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How to handle a relapse after treatment for prostate cancer

March 11, 2009
  • By Harvard Prostate Knowledge

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July 26, 2018

Jim- If you need radiation again near the previous site you might due better with proton beam. I understand that it is more focused than SBRT. Proton machines are becoming more common and I would think you could find a center near your that has one. Of course speak to your DR.- he should know best.

jim wade
July 25, 2018

lonnie,,,doctor and i just talked,,,he wants me to get another bone scan cause i have not had one in 5 years..than i will get radiation..he is talking about 10 hits..big thing he is worried about is this note is close to where i had radiation before…jim

July 20, 2018

Hi Rodney,

As Jim said, you are certainly a candidate for Axumin at least to locate where the activity is. In the past they would shoot the fossa with 9 weeks of radiation. If the cancer is in a node, all you would need is short -5 day radiation. They used SBRT on me but they now have proton beam which is suppose to be even more exacting. Good luck

jim wade
July 20, 2018

rodney, if you live in england that is where the axumin came about…check around and you should find out where it is done there…they found the cancer in me from it..good luck. jim

July 16, 2018

To LONNIE My name is Rod a 78 yr old. I have read your history from the start. I am a UK Citizen Diagnosed with PCa in 2005. Base PSA 12. Watchful waiting for 3 years PSA 20. Had a RALP in 2008. PSA 0.01 for 8 years. Slow increase to 0.55 Dec. 2017. Now 1.56. I am intersted in the PET scan & AXUMIN. Not sure whether it is available here. Your advice would ber greatly appreciated.

jim wade
July 13, 2018

hi lonnie…just talked to a doc at the va in seattle…he tired to tell me that i have already had radiation..and i cant have it again…33 hits of it 5 years ago…but from what i read you can still have spot radiation on the cancer cell…33 were in a general area..trying than to kill it..but the doctor i am waiting on is on vacation and wont be back till week monday…he knows my case…and he will do it..

July 12, 2018

Hi Jim,

Don’t give up on SBRT for the localized found cells with the Axumin. If you have to have it done elsewhere, do that. Sometimes the bureaucracy of the VA gets in the way for proper and best treatment.

jim wade
July 2, 2018

lonnie,,,here we go a call from the va just now and they dont think will help that there is no info out there for them…they want to redo the shots…i told them no…i want another goat rode..

jim wade
June 28, 2018

lonnie,,,just got a call from the doctor..the axumin pet scan found it on the lymph note…now they are sitting up radiation..i did asked about proton..they dont do it here in town…if i want it i have to go to the va in seattle..but can get what you got here…i am the first va person here in washington state to have this pet scan done…thanks lonnie..jim

jim wade
June 27, 2018

jim g. wow….my psa after 16 years is .5 i am getting a axumin pet scan finds the cancer and than get a proton radiation..push for this pet scan..good luck

Jim G
June 26, 2018

Diagnosed in 2016 at at age 59. PSA 12. Surgery, Sep ’16. Gleason 9, prostatic extensions, 3 positive margins, no cancer found in SV or lymph nodes. First PSA after surgery: 0.11
Since not undetectable decided to do immediate additional treatment: radiation. Started ADT in Dec 16, next PSA undetectable. IMRT (36 sessions) in April/May 17. Lymph nodes not radiated. Next PSA undetectable. PSA in Dec 17 undetectable (testosterone at normal levels). PSA in Jun 18: 0.2
Now being told that we need to watch the PSA level to see how fast it escalates. Too soon to do PET scan as 0.2 is too low to see cancer (have had CT scan recently which was clean).
I believe that most likely location of cancer is pelvic lymph nodes (since they were not radiated) but doctors will not radiate that now, preferring to wait for level to get to 1.0 and then do PET scan. Likewise don’t want to put me on ADT.
Worries me that waiting is an opportunity for my cancer to spread further.

dolores diaz.ambrona de llera
June 18, 2018

Hi all:

My husban had Da Vinci surgery one year ago. His PSA one month after was 0.04. Six months later 0.05 and now, one year after surgery it’s risen to 0.08. I’m very concerned about it, could you give me some information? Seing uro on 27th June, in nine days time. I’m feeling anxious.

jim wade
June 15, 2018

lonnie thanks for all your help..27 jun is my appointment in seattle…i did call the va in seattle and they use proton i will be pushing for it when i get back..again thanks for you help…jim

