Three reports to help with holiday health and emotional challenges

Anthony Komaroff, MD

Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Letter

With Veterans Day and Halloween behind us, we are moving full steam ahead to the holidays, the stretch from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day (or Super Bowl Sunday, depending on your perspective). The holidays can be a wonderful time, full of friends, family, and fun. But they can also generate pressures and situations that undermine health.

For some people, the holidays bring up feelings of sadness, loss, and frustration that can trigger or worsen depression. Some people overindulge in alcoholic libations. And many of us eat too much, which translates into an average weight gain of one or two pounds. (That may not seem like much, but most people never lose the weight they gain during the holidays.)

To help you enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season, Harvard Health Publishing is offering discounts on three Special Health Reports that focus on common holiday challenges.

Understanding Depression describes this common and potentially debilitating mood disorder and offers keys to coping with it during the holidays and at any time of the year.

Alcohol Use and Abuse answers questions about the line between social drinking and problem drinking, offers a 7-part plan for recovery, and more.

Healthy Eating: A guide to the new nutrition explains the basics of healthy nutrition and offers easy ways to eat—and snack—healthfully.

You can see a description and table of contents of these reports, and read a free excerpt, at I invite you to save 25% on these reports by using the Promo Code NOV25 at checkout.


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    it’s really difficult not to over-eat during holidays. I believe that when people are happy they eat more. Thanks for this blog. I needed know something about depression. Thanks!

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