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Belly fat linked with higher heart disease risk

July 26, 2018

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Kelly Bilodeau, Former Executive Editor, Harvard Women's Health Watch

Kelly Bilodeau is the former executive editor of Harvard Women’s Health Watch. She began her career as a newspaper reporter and later went on to become a managing editor at HCPro, a Boston-area healthcare publishing company, … See Full Bio
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September 19, 2018

Good article. Don’t you think that the pictures could have been more representative of the content though? That woman could hardly be at any risk 😉

Kiran John
September 14, 2018

great.I usually check bmi in this site It shows my bmi is obese.Is there any other calculator similiar to bmi

August 11, 2018

to VF,

try the diet for Chronic Kidney Disease and the weight should easily disappear. you will be eating less protein b/c it is a low protein diet. there are a lot of items everyone views as healthy that you cannot touch. takes about 6mos to eliminate the resistance to this plan and then the pounds disappear. it is not a fun trip, but everyone i know who has followed this has had a good outcome. find a renal dietitian for recommendations.

jakoba drenth
August 9, 2018

Has anyone thought about the fact that as you get fitter and thus gain muscle, that muscle is heavier than fat? That may explain why, when you do everything right you don’t gain, but you don’t lose either if you’re at the “right weight”. So why worry?

Victor Fabricius
August 7, 2018

At 68, I bike at least 30-50 miles a week, vigorously up hills, run 14-20 miles a week on hilly trails, eat 2000 cal a day, high protein, 1 carbonated soft drink a day, minimal sweets, only dark chocolate, no sugary juices, about 24+ oz water a day, and at 180 lbs, I still can’t lose the 10 I need to get back to 1 year ago before I gained the 10 lbs. I think cardio must be a waste of time and you pretty much have to starve yourself on 500 cal a day to lose. I feel sorry for anyone the needs to lose a little. It seems easier to be grossly overweight and lose than just lose 10-15, Weight lifting would seem to be the only benefit just to increase or stop muscle loss.

August 6, 2018

I am constantly astounded at peoples’ refusal to take personal responsibility for their lifestyle – especially their eating and exercising habits. All my close friends exercise at least 2 hours per day/ 6 days per week – many of us walk together…. We know we cannot eat a treat more than once per week, and our diet is nothing but healthy fish, salads, beans, virtually no processed foods, no refined carbs, and nothing with added sugar. We have very occasional treats – half a pizza once a month, a glass of wine with dinner at the weekend, a dessert once a week. Yet we are just about a healthy weight – if we stray for a week we are7 lbs heavier! It is not easy to maintain a healthy weight or shape; if you want to do it, remember this! But we are all delighted with ourselves, taking control of our health like this. One tip I would say helped us all; we take the smallest steps and count the smallest progress. That way by the time we reached a healthy weight ( it took years) we were in the habit of healthy living and had forgotten the bad habits. Some of us upped the game by starting to job this year ( we are ave age 60); slowly we can run a mile now! Happy days – but it was very slow progress indeed…

August 6, 2018

As much as we are being bombarded with unhealthy food choices, there are just as many articles like this one about nutrition, healthy foods, weight loss strategies, etc. Yet it appears that Americans of all ages are getting fatter. That said, how does one tactfully tell a loved one that he/she is developing a muffin top, beer belly, or spare tire?

July 30, 2018

This is the one of the most important point or we can say, majority of the population of the world are impacted. We know that to remain healthy cost nothing but even people don’t have time for regular workout and take regular diet. The trend of Fast food have engulfed the entire world and spreading much fast.
In my opinion, Most effective cure for fat and weight loss is by spreading awareness. You can read below small article to maintain Body weight.

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