy laws? Even without HIPAA privacy law violations, office records can be accessed by multiple people and appear in multiple databases. Your privacy and confidentiality is probably not that safe!

A patient’s dignity: Prostate cancer treatment is often degrading and demoralizing. EPIC questionnaires can be counterproductive impact a patient’s dignity, privacy, confidentiality, and self image. EPIC questionnaires probably have an increased potential and greater impact on patients for privacy violations because of its format, nature and personal content (potential for HIPAA privacy law violations). Patients may mistakenly believe the EPIC questionnaire is a requirement to be filled out. Also the term “strictly confidential” can be misleading and ambiguous. One blogger patient posted he filled out and turned in his “strictly confidential” EPIC questioners only to have every female office staff member read it and ogle him. He was dismayed, resulting in him not filling out any more EPIC forms or any other forms and he stated that he became very uncomfortable and evasive with the entire office staff. The drawbacks of this form seem to outweigh any potential benefit for some patients. Medical testes and procedures can be degrading and embarrassing for both men and women. Many women prefer or will only see female doctors or gynecologists, about 50% to 70%. Over half of men prefer a male doctor. (Per some respected doctors: Men stay away from medical care in large numbers because of privacy and dignity. Many men still avoid medical care because of embarrassment. Honest answers will often not be given if asked by a female doctor or nurse.) What percent of old men will feel comfortable consulting a female doctor, nurse or office worker about his prostate problems, ED, etc or would want an invasive test or procedure performed by a female?

The most common treatment options for men with prostate cancer are radiation, Brachytherapy, surgery, cryotherapy and hormones (ADT). Sometimes chemotherapy, immunotherapy and castration (orchiectomy) are used. A combination of treatments is often used. Most or all of these treatments have long term or short term side effects. Often men are not told about all of the true risks and side effects or they are downplayed for both a blind biopsy and treatments.

LDR Brachytherapy is permanent radioactive seed implant. This treatment procedure implants about 50 to 100 radioactive seeds in the prostate, sometimes resulting in urinary problems. The patient will literally become radioactive for months and up to 2 years. The patient may set off radiation alarm and also possibly metal detectors at airports. He will also be required to use a condom, have no close contact with pregnant women, infants, children and young animals or pets for months or longer. Occasionally he may even eject radioactive seeds during sexual activity or urination. The patient will become like a walking Chernobyl, having radioactive scrap metal and emit radiation from his crotch. He will also be required to carry a card in his wallet stating he is radioactive. The videos of this procedure seem to be disturbing and bizarre. However LDR Brachytherapy seems to have less sexual side effects than some of the other treatments available.

Men are sometimes prescribed hormone therapy (ADT therapy), AKA chemical castration as an additional or only treatment. Hormone (ADT) therapy is sometimes over prescribed for profit, per some studies. Hormone therapy is often very expensive (may be profitable for doctors if provided at the doctors office and not a pharmacy) and can have horrible, strange and devastating side effects, feminization, fatigue, weight gain, etc. His penis could shrink and his testicles can completely disappear, he may grow breasts. This treatment can have so many mind and body altering side effects that doctors will often not inform patients about all of them. Men are sometimes castrated (orchiectomy) as a cancer treatment to reduce testosterone. Studies (Medicare and financial) have documented some doctors do over prescribe ADT therapy for profit (depending on Insurance payout rates/profit margin). When insurance payment reimbursement for ADT decreased so did the number of patients being prescribed ADT therapy! Overtreatment is extremely unfortunate and avoidable.

Nerve sparing Robotic-assisted DaVinci surgery is touted as being a better treatment and having fewer side effects, this is usually an exaggeration. The nerves can not always be spared. Robotic surgery can result in a faster initial recovery. Long term risk of incontinence, fatigue, etc is about the same as conventional surgery, ED rates my possibly be a little better. Patients undergoing surgery are at a small risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and about a 25% chance of long term or permanent fatigue. Also .2% risk of deaths as a result of prostate cancer surgery or medical mistakes. Patients are sometimes not told about the high risk of a shorter penis after surgery due to the shortening of the urethra. Patients can have unrealistic expectations about the results and regret the surgery treatment option. The ED rates and depression are often understated to patients.

Patients should not be naive: Medical mistakes are the third cause of deaths in the USA. Medical mistakes cause more deaths then suicide, firearms and motor vehicle accidents combined. Countless other patients have been harmed by medical mistakes. If you are having surgery, brachytherapy, a biopsy or a procedure take precautions if possible. Have someone qualified or knowledgeable monitor you and your medications, etc. Doctors, nurses and technicians can be profit motivated, use obsolete procedures, be lazy, incompetent, make mistakes and be apathetic or rushed. Occasionally harm can be done or not prevented with intent. Doctor’s offices and clinics can see many patients in a relatively short amount of time. This may be a disadvantage to patients, empathy and quality of care can sometimes be compromised. Sometimes a nurse, medical assistant or an office staff member may be the person that overseeing much of a patient’s cares. What are the main reasons nurses get fired: 1. Prescription drug abuse, 2. Too Many mistakes. 3. code of conduct and privacy violations. 3. Bad attitude. 4. No proper licenses 4. Abuse of patients. Patients should be aware that sometimes QOL (quality of life) may be secondary or an absent goal in treatment. Sometimes overtreatment for profit or to prevent an unlikely death or metastization from low risk cancer may be the primary or the only goals of cancer treatment.

A blind biopsy or treatments are often worse then the disease: Resulting in Chronic/permanent fatigue, incontinence, depression and sexual dysfunction. Hormone therapy may have an extensive list of side effects that can be devastating for men. Biopsies and treatment are degrading, stressful and often unnecessary. Many men may not be prepared or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome, physical and psychological impact of testing and treatment.

The risk of long term chronic and permanent fatigue (that can result in depression) is almost always understated if mentioned at all to many patients. Per some studies and depending on your treatment; the risk of long term or permanent fatigue is about 25% to 60%. Radiation with Hormone therapy has a high risk of fatigue. Long term fatigue also increases the risk of clinical depression and suicide.

In my opinion: Castration, ADT hormone therapy (chemical castration), LDR Brachytherapy (radiation seed implant), radiotherapy, surgery and blind biopsies are often psychically and emotionally brutal, traumatic and disturbing. These types of treatments are primitive and almost beyond belief in today’s world of advanced technology. Newer treatments like, HIFU, hyperthermia, Boron Neutron capture therapy, focal Ablation (only treating the cancer and not the entire prostate) and orphan drugs should be approved and used when appropriate. Biopsies should be limited to selective MRI guided samples only; blind biopsies should seldom be performed.

Approved advances in prostate cancer treatment mostly consisting of newer more accurate radiation treatments, robotic surgery and new drugs. These advances sound like greater strides have been made. However most of these approved advances are of limited benefit to prostate cancer patients and still have about the same amount of long term side effects. Compared to other technologies, computers, communications, electronics, aviation, etc, cancer treatment approved advances have been dismal. QOL (quality of life) issues have not been adequately addressed. Profit sometimes outweighs QOL.

Prostate Radiotherapy (EBRT-external beam radiation therapy) for cancer treatment. New technology consists of: IMRT, SBRT, IGRT, VMAT, TrueBeam, Cyberknife, etc. This newer, faster, more accurate and easer to setup radiation equipment is of much benefit for doctors, staff and a good selling point to patient’s. However as far as reducing long term side effects, only small gains have been made with the newer radiotherapy equipment. A patient should be skeptical if exaggerated claims are made about reduced long term side effects, especially fatigue and ED rates. About 25% of radiotherapy patients can expect an alarming temporary “bounce” (spike) in the PSA value after treatment. Patients should inquire as to the treatment plan: Gy dose and fractions, margins, testicular dose, constraints and age of radiotherapy equipment to insure excessive radiation exposure treatment is not given that can result in additional side effects. Patients should be aware that pelvic shaving, small permanent tattoo markers, fiducial marker (small seeds) are sometimes placed in the prostate, MRI, CT scan, photographs, catheters and other procedures may or may not a be required. Radiotherapy can also occasionally result in secondary cancers and damage to “organs at risk” (organs close to the prostate). Radiation has high probability of sexual dysfunction and fatigue. ED rates estimated at 35% to 75% or higher. Sometimes radiation can also cause bowel and urinary problems. A 5 day SBRT radiation treatment is now commonly available with about the same results and side effects as a 9 week radiation treatment.

Sometimes radiotherapy can result in a 5% to 30% temporary or permanent drop in testosterone levels. Excluding hormone therapy, this drop is determined by the testicular radiation dose (treatment equipment and planning). A below normal drop in testosterone can result in increased fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms.

It seems all of the best treatments for prostate cancer have not been approved and most are only available outside the USA. Treatment options outside the country or under development are HIFU, Laser, Hyperthermia, Boron Neutron capture therapy and orphan drugs, just to name some. Focal Laser Ablation is a good option with fewer side effects however it is not widely available in the USA and sometimes not practical.

