Should you skip your PSA test?

When a federally sponsored expert panel recommended that men not routinely undergo PSA testing for prostate cancer risk, it touched off a firestorm of controversy that continues today. Media reports presented conflicting expert opinions on the pros and cons of PSA screening for cancer. In such uncertain times, it behooves all men to learn as much as they can about the risks and benefits of PSA testing and make a deeply informed decision that could have serious health consequences—both good and bad. (Locked) More »

Calcium supplement basics

Taking calcium in the form of dietary supplements can increase bone strength, but it's not clear if this helps to prevent fractures in men, and calcium supplements carry potential risks. Calcium from food does have important health benefits. (Locked) More »

Remedies for dry skin

Dry skin can be caused by dry indoor heating and overwashing. To relieve, use non-water based moisturizing creams and moisturizing soaps. If home remedies fail, see your doctor to rule out an underlying skin condition. (Locked) More »

Is low-dose aspirin safe for you?

  Many healthy people take a low-dose aspirin every day to prevent heart problems, but this carries a small but potentially dangerous bleeding risk. In rare cases, aspirin can trigger bleeding in the brain or gastrointestinal tract serious enough to send you to the hospital. In contrast, the science strongly supports the benefit of taking aspirin if you have a diagnosis or symptoms of cardiovascular disease. If you take low-dose aspirin, understand the nature and size of the bleeding risk. It is especially important to discuss low-dose aspirin pros and cons if you have already started taking a daily baby aspirin without consulting your doctor.   More »

Testing your testosterone: It's tricky

Many men are turning to testosterone supplementation to boost flagging libido, lift their spirits, and improve their mental and physical performance. But blood tests for diagnosing "low T" are notoriously unreliable. Measuring total testosterone can produce misleading results in men with low-normal hormone levels. But by combining more than one kind of blood test, and by making sure to retest, your doctor can offer you a reasonably reliable diagnosis and possibly offer a short-term trial of testosterone to see if it makes you feel better. (Locked) More »

Stomach-soothing steps for heartburn

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic heartburn, usually caused by a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Many simple self-help steps can keep GERD in check, including changing your eating and sleeping habits and losing weight. When self-help fails, the most effective and long-lasting solution is a class of medications called a proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). PPIs are now available over-the-counter. (Locked) More »