Testosterone and the heart

Testosterone has been linked to cardiac risk factors like peripheral artery disease (PAD). The most serious long-term complications of testosterone therapy include an increased risk of prostate diseases, both BPH and possibly prostate cancer. But researchers are beginning to examine the possibility that testosterone therapy might be beneficial for men with heart disease. Do the benefits outway the risks? More »

Food-borne illnesses, Part I: The big picture

With worldwide growth in agribusiness and a growing portion of our food supply coming from other nations, food-borne illnesses and food safety are of great importance. From peanuts and peppers, hamburgers and spinach, chicken and cheese, to even cookie dough. Nearly every week, it seems, there's another scare about contaminated foods and the epidemics that result. What's gone wrong with America's food supply? And what can we do, as individuals and as a society, to protect ourselves from food poisoning and food-borne infections. More »

On call: Do alcohol and statins mix?

I'm 72 years old, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I take HydroDiuril, Lipitor, and aspirin. I feel fine, but I want to know if I can drink red wine while I'm taking these medications. More »

On call: HPV vaccine for boys?

My 14-year-old granddaughter has just completed her third injection of the Gardasil vaccine. I know it is designed to protect her from cervical cancer caused by a virus. But men can get the virus, too. Should my grandson also get the vaccine? (Locked) More »