Should you be tested for dementia?

Routine screening for dementia is currently not recommended for people without symptoms. Screening can lead to unnecessary worry for a condition that at present has no cure. However, women with significant memory or cognitive issues should see their doctors to determine next steps. More »

A new way to get heart-healthy

New guidelines from the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology focus on heart disease risk rather than cholesterol numbers. Women who are currently not on statins may benefit from these drugs.  (Locked) More »

8 tips to protect and preserve aging skin

Aging skin can be drier, thinner, and less resilient than younger skin. To keep skin looking its best at any age, women should follow a few daily skin care tips. Wear sunscreen and moisturize. Use gentle cleansers, and keep showers short. And most importantly, quit smoking, which can prematurely age skin. More »