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When should I be concerned about ringing in my ears?

Published: February 08, 2020


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Don Noll
February 18, 2020

I find turning of the TV and radio and also remembering to use hearing protection when using power equipment really helps.
Try it for two weeks.

Celia Savage
February 17, 2020

I have had worsening tinnitus for many years and now my middle-aged son has it as well. My hearing has deteriorated, and I don’t think that my son’s is quite as good as it was. We both suffer from nasal problems such as allergic rhinitis, sinus problems, colds always worse than normal, etc etc. And we both have a strong suspicion, and would not be at all surprised to know, that our tinnitus is connected with our nasal/throat/ear problems.

Has any research been carried out into this area? We would very much like to know.

Amy March
February 17, 2020

I’ve discussed several options with my doctor and what’s worked best for me has been Lipo-Flavonoid. It’s a supplement and although it hasn’t completely cured the ringing in my ears it’s helped reduce it by a lot to the point where I find it easier to fall asleep at night.

Tom Jeselson
February 11, 2020

I have severe intrusive tinnitus. I have tried many types of treatments with minimal relief. My hope is that through research & clinical trials a significant cure will be found some day. Maybe this year? Let’s hope for a tinnitus cure in 2020!

Steve Sabo
February 11, 2020

Can Acupuncture help with nonpulsatile tinnitus ?

February 17, 2020

I tried acupuncture for my nonpulsatile tinnitus. It helped my upper back tension (which I wasn’t really aware of until it was gone) but unfortunately it didn’t help my tinnitus. Good luck!

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