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LDL cholesterol: How low can you (safely) go?

January 20, 2020

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Dara Lee Lewis, MD, is a full-time cardiologist, director of imaging, and co-director of the Women’s Program at the Lown Cardiovascular Center. Her clinical interests include cardiac physiology, echocardiography, and heart disease in women. She is … See Full Bio
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dominic muia
January 21, 2020

if cholesterol comes from food then which foods should we omit from our diets..the researchers need to specify if its sugar or saturated fats…when they clear this point up, then we can become healthy again..

January 23, 2020

Animal products raise cholesterol. Meat, dairy, eggs, fish, etc.

AF Kay
January 20, 2020

Allow me to nit-pick. “LDL is a key component of many hormones and all cell membranes”? LDL may be a vehicle for carrying cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood stream, but it is not cholesterol. Cholesterol may be a “key component,” LDL is certainly not.

Tony Haverstick
January 20, 2020

To whom it may concern:
Anecdotal of course, but after an athletic life and with no risk factors for CAD this marathon runner underwent an emergency CABG at 71, five years ago.
40 mg of Crestor bought my LDL to 90 and the MD suggested Entimutab(?). When I saw the cost I decided to go 80% vegan instead. My total is now 88 and my LDL is 35. Now at 20mg and no other meds. How will it work out? Dunno. But prefer this to drugs. It’s really not that hard as I still have fish and chicken once a week.

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