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Something else to avoid in pregnancy: Phthalates

March 15, 2019


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March 21, 2019

Thank you so much )

March 15, 2019

And never ever expect your health care providers to advocate against these toxic compounds on your behalf, it’s up to you and other laypeopel to advocate for yourselves and against powerful lobbying (corporate) interests.

Ditto for manufacture & use of other toxic substances, like many herbicides/pesticides, particulates in diesel exhaust (cardiovascular problems, higher rates of asthma in children . . ). Very few health care providers have had the courage to say anything against the widespread use of these compounds as well as their carcinogenic and teratogenic (causing birth defects) effects. Use so widespread that some of these compounds, like TCDD, are now ubiquitous in our environment–detected in human breast milk. Whether or not there are synergistic effects of say, pthalates w/TCDD? Who knows? AMA’s sure not lobbying for research funds to find out.

You’re on your own, just like you will be if your child is born w/birth defects and/or developmental disabilities.

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