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Post-treatment monitoring

March 31, 2009
  • By Harvard Prostate Knowledge

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July 13, 2018

I had my prostatectomy in March of this year. I just had my first PSA and the results came back 0.10. The Doctor said I just needed to come back in six months for another PSA. Does that make sense? Should the next PSA be sooner? Does anyone know what concerns I should have at this time?

June 15, 2018


50 y.o., PSA 11 – 12 core biopsy all clear
1 year later PSA 13 – another 12 core biopsy all clear
On Finasteride PSA 12
18 mo. later PSA 8
7 years later PSA 67
Pre-surgery PSA 72
3T MRI & Fusion Biopsy show Gleason 4+3 half of cores have cancer
Radical, Open,nerve-sparing Prostatechtomy & lymphadenectomy
3 mo. later PSA 0.1
There is always hope!

May 2, 2018

My husband had Gleason 4. We opted gor radiation. They even said we could wait. He did 44 radiation treatments and his PSA is now 132. Yes 132. They have never seen a number so high. Ct abdomen and bone scan today.

James Hudson
January 30, 2018

I had a radical prostate cancer surgery about 10 years ago. My PSA has been very low and acceptable since. They have now found a small mass on my left leg just below and to the left of my knee. I am worried about cancer again. Would a PSA test show any sign of cancer in the mass? They said they could cut the mass out and biopsy it or just leave it and see if it grows. I wouldn’t mind waiting if I knew it was not cancerous. Thanks…

January 28, 2018

Excuse me, that’s 0.6 to 0.2…

January 28, 2018

In November 2013 I had radical prostectomy after a PSA of 38 and 35, Gleason at first 3+4, then reversed? After surgery PSA dropped to under 1 which shocked the docs… But I underwent radiation in May of 2015 for it began creeping up. After that with hormone therapy it dropped from .06 to .02. Since then its been <0.04, <0.04, and now <0.06. What does the < mean even at 0.06?

Barbara Snow Bryant
January 12, 2018

Similar to Laura, my husband 75 had prostate removed several years ago. A week ago, when he had a blood test PSA had jumped from 0 to 2. 4 days later at his urologist , it had jumped to 3.2. This eems terribly frightening.

Laura domney
October 27, 2017

My dad had prostrate removed then radiotherapy he’s now 78 and his psa stared going up a bit so went on hormonal injections his psa was kept at similar amount for a while but has started 2 in crease a lot he is having bone scans but nothing is showing up can anyone give me any information on it

September 12, 2017

For 42 months my psa values AFTER my Da Vince prostatectomy varried from forty-five (3 weeks post-op) to 1.94 with a nadir now of say five.PET scan done on 30 August 2017 showed no cancer

Margarette Jerome
August 7, 2017

10 months ago my husband had the robotic prostatectomy. Since the surgery he is complaining of abdominal/pelvic pain, incontinence,erectile disfunction. He was told by the surgeon the nerves are preserve and he was free of cancer.The first psa after surgery was 0.1, second psa 0.1, 10 months later it is 4.5. I am really nervous about this. He is not getting better, always in pain after this robotic surgery.What to do next? Please help us.

June 10, 2017

i had prostate remove in 2011 after that psa grew up to 010 0.15.030 then i went under radiotherapy and psa level went back to 0.10 all this in 5 years…then lately psa went to 1.65 and 3 months after 4.85 so my dr decided to go hormonal treatment..
this is 2 month and half ago and surprise last week my psa drop to 0.04 BUT i fast many days and take b17, artemisa annua, huang qin,
vitamine c liposaomal and tumeric ..selenium germanium and few other product capsicaine hemp oil reservatrol and few little vitamine my kitchen is a laboratory my wife help me thanks god
i am writing this because i have feeling that this can be of help to some people myscore on gleason was 4/6 and my psa was 7.80 before operation now i had a scan before starting hormonotheray and some metastasis were discover so i am waiting 3 to 4 months before making an other pet scan good luck and courage to every one regards

May 3, 2017

What is the half life of PSA? If production of the antigen was interrupted how quickly should the level fall? Usually if the level is to be retested it is done with a one month time frame. Is one month a better indicator than 14 days?
Thank you

Leonard Hobbs
February 15, 2017

I was positive for prostate CA, treated with radiation and no surg. due to a femoral bypass. My last 0.4. When should I be rechecked. I am 5 yrs post. radiation.

Wassil N Rascheeff
February 15, 2017

P.S. I was diagnosed in August 2007 with PSA 6.6 and Gleason 3+4, 4+3 and 4+4.