Any cancer patient (man or woman) who are being offered chemotherapy should be particularly cautious. Chemotherapy can be extremely toxic and sometimes deadly. Without genomic testing or proof of the effectiveness of the specific drug being used on the exact cancer type being treated, chemotherapy can often be more toxic to the patient then to the cancer. Chemotherapy may be extremely expensive, profitable for some doctors (if dispensed by the doctor and not by a third party) and can be misused or overused, sometimes for profit.

Do you think any regulatory agency will stop the exploitation of elderly men with a high PSA or prostate cancer or approve new treatments at the risk of financially bankrupting thousands of treatment facilities and jeopardizing thousands more jobs? Do you think any regulatory agency will set guidelines for treatment and monitoring at the risk of upsetting the doctors who are over treating?

Often few good choices exist for treatment. A prostate cancer patient treatment choice often ends up being the least worst choice or the choice with the side effects a patient thinks he can tolerate. Patients can be sometimes misled about the expected side effects and results of the treatment being offered. The risk of chronic fatigue and depression is often never disclosed.

Long term care consists of regular PSA testing for years. Long term care for side effects is often lacking or exploitive or ineffective. Often complaints of side effects are disregarded by nurses, doctors and sometimes referred out to other doctors. The patient is sometimes left to figure out what to do about his side effects with the resources available to him. Long term side effects often consist of fatigue, bowel or urinary problems, sexual dysfunction, depression and other symptoms. Patients with complaints of chronic fatigue are often told to exercise, get plenty of sleep, pace yours self and eat a healthy diet; this advice is of limited help for chronic fatigue. Often treatments for long term side effects are embarrassing, degrading, unavailable, nonexistent, costly, not effective, not offered or bothersome. Prostate cancer treatment often results in fatigue, depression, isolation and sometimes suicide. Billions of dollars are profited from ED drug and other ED products, catheters, pads and diapers, drugs for depression or pain or insomnia or incontinence, additional treatments and surgeries for side effects. Also treatments for the multiple and bizarre side effects from hormone ADT therapy (chemical castration) is sometimes required.

Men and ageing: If any man lives long enough it is very likely he will have a prostate problem, low testosterones or some form of sexual dysfunction. In my opinion modern medicine often has been exploitive, abusive and has provided substandard care for older men in general due to all of the explanation given in this text. I believe much of the attitudes toward older Americans need improvement and they are sometimes viewed as being subhuman and exploitable by various individuals. If documented cases of unnecessary surgery and radiotherapy or blind biopsies on children by doctors for profit were released, the vast majority of Americans would be outraged and it would quickly end. However for older men it dose not seems to be of great concern?

Depression in prostate cancer patients is common, about 27% at 5 years (per some studies) and for advanced prostate cancer patient’s depression is even higher. Prostate cancer patients are at an increased risk of suicide.

Almost all prostate cancer treatments usually result a high percentage of erectile dysfunction. Loss of libido estimated at about 45%. Lower libido is almost never disclosed as a treatment side effect. Biopsies can sometimes also cause temporary or permanent ED. Often claims of prompt effective treatment for ED if it occurs after treatment are sometimes misleading. Statistics for ED percentages from treatment are usually quoted after treatment with Viagra, Muse or other ED treatments, therefore most statistics are very misleading. ED rated at 5 years may be as high as 50% to 80% or higher for most treatments. ED rated at 15 years may be as high as 90% or higher for most treatments. For cryotherapy, ED rates are extremely high. The cost for ED drugs like Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and Muse are kept very expensive by drug companies, about $9 to $45 per 1 pill. Many insurance companies will not pay for ED drugs or treatment. The patent for Viagra should have already expired in the USA. Less expensive generic drugs are usually unavailable in the US. Viagra should have already become available in a generic (in the USA) form for about $1 to $2 a pill. This is further exploitation by the drug companies of men in general. Men are further exploited by counterfeit mail order ED drug sales. ED drugs are not always effective and may have side effects. ED treatments can also be embarrassing, not offered, not practical, painful, expensive/not covered by insurance.

The numbers game: A doctor (and literature) may state a patients chances of ED is about 35% with EBRT radiotherapy or some other treatment. A patient may think, 35% is not too bad and if I do get ED I can always take Viagra. What a doctor may not tell a patient is that the ED rate is 35% at 2 years for a patient under 65 years old and with an ED drug treatment option. For a patient at 3 years, over 65 and no ED drugs the ED rate may be about 75% or higher. Obviously, a man is more likely to refuse treatment at a 75% ED rate verses a 35% ED rate. Some side effects may not be disclosed at all. If side effects (low libido, chronic fatigue, depression, etc) are not disclosed, no percentages will need to be quoted. Results are often worse for a surgery option, the main difference in ED results between surgery and radiotherapy is; with surgery ED will start out bad and may or may not get better with time, however with radiotherapy ED will get worse over time. With both together or with ADT hormones you’re in real trouble with ED percentages. Cure rates are often quoted at the 5 years mark for most treatments. A cure rate for a treatment at 5 years may be quoted at 85%; however the cure rate at 7 to 10 years may be only 70% and 50%. Always ask what is the “biochemical recurrence” (AKA rising PSA or treatment failure) rate for well beyond 5 years with your computer software simulation. Studies and clinical trials results, side effects percentage claims, etc can be biased. Watch out for terms like “age adjusted” or ambiguous or excluded facts as given in the above examples. I have read and have been given some extremely exaggerated claims concerning cure rated, side effects, etc.

In conclusion: Prostate cancer patients are sometimes elderly and exploited for profit (per documented studies). A blind biopsy is unsafe and newer test methods should be used. The treatments offered have horrible side effects. Some doctors are treating patients with low risk cancer or advanced age when monitoring is often a better option. Patience with low risk cancer or advanced age should often be offered “watchful waiting” or “active surveillance” instead of treatment. Aftercare for long term side effects is frequently ineffective, expensive, not offered, degrading or nonexistent. Prostate cancer patients are seldom told about chronic fatigue and the true risk of side effects are usually understated. Modern medicine often fails and victimizes prostate cancer patients.

If a patient has intermediate or high risk prostate cancer and dose not have advanced age he may need treatment. He should look into other advanced treatments if available. Also he should try and avoid hormone therapy if possible because of the multiple side effects. If advanced treatments are not available a 5 day SBRT radiation treatment may be considered (In my opinion, it could be the best of the bad choices). SBRT seems to be fast, least invasive or traumatic. ED and fatigue is still a high long term risk. Radiation with Hormone therapy has a higher risk of ED and long term fatigue.

The short version of my story: I was referred to an urologist by my family doctor after a high PSA test. I will refer to the urologist as Doctor “A”; he used old testing technology (18 core blind biopsies), his medical assistant seemed to have a mental defect exhibiting arrogant, rude and abusive behavior and was intent on inflicting psychological harm to me. Shortly after my Dr. “A” visits ended, his medical assistant was no longer employed at his office and no person in that office would refer to her employment or her existence. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer by Dr. “A”. I refused his surgery and hormone therapy recommendation because of the eminent side effects and his unprofessional medical assistant behavior, so Dr. “A” referred me to Dr. “T”. Dr. “T” was outside of my insurance network; however his office manager stated she was willing to work with my insurance, offered me a doctor consultation and would accept any insurance payment as a full payment. When I arrived in his office the waiting room was empty. Dr. “T” used older conventional technology, offered me overtreatment, hormone therapy, unnecessary procedures and testes. One week after my consultation with Dr. “T” I received an $850 bill for the consultation, in conflict with what was agreed upon with his office manager. After a recommendation from a friend, I called Clinic “O” and met with the nurse. She offered me conventional treatments with a verbal guarantee of “no long term side effects”. However this nurse could not answer any of my basic questions, lacked any credibility and sounded like a used car salesmen. Most of these office visits caused me multiple problems with offices workers processing paperwork for tests, insurance forms and billing, etc. Two of these doctors offered me an unnecessary bone scan. Two of these doctors recommended hormone therapy (ADT Therapy). After I absolutely and utterly refused hormone therapy, both doctors admitted it probably would not help me in my final outcome because of the computer estimate run on me with my PSA, biopsy report, etc. Having no advance treatments (laser, etc) available to me at that time, I decided on treatment with Dr. “K”, he seemed honest and could answer my questions and had new equipment. Before my treatment could start I was referred to “W” lab for an MRI. “W” lab had a trainee assisting and it took over 2 hours to complete my MRI. 2 days later after receiving a copy of my MRI report, I examined the MRI report; it had my name and some other patient history information. I wasted 2 more days verifying it was the correct MRI of me and not some other prostate patient MRI before my treatment could start. Dr. “K” and his staff seemed competent and I did receive treatment from Dr. “K”. I did have a relatively fast and completely noninvasive treatment (SBRT), resulting in months of fatigue and some short term side effects. At this time I am doing well, however I’m not sure what the future will bring? I also no longer trust modern medicine, doctors, nurses, etc. Modern medicine seems to be more of a gamble then a science. I have wasted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. I feel modern medicine has abused and failed me due to the lack of guidelines and regulation, still approved obsolete technology, better unapproved treatments, exploitation, greed, apathy and incompetence. Hindsight is 20/20, I also believe I probably should have had no PSA testing or treatment. If I could do it over again, I would also consider no PSA testing and treatment or traveling for advanced treatments from a competent provider if practical and available. I believe if I did take the two doctors recommendations and received hormone therapy in addition to the radiotherapy my quality of life (QOL) would have been severely impacted for years or permanently and could possibly have resulting in my early death. I am not sure if my bad experiences are typical of today’s level of medical care or just bad luck in picking providers?

