The top 10 health stories of 2006

A summary of the major health news of the year, including: the development of vaccines to fight cervical cancer, whooping cough, and shingles, progress in treating macular degeneration, and good news about vitamin D's cancer-fighting potential. (Locked) More »

Leafy, green, healthful - but contaminated

The presence of harmful bacteria in fruits and vegetables is increasing, perhaps due to farming and cattle-raising methods. For protection, fresh produce should be soaked in water for two minutes and then rinsed before eating. (Locked) More »

In Brief: Attention to detailing

A doctor has created an independent resource to evaluate the effectiveness of medications based on research results. This information is available to the general public online. (Locked) More »

Anesthesia: Numbed by choices

Although general anesthesia is safer than in the past, you may be given the option of a regional anesthetic, depending on the operation. Some surgeons feel it allows them to better monitor the patient's condition during surgery. More »