June 13, 2018

Hi Jim-

I had SBRT radiation which focuses the beam on the specific area picked up by the Axumin scan. Treatment is for 5 days which takes about 20-30mins. Most of the time is positioning you for the radiation. There are centers now that have proton machines which are suppose to be even better at targeting the area. I don’t know what the regime of treatment is for proton. You should inquire about that.
I am going for another PSA in early August. Last one was .3 down from .46.

jim wade
June 12, 2018 there a special type of radiation for this…after i get done with this axumin scan…how many hits did you is the psa coming alone…

June 1, 2018

I’m 64. Late 2016 psa was rising from high 1’s & low 2’s to 5. Family physician sent me to urologist then 7. Biopsy was Gleason 6(3+3) in several areas and 7( one 3+4 and two 4+3) in other side. Started IMRT in January 2017 followed by brachytherapy in March. 6 month follow up psa was 3.4 and just last week 5.4 I’ve had pain in my right hip since middle of first month radiation. MRI fall of 2017 showed no metastasis but bursitis. Still have hip pain though.
Really worried with raising psa. Urologist says keeps rising we need some form of treatment
First time it went to 3.4 radiation oncologist said a post radiation “bump” I see him again next week. What should I know to ask.

May 31, 2018

Hi Pat-

The big problem is the symptom of pain from his hip. An MRI and/or bone scan will tell you if the cancer has metastasized to bone and if so, it’s location.. If that’s the case the urologist should be discussing a treatment plan that probably involves chemo and/or hormones. I’m not sure if radiation is contraindicated at this time because of his past exposure. Don’t let the doctors walk over you. You have to be a proactive advocate for your husband if he is unable or unwilling to do so. Your husbands attitude to “take it one day at a time” could be a very costly mistake in judgement. Remember the more you know the better off he will be.

Pat Arthur
May 30, 2018

Need advice please!! My husband had normal psa levels below 4 until 2010. Then it was at 4.08 & continued to go up until 2011. At that time he had a heart attack & one month later we had to see the Urologist. PSA at that time was almost 7 but we had to wait for biopsy until 2012 because of blood thinner medication for heart. He had a biopsy & was considered low risk with a Gleason score of 6. He had radiation & 43 seed implants. The next psa was 0.45. We continued to have follow up labs done every six months. In February of 2017 his psa was 3.40, April 2017 was 3.66, June 2017 it was at 5.12 then in Oct. 2017 it was at 7.49.
He decided to hold off on further psa test & take it a day at a time because the Urologist & Oncologist said they would not worry until it got to 8.
He has been complaining about not being able to sleep on his right hip because of the pain. We are set now for a X-ray of the hip & lab work to check to see where his psa is now.
We feel that if the doctors were concerned enough to do treatments at 7 why would they not be more concerned when it goes to 8.
We are looking at this at his age of 73 now & wondering if this cancer has spread to his bones.
Any advice from someone would be appreciated.

jim wade
May 23, 2018

just want to let you all know that if you have recurring prostate cancer..push for the axumin pet was approved my the FDA two years ago..tricare and medicare uses it..the VA has not, but you can use choice program like i did to get the scan…

May 18, 2018

Jim-Good luck. It will find it and I hope it’s a small localized area that is easily treatable with SBRT.

jim wade
May 16, 2018

lonnie,,,got a call from my doctor..on the way to seattle for the axumin pet the uwmc..dont know when..but it is 3 to 4 weeks out.hope it works and finds the cancer..jim

jim wade
May 14, 2018

lonnie,,just got done with a contrast ct scan..they found one enlarge lymphnode..waiting on the doc to call and see if that is where the cancer is..than go from there…i did contract unmc in seattle where they do the axumin scan..psa is .5 i am off the shots..ouch..6 of them and gain over 100lbs from taking the shot…i am not going into the side effects from the shots…you can read that yourself..but let let me tell you they are not fun…jim

jim wade
April 17, 2018

lonnie..when do you get another psa…hope it goes down..i a a va patient…just heard that the seattle va might have it now..will find out thru when i go to the doc…

