Botox: It isn't just for wrinkles

Botox has FDA approval for treating uncoordinated eye movement, eyelid spasms, upper limb spasms, chronic migraine, excessive underarm perspiration, overactive bladder, and head-wrenching neck spasms. It is used off-label for other conditions. (Locked) More »

Enjoying sex later in life

Sexual difficulties may increase with age, for a variety of physical and psychological reasons. There are many effective therapies, but it may take a little work and commitment to restore sexual pleasure. (Locked) More »

Does a statin prevent dementia?

Despite an FDA warning linking statins with memory loss, there is no good evidence that these drugs affect cognitive function. However, there isn’t enough evidence to warrant taking them just to lower the risk of dementia, either. (Locked) More »

Acetaminophen may not help low back pain

The first advice you are likely to get if you have low back pain is "take a Tylenol." However a study published July 24, 2014, online by the journal Lancet indicates that you might do just as well without Tylenol. (Locked) More »

Why women stop exercising

It's common knowledge that regular exercise helps you feel better and stay healthier. So why do so many people stop exercising? (Locked) More »