Meat in the hot seat

There is evidence that grilling meat releases potentially cancer-causing substances. Meat lovers can take steps to reduce their risk, such as cooking smaller pieces at a lower temperature, or precooking the meat for two minutes in a mictowave oven. (Locked) More »

A more D-manding diet

Vitamin D is crucial to bone growth, but studies are finding that it may help protect against other diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer. Most adults do not get enough vitamin D, but a daily multivitamin and limited sun exposure can help. (Locked) More »

The not-soy-good results

Once soy was believed to have many health benefits, but studies found that it was not the wonder food some claimed. But other research finds that soy can in fact be beneficial, particularly in place of red meat. (Locked) More »

In Brief: Cocoa beats tea

A comparison of studies found that drinking cocoa lowered blood pressure approximately as much as blood pressure medication did, while drinking tea did not produce any change. (Locked) More »