Greg Rowles
April 6, 2018

Greg R., age 65
Was diagnosed Sept. 2016. Had prior biopsies with negative results as my PSA climbed in a straight line over 10+ years from 2.5 to 44. Spike in PSA in Sept. hit 166. Started Lupron quarterly treatments and continuing today. Began 9 weeks of radiation treatment in April’17 followed by 18 weeks/6 treatments of Docetaxel chemo in July-Nov. of 2017. PSA bottomed at 0.12 Nov ’17. Feb. of ’18, PSA at 0.32. March 30–PSA at 1.2. From biopsy, my Gleason scores for the three of 18 samples that were cancerous at diagnosis were 8, 9, and 10. CT scan at diagnosis showed no metastatic cancer detectible. I am scheduled to see my oncologist on Monday next. What can I expect to hear and what is my prognosis going forward? She has already mentioned an advanced tracer for the CT scan that finds where the cancer cells may have already strayed to. Has this cancer possibly spread to other parts of my body even with this aggressive initial approach? I was so disappointed with the PSA recent increase. Made me want to quit my job at age 65 and retire and living life for me and my family. Have had a little bladder leakage on occasion as well–3 events in the last three months. Will I need to continue hormone treatments beyond the scheduled two years ending Dec. of 18? Where am I heading on the quality of life scale and longevity yardstick? Thanks for your opinion.

March 15, 2018

Hi Tom.

Any residual PSA after a RP is due to prostate cells that can be benign (probably not) or cancerous (more likely). Unfortunately as I read through some of the experiences that some people have had to endure, I realize that there is a great need for greater prostate education ( Dave’s description of his situation is illustrative of it for example).

When I was diagnosed with a “lump” on my prostate (anal exam) I was told to have a biopsy. I had one and there was some discomfort but really not all that bad. It was a good thing I went right away because they found I had 5-6 cores that were cancerous out of the ten they tested. Being a surgeon and at age 57 I chose surgery post haste. The results of the surgery was that the cancer had not spread out of the prostate capsule and I did not need any further treatment at that time.
For the next 16 years (Yes, 16 years) i went annually to my urologist for a PSA and it was 0.0.
This past summer when I went for my annual exam the PSA reading had gone to .46.From reading the literature I knew anything over .2 was considered a BCR (biochemical recurrence). In early 2016 the Axumin scan was developed which was a pet-scan that showed where there was cancerous prostate activity. It was approved by the FDA and Medicare is now covering it. I had that scan done and it showed I had a tiny area of activity in a lymph node to the right of the prostate fossa. I was told to get SBRT radiation to target that area which entailed radiation over 5 days for approximately 15 mins/day. Three months later my PSA is now .3 My point is : #1 don’t be afraid to have a prostate exam, #2-Don’t be afraid of the biopsy (BTW-BPE (benign prostate enlargement is quite common in men as they age which will cause a compression of the duct that empties the bladder through the penis causing difficult urination).#3- Get informed about all your options and do some research-ask a lot of questions. Don’t go to one doctor who only does things one way.

BTw TOM- Any elevation (doubtful) of PSA is not common especially when you’ve had an RP.

Tom W.
March 14, 2018

Help! I had my entire prostate removed three years ago. My PSA has been minimal, but still there. I have taken Lupron injections. Three months after an injection, my PSA is 0.1 But typically it can go up to 0.3 or 0.4 after three months of not taking a Lupron injection. After three years I am still required to get a check up every three months!

In the last visit I had with my Urologist (three months ago from this time when I had the Lupron injection) I asked him why does my PSA still go up? He says that there seems to be a microscopic trace of cancer that’s scattered. I have suggestions that I should get imaging just to see where it is. If something is found, then I could have radiation and it could put it away for good. I don’t know.

Also I had heard that doing strenuous exercising, which I do, can raise up PSA level. Do you think that’s true if the prostate has been removed entirely?

March 13, 2018

In 2013 I was told by my primary doctor that my psa had risen to 6.2 and was told to go see a urologist. I was terrified of the pain involved with the needle biopsy. Couple of guys said it was the worst pain they ever felt.

I told the urologist that I was very concerned about the pain. His response was ” it only bothers wimps like you. ” Needless to say I never returned to his office. My psa at that time
had risen to 8.6 Urinating was becoming difficult.

Many months later I decided to go to the VA hospital. I kept refusing to get a psa test. My primary doctor was a woman as was my cardiologist. They wanted me to have the psa test so I asked them if they were me would they have it done?
They both were addament I should do it so I finally did it.

The result was a psa of 21.

On the day of the scheduled biopsy I sat In my car and medicated myself with Vicadan and a large thermous of wine.
( If my sunroof was open I would have floated right up through it.)

Weaving my way to urology surgical dept I met the doctor. She was very nice and asked how I was feeling. I told her ” Im scared to death because I dont want to be tortured ! ”

She asked why I thought I would be tortured ? She told me you are not going to feel any pain at all and if you do tell the doctor to stop and we will take you up stairs and put you to sleep. The biopsy was painless. Just one little pinch at the end.

