Mars vs. Venus: The gender gap in health

Americans are living longer than their ancestors, but women still outlive men by an average of five years, due to many biological, behavioral, and social factors. Making healthier lifestyle choices can help men live longer. More »

Stem cells and the prostate

Stem cells are undifferentiated, or unspecialized, cells that are able to renew and regenerate themselves through the process of cell division. Two prostate diseases, prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) are both characterized by abnormal cell growth. Researchers are just beginning to investigate what role, if any, stem cells may play in the development of these conditions. (Locked) More »

Medical memo: Hot seats, laptops, and sperm

Studies show that external heat generated by electrical devices such as laptops, car seat warmer or even prolonged sitting, produce a significant increase in scrotal temperatures. Men who are having fertility problems would be wise to avoid conditions that might boost their testicular temperatures. (Locked) More »

On call: New medication for gout

I've had gout for many years. I used to take Zyloprim without any problems, but I just had a severe allergic reaction, so my doctor switched me to Benemid. I'm doing okay, but the drug sometimes upsets my stomach. Do you have any suggestions? (Locked) More »

On call: Inhibited ejaculation

At age 74, I can have erections, both with and without Levitra, but I have increasing difficulty achieving ejaculation. I assume this is related to ED and age, but wonder whether there is a solution. I don't drink or have diabetes. (Locked) More »