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Bleeding risk from new blood thinner Pradaxa higher than first reported

November 5, 2014

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Howard E. LeWine, MD, Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Howard LeWine, M.D., is a practicing internist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Chief Medical Editor at Harvard Health Publishing, and editor in chief of Harvard Men’s Health Watch. See Full Bio
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Inez Deborah Emilia Altar
December 21, 2014

there are some bird-watchers or protected human rights cases in Europe in the irrigation channels from old streams I have noticed such of the Alviela in the Ribatejo region of southwestern Europe the moment I pass they beam very strong reactive material some monotheists fanatically allege are curative they fetch from some old Eastern European disaster spot it bangs at a distance of some two hundred and fifty meters they bang with it into my female parts, I hope this also does not occur in the USA and the Jewish members of the AMA should be warned of this practice as well as your Orthodox Christian patients if they visit Europe especially.
This has been repeated for years and it is risking my fertility.
December 10, 2014

Your article was very helpful to my research, thank you,,
December 10, 2014

Excuse me, I am a student from Indonesia, this article is very useful for my school project research in Indonesia.

Best regards,

Alexandre Nogueira Zovico
November 19, 2014

Even here in an uncivilized place, not answering questions is considered very low education, you being aware of your transformative character in society could be more kind and answer simple questions lifesaving. Asclepius and his gang are ashamed of people like that! God apiede of your souls!

November 11, 2014

well its a fake thing
November 11, 2014

Informative article about Pradaxa!!

November 10, 2014

i took pradaxa for a month. I ENDED UP IN THE ER. THE DR’S HAD TO SHOCK MY HEA


November 25, 2014

and what does it matter, how is that case related with pradaxa????

Dan Bender
November 6, 2014

Why no mention of the availability of antitoxins for coumadin, and the difficulty of reversing the effects of Pradaxa on accident victims? Isn’t this also a consideration?

Alexandre Nogueira Zovico
November 6, 2014

Dear sir Howard LeWine, M.D., my mother, carrier of Atrial Fibrillation, Hypertension under control, and good general health at age 72, has been prescribed Pradaxa, whose mechanism of action is to prevent clot formation by inhibiting Thrombin, the second factor in the Chain of Coagulation. The problem is that my mother is also a carrier of Purpura Thrombocytopenic Self Immune, of Idiopathic cause, ie, my mother did not have Platelets, a primary factor in the Chain of Coagulation, seen ‘doctors’ here have the misconduct, could you show me what do? I appreciate your attention!

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