Preventing bedsores

Anyone is at risk for bedsores if unable to move for an extended period of time. Special bed surfaces, frequent repositioning, and proper skin care and nutrition can prevent them from occurring. (Locked) More »

Metformin: Now or later?

Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics are advised to take metformin, which decreases sugar production. But some critics argue that patients should be encouraged to lose weight, which usually lowers blood sugar, before being prescribed medication. (Locked) More »

Hot stuff has the right stuff

Americans are eating more chili peppers, which contain calcium and vitamins A and C. But research also says that the peppers seem to boost metabolism and help the body burn fat. (Locked) More »

Is overweight okay?

Researchers have suggested that being only slightly overweight might not increase one's health risks, but a different study disproved this assumption, showing increased death rates for those with higher body mass index. (Locked) More »

When arteries get inflamed

Temporal arteritis is an imflammation of the large arteries on the side of the head. The most common symptom is headaches, but vision problems, weight loss, or anemia can also occur. (Locked) More »

Giving cancer its walking papers

Regular exercise may prevent a recurrence of breast or colorectal cancer, or may decrease the risk of dying from the disease. But the reasons for the benefits are unclear. (Locked) More »

By the way, doctor: Can I repair sunburned skin?

I've been out in the sun all my life. My forehead has been sunburned a thousand times. I now wear a hat. Is there something I could use to repair the damage to the areas of my forehead that have been sunburned so much? (Locked) More »