Well the biopsy showed 10 of 12 coupons cancerous in both lobes with a Gleason score of 8. Surgery was out of the question. Three surgeons agreed I would be incontinent if they operated.

I was treated with radiation for 14 weeks took bicalumibe pills and given injections of lupron in my lower stomach just under the skin every three months. They refer to that as HORMONE THERAPY. They dont tell you what that actually is and what its going to do to you. They say oh there might be a few side effects.
The truth is that what you will have to endure is exactly what its supposed to do. They are not side effects! It turns you into a freak ! you become more female then male. You suffer menapause that women have to suffer with hot flashes etc. It effects your brain as well as your body. You might turn into a totally miserable bitch.

To make a long story short I ended up in the mental health dept seeing a psychologist once a week for over two years. I was drinking heavily and walking the streets all night. Sleep was impossible.

It is actually chemical castration and you have to suffer the horrible things it does to your body as well as your mind. My oncologist said he had to stop these treatments Since it was affecting my life so badly.

Well now Im 69 and things seem stable as far as psa etc. I had major heart surgery last year. That was due to a fifth heart attack.

I may have to go back on those treatments again one day but hopefully not.
Im sure I would have had an easier time of it if someone had sat down with me and explained in very plain,simple and blunt language.exactly what I was up against.

My psychologist was a fantastic lady and really helped me a lot. Without her I might be in jail. Its amazing how God brings you to just the right person at the right time to help you when you need help the most.

I wish all of you a quick recovery from that stinking cancer.

Roger Bryant
February 25, 2018

Follow up, Bone scan came back negative, waiting for a follow up blood test to see the aggressiveness of the PSA.

February 24, 2018

Hi Jim,

The scan was approved by Medicare so maybe no need for VA. I have been told by the radiologist-oncologist that medicare has really started approving Axumin scans more easily now. The scan was done by DCA (Diagnostic centers of America) of which there are many in this area of Florida. The radiation was done at an outpatient component of the local hospital. Your radiologist can give you more info by be sure that he is experienced with SBRT not just the shotgun EXT type.

jim wade
February 20, 2018

jim,, lonnie well it is going down…good luck…i and the va are working on me getting the scan once i get back to spokane..i have to go to seattle. that is the only place that does it in washington state…did you get the radiation at the same place you had the scan..jim

February 20, 2018

Hi All- Update

I went for my 3 month PSA test after SBRT. Before the SBRT it was .46. 3 Months later it is .3
Perhaps the accurate localization of the activity with the Axumin scan reduced activity. It’s still too early to make that determination but at least the PSA is heading in the proper direction…down. My next PSA will be in 6 months and we’ll see how things are progressing.


February 14, 2018

Hi Jerry,

At this stage, chemo is the right way to go. There was an article in the NY Times last week on prostate cancer. You probably can google it, There was mention of 2 new medications being developed for PC. I think one of the two is almost ready for FDA approval. I would check into it. I’m not sure it would be relevant to your situation. Good luck.

February 13, 2018

Hi Jim,

It is now 3 months after SBRT for BCR. My PSA was .46 before 5 days of SBRT. New PSA reading was .30
I guess the Axumin scan was able to pinpoint the one node where the activity was and it zap it for now. I hope it continues to go down.

February 10, 2018

PSA of 6. 6 Biopsies indicated cancer in 4. RP in Sept 1998. Follow up PSA for 5 years, undetectable. After 13 years, GP advised have a PSA, it was 6. Consulted urologist and started Eligard/Lupron. In 2016, PSA to 18, so started Zytiga and prednisone. PSA 38 in July of 2017. Oncologist advised radiation. Had 1 “mega” dose because I live 3 hours from radiologist office. After radiation, PSA to 44. In January 2018, PSA 58. As of 1 week ago, PSA 75.2. Oncologist advising chemo, 1 infusion every 3 weeks for up to 6 cycles.
Wonder if doing the right thing. I am now 76 years old.

jim wade
February 2, 2018

lonnie,,,any word on your psa…hope all is well. i go see my doctor in april..he told me we will talk about axumin than…keeping finger cross..

Roger Bryant
January 14, 2018

Jan 14,2018
Had RP 2012 at MGH . Horror shown,poor stitching caused serious internal bleed. As a result the opening to the bladder would not heal properly and kept blocking urinary flow. six months of pain and cath,s plus additional opening procedures on the table.

