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Understanding suicide in children and early adolescents may lead to more effective prevention

December 09, 2016


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December 15, 2016

This is SUCH a complex issue, that one article could not even touch upon. Any information however, even a summary, if it raises awareness is a good thing. If more analysis on the reasons behind this could be determined it would be of great benefit. ADHS was mentioned, but a whole host of other causes can be at the heart. In some instances, the reason can be quickly determined by looking at external obvious influences (death of a loved one, etc.) areas of depression, however covers such a spectrum – tying it to suicide is extremely difficult. It is stigmatized and hence poor or no data and whispered discussion.
We need more information, which means we have to acquire it, share it, and look seriously at it. Then we have to care about the results and fund education and our Dr’s to do what we can to identify and alleviate the root causes. In many cases, we also have to accept that there is nothing anyone can do, expect the person responsible. We can never “make” choices for other people… just help them.

December 09, 2016

In my opinion too many suicide prevention researchers are nothing more than pseudoscientists who make their money collecting statistics and walking over the bodies of dead children and other vulnerable people.

what really needs study is the problem/question of what makes a life worth living? What is hope and how is it created/maintained? How can we create a society that creates self and other acceptance? Suicide is an personal solution to a systemic problem.

We know why people kill themselve. As a society we just don’t care to do anything about it.

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