Sexuality and seniority

Men who remain healthy as they get older have a better chance of maintaining sexual function, and research suggests that regular sexual activity may help prevent erectile dysfunction. (Locked) More »

Allergic rhinitis: Your nose knows

Allergic rhinitis, commonly called hay fever, can be a minor seasonal nuisance or a troubling year-round problem. Most people can find relief by taking an antihistamine and by avoiding the allergens that trigger the irritation. (Locked) More »

Statins and prostate cancer

Scientists are studying the possibility of a connection between statin use and reduced risk of prostate cancer, though the research is preliminary and far from conclusive. More »

On call: Vegetarian diets

Following the lead of our 12-year-old daughter, my wife has become a vegetarian. She says she's willing to continue serving meat and chicken, but I sense that she'd rather not. What can you tell me about the safety of a vegetarian diet? (Locked) More »