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Statins, aspirin may hide prostate cancer

Published: September 01, 2010


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October 02, 2017

We can put a man and woman on the moon, but we cannot agree prostrate.treatments. I had 4 biopsies from 2010 to 2015. The last two were saturation biopsies, 25 cores taken with each. Was put in active survelliance, Gleason score 3+3. Recent routine fusion MRI found that 2 lesions present in 3015 MRI and biopsy…were not seen…the one remaining was stable, the final outcome was labeled equivocal for PC. Unfortunately PSA elevated from 24 2015 to 36.1. April 2017. The doctor s are recommending.another biopsy, I’m not persuaded it’s necessary given that I’m in otherwise good health at 71 with hypertension that’s controlled with daily medications. I suspect it’s the enlarged prostrate is, BPH, but they say the MRI image shows clear pelvic area and urine samples negative for bacteria. Or my other fear is the prostrate us injured resulting from biopsies. My doctor’s are all well known in the field of urology at a Government ran facility. I’d.appreciate any feed back. Cheers!

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