“Do no harm”, unless you can get away with it: I was harmed physically and verbally by Dr. “A” 18 core blind biopsy and verbally abused by his medical assistant. I was potentially exploited and financially harmed by Dr. “T” and offered unnecessary testing and overtreatment. Clinic “O” nurse attempted to misinform and deceive me about the treatment outcome of “no long term side effects”. I was harmed by “W” lab by mistakes and incompetence. I did also have numerous other billing and paperwork problems probably due to mistakes and apathy. At least 40% (probably substantially more) of the health care workers I came into contact with did or attempted to do some form of harm to me: attempted excessive testing and treatment, mistakes, billing overcharges, blind biopsy, false statements, deception, misinformation, apathy and abusive behavior¬¬¬-As explained in this text. I have also observed several medical facilities do not require workers to wear name tags; this may also be a factor in health care workers not acting in an ethical manner. It seems that this prostate cancer nightmare maze was intended for increased physical, psychological, financial harm and to be of questionable benefit.

My treatment choice: In my opinion, I feel LDR Brachytherapy and hormone therapy (AKA chemical castration) seemed to be completely degrading, disturbing and bizarre. Hormone therapy would not have been an effective treatment for me. Surgery and LDR Brachytherapy are to invasive. Surgery has an imminent danger of incontinence and ED. A 9 week EBRT radiotherapy was just to long and laborious. Because castration (orchiectomy), ADT hormone therapy (chemical castration), LDR Brachytherapy and blind biopsies are what I consider Frankenstein medicine (strange, bizarre, brutal, twisted or a perverted nightmare) I avoid all of them. Unfortunately I was deceived and misguided into having a blind biopsy. I do not believe other treatments like radiotherapy are good or greater choices either, just not as bad and acceptable at that time for me. The choice I made was a 5 day SBRT radiotherapy. A 5 day SBRT also has numerous drawbacks and side effects, about the same as a 9 week EBRT radiotherapy. I also had no advanced treatment options available to me. As I have stated above, If I could do it over again I would also consider no PSA testing and treatment or traveling for advanced treatments from a competent provider if practical and available. With prostate cancer, the testing and/or treatment is often worse then the disease. I am not implying anyone should make the same design as I did. I am only giving the motives for my decisions. I was also the victim of profit motivated and substandard providers.

Protect yourself: It should not be up to a patient to protect himself or herself from harm from doctors however the new standard in medical care now seems to be substandard. Do not let the sterile, friendly and professional environment of a doctor’s office detour you from protecting yourself from overtreatment or any unnecessary life changing tests and treatments. If you are concerned about misuse or privacy issues, refuse to fill out EPIC questioners and limit the information given to relevant information only. If you have a high PSA or prostate cancer, educate yourself. A patient should be extremely skeptical if exaggerated claims are made about minimal long term side effects from conventional treatments or blind biopsies. Bring someone educated or astute with you to your consultations and appointments. Avoid doctors that are mostly profit motivated. Do not submit to a blind biopsy if other options are available. Get a second or third opinion if you are being offered treatment with low risk cancer or have advanced age. Learn about all your treatment options, testing and side effects. Verify everything you are told. Under the HIPAA law you are entitle to a copy of all your medical records and bills. Always ask the name of the person assisting you. If they refuse the request for a name leave immediately (you may or may not be in extreme danger). Be very cautious if you are ever refused a copy of your records; demand a copy of your records and a reason for any denial and seek other advice. Get a copy and keep a file of your test results, biopsy report-Gleason score, PSA, MRI report, treatment plan, bills, insurance payouts, etc. Carefully monitor your PSA. Expect a temporary increase (for weeks or months) in PSA after some procedures. Verify the accuracy of paperwork. If treatment is necessary talk to your doctor in advance about side effect management, chronic fatigue, ED, Etc. Doctors that provide treatments often have computer software to predict the outcome using test results and different treatment options. Ask to see your computer predicted cure rate outcome with your treatment options if available. This may give you some insight to your options, cure rate and also to avoid overtreatment. Always ask what is the “biochemical recurrence” (AKA rising PSA or treatment failure) rate for well beyond 5 years. Contact a good prostate cancer support without a conflict of interest.

One more time: Multiple studies have verified more deaths caused from prostate cancer testing and treatment then from prostate cancer itself. Medical mistakes are the third cause of deaths in the USA (over 251,000 deaths a year, over one million deaths in 4 years) more then suicide, firearms and motor vehicle accidents combined.

Strict guidelines for prostate cancer testing and treatment need to be created and enforced because of the extensive and documented abuses of prostate cancer patients: 1. Blind biopsies should be banned. 2. Strict standards and gridlines for testing and treatment need to be created. 3. Full mandatory industry standard disclosure forms need to be created for tests and treatment to include realistic risk factor disclosure. 4. Newer testing and treatments need to be created and approved. 5. Dignity, privacy and confidentiality need to be standardized and enforced in addition to the HIPAA laws. 6. Aftercare needs to be available, standardized and regulated. 7. The cost for drugs needs to be regulated to end financial exploitation by drug companies. 8. Medical workers should be identifiable and be required to wear name tags with first and last names. 9. A new standard “Ethical Code of Conduct” needs to be created and enforced to end patient exploitation and abuse.

It is unlikely any of the above recommendations will be implemented unless prostate cancer affected a larger percent of the population or enough prominent people are affected. Prostate cancer patients must protect themselves, as the only alternative!

Clarification: The above text may probably anger and upset some people for various reasons. The intent of this document is not to imply all doctors are dishonest or to condemn all medical providers. The intent is to educate men and prostate cancer patients of the consequences and dangers that may await them so they can take appropriate action and to inform patients of real world, typical or worst case scenarios. I have also tried to include most scenarios a prostate cancer patient should be cautious of. Would some health care providers harm a patient for profit or by accident or some other reason? Yes, absolutely! We just don’t know who or what percent would. Shockingly for me it was will over 40% (probably 50% to 60%) that intended to do me some form of harm or provided substandard care as explained in my story. Are some other doctors and nurses exceptional? Yes! Spelling errors, differences in opinion, variations in semantics do not invalidate this document or its intent. The information in this document is a sum of my experience, other patient’s experiences and hundreds of videos, documents, books, conversations, clinical trial, blogs, studies, articles, etc.

Disclaimer: I have no conflict of interest. I have no affiliation with any support group or other organizations. I am not a doctor. I do not prevent, treat, diagnose, cure or advise on medical matters. The information above is for educational purposes only. If you need treatment or medical advice, consult a competent and trustworthy medical doctor.

Anyone may copy or distribute this document without changing or modifying it or its content.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it” Conor McGregor.
I have been extensively criticized for creating this document. In order to insure my privacy and avoid any potential criticism, reprisals, further abuse or exploitation, I will remain Anonymous.


Michael S
January 23, 2018

I agree, after just seeing a new urologist in my locale for a second opinion on urinary retention from severe BPH. I have been on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy, my level last baseline testing with no T for a month was 120) for several years via endocrinologist and a different urologist who it turns out was monitoring my T level every three months but not my PSA (! Last one a year ago was 1.6 as it has been for years, but the symptoms have increased severely this last year). I have had symptoms of BPH for many years before. This new urologist was degrading, insulting, offensive. It was all I could do to not walk out halfway through the appointment.
I scheduled with the previous urologist for LUTS testing (stricture cystoscope kidney ultrasound , flow tests) and review of my PSA test results, which I will pick up myself from the lab. I have done all the legwork for a 4K test (will absolutely refuse biopsy) and will pursue HoLAP ablation or HoLEP enucleation if absolutely necessary. My quality of life for years has largely dependent on my T replacement – I have begun using Anastrozole to mitigate E2, as I believe the research that indicates E2 and not T is responsible for cancer. I am looking for doctors that support T supplementation after BPH or prostate cancer treatment, and in the last three years have seen a number of practitioners bury their heads in the sand and refuse to discuss T supplementation beyond parroting the most staid and archaic philosophies regarding it, in their panic to avoid liability.
I really want to thank you for your bravely candid and very supportive text, and would welcome your thoughts here – please feel free to respond as well by email, you are so right that we need all the support we can get in self-protection, sadly, from the very industry (yes, industry, as in “money-making” which is the focus for the majority of “doctors” now) that is supposed to help and not harm.