Finally able to urinate post one year. !-9-18 after four years of 0.1 PSA’s I tested with a 2.1 which increased to a 3.8 in one week.
DR. Ordered a bone scan ——-Waiting and scared. Roger

January 9, 2018

i Matt- Check into the Axumin scan., they can locate the activity giving rise to the PSA. If you have radiation, it’s better if they know where to shot you. In addition, EXT radiation is a 8-9 week treatment 5x per week. SBRT on a specific area is focused radiation for 5 days.

January 9, 2018

Hi Jim.

Surgery its always an option but if you can kill the cancer with SBRT that is properly aligned, why get cut? Surgery might be ab option if the SBRT can not do the job and the Axumin scan shows further activity.

January 9, 2018

lonnie..i just read about the axumin article said about cutting the note out..have you heard that.

jim wade
January 8, 2018

go for it and hope they hit it..i would get the axumin scan that way they know where it is..i had 33 hits and they missed it..axumin scan was not around 16 years ago…good luck

January 7, 2018

I had my prostate removed 8yrs ago. PSA undetectable until last week when it came back at .27. They are recommending radiation. What options if any do I have? I am 57yrs of age

jim wade
January 3, 2018

thanks for the info..i had SBRT in 2012…33 hits..did not work. they were hitting the lymph nodes and the cancer was not there..that is why i want the axumin done to see where it is…but i could be fighting the va… i have had two series of shots..first time three shots worked, than the last one did not..waited for a year and started two shots left. so as you can see,i am heading for 16 years with this..

January 2, 2018

Jim- BTW- I am a doctor-surgeon. Not a urologist.

January 2, 2018

Hi Jim- I did the SBRT radiation based on the results of the Axumin scan. The scan showed activity in a small node on the right side, not in the fossa. The radiation treatment was for 5 days. It took about 20 mins total each day. Most of the time was taken up by getting me aligned properly. I did not have ADT which is androgen deprivation treatment (hormones). So to sum it up:
16 years ago I had radical prostatectomy. No involvement of anything outside the prostate. No radiation was done at that time. I went for 16 years with a 0.0 PSA. After that time an annual PSA test picked up a reading of .4. Anything over .2 is considered a Biochemical rebound (in other words probable recurring cancerous activity) Sometimes the increase after such a long time could be from benign cells but probably not (My opinion). Some people wait to see if they have a slow doubling time of their PSA. They will get tests every three months. I believe in preventive therapy asap. I choose to have the SBRT radiation because it could be focused right where there was activity. I hope this helps you.

jim wade
January 1, 2018

lonnie,,question…have you done the radiation…way i understand you had the axumin scan right…what are you talking about ADT..

December 30, 2017

Hi Jimmy-

I have tried to keep ADT as the last choice of treatment. ADT usually wipes PSA out down to zero but it doesn’t always mean you’re put off the woods. Good luck on getting an approval. Privately the test costs about $4300 but worth it if there is no other way to get it.

jimmy wade
December 27, 2017

hi lonnie, jim wade here,,how is it going…i just emailed the VA and asked for what you had..waiting for them to let me know. FDA approved this..tricare and medicare use keeping my finger psa was .54 and .58 i am on the shots..ouch..knowing the va god help

December 20, 2017

Hi Albert-

PSA elevation is an indication of increased activity that is probably cancerous. See your urologist and get as pale of action to combat this latest assault. It may mean hormones, etc. But have yourself checked.

Albert Renwick
December 10, 2017

Hi,new to this site. I am a 73 year old man. Had seed implant and 6 weeks radiation almost 6 1/2 years ago. PSA just jumped 14 points. Is Cancer back ? No idea. Married, 5 grown kids, 14 grandkids and a beautiful wife for over 40 years. I want more time with her. Can I, who knows. Not complaining just want to live a bit longer. Not knowing is tough. Just living each day as best as we all can works for me and I hope it does for everybody stricken with this hellish cancer illness. Good luck to all.

November 16, 2017

Update… I had a pre-radiation blood test and the PSA was still 0.4 as it was three months ago, I started SBRT and will be finished with it tomorrow. No pain or soreness from it, I didn’t even know I was having treatment. Now I’ll have to wait for the follow up blood tests in 3-6 moths and see if myPSA goes back to 0.0. Fingers crossed.

Lonnie Rattner
November 2, 2017

Hi Guys- Update.

