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Global cooperation needed to stop the spread of Ebola virus disease

August 01, 2014


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September 29, 2014

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Ganirelix Acetate Price
September 05, 2014

Thanks for the information it will really helpful to prevent ebola virus..

Xzeal Global Solutions
August 05, 2014

Yes We do need money, and methods to prevent the spreading of deadly Disease. We have to make others aware of this disease and than we can stop spreading the disease.

Anne Thornewell
August 04, 2014

Function has accomplished to manipulate this distribute with the ailment. You will find there’s “level 3″ vacation advisory with the included places, that alerts next to unnecessary happen to be these. Security methods will be applied from large airports to check individuals causing this influenced places, to ensure that nobody journeys while using signs and symptoms that could turn into Ebola disease ailment. A person devoid of signs and symptoms seriously isn’t contagious, even though they are come across the virus.

Mohamed Ajmeer
August 02, 2014

yes of course. if we correctly implement the preventive methods, within few years Ebola virus can be eradicated from the world as we done for small pox virus. Vaccines takes a major part in this case. So a proper vaccine should be developed in order to prevent the deadly disease caused by this virus.

Andy Johnson
August 01, 2014

It appears we need over $100m to stop the spread of this deadly disease, lets all do our bit to ensure it doesnt spread any further than it already has.

Thanks for very useful post.

Andy Johnson

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