7 simple ways for women to get active

Current guidelines recommend that adults get 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity physical activity, but women can decide how they get that exercise. It is best to space out activities—for example, exercising for 30 minutes, five days a week. And, breaking up activities into 10-minute sessions offers as much of a health benefit as exercising for a full half-hour at a time. Many everyday activities count as exercise, including gardening, playing with the grandchildren, and even making love. (Locked) More »

Why breast density matters

Having dense breasts can increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and can make it more difficult to diagnose cancer that does occur. It’s important for women to discuss their risks—including breast density—with their doctor to determine the optimal screening tests and schedule and whether additional screening tests are necessary. (Locked) More »

High blood pressure a silent danger in postmenopausal women

Nearly a third of American adults have high blood pressure, half of whom don’t have their blood pressure under control—despite most of them having a doctor and health insurance. Forty percent of people with uncontrolled high blood pressure aren’t aware they have the condition. It’s crucial to treat blood pressure, because it can lead to heart disease, stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and other health issues if left unchecked. Treatment usually starts with one or more blood pressure medications, along with lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise. More »

Testosterone therapy: Is it for women?

Testosterone therapy is not currently FDA-approved to treat low libido in women, yet some women take this treatment off-label, not only for sexual issues, but also to improve muscle and bone strength and boost mood. There is no evidence that any benefits outweigh the side effects of this therapy for women. Anyone who is experiencing a loss of interest in, or lack of response to, sex should consider discussing the problem with her doctor. (Locked) More »