Hearing loss: A silent epidemic

Almost everyone is affected by hearing loss at some point, most commonly in older age. It can be as simple as a blockage from ear wax, or more serious sensorineural hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise, certain medications, or head trauma. (Locked) More »

How much exercise do you need?

  The amount of exercise a person needs varies, and depends on goals and preferences, ability and time. By mixing regular daily activities and workouts, strength training and balance exercises, the right amount will become evident.   More »

Medical memo: Do it yourself?

A study that tracked healthy older men for several years found that overzealous pursuit of household chores and activities was responsible for an increased risk of falling. (Locked) More »

On call: The digital rectal exam

I just reviewed your article on PSA testing. After talking with my wife, I've decided to skip the PSA test when I go for my annual physical next month. But your article doesn't say much about rectal exams. Should I skip that also? (Locked) More »