Les Le Gear
February 11, 2017

72 yo Diabetic with low testosterone level (400); prostate removed 15 years ago; negligible PSA readings. Take 2 ML testosterone injections every month. Still have alibido, but cannot maintain erection and on rare occasions when I can have sex, orgasim is a 3 on 1-10 scale. Any suggestions for improvement or is it a no win situation.

Ervin Buchanan
December 28, 2016

I’m 72. Had PSA 4.7 May 2016 up from prior year of 2.7. Gleason 3 T-1. Had cyber knife, 5 treatments 6 months ago, June 2016. PSA 2.4 now. Previously bodybuilder still train 3 times weekly. Problem: significant weight gain in abdominal area, low libido, low energy but force myself to exercise with weights etc.
Am I a candidate for T treatment?

Rod Shelton
December 24, 2016

About 3 years ago I began T-treatment for all the reasons that have been spoken of. Libido, muscle tone, lethargy and depression. Monitoring my PSA during that period it was noted that it began to rise, so the treatment stopped. A year or so later during a regular prostate exam the Doctor didn’t like what he felt so he did a biopsy. A very small amount of cancer was found, so it was decided to try a wait and see. About a year later he did another prostate exam and again didn’t like what he felt. Another biopsy was performed and no cancer was found. During this period of time my PSA has gone from about 10 to 1.8. I still have all the problems that initially warranted the T treatment. My doctor said I shouldn’t try any more T, but my life is miserable for all the wrong reasons. Would I be taking too much if I began T-treatment again? My age is 69.

John Stewart
December 7, 2016

I had a radical prostatectomy in 1999. It was contained, but was. 5/4 & my psa was 1.5. My testosterone level at that time was just below 200. Now, it is around 40. I have gained about 150 lbs since, no matter what i try. I understand that low T can be a key contributor to obesity. I am 62 & wondering about the seed T treatment. What can you tell me?

Carl Arthur
October 9, 2016

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October 2, 2016

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John Dapremont
September 29, 2016

Rejected for life insurance in 2004 because of a PSA of 10.

Physical in 2010 showed a PSA of 11. Physical in 2011 showed a PSA of 11, and I had a biopsy that showed 3 of the 12 samples were positive for cancer and the Gleason we 6.

Physical in 2015 (age 70) had a PSA of 17 and a Gleason of 7, and my physician suggested I take action. I was given several options at MD Anderson, and went home and opted for external beam radiation (43 treatments) which resulted in a PAS of 0.1. This was followed by hormone treatment with a Trelstar 6 month injection which resulted in a PSA of 0 and a Testosterone level of 45. I had side effects of fatigue, mussel loss and some depression. At the end of 6 months of hormone treatment, the physician wanted me to take another 6 months, but I opted for a 3 month injection of Trelstar. Now one week later, I have severe fatigue and mussel loss and my balance is off, no energy at all, worst so far. My physician stated that I need another 15 months of hormones. Well, I’m finished with Trelstar and will get on with my life. about 8 months age, a second opinion said that I could begin testosterone treatment once finished the hormones (2 months from now).

Can anyone give me guidance on this matter?

September 22, 2016

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Jim C.
September 17, 2016

To John Leach, I also went through cyberknife following diagnosis of prostate cancer. After using T supplements for several years due to a low testosterone level, my psa went from 2.5 to 3.2. With this change, my urologist recommended a biopsy. One of twelve samples had cancer which had a gleason score of 6 so we used a wait and see approach. Six months later a followup biopsy showed a gleason of 7. His recommendation was to seek treatment using cyberknife. At the time I was working on the road a lot so I got my cyberknife from a respected facility in Alabama. The treatments consisted of 5 one hour sessions. To allow my body to recover and minimize any ill effects, the treatments were given over a two week period. Other than some temporary tiredness and some mild plus temporary bladder issues, I am fully recovered with psa less than 0.5. It’s been three years since my treatments with a very very low PSA, so I am contemplating testosterone supplements to help me avoid some of the debilitating conditions from low testosterone.

Mustafa H. Elmasry
August 29, 2016

I had a prostate radiation,PSA dropped from 5.0 to 0.4 but I noticed that of no erection at all even when I take Cialis,
or Viagra it will not help me at all.I am 78.0 yrs old ,do you think about the time to quit my sex life,or to try some other way ?. thanks.

Jay Osborne
August 26, 2016

I had a radical prostatectomy in 2012. The margins were clear. The Gleason score was 3.3

After the surgery my PSA was at 0.02 – 0.04 until last March when it raised to 0.07. Recent labs showed it at 0.10. At what point should I consider salvage radiation therapy?

Prior to the cancer diagnosis I’d been on HRT for several years. I resumed HRT two years following the surgery. Currently, I inject 150 mg testosterone cypionate once a week.

HRT has improved the quality of my life and general health. I am 72 years old. How best to proceed is a difficult decision with respect to the quality verses quantity of life.

David .B. POWER
August 19, 2016

I underwent a Brachytherapy procedure in 2015 at age 67 ,on the recommendation of my Urologist having had a biopsy which produced a Gleeson score of (3+3) 6 .My PSA was 1.35 on 22/10/2015 and testosterone 8.40 when I was last tested . I am due for a further test `now .
History : I was born with an undescended left testes, which was brought down in an atrophied state at the age of ten . By the age of 40 I was having problems with ED , this followed my divorce at age 39 having father two children successfully .
By age 50 I was reliant on the use of viagra to ensure successful intercourse .
I have been plagued with weight gain from age 50 and despite regular exercise over the last 19 years .Since my 1st anniversary of my BRACHYTHERAPY in April this year ( 2016 ) I have noticed an acceleration in my weight gain .
During the year post the procedure , I was tired, listless, and had zero motivation in exercise . I continue to feel that way and with increase in weight gain I has been problematic for me . I have been a bachelor for 31 years , living alone .
Is there any recommendation for my situation , particularly a diet which could counter w this increase in weight gain . I am not worried about my total loss of Libido as a result of my near non existant testosterone level . What is important for me is an improvement in fitness and a reverse of weight gain .
Thank You . DBP .

August 10, 2016

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David Robert
August 10, 2016

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Asa Ratliff
July 20, 2016

Wow,After reading all of these comments I feel really lucky. I went through my radiation treatment 6 years ago. A first the Viagra worked with little side effects. As time went on the libido decreased. My wife is 17 years younger than I am and we have a wonderful sexual life until the last two years.I tried the tri shot injections at the base of the penis. Wow, Great erection but one problem. It would no go away. After ejaculation I would remain erect for 3 to 4 hours. This is not like your high school boner. It remains hard and aches to the point you have to bend over,grab it and squeeze for hours. After one year of that my wife made me stop. I am 64 years of age and we are still intimate with the help of other skills I have developed over the years. We do have a toy called little boy but she prefers the intimacy, the kisses, the touch of my hand and other appendages. I have been told that the hormone therapy could be dangerous. I want to be around for another 10 or so years so that we can enjoy each other and our grandchildren. If there is a cure or drug out there I am all ears. If the libido is low, stop and remember your history and the best sexual times of your lives and then hold each other and imagine together out loud while holding each other.

Jim Johnson
July 18, 2016

I am 64 and had my prostate removed in December. I have no PSA reading. I am in good shape. Have exercised all my life.

I have no incontinence issues. I do have some ED but have been using penile injections and viagra which provide sufficient erections for sex.

I have very little energy. My testosterone level is very low.
Replacement therapy is not recommended for a few more years.

I continue to have major allergic reactions, skin rashes, etc.
My skin doctors says, I have a very low immune system. Thus contact with viruses or allergy causing products will be severe.

Anyone have any suggestions for improving the immune system and energy levels

Jim Johnson
Nibley, UT

July 15, 2016

These are very good comments and questions, but are there return comments or acknowledgements to these questions that others might review?

July 4, 2016

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June 19, 2016

That is T therapy

June 19, 2016

I’ve been on some syrup it for 3 years and was recently diagnosed with the low-level prostate cancer. Treatment is active surveillance. How dangerous is it to stay on to therapy?

B Kim Thomas
April 10, 2016

Have psa 0.1 after radiation three years ago Lupron shots/ Am I A candidate for testosterone cream?

pssa has remained at 0.1

carrie vincent
February 16, 2016

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carrie vincent
February 16, 2016

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George T. Johnson sr.
January 20, 2016

I had my prostate removed in 2012 and now is cancer free.M energy level seams fine and I have a good physical training program which includes weight training and bike riding with no energy problems.But my sex life is non existant.I recently talked to my Primary Care Provider about Testosterone supplements.A blood analysis was requested and we are awaiting on the results. I pray for the best!!