After finding the activity in the obturator node on the right I went to radiologist-oncologist. He was past president of the American Academy of Radio-oncologist and a whole bunch of other organizations including head of the local hospital oncology department.
Anyway, his recommendation, based on the Axumin scan was NOT to shoot the whole area of the fossa with 8-9 weeks of radiation (EXT) but to use SBRT radiation right at the site. This focuses the beam exactly where you want it and reduces damage to other structures. It is also a much shorter regime of treatment. It is radiation for 5 days. Current literature seems to put positive result (PSA=0.0) with this type of treatment at 93% over 5 years.
BTW- The study showed that there was no any better result utilizing ADT with the SBRT.

Nell Sue
October 17, 2017

Jim Wade: increases of doubles or triples or with evidence of spread to bone or blood. Your increase is relatively small compared to those we are seeing (4>11>135) in a castrate environment. Have you been scheduled for scans? (I don’t think drs realize how scary their remarks can be, and they fail to explain further. Wish you all the best.)

Based on the (4>11>135)increases that I just cited, we are being referred to an oncologist. For a man of 89, I would like to know what the impact to quality of life versus extension of life from radiation or chemo would be. Life continues to be good right now, and putting in days of profound misery and recovery from treatments that knock the stuffing out of younger people—not sure he is up for that. Anyone with experience?

jim wade
October 15, 2017

lonnie,,,i had my psa taken thursday.. 0.58 went up after my last shot 5 months ago.. last psa was 0.54 dont know what is next…dont see the doctor till next april…i do go in tomorrow for another shot….doc did tell me if it dont go down than it is time for the cancer doctor..scares the you know what out of me right now,,,not knowing..i am going to asked about what you had done to find it..jim

Nell Sue
October 13, 2017

Please don’t post this silliness of made up stories about oil and people who do spells on this board. If people want to find those things, they can easily do so on the internet.

Mother’s husband, now 89, diagnosed in 2011, on HT since, with no complaints about side effects, enjoying life, has had rises in PSAs, from the expected super low numbers at the outset to 3-4 over the past year and then to 11+ three months ago and now 137.+. Doc also did T4 blood work. (No serum testosterone taken.) Still on Lupron and finasteride.

Has anyone had experience with therapy based on T4 results? What can we expect, based on your experience, in the way of the next phase of therapy? Thanks very much. Nell Sue

jim wade
September 29, 2017

lonnie,,i guess it is great news that they found it..most of my friends took two shoots and than radiation..cut the food than kill it…now like i said i did it the other way..radiation did not work..cell was not in the lymph notes..than the shoots..which worked for i am back on the shoots..hope they work for now,,or cancer doctor..will asked my doc if they can do the same for me as you…would love to know where it is…keep up the good work..jim

Thomas Karol
September 29, 2017

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Gary Kohler
September 27, 2017

Hello All, Looking for coments….
Diagnosed with PC on 4-16-2017
PSA on 9-23-2015 5.2
PSA on 3-25-2016 5.6
PSA on 9-27-2016 5.9
Biopsy= Gleason 7, TNM=T2C, 7 of 12 positive
RP on 6-5-2017 (Margins Neg- 5 lymph nodes= all neg)
Had a Polaris on Prostate (score very High)
PSA 7-7-17 .6
PSA 8-7-17 .8
Had cat scan=neg Bone scan=neg
Started Lupron and Casadex
Radiation starting end of Oct. to lymph nodes and prostatic site
Thanks, Gary Thankfull for all replys

September 25, 2017

Hi guys-newest update:

I had an Axumin scan (the newest pet scan -FDA approved last year). Much more sensitive than all the other scans available. It showed a positive hit of a lesion less than 1 cm in the right internal obturator lymph node. There was no positive reaction in the fossa. I am consulting with two radiation oncologists to determine if radiation of the fossa with particular attention to the node is the way to go. I had a bone scan and MRI, both were negative.
And the beat goes onl…

Jose Diaz
September 19, 2017

When I was 50, my cancer was detectable by rectal examination no by PSI, I had the RP with the Gleason 7, margins and lymph clear, now with 5.5 year my PSI rises to 0.3, I’m nervous because the doctor wants to wait 3 months to make me another test of PSI to see if going up. Please give me advice, Thanks.

jim wade
August 24, 2017

lonnie,,my bone scan came back neg..radiation that i had did not work…they concentrated on my lynph notes..hopeing that is where the cancer was..but the cancer was not the radiation did not work…now i am on the shots…first series of shots only the first three worked..psa was 0.04..after last shot it went up to .2 took pills for 8 months..when i first started them it went down to .1 but finally the psa went up to .5 now i am back on the shots…keeping fingers crossed..good luck,,,jim

