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Farewell to the fasting cholesterol test?

Published: June 16, 2016


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Maria Jasmine Freeman
June 26, 2016

Until further definitive proofs and decisions, I would stick to the fasting prerequisite, given to my mind Trigycerides are the real issue correlated with cardiovascular risks, especially in pediatric practice- my field. More, fasting, at least for the night-not to say during daytime, has advantages that outweigh inconvenices, so let us inadvertently benefit of it, at least sporadically.
Dr Hana Fayyad, pediatrician( Maria Jasmine Freeman, published author).
June 20, 2016

nice post

matthew smith
June 19, 2016

The fasting is a positive health benefit, Why take it away?

Partha Sarathi. P
June 18, 2016

I agree there is always distorted results when we do not check LDL direct test.As long as triglycerides levels are normal it is ok with the FreidWald calculations. But unfortunately most of our food habits are not the same every day. Hence it is better in fasting for lipids testing.
Partha Sarathi.

June 17, 2016

A nice, informative article. I am a diabetic, my problem being mainly fasting blood sugar being elevated (upto 145) even with medication (tablets), whereas my post-prandial levels are either normal or just above the range ( the reading being around 145 or lower). Can I altogether dispense with tests for fasting Blood Sugar and rely only on Hb A1C?

Marianne Thawley
June 17, 2016

I disagree. The LDL is calculated from the total cholesterol, HDL and triglyceride/5 (VLDL). If the triglyceride is falsely elevated, which can happen in a non-fasting state, the LDL will be falsely DECREASED.

Why not do the test correctly in the first place? 12-16 hour fast needed for correct results.

Calculation: LDL = Total cholesterol – HDL – Triglyceride/5

Direct measurement of LDL would not be affected. Most doctors do not order the test this way.

sarkari naukri
June 17, 2016

Good Article for faty people.
Doctors have traditionally ordered cholesterol tests to be drawn after an overnight fast. But this requirement causes a significant burden on both sides of the health care equation. Most people hate to fast. Skipping meals is particularly difficult for active people, people with diabetes, and children. Yet coming back for another visit is even more of a hassle, so many people just don’t bother. And it has been a drain for doctors, too, resulting in repeat test orders, phone calls, and patient visits.

International guidelines published last month in the European Heart Journal became the latest official recommendation against routine fasting for cholesterol tests. These guidelines defend what many health care systems and many doctors (including me) have been practicing for several years already. They should be met with universal acceptance, even if takes a while.sarkari naukri ta There are several scientific reasons supporting this change.

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