Bill Denton
January 17, 2016

I would like for a doctor who is against T supplementation to answer this hypothetical. Take a man w/ or at high risk for recurrent PCa w/ a T of 400. If raising T to 600 via TRT is bad for him, why is not lowering it to 200 good? Why is ADT for the most part all or nothing? Is it not because conventional wisdom is that ANY significant amount of T is enough to fuel PCa? So, if you are already above the level PCa needs, what difference does it make to raise it? Is there ANY study out there that has shown that changes in T above castrate level have a direct effect on PCa?

Norm Sauceman
January 4, 2016

I had the radical prostatectomy after 3 years of testosterone therapy. If , in fact the testosterone did contribute to my cancer, if I start testosterone therapy again, would/could cancer show up elsewhere?

January 2, 2016


Hello public,
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Fast forward to July of 2011. Already coping with 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone, I was stunned when I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer. (This is the same cancer that took Farrah Fawcett’s life.) Following 2 surgeries, the doctor told me they did not get all the cancer and I would have to endure a regime of radiation treatments. I started researching what this would entail, and attended a intake meeting at the Cancer Clinic. I was informed that “this is the worst area of the body to radiate”, the radiation beam would hit both my coccyx and pubic bone potentially causing permanent damage.” They would try not to hit my spine,but i went online and i saw a post of mr mohammed whom had same sickness with me and was helped by doctor Jennifer osi,i contacted the doctor online and i send them money they had to send the drug to me online though i never believed it will work until i used it,to my greatest surprise it works under a week and three days.i was so happy and now am lively again and i decided to direct as many people to her.this is her email address(jenniferosi1@OUTLOOK.COM)you can also contact her because good works needs to be advertised.God bless you madam thanks.

December 28, 2015

61 year old had raised psa and clear prostate biopsy around three years ago .and again couple months ago due to raised psa (6.13) gleason 3 + 4 out of 17 samples taken one positive for cancer cells.T2stage tumour I was recommended active surveilance, My question is why is not some treatment undertaken immediately to prevent spread ,whilst it is still fairly contained?And does hormone treatment have its place at this stage?

December 22, 2015

Compromised testosterone in the old is due to age AND estrogenic foods and drink. In the young, it is always food and drink. The replacement of testosterone HAS TO BE bioidentical and cancer cannot happen. Pharmaceuticals (synthetic) are absolutely going to cause cancer. Bioidenticals mirror the same hormones we had in our bodies in cell structure so are not thrown off in side effects and disease. I have been on BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement) since 2003 and it not only stopped my clogging heart arteries, it saved and changed my life. Men are simpler in their hormone symphany. So, replacing their testosterone with bioidenticals could save their lives. Read Suzanne Somers first book The Sexy Years for the basics. Our US doctors are 60 years behind.

Gary Noble
November 26, 2015

4 years ago my PSA level was12. I had my prostate removed ,cleason score 8-9. So high risk, after surgery PSA 00.1
I had 7 weeks of radiation, after all this i could not have an arrection, i tried all pills the only thing that worked for me was them awfull injections in the penis, so so painful never again. So what i did had surgery had a penile pump installed, in hospital overnight ,6 weeks later having great sex any time i want,been having PSA blood test evry 6 months raising slowly
0.38 0.28 0.50 0.63 so starting to worrie .any suggestions

October 6, 2015

To the March 25 comment by Gerald Fulton, MD. I am in that situation. Low grade, low volume; active surveillance for nearly 6 yrs. on maintenance level Andro due to hypogonadism for a LONG time. Would love to discuss, as there don’t seem to be many like me!

September 10, 2015

Hi Chuck, I have read all the posts seeking a return to sex!! and I see that I am not alone ,, chuck wow some one being open , and showing the real life after ADT @ radiation.

August 30, 2015

For me getting testosterone replacement is NOT about my sex life even though it is non-existent! My quality of life is to the point that I don’t think I can live much longer feeling the way I do. Lab tests show my T-level to be in the hypo-gonadal range. I have no energy, feel weak, no energy, anxious, headaches, have lost all of the hair on my legs. Hair in axillary areas thinned to almost nothing. Hair on chest and arms thinning or gone. I ache all over, my muscles feel stiff, I have no motivation to do anything, don’t want to exercise, too tired to walk, can’t loose abdominal fat, joints ache. This is no way to live. It has been ten years since brachytherapy and it has been down hill all the way. I had every symptom in the book following treatment. I have got to get some relief or I might as well just sit in a chair waiting until it is all over.

October 21, 2017

Feel ya brother chuck. Told my urologist if this is my life now, I’ll take my chances with my “prostate cancer” that he cannot seem to find after TWO of those exciting, fun, and memorable prostate biopsies. I told him to give me the T so it will get big enough so he CAN find something maybe. I guess next time it will be 30 needles. If he keeps doing them, there won’t be anything left to be cancerous. At least I can maybe regain some manhood until I get to some sort of decision point. Hey if I only get 60 years, at least I went out with my boots on! And knocking!

Hang in there, man!

August 19, 2015

Lane, thanks for the response!!

My Internist also has her PhD in endocrinology and she has me taking anastrazole to regulate estradiol, which was double the normal limit of 32 for men.

I don’t know about the progesterone part for myself but do know the same doctor has my wife applying custom compounded progesterone cream every night to her forearms.

Interestingly I will go to the Mayo next month for their C-11 Choline PET/CT to try to locate the source of PSA.

I still find opinions regarding the definition of BCR that state .2 more than once meets the definition. That’s where I struggle most, because it seems I would be playing a form of Russian Roulette to do anything less than SAVAGE Radiation.

August 18, 2015


Can I copy and paste? I just did.. I just want to make sure I say it right…

PROSTATE PROBLEMS AND HORMONES: Male Prostate, Estrogen dominance and Progesterone benefits
by John R. Lee, MD – a Harvard-trained physician and leading medical authority on natural progesterone, Medical News Letter January 1999
Some years back, a handful of men called or wrote to tell me of their experience with progesterone, usually the result of handling progesterone cream while helping a woman apply it. They reported that their symptoms of prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hypertrophy (3PK) such as urinary urgency and frequency decreased considerably, and their sexual performance increased, Needless to say, this gave me much to think about. Since then, several men with prostate cancer have told me their PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level – an indication of prostate cancer – decreased when they started using a daily dab of progesterone cream, and that they have had no progression of their prostate lesions since using the cream. One man called to say his bone metastases are now no longer visible by Mayo clinic X-ray tests.
Though I retired from active practice ten years ago, six of my former patients with early prostate cancer have been using progesterone cream (along with diet, some vitamin and mineral supplements, and saw palmetto) for about five years. All report their cancer has shown no progression.
The Wrong Treatment All These Years
Since Huggins showed, in 1941, that castration (removal of the testicles) slowed progression of prostate cancer, physicians have assumed it was the resulting lack of testosterone that slowed the cancer, and ever since have relied on suppression of testosterone in their treatment of the disease. However, the testosterone suppression benefit only lasts two to three years, and then the prostate cancer progresses to an androgen (male hormone) insensitive state and continues to spread. Despite this, metastatic prostate cancer patients are treated with androgen blockade through castration (orchiectomy) and/or hormone-suppressing drugs
I remember reading studies done 30 to 40 years ago showing that testosterone supplementation prevented survival of prostate cancer cells transplanted to test mammals. In more recent (as yet unpublished) studies it has been shown that in a prostate cancer cell culture, testosterone kills the cancer cells. A 1996 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that in mice, testosterone will shrink human prostate tumors. The benefit of castration in prostate cancer stemmed from estradiol reduction, not testosterone reduction
Tracking the Culprit
Why does prostate cancer occur so often in aging men? Consider the changes in testicular hormone production as men age:

1. Testosterone levels fall;
2. More testosterone is changed (by 5-alpha-reductase enzyme) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), stimulating prostate growth;
3. Progesterone levels fall. Progesterone is vital to good health in men. It is the primary precursor of our adrenal cortical hormones and testosterone. Men synthesize progesterone in smaller amounts than women do but it is still vital. Since progesterone Is a potent inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase, the decline of progesterone in aging males plays a role in increasing the conversion rate of testosterone to DHT.
4. Estradiol (an estrogen) effect increases. Testosterone Is a direct antagonist of estradiol. Both the fall in testosterone and the shift from testosterone to DHT allows increased effect of estradiol. Male estradiol levels are equivalent to or greater than that of postmenopausal females, but normally estradiol’s effects are suppressed (antagonized) by the male’s greater production of testosterone. Perhaps estradiol Is also the culprit (along with DHT) in prostate growth.
Getting Down to the Gene Level
Embryology teaches us that the prostate Is the male equivalent of the female uterus. The two organs differentiate from the same embryonic cells and they share many of the same genes such as the oncogene, Bcl-2, and the cancer-protector gene, p53. It is not surprising then, that the hormonal relationships in endometrial cancer will be the same in prostate cancer; that is both are very sensitive to the harmful effects of unopposed estrogen and are protected by progesterone. Researchers T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby, Ph.D. have done test tube studies that verify this relationship, but human studies still need to be done.
The course of prostate cancer growth, like breast cancer growth [is] due to the continued presence of an underlying metabolic imbalance. The underlying metabolic imbalance in all hormone-dependent cancers is estrogen dominance. Prevent the estrogen dominance and you will prevent the cancer. If the cancer is already underway, correcting the estrogen dominance will slow the cancer growth and prolong life. The benefit of castration in prostate cancer stemmed from estradiol reduction, not testosterone reduction. Given the choice, I would choose testosterone and progesterone supplementation….”
Dr. Lee’s Healthy Prostate Program
1. Diet should avoid sugars, refined starches, and other glycemic (insulin-raising) foods as well as high. estrogen food such as feedlot-raised meat and milk.
2. Avoid xenoestrogens such as pesticides and some plastics
3. Maintain a good intake of antioxidants.
4. If you are over 50, monitor saliva hormone levels of progesterone and testosterone.
5. Supplement progesterone and testosterone by transdermal cream to maintain saliva levels consistent with that of healthy mature males. When supplemented in this manner: I recommend 8 to 10 mg per day of progesterone and 1~2 mg per day of testosterone.
6. From my clinical experience, It would not surprise me that exercise and an active sex life are also protective factors against prostate cancer.
7. It is known that chronic inflammation may also be potentially carcinogenic. It is wise, therefore, to maintain one’s intake of antioxidants such as vitamin C, selenium, and the fat soluble anti-oxidant vitamins, A, E, D, and K.
John R. Lee, MD – Medical News Letter January 1999

Left unbalanced this can cause a tremendous problems in the human body, which I suspect will run up your number. See also the article, “Progesterone Cream Can Help Prostate Cancer” by Dr. Mercola, on his website. Just Google it…Great info in general! I would put the link but usually things like that get blocked. If you only ad the Testosterone portion of all of your hormones then you are just asking for trouble. It’s been well documented what Estradiol can do unopposed by progesterone. Etrogens, unopposed are responsible for a host of problems from breast cancer, heart disease, stroke… to prostate cancer and man boobs. If you have moobs you need progesterone. Testosterone is even more potent so left unbalanced it’s no surprise you can have trouble with its conversion to other homrmones. If you have belly fat,a another indication you need progesterone, it also is producing estrogens and nothing in your body is making up for the depleted progesterone. So your body is on overload with Estrogen molecules and not the good ones. I see the herb saw palmetto recommended to men, but really it is a progesternerigic (is that a word) herb. Meaning it acts, or gives relief as progesterone would but does not molecularly do the same overall job throughout the human body. Bio-identical creams only, you can get it over the counter at any supplement store. NOOO pharmaceutical synthetics they cause other problems. Keep it simple and get your body balanced. Both articles give amounts for men. The products I see tend to be geared (advertisement only, still the exact same molecule for men in a pretty bottle) for women and recommend 20 micro grams for dosage, you only need about half that. It has no negative side effects, you used to make it naturally and now you probably have none. Which may be how you got here they are starting to suspect. Women run out too as they hit middle age. Your not going to turn into a women but you might be able to live better. Your probably not going to get a regular mainstream doctor to recommend this, your going to need a Natural Path Doctor, ND. Or just go get some! It’s only about $30.00 per bottle of cream. Dr. Mercola gets interesting on his application site but to start you can just rub the cream on your forearm just before bed, like any lotion. After 6 weeks then check your numbers. I personally, in your situation, would up my dose if my numbers didn’t look better. It does lots of other great things too… like you might sleep really well, your bones, skin, hair, nails, heart etc will love you! Just read up on Bio-identical progesterone for men. It does wonders for women too. Mom, and now Dad, forgot to cover Menapause and now MANo pause! I’m just a well read girl who was looking up some things for my father in-law who unfortunately just had prostate surgery and I read through this blog and see all these men struggling as I used to at this age. So I’m just trying to help, but don’t underestimate this little gem! I think this can do a lot in terms of prevention or reversal of suspicious cells in the prostate. I was reading, and have been for a long time for women, but after reading for him I’m sad he even went ahead with the surgery. Try some! 🙂

August 15, 2015


…But Post Prostatectomy PSA was < .1 ("undetected") at 3 and 6 months, then at 9 .1 then at 12 < .1 and again at 15 months.

Testosterone was 440 prior to RRP then less than 100 after…

On T (self-administered bi-weekly injection in alternating thighs) T is 400s and without it I am in hell. Non-functional as a human.

August 15, 2015


6/’15 On T
8/’15 On T


I thought I’d get a chance to review before posting. Hey Webmaster – It’s 2015 that’s as basic an expected feature as can be 🙂

August 15, 2015

Prostatectomy caused hypogonadism, in my case.

But Post Prostatectomy PSA was < .1 ("undetected") at 3 and 6 months, then at 9 .1 then at 12 < .1 and again at 15 months 440 prior to RRP then less than 100 after. Prior to RRP, exceptionally high sex drive and activity, i.e., sex at least once daily with a second time 2-3 days per week. Post Prostectomy total ED. Unable to experience orgasm.

Diagnosis PSA was 17 and it was my 1st ever at 50.

6 Months later I opted for RRP as the standard and highest probability option for CURE, despite the risks associated with sexual dysfunction.

Post Surgical: I had Gleason 3+4, Organ confined, Clear Margins, No Seminal Vesicle Invasion, No Lymphatic Invasion, minimal perineural invasion.

I began supplementing T at 18 months and PSA immediately rose to .2

I was told it could be due to benign tissue.

I’ve cycled on and off T ever since. 3 years ago it was at .3 and I was advised by the Radiation Oncologist at the NCI Cancer Research institute I was being cared for at that I need to get “Salvage” or as I call it SAVAGE radiation of the prostate bed. I asked to speak to my surgeon, who was following me closely regarding PSA and TRT and he said I could wait.

My PSA rose to 1.2 in June ’14 and I cycled off T again and it dropped to .48 by end of July

On T
10/’14 .82
1/’15 1.08
Off T
2/’15 .70
6/’15 1.25
8/15 1.5

I’m now off T again and will retest in 1 month but the RO EMPHATICALLY said you have BCR and need SAVAGE Radiation ASAP!!

What should I do?

August 12, 2015

I’ve never commented on a post but feel the need….Just reading through quickly and I see no mention of Testosterone replacement therapy BALANCED with a Bio-identical Progesterone cream and possibly Dim, 3,3′-diiindolylmethane supplement. You must consider testosterone’s ability to convert to the very strong and harmful estradiol form of estrogen which is largely considered responsible for both breast and prostate cancer. To restore testosterone levels, with a bio-identical of course, and then not balance the then high level of estradiol produced seems to be the problem not addressed in this thread. Certainly anytime after the age of 40 men must also consider they are low, or no longer producing the important balancing hormone progesterone also. Testosterone, great! Estradiol Bad! Progesterone Good! Estriol Good! You can’t just throw the superstar Testosterone into the fire and not have the balance of the other hormones there to keep the pathways producing a healthy results. Its not the Testosterone that is the problem its the runaway conversion to Estradiol that becomes the problem. I hope that helps and at least gives some idea of better questions to ask any doctor. That’s my two cents!

Harvey Opps
February 19, 2018

Thanks for your insightful comments. I will get broader and deeper advice from multiple sources before I take action.
PSA of 13, Gleason 4-8s, 1-7, 1-6. 44x radiation and 8 months Luperon. PSA after <.01. T= 7 (yes seven) nine months after last Luperon. Now have osteopenia for lack of T. Future damage to brain and heart plus likely osteoporosis necessitate action now. Thanks to your information I will make a better decision

John Cary
August 6, 2015

I have had it with the division of opinion regarding my condition at this point in my life. I am a 62 year old male who in 2004 was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I had surgery (radical orchiectomy) and my left testicle was removed. Following that surgery I had radiation treatments. In 2006 I was diagnosed as having the same condition in the other testicle and it was removed. A year later there were signs of possible migration of the testicular cancer cells in my lympth nodes in the abdomen and I then underwent radiation treatments. As all of this happened and between 2004 and 2014 I was advised by doctors to receive depo-testosterone therapy. I started with a patch but changed to the injectible ONLY because I could get that under my medical insurance at no out of pocket cost.

In the summer of 2013 my urologist discovered a sudden rise in my PSA. Much to my chagrin no doctor I had been seeing was even payng attention to that even though there were studies indicating that testosterone therapy “could” influence a rise in prostate cancer. A biopsy was done and I scored a 3+4 Gleason. At that time it was suggested I have either radiation therapy or surgery. After some consulting with various medical professionals and others who had the same choice to make I decided on the surgery. I had the prostectomy in February of 2014. Much to my surprise when I had somewhat recovered, my urologist told me I should ALSO now have radiation….6 weeks of it. I was devestated and hesitated in my decision to follow through with that suggestion but in the Fall of 2014 I endured another 6 weeks of radiation in that prostate area.

