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Putting a stop to leaky gut

November 21, 2018


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November 24, 2018

I wonder the role of probiotics in leaky gut, and whether there is an actual preventative side effect of any probiotics whether disease process Is through infection or chronic illness.

Beth Bacon
November 24, 2018

Hello everyone, I fortunately had a chiropractor who had some training in nutrition mention that I might have leaky gut which lead me to a gastro. Who did an upper GI and found Atrophic Autoimmune Gastritis which I now know I’ve been struggling with for 14 years without any help. So I know the severe anxiety that comes with flares and for me unrelenting stress that caused the condition are the most detrimental.
So then food sensitivities and allergies then occur. So then this can lead to the point of being allergic to many foods. Fortunately meditation and a semi- retired lifestyle does help. If you can retire early I’d recommend it to get your stress under control if you suspect that as for me I consider this a serious condition. I wish you all the very best, do check your food allergies extensively!

November 20, 2018

Interesting topic, but the term is in the teens, the text not new to any who suffers from the condition.
Advices to contact doctors sound a bit rosy, to those who have passed through hundreds of consultations, from GPs, gastroenterologists, allergy, intolerance or nutrition or else doctors or consultants. The truth is that is it a profitable industry, the spread of anti-acids, and even if the problem is diagnosed, the advice is: anti-acids, in any form, milder or stronger, regularly taken.
The “traditional” medicine does not care, the rest can’t help.

Manu Zarabi
November 20, 2018

Is the common ailment of hyperacidity also the result of a leaky gut?

November 20, 2018

If you are talking about heartburn and acid reflux I used to have it all the time. I don’t have it when I don’t overeat. I only have acid reflux when I have eat too much all day long. I have felt like it is from eating before the food I have eaten is digested. I also don’t eat 4 or 5 hours before going to bed.

Mohammed Jawad
November 20, 2018

Thank you for sharing a very interesting article. It would be great to share also diagnostics parameters for the leaky gut condition! Best regards

Shelli Belleci
November 20, 2018

I suffered terribly for some time and found myself sensitive to gluten, dairy, coffee and alcohol. It’s amazing what living a Whole Foods plant based lifestyle did for me, and I’m thankful I never had to take any medications.

Nand Dhawan
November 19, 2018

One must avoid heavy items like fats , sugar,tamarind,cheese ,tea, coffee,fried foods,high fat milk and take rest and should take potassium rich foods like bananas,curd,rice ,plenty of home available fluids,zinc must diagnose his disease to get proper treatment.Gastro physician is best option.

sarvan minhas
November 19, 2018

Medical science often declares that it does not know ‘why’ a particular ailment strikes us, why it happens in the first place. From cancer to macular degeneration to gut leakage – to anything same is the story. Modern medical science is also unwilling to take the alternative systems of medicine seriously – except therapies like acupuncture, yoga, etc. Illnesses and patients are growing at the same pace as the number of medicines, hospitals and doctors. Scientists ignore the working of total body-mind in their research as well as the impact of whole external environment – socioeconomic and physical.

Karina Peden
November 19, 2018

Thank you for writing this article. I hope doctors read it. I don’t feel so crazy explaining what I have!

November 19, 2018

Can someone with knowledge of the effects of water soluble fiber on the absorption of saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol from the stomach and intestines into the blood stream please explain how the blockage occurs and whether it occurs when water soluble fiber is consumed before or after consuming fats . Does the water soluble fiber have identical effects on the absorption of mono and polyunsaturated fats?

November 19, 2018

Helpful article.

November 19, 2018

Hi, I read about leaky gut when I was having skin rashes which were possibly a form of psoriasis. It was very distressing and they itched and could be painful. I followed a leaky gut healing diet recommended by Dr John Pagano a chiropractor and author of the book Healing Psoriasis. This rashes went away. I don’t gt them anymore.

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