August 24, 2017

Hi Jim

I made an error in my last post in regard to PSA history. Checking with the urologist, After I had the RP in 2001 my PSA was 0.0. It stayed 0.0 for 15 years. In 2015, my PSA was 0.1. My doctor moved into a new office and I didn’t get my usual reminder and after 15 years I wasn’t aware that I hadn’t heard from him. When I called, I was told it had been 18 months since I was in last. When I went back, My PSA was checked 3 different times ( he had changed labs) to be sure the numbers were correct. I got 0.4, 0.4, and 0.5. My urologist is scheduling me for a bone can and MRI expecting negative results ( I hope!). Sorry for the misinformation in last post. This is where I now stand. The urologist feels that if I go over 0.6, he would recommend radiation therapy since all indications would seem to indicate a localized situation (dependent on neg. bone scan, etc.).

jim wade
August 22, 2017

lonnie dont worry man 0.04 is great..mind for 10 years was .1 when it hits .2 than worry…i had mind taken our and it was 10 years before it came back,,,5 years i am taking shots in the belly…had radiation but did not work. wish i had 0.04

August 16, 2017

I had an RP in Jan 17.
The initial PSA was 0.04
The second was less than 0.04
I then had one done locally 0.05.
Two weeks later at the clinic it was 0.07

I now have to wait 6-8 weeks for another test with the possibility of radiotherapy.

Personally I find all the waiting extremely stressful.
I’m not particularly keen to have any further treatment.

August 15, 2017

Diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 57 in 2001. PSA was 4.2 . Biopsy showed ca with Gleason 7. I had 2001 and they found no involvement in surrounding tissue. Ca only in the gland. No radiation recommended. PSA after RP was .01. I have been followed for 16 years and the PSA stayed ar .01. Last test showed increased to .04. This test was done by a different lab since my urologist moved and all the othe PSA tests were done in house. This latest test was sent out to new lab. I had another test 2 weeks later to check findings. Waiting for results of the second test. If the same result, will have follow up tests in 3 months. Any comments, suggestions, ??

July 29, 2017

hi tef
just wanted to add that it does matter if the cancer has spread to the margins when choosing surgery because of all the nerves located their if they find it during surgery they are going to try and clean it up and go on hormone therapy and thats where it can get tricky. a gleason 6 i think should not have spread but i would favor proton radiation(the precise dosage gets delivered to the prostate sparing other organs) without hormone and if by chance it comes back he will have another treatment (hormone) to fight with but the true test is what your husbands instinct is telling him to can live with it no matter what but if you a treatment based on some else (drs friend relatives,wives)and it does not work it will eat at you.

July 28, 2017

hi tef my name is tony i was diagnosed at 59 gleason of 7 to 8 with over 60 % of core involvement my spa pre proton radiation was 5.9 although i started taking tumeric for 3 weeks before proton start at went down 3.6 after treamenti was 1.97 3mos 1.1 6 month 0.9 9 month bounce to 1.7 12 months drop to 1. 4 15 months bounce up to oncologist is not worried say these are good numbers had proton radiation uf jacksonville no real side effects

July 26, 2017

Thank you so much Ed!! God Bless you and I pray for a cure for you and all of these kind men.

July 26, 2017

Hi Tef-

Regarding your husband and in general, yes, I do believe he has a real shot at a cure, since it is only T2 which would indicate that the cancer is still contained within the prostate itself (vs. stages 3 or 4, where it has gone outside the prostate and potentially “drifted”). Personally, I am stage 3, so for me, it’s a bit more worrisome. Again, in general, your husband should have an excellent shot at cure regardless of the treatment he chooses (surgery or radiation). In regard to the relapse potential, this is a bit more unpredictable, although at T2, the percentages should certainly be in his favor. One reference you can visit is the YANA survivors website, which lists many survivor stories at all stages (1-4). I’m sure if you take a look, you’ll find examples similar to your husband’s where the prognosis is excellent. This should help ease your mind a bit. I hope this helps. Best of luck and God bless.

July 25, 2017

Also, does anybody know of anyone that has had a treatment and NOT had a relapse? It seems like all the stories are the same. My husbands Dr. made it sound like this was totally curable….. after reading the posts, it seems like it’s going to come back no matter what treatment he picks.. His highest PSA was 7.5 and Gleason is 6, stage T2 Prostate Cancer. I’m devastated. We have young kids. I’m sorry to all of you and your families. God Bless you all.

