Putting activity in your day

Several studies support the idea that adding activity that burns calories to your daily routine can help improve your health, maintain your mobility as you age, and prolong your life. (Locked) More »

Take it with a grain of salt

If you are trying to watch your salt intake, pay careful attention to the amount of salt in prepared and processed foods. But not everyone benefits from eating less salt. More »

Heart Beat: Baby, it's cold outside

Winter brings increased risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death in men. The cold can boost blood pressure suddenly, interrupt blood flow, and make blood more likely to clot. (Locked) More »

In Brief

Most adults over 60 do not have their blood pressure or cholesterol under control. A seat belt pad can protect a pacemaker while driving. A high dose of saturated fat interferes with blood vessel function. (Locked) More »

Ask the doctor: What is vasospastic angina?

I sometimes get excruciating chest pain out of the blue - almost never when I am exercising or doing something physical - that gradually goes away by itself. My doctor calls it vasospastic angina. Can you give me more information? (Locked) More »

Ask the doctor: Does a collapsed stent need fixing?

My brother had a stent put in during an angioplasty. Later he was told he had a blockage in the vicinity of the stent, but blood was passing through arteries around it. Two doctors said the stent can't be replaced. Shouldn't a defective stent be replaced? (Locked) More »