Wassil N Rascheeff
February 14, 2017

February 14th, 2017
I am 72 and had radiotherapy completed in March 2008. The PSA Nadir 0.01, January 2016 0.60 and June 2016 was 1.23. Double in less than 6 months. Started Biculutamide 50mg every day -> reduced the PSA to 0.20 within a month, than the doses was reduced to 50mg every second day. This kept the PSA steady for app 12months. Than it started creeping up, increased to 0.39 within 2 months. At this junction the doses was increased to 50mg/day and the PSA drooped to 0.14 within a month. Now I am advised to stop altogether the biculatamide, because according to the international benchmark, Nadir + 2.0, there is no sure evidence for reoccurance. I will stop the biculatamide and continue monitoring the PSA on monthly bases. Your opinion about the most life extension path forward will be greatly appreciated.

ferdinand marganon
February 1, 2017

i have robotic surgery or deviance , they remove my prostate ,any ways after the surgery doctor told me not to hurry all margin were clear as the node no evidence they were ok ,so my surgery after a month went check my p s a it shows 1.3 am very scare don’t know what to think or do ,doctor have send me pet scan for next week he said it migth been something in blood bra bra ,so if there is anybody that can guide me it will be greatly appreciated thank you and God bless you if any one wants to call me 2396287567 my surgery was on december 2016

ferdinand marganon
February 1, 2017

i have robotic surgery or deviance , they remove my prostate ,any ways after the surgery doctor told me not to hurry all margin were clear as the node no evidence they were ok ,so my surgery after a month went check my p s a it shows 1.3 am very scare don’t know what to think or do ,doctor have send me pet scan for next week he said it migth been something in blood bra bra ,so if there is anybody that can guide me it will be greatly appreciated thank you and God bless you if any one wants to call me 2396287567

Paul G Shaw
January 26, 2017

I had a Radical Prostesctomy on 2/11/16…. PSA prior to surgery was 7.7…MRI & Bone Scans prior to surgery showed no evidence of problems outside the Prostate. My Histology show the Cancer to be within the capsule with negative margins, removed lymph nodes and seminal vessels were also clear… the mystery ….at 6 weeks post op my PSA was 2.9…..3 weeks later it had dropped to 2.5….my Surgeon says he has only seen this twice in the last 5 years and he reckons that I am one of those rare people that take far longer to wash existing PSA out of my blood system. Further MRI & PET scans have been booked just to see if anything is going on that hasn’t been spotted……anyone else come across this before ?……..

Mark Merriam
March 20, 2018

Had my prostatectomy in Oct 2017. My PSA 7 weeks after was .77, a couple weeks later .68, a month after that it was. 48, then yesterday (roughly 5 months post-op) it was .60. Not finding much data/info on this type of situation or what others have experienced.

ac stout
January 20, 2017

I has a RPT in December of 2002 – results were no lymph node involvement, no seminal vesicle involvement, negative maring, Gleason 3 + 4.

My PSA remained undetectable until 2014, when it rose to .06 – since then, it has, except for one drop, steadily risen to .17…

My surgeon from Mayo Clinic says…do nothing until it gets to .4 – historically, he says, .4 to .6 can still be benign, and still treatable. My doctors here in Boise aren’t like-minded… especially the radiological oncologists… who insist radiation MUST begin at .2 – even though they admit that they are shooting in the dark to irradiate the prostate bed… it is simply a “best guess.” What are some of your experiences?

Ronald Lynn
January 7, 2017

PSA of 9.97 biopsy showed cancer in all 12 cores. Gleason of 3-3 to 4-3 Treatment of 45 days of radiation and hormone shot. 30 days after radiation treatment PSA test is .012 Is this low PSA common, rare, or very rare. Does this low number increase the chance of being cured?

Jim williams
August 5, 2016

I’m 80 years old and my doctor wants to retest my psa prostate was removed 22 years ago and have never had a positive report???? Does this make sense???

Jim williams
August 5, 2016

My prostate was removed 22 years ago I am now 80 years old and had a psa test with a negative resultfirst time in 22 years???
I’m confused .

July 10, 2016

I did have a history of watchfull waiting.My urologist told me that I am only buying time with watchfull waiting and sometime he has to do something for me.He told me the cancer normally develop between 3 and 6 years.

Oscar Soliz
June 26, 2016

Preoperative I was told I had a 100 percent chance of a cure if we acted quickly. Five weeks later, I had a radical robotic prostatectomy including lymph nodes and extended margins. How long after surgery do I have wait to have my adjuvant radiation therapy?

