Salt and your health, Part I: The sodium connection

Data from studies shows that reducing dietary salt will lower blood pressure, protecting against heart attack and stroke.  Even modest salt restriction improves vascular reactivity and protects the kidneys and the heart. Salt restriction also lowers the risk of kidney stones by reducing the amount of calcium in the urine. And the DASH diet appears to protect against diabetes. More »

On call: Stopping statins

I’ve been taking Zocor since my heart attack in 2006. My cholesterol count has come way down, and I haven’t had any heart problems. In the past few months, however, I’ve had some muscle aches. My blood tests don’t show any muscle damage, but my doctor says Zocor may still be causing the problem. He wants me to stop Zocor for a while, but I’m worried about my heart. Is it safe for me to stop? (Locked) More »