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Rising temperatures: How to avoid heat-related illnesses and deaths

Published: August 05, 2020


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August 21, 2019

” Find out what’s going on in your community about transit, bike lanes, and pedestrian ways. Advocate by speaking out at community meetings and voting for improvements through local and state referendums.” good luck with that, I’ve been “speaking out” and writing, am on a municipal bike/ped committee, and the city manager (and therefore, the city council members) is far more interesting in increasing traffic to the airport–i.e, small planes (it’s a small airport). Avgas is leaded fuel. So more noise pollution, more use of leaded gas as well as one of the least efficient means of transport.
Make the town more walkable by increasing the number of sidewalks, bike lanes, and even more important: complete streets, way down on the list for the city manager & head of public works. Even though when asked, many people said they want a more walkable city.
All anyone has to do is look at the US–how as soon as people could afford it, most bought new vehicles and HUGE vehicles—sales of pickups, not cars or even SUVs is what’s been keeping Toyota, GM, Ford profitable. RV sales are up.
People don’t notice increasing air pollution because they don’t walk, don’t bicycle. An increasing number of people where I live (locals & tourists) sit in their vehicles for up to 15 minutes, engines running, while staring/playing with their phones. Didn’t see that 5 years ago, seeing it more & more often now. Far as I can tell most people in the US are FINE w/climate change, like Bush II, they’ll just crank up the AC more often.

If others die because they can’t afford AC, oh well seems to be the response.
August 21, 2019

Thank you for sharing great tips!



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