Calculating your heart attack risk

Online calculators make it a snap to gauge your chances of having a heart attack. The most commonly used calculator is the Framingham risk score, made available online by the National Cholesterol Education Program. A newer one is the Reynolds Risk Score. It adds family history of premature heart disease and C-reactive protein to the Framingham calculations. (Locked) More »

Heart Beat: Pacemakers, iPods out of sync

An iPod or other digital music player held too close to the chest of a person with a pacemaker can interfere with the heart device's function. Cell phones can also cause this interference. (Locked) More »

In Brief

Eating soy nuts may lower blood pressure slightly. Allegedly natural male enhancement products were found to contain substances almost identical to ED medications, which could be dangerous to men taking a nitrate medication for chest pain. (Locked) More »

Correction and Clarification

The medication Actiq was incorrectly identified in a previous article as a treatment for pain related to heart disease. As it is a narcotic, it should only be used in special cases. (Locked) More »