Obesity and prostate cancer

There is growing evidence that obesity increases a man's risk of developing prostate cancer. The reasons are still unclear, but obesity affects hormone production, which could in turn be influencing cancer growth. (Locked) More »

Beta blockers for blood pressure: A second opinion

Beta blockers are one of several classes of drugs that have traditionally been prescribed to treat high blood pressure, but several recent studies are indicating that they may not be as effective at lowering blood pressure as other medications. (Locked) More »

Chromium: The forgotten mineral

Chromium is a mineral important to the body because it acts as a helper to insulin. It is present in many foods, so most people get enough through their normal diet. Research suggests that a deficiency of chromium may contribute to heart disease. (Locked) More »

On call: Niacin for cholesterol

I hope you can clear up some family confusion. My doctor gave me a prescription for Niaspan, but my wife found the same medication, niacin, at the supermarket at a much lower price. Is it a drug or a vitamin? (Locked) More »