When my biopsy results were provided to both my urologist/surfeon and my oncologist, a bitter argument pursued that put me right in the middle of their confusion. The oncologist refused to renew my script for depo-testosterone. My urologist on the other hand wavered and didn’t take a position one way or another. I decided to stop the testosterone out of fear. The fear was the expression shared with me that “testesterone is like fertilizer for prostate cancer.” Hummm, I though my prostate cancer had been removed, erradicated, radiated and was gone. Finally, the doctor’s this past momth (July 2015) said that I might go back on the testosterone because my quality of life was in the toilet, litterally and I feared again that my heart, a large muscle, was being destroyed because my body was doing very little to build muscle mass in any way.

Of course in the middle of that our medical insurance changed even though it remained with IBX to a PPO versu an HMP and all of the sub0entities changed and now the oncologist recommended I use the topically applied testosterone lotion. Not happening: $500.00/90 days =- not covered at all…..back to injectible – now, I can’t do it myself, the oncologist’s staff make me come in there eery two weeks, pay a co-pay and they have to do it or the insurance won’t pay.

I am so confused. I have no advocates on my side. The insurance companies don;t get it. They see testosterone and immediately believe I am using it to make my sec life better and get large triceps. The doctors have no idea what to do or recommend. They never even considered “dosage” when suggesting I go back on the testtosterone therapy…I need answers. My life it creeping toward the edge or the cliff.

I’m sorry there are grammar and spelling mistakes but I don’t have the time to proofread plus this is probably never going to be read by anyone and I’ll never hear another thing about this from anyone.

June 13, 2015

Best sex at 68 after diagnosis gleason 9 age 57 = cialis and new love with caring woman that loves touching, kissing, etc.
Lots of foreplay . Nothing worse than a mercy F. Desire and passion are automatic when you are relaxed and don’t have performance anxiety. But then all men know this. It just surprised me when it happened to me after living with prostate cancer for over ten years and the wrong woman.

June 14, 2016

Great info we are all in this together

March 31, 2015

Diagnosed in August 2012 with PSA of 7 and Gleason Score of 8. Did two months on casodex before proton therapy at MD Anderson in Houston. Continued hormone therapy as advised for two years ending November 2014. Hot flashes were awful and loss of muscle mass was no treat. Get to the gym because the loss of muscle mass is so gradual you won’t notice. I thought that six months after my final Lupron shot I’d be back to my old self. While the healing process had its’ ups and downs, it was totally predictable and my doctor was available to talk me off the cliff every time. What I did not predict was the time that it takes for the Lupron to actually wear off. It DOES NOT end like clockwork. My energy is up as well as mental clarity. A (very) little libido has returned but erections are hard to come by (pun intended). Will wait until the end of May as I have been told that it can take up to six months for Lupron effects and side effects to wear off. I gained twenty five pounds too. Even pre PC I was never horny with I was overweight. Other than that I have no side effects from the treatment. No incontinence and while climax feels normal (aka great) it is totally dry. Hope sharing this helps. Hang in there everyone. We’ll all get through this together.

Michael McCann
March 29, 2015

I am 81, retired MD. Had Gleason 7-8 prostatectomy in 2000. PSA OK for 5 years, then began to rise, slowly at first then to significant increase from <0.01 to 1.39. At 7 years post op I had a 3 month course of radiation. PSA has been undetectable since. I am being treated for depression with Zoloft, and recent literature review convinces me that testosterone replacement is effective in depression. My serum testosterone level has been very low for 20 years, about the time of onset of depression. Question? If I assume the risks and watch my PSA closely I would like to try replacement therapy. Can anyone out there refer me to a Midwest urologist or endocrinologist who would prescribe the gel for me? Am I correct in assuming that the prostate CA recurrence risks would be small at my age? I am convinced that the depression is the bigger risk. Thanks for the feedback. MLM

gerald fulton, MD
March 25, 2015

what about men who have low-grade cancer, but have elected not to treat it at ALL? (they are “observing” as their treatment)?

Rick Scott
March 8, 2015

I was diaganosed with PC in Dec of 13 started EBRT in Jan of 14. Had 43 treatments also had 2 shots of Lupron 6 months apart. It has been a year since finishing the EBRT. My testosterone levels are 158 for total and 31.6 for free. I have every symptom of low T. I want my life back. Am I a candidate for TRT?

Alex Cline
March 5, 2015

I am also a post radical prostatectomy survivor with PSA at the undetectable level every test since my Surgery, 15 months ago and tested a minimum of every 3 months. Am I a candidate for T therapy?

Kenneth L. Klawuder
March 3, 2015

I had my prostate removed completely 5 years ago and, like several others reported, my PSA if undetectable. I read several comments from other men who have the same situation but there is no answer to their questions. I’m 72 years old and have noticed a decline in the ability to produce an erection. Now I have been taking Viagra before attempting sex now without a positive result. I exercise regularly, watch my diet but have also notice a decrease in muscle mass. Would it be safe for me to take T therapy if my testosterone level is a bit low?

JW Apple
March 1, 2015

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 07 i had my prostate remove. I still have the will to have sex but I cannot get erect. My question is will hormone booster or anything help me or will they put me at risk?

Timothy Hartley
May 6, 2017

Hi im 57 two years ago i had my prostate remove id love to have sex but as they say i can’t get it up.will i ever be about to have sex again

John leach
February 14, 2015

Had cyber knife surgery in Apl 2011, psa levels at that time were 14 came down to less than 1 in about 2.5 years, Gleason score was initially 7. Started using testosterone cream when my psa was down to 0.1 about a year ago, small amounts initially, psa stayed at 0.1. Increased more cream on a daily basis, still psa 0.1 after 10 months of treatment. Using cialis is on a daily routine, everything is back to normal, age 72. Cyber knife seems the way to go, less problems with urination ect.

cl dickinson
December 23, 2014

Oh… FLA (Focal Laser Ablation. No life altering side effects (no impotence, no incontinence).. The only “life altering is a hit to the pocket book. Short sighted insurance companies will not cover the procedure as it has not been done in THIS country for the required 20-30 year trials.

cl dickinson
December 23, 2014

I had successful FLA procedure 6 months ago. After finding the cancer, my GP took me off testosterone immediately (about a year ago). Life sucks… period. Just like before i was put on the T therapy (for 3 years before). I had the FLA procedure (and paid 100% out of pocket so I could KEEP my sex life, but now…. just no longer interested. Since I cannot seem to get a script here in Reno NV. A trip to Mexico I guess is in order. I appreciate the “first do no harm”… but its my life (and quality of life) my body, and my decision. It really torques me off when Dr.’s play God

Nicholas Halanych
December 16, 2014

Diagnosed with prostate cancer by biopsy with a Gleason score of 6, PSA of 3.4. 44 radiation treatments completed August 2011.Did well until June 2014,developed urine residual on voiding. Hospitalized for 3 days for bad bladder infections. Had a cool melt treatment for BPH obstruction. Did self caths, which weren’t successful. Now have a suprapubic catheter. Will try clamping and unclamping SPcather next week. I was 76 years old, when my cancer was discovered. I am 80years old now in good health, except for my bladder condition. Looking for help and suggestions !!!!!

Mike Trochowski
November 2, 2014

I am 61 years old and was diagnosed November 2013 with PSA 7.3 and Gleason 7. My treatment consisted of radiotherapy with Zoladex hormone injections, last one was end April. I still have hot flushes and libido has still not recovered. Recent blood tests show my LH and testosterone levels are very low. I don’t feel I want to wait until my libido returns to what it was before treatmnet, if it ever will.
I asked my doctor about testosterone replacement therapy but he said that this would ‘defeat the object’ of my treatment.
Thanks to all who shared their experience.

Randall Jackson Marlowe
October 27, 2014

Was diagnosed with cancer by biopsy , April of 2013. I am ,today 76, and I was refused treatment because I could not obtain Bone and organ scan because I was over weight. I still don’t know how but after 6 months my wife was able to get these tests for me. In April of 2013 of the 12 bioptic samples only one showed one cancer cell encapsulated, and of the inactive type. At the time PSA was 20 and 3.3 on the Greason Scale. The body scan showed growths in the the prostrate area that were dangerous for any radical treatment.
The only thing I could think to do in April was go on the internet and find the best diet for me. I am sure this had something to do with following. I was given the choice of wait and see or the. I decided on the first but was overuled by the family and started the hormone treatment with all it’s side effects. After the first inyection he PSA came down to 12.5 then went back up to 17. After the 4th inyection the PSA came down to (1) As I find the side effects of the treatment, to much for me, I have decide on two more (monthly inyeccions then another blood and orine test in DEC. and if it still holds at around (1), I will stop the Hormone Treatment and go to a vigilante stage of a test every 45 days. If the PSAstarts moving up, back on the treatment. This is suggested by the American medical Society especially for the bone factor Right? Jack Marlowe

Garrett Beverly
October 27, 2014

my prostate was totally removed. my p.s.a reading is .014. it has been 24 months since my operation. My energy,muscle mass, has fallin off. am I a candaite for t-supplement treatment. they say I’m cancer free. i’m 73 years old.

