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Avastin loses FDA approval for breast cancer

Published: November 19, 2011
  • Author: Patrick J. Skerrett,


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Heather Smith
January 04, 2012

This is a good article,the idea is that it takes a while for a drug full effects to be revealed. I am thankful for the FDA effort in testing this new drugs.

patti willson
January 02, 2012

I have been touched my loved ones who have suffered through breast cancer. I know steps are taken to ensure the drugs approved to treat breast cancer are effective, but it does become a bit scarier when approved drugs are pulled. But I understand when new information becomes available it is prudent to take those steps.(

Adan Harris
November 26, 2011

In wake of these updates for Breast cancer, I am a little scared that drugs that pose to be life for someones existence are rendered dangerous after sometime. How is it possible that Avastin got a go earlier and now its dangerous. Further more, cancer has also been linked to obesity, losing weight is great option for it. All these things baffle me sometimes. But it is advisable to follow updates like so one can dig a deeper into things.

Stan Smith
November 22, 2011

Great post very informative and easy to read. I have added this blog to my bookmarks.

Casey Lopez
November 22, 2011

It’s scary to think that there are drugs that is meant to heal but in reality it will give more problems.

I believe there should be more thorough studies regarding drugs in cure for cancer

Tytti Laiho
November 20, 2011

Does this affect the use of Avastin-injections for exudative macular degeneration?

P.J. Skerrett
November 20, 2011

Good question. No–the FDA’s ruling affects only the use of Avastin for breast cancer.


Joshua Session
November 19, 2011

Drugs like this that are life threatening are funded and studied while marijuana remains a class I drug by the DEA. There is a lot of evidence that marijuana made be the real cure for cancer. Harvard, what is the hold up?

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