Influenza-associated deaths

Estimated number of annual influenza-associated deaths with underlying respiratory and circulatory causes — United States, 1976-77 through 2006-07 influenza seasons (Locked) More »

H1N1 and this flu season

The H1Ni flu pandemic was not as serious as had been expected, but children and pregnant women were disproportionately affected, and those groups are still at higher risk of getting the H1N1 flu this winter, so it's especially important that they get vaccinated.  (Locked) More »

Rules to eat by

The federal government's dietary guidelines are likely to include recommendations to reduce sodium intake, take vitamin D, avoid solid fats, and more. We've been poking around in the book-length report from the committee of experts selected to advise the government on what the guidelines should include. Here are a few items in the report that caught our eye: (Locked) More »

Sex in the second half

Older Americans are remaining sexually active in greater numbers, due in part to continued good health and the prevalence of erectile dysfunction drugs. Results from a University of Chicago survey published in 2007 suggested that over half of Americans continue to engage in sexual activities well into their 70s. Now another batch of findings from a survey conducted by researchers at Indiana University suggests that 20% to 30% of long-lived Americans are sexually active into their 80s. More »

Creative thinking and the brain

Shelley Carson, a Harvard psychologist, has written Your Creative Brain, a book about the psychology and neuroscience of creativity, and steps you can take to become more creative. The book is co-published by Harvard Health Publishing. Here are some excerpts from an interview with Carson. (Locked) More »

By the way, doctor: Is anterior hip replacement better?

I have a severely arthritic hip. It's pretty clear that I'm a candidate for hip replacement. When I looked on the Internet, there were a lot of Web sites promoting "anterior hip replacement." What is it, and is it any better than the traditional approach? (Locked) More »