Alan Peterson
October 17, 2014

Had prostrate cancer at age 50 with radical surgery, had PSA of 26 and cancer was aggressive but did come out with clean borders. PSA was undetectable for 10 years then started creeping up and was treated with external radiation, PSA then and now 5 years later undetectable. Always had bad urine leakage, stress incontinence, last year had AUS implanted with near perfect results. Have a small amount of leakage-drops, should have done this years ago. Have to use vacuum system to get erections and have been able to work with that for past 15years. Its been an interesting ride would be glade to to discuss any of my experiences, also avid bike rider so had to adapt bike seat to avoid damage to AUS. There is life after cancer so get out and enjoy it.

May 25, 2017

Good to hear . Encouraging to hear. Im a 2013 serviver

Nick Parson
October 6, 2014

Four years ago I had my prostate removed because it was aggressive. My Gleason Scale was 9, and my PSA was at the time 3.4. My cancer was detected by a digital exam. Today my PSA is undetectable. I have sexual desire, but have erectile dysfunction. I haven’t had a sexual relationship since my surgery. My testostrone level is a few points below normal. What does one do when he has desire but no longer has the tools? My doc said I had too much desease so testostrone treatment is not recommended.

September 14, 2014

Reply to Tobias Bosman:
I am 72 yrs. Now five years post radical prostatectomy. Terrible incontinence for first year. Know all to well your distress. Tried male sling, but as Uro Surgeon cautioned, it wasn’t sufficient given the volume of my incontinence. Depression and distaste for the un-empathic surgeon kept me from returning to him. Finally, I want back to NYC urologist (Brady Prostate Cancer Center) and now have AUS (artificial urinary sphincter). It is 99% effective and has restored my confidence when moving around.
Other wise, a terrible out come. Only with testosterone supplement has my sense of mental clarity and a sense of a future. And now urologist legal anxiety and fear of malpractice is reducing level of testiest supplement below where experience dictated my efficacious level needs to be. I am a creative (highly) multi-talented individual. If as I suspect I pitch-pole into the panoply of fatigue depression etc etc I will be on the edge of termination.
Will talk personally if you wish. Reply and I’ll sent contact.
Wishing you best!!!

brenda barnard
September 14, 2014

my husband was a virile and very sexually active person until he developed prostate cancer and with high numbers on all tests had his prostate removed. that was three years ago. he has recovered fully, and with some effort is able to have sex. problem is, he has greatly reduced libido. very little interest, passion, or desire. he does indulge me, but for himself, not a lot of interest. question, is this unusual, is it a reflection of our relationship cooling off and maturing, should i be prepared to move into platonic companionship? we are both 60, in good health. it was difficult to adjust to the new reality as he healed over the two post surgery years, but now i am feeling really worried that our sex life is actually over. i miss sharing real intimacy but it does take two. his testosterone levels are very low.

Janelle Dick
August 16, 2014

Tobias Bosman my husband had extensive prostate and bladder surgery as a result of metastatic cancer. He uses an external catheter. Go to your local medical supply store and ask them to show you what you need. Takes some getting used to, but definitely superior to the pads. He works full time, plays golf, and we just came back from a camping trip. Hope this helps.

Tobias Bosman
August 2, 2014

I am 70 years old, had Bracchi-therapy 12 years ago as my PSA reading was quite high. Four months ago I experience a massive urinary blockage and the 25 “inserts” were removed. I now can urinate very easily without any hassle, but the problem now is that I have to wear 24/7 pads for bladder weakness and can hardly control my urine flow during daytime. I am using 3 – 5 level 3 pads per 24hrs constantly for 2months (no problem with dripping while asleep). I have done numerous Keggle exercises to try and overcome the controling of my bladder’s close-release action without success. What is my next step? The prescribed pills for the bladder’s controle-valve has no effect in rectifying the problem.

choi chang
July 31, 2014


choi chang
July 31, 2014

Since men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer at younger and younger ages and often face more aggressive forms of it today, they don’t have the luxury of being able to live with it as often as was common in years past. Thus, there are many more men today who MUST receive effective treatment or their prostate cancer will kill them. Unfortunately, the types of treatment offered by conventional medicine are very problematic. The four main conventional options are:
•Hormone-Blocking Drugs

The surgical option involves removal of all or part of the prostate gland. This may sound good at first, but it is often an immasculating procedure with a high likelihood of some degree of impotence and incontinence occurring as a result.

Radiation may sound good, but can actually cause localized prostate cancer cells to mutate into more aggressive forms in some cases and provides no curative benefit once the cancer has metastasized. Chemotherapy has no long-term curative effect on prostate cancer, either, in most cases. That just leaves hormone-blocking drugs, and this is where the MOST ludicrous and dangerous misunderstandings occur in conventional prostate cancer treatment

choi chang
July 31, 2014

why do doctors love to see the PSA go down? Well, it’s because they are confused. They know that higher PSA scores tend to correlate with more cancer and lower PSA scores tend to correlate with less cancer. But they don’t understand the crowding issue or how the PSA compound itself helps fight prostate cancer. So they mistakenly think that lowering the PSA count means they are reducing the cancer. Conventional doctors today use drugs like Lupron or Casodex, which are very effective at lowering the production of PSA in the body and a subsequent lowering of PSA scores. However, by lowering the PSA artificially with hormone-blocking drugs, doctors may actually be promoting the growth of the cancer.

Debbie Bannister
February 4, 2016

I am curious about your question. Doing some research for my husband who had a PSA of 22 before the 3rd biopsy produced evidence of a medium high growth aggression rate of cancer. I would love to think that his high PSA was effective cancer fighting from his body. Can u offer more clarity on that subject ? Thank you !

Robert Sherman
July 29, 2014

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2013.I am told its advanced and I am having surgery in August 2014.I have been on hormone treatment and I have very little energy,sex drive and erectile disfuntion.Will this come back after my surgery.I want a normal healthy life back!

ken wharam
July 24, 2014

I Had a 4.8 out of 20 biopsies come back cancerous with PSA of 7.3 Gleason score 7 . I was treated with external beam and pin point high dose to the PSC area 35 treatments.
It has been 1 yr since treatment with 3 mo. followups and PSA is now 1.1 and t level has been coming down to a 187 and Doctor suggest testosterone therapy. After I read these reports I am concerned about the re-occurrence of PSC or should I be? I have most all the symptoms of low T. I am 57 and would like to have a quality of life. Any advice would be appreciated.

susan Poellet
July 18, 2014

I like this email. Can you send it to me so I can send it to a friend?

Thornton Sanders
June 29, 2014

I am 75 years old. I had external beam radiation for PC ten years ago. At that time, my PSA and Gleason scores were high enough that “wait and see” was considered too risky. Following the radiation treatment, my PSA scores dropped to the 1.0 range. Now, ten years later, they have jumped to 8-10 in the last two years. A recent bone scan and CAT scan show no PC outside the prostate but I have a large hydrocele (presumably non-malignant) in my scrotum which must be removed. Should I be taking steps to reduce testosterone production in order to stop or slow down this apparent re-occurance of PC? My oncologist (who treats me for MALT lymphoma) and my urologist have both recommended an orchiectomy or estrogen injections rather than waiting to see what develops. The alternative is removing the hydrocele now and waiting to see what the PSA scores are in the near future. If I have the orchiectomy, will the lack of tostesterone have long run side effects which will kill me sooner than the PC?

May 26, 2014

my prostate was totally removed. my p.s.a has no reading. it has been 14 months since my energy.muscle mass, has fallin off. am I a candaite for t-supplement treatment. they say I’m cancer free. i’m 63 years old.

May 29, 2016

I had my prostrate removed should I take t medication

Mel Dubin
July 17, 2017

I had brachial therapy over
22 years ago. My last biopsy
Was approximatately 10 years
Ago with a Gleason of 6 psa
8 . My PSA has risen to 22
All scans show no no metastatic
Disease. Pet, bone scan, & cat.
DRE results no tumor felt.
I am 78 in perfect health. Constant excercise, excellent
Appetite. Oncologist recommends no hormonal therapy as he does not treat
PSA’s and sees no evidence
Of metastatic disease. Urologist
Specializing prostate cancer does not recommend hormone
Therapy at this time. As per
Consultation 07/11/17.
Follow up with psa in 6 month
Unless Experience sudden
Fatigue, loss of appetite etc.
Never had hormonal therapy.
Medical facility Cleveland Clinic
Weston Fl.
What’s your opinion?
Thank you
Mel Dubin

Bob Thayer`
January 2, 2014

What PSA level suggest a recurrence of prostate cancer?
Mine has historically been <0.01 until recently. Recently…up to 0.012 – reduced by increasing pH level to 0.8 for 7 weeks.

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