Bob Chapel
June 21, 2016


I am VERY confused as to why you had a radical prostatectomy?? You say your dissected prostate showed no signs of cancer… A gleason of 6 indicates that cancer is present…though certainly not likely a worrisome level unless all the cores were positive( and you don’t break down the score…3+3 ?? I know that I would never have had definitive treatment with your numbers…

June 4, 2016

In some patients the medial lob of the prostate grows into the bladderwall.With open surgery the urologist usually see it, but with the Da Vince robotic prostatectomy it is possible that the urologist can overlook it.This may lead to confusing psa results.In my case my last psa result one day before surgery was only 2.37.My first psa 3 weeks post-op was forty-five, psa at 6 weeks was 17.At 9 months psa was a happy 2.4.At 12 months psa was a terrifying 7.7.Now at 24 months my psa is a stable 4.3.I never received radiotherapy and I am still refusing it, nor any other treatment accept for antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets.But remember there was never any cancer found in my dissected prostate and my gleason score was 6 and my stage T1c.

Fred Einstein
May 27, 2016

I am a 58 year old whose prostate was removed 5 months ago by the DaVinci procedure. My PSA is 0.0 thank God. However, my urologist had a “Decipher” test done on my removed prostate (BTW: MAKE SURE THAT THE DECIPHER LAB IS IN-NETWORK ON YOUR HEALTH PLAN!!!! IT WAS OUT OF NETWORK ON MINE AND I’M STUCK WITH A $2000 BILL!!!!) and that test indicated that I have a high rate of recurrence — my Decipher score was .68).

Now my doctor recommends radiation, even though my PSA is 0.0!!!

My decision is to watch my PSA, having it done every 3 months and if it ever shows any rise to have radiation then.

Any other opinions?

patrick turner
May 24, 2016

Patrick Turner
Who knows anything about getting TWO lots of RT to a PG???
I’m 68, diagnosed Gleason 9 in 2009, Psa 6, had attempted open op but this failed, then HT, then EBRT in 2010. HT continued, but Psa now about 2.0.
No mets found with MPSA and PET scans exceot in 2 upper lymphs. A doc wants to try Calypso RT with RF beacons and gel and maybe 70Gy level for PG, so this increases total levels to PG to above 140Gy, maybe high enough to kill my Pca deemed to be RT resistant.
I worry prostatic urethra will be damaged, and maybe bigger op needed to remove bladder, PG, then make stoma for ureters from kidneys. All intelligent comments welcomed.
Regards to all, Patrick Turner.

carrie vincent
February 20, 2016

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Dorothy Rutledge
November 25, 2016

Was the hemp oil taken in a pill and did you have to purchase it from him?

Tim Skinner
February 6, 2016

I am 68 years old. I had a radical prostectomy in 1996. My PSA level dropped to non-detect for 5 years. In 2001, my PSA raised to .24. I underwent radiation for 7 weeks and my PSA has been measured as <008 until this summer when I got a result of .009. A PSA test 6 months later gave the result of .02. I know a different lab is being used recently. My urologist said I should not be concerned. I have anther test scheduled in 3 months. How concerned should I be? My Gleason score originally was 3+3.

A Goldstein
December 24, 2015

Shouldn’t there be an update to this post with a discussion of genetic and other biomarker testing of prostate tissue samples as well as new blood tests? I have read that there are enough data to suggest that these findings are useful in determining the cancer’s aggressiveness. Patients need all the help they can get to help make the “best” treatment decisions based on probabilities of recurrence.

Gregory Lock
October 12, 2015

I am 78 years old and had a Da Vinci assisted prostate-ectomy in early July 2015. Since then my follow up PSA tests have been 2.1 and 2.4. My surgeon will have it tested again in 4 weeks to help determine a follow up course of action, but he has already floated the possibility of hormone therapy. I trust him, but am worried about the possibility that it has somehow metastasized and would like to know if a second opinion would be a good idea.

john cole
August 1, 2014

It is 2 years post Ibrt with gleason scale 4 +2. 44 treatments. At first psa went down to 0 now last 4 tests are in the mid to high 2’s.iam also presenting with moderately enlarged prostate. I have also aquired renal cysts one of which slthough small and stable is still enhancing. Im having bsck Surgery lumbar fusion diskectomy etc. Mri shows back damage increased 10 fold in 9 months. Could this hsve something to do with perhsps some hidden metatasized process.

Robert Gleason
November 20, 2013

20 Months on no PSA levels after my Prostectemy now my PSA levels appear now what?

February 11, 2016

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