July 25, 2017

Hi Roger Still, I was wondering how you are doing? My husband just got diagnosed with PC. He is only 54 and does not want surgery. We are considering Proton, Radio Active Seed Implant or Hifu. Anyone who has had any of these and has good info would be appreciated. Thanks. My name is Tef

July 18, 2017

At last do I have access to a PET scan.Whether the med
funds are willing to pay for it remains to be seen.
The question is what am I going to do with the results.
I have heard to many times of people who complains of side
effects after salvage radiation.Hormone treatment has also
side effects.This I will only consider I there is a visible tumor.My PSA is now after Da Vince radical prostatectomy in April 2014 between four and five although
there was a value of 7.44.Some people say that some cancer is there causing a high PSA but is not aggressive.
Something like a piece of metal in your body which causes no threat.I you treat it you may live till ninety years
but with a less quality live,I you don’t treat it,you may
live till eighty years with a quality live but at say 78 ,
strong decline in quality of live till death.

Clint Shaw
July 11, 2017

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Frederic streck
June 22, 2017

I’m in my 11th year …. just finished chemotherapy in march (3rd time ) PSA was .05 … 6 weeks later psa was .25 … 5 weeks later psa was 3.0 …. what next ?

June 17, 2017


May 16, 2017

hi guys,,,just got back from the doctor…psa has gone up from .17 to .54 ouch,,,back on the shots again,,this time if the shots dont work than it is the cancer doctor..been fighting this crap for 15 years. surgery to remove it 10 years later, radiation 33 hits,,,missed the cancer,,,four shots. three worked one did not…pills for 10 months…now back on shot….but i am still here…ha

jimmy wade
May 3, 2017

hi paul cecka,,as of right now…so far i am done with the shots….doc put me on pills,,,same ones i had right after finding out the radiation did not work…be hole my psa went down from .21 to .17…so i am still taking the pills for he last six months,,,go back the 16th of may and have another check will find out what is next…15 years of fighting this crap…what i cant find out is why…no answers ha…10 years from the time i had it taken out before it came back…so the last five been radiation and shots…but i am stll around…did have side effects.weight gain and more but i am still here..

May 3, 2017

Wasn’t one that frequented a doctors office all my life. Only went when absolutely needed to and that was few and far between. I am 55 years old and had an ulcer…while being treated by my new and only recent physician he included a PSA test during our first initial visit. Low and behold a PSA reading of 17 followed by a subsequent reading of 15 three weeks later. Bioposy 12 cores positive..(10) 3+4, (2) 4+3. RP on 1/16/17, Da Vinci..with lymph node dissection. Final Diagnosis: Prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gleason 3+5=8, involving bilateral lobes and focally extending to adipose tissue. pT3a NO MX. 14 lymph nodes negative for malignancy all margins negative. No invasion of seminal vesicals. Went for 90 day PSA test on May 2, 2017. PSA undetectable..Total ED as nerves could not be spared, continance improving daily almost back to normal. Have my fingers crossed…the journey continues.

Paul Cecka
April 27, 2017

Hello Jim,
last comment from you 07/03/2016 – and since I am in your exact situation prior to you getting more treatment,I am
quite curious as to how you are doing.Hope this finds you still breathing and feeling well.

Kevin Pruisner
April 4, 2017

July 8 2015 biopsy then got worse stage sepsis week in hospital after home received gleason score 3+4=7 then urinary tract infection 6+ weeks later put on low antbiotics for2-3 months Dec turned 60. Jan 21 2016 prostrate removed 3 month check non detectable 6 mon .1 9-10 mon.2 14 mon.3 Now wait, in 3 more & 6 months again see if it moves up to .4 or if higher at next 3 months start radiation be next step. Dr. says 80% no problems next 10% have reading no problems but I have door open to get into other 10% that need radiation.

February 22, 2017

My advice to everyone is if you feel uncomfortable or nervous, don’t settle on a local urologist, oncologist etc. My PSA test came back at 24 and my doctor referred me to a local urologist. At 24, I knew this was serious so I went home and called the Cleveland Clinic and got an appointment for the next day. The peace of mind I get is worth the two hour drive each way.
After surgery, I had to get radiation and my doctor at The Clinic said it would be fine to get it locally. I went to a large local hospital and met with an oncologist and he misspoke about where my cancer had spread. That made me very uncomfortable and I drove 35 days strait (no weekends off)two hours each way to get my radiation treatments at The Clinic. I did it for peace of mind and I am glad I did.

Road master
February 3, 2017

Hello Jerry Diamond, can you send me your contact info.?
My email address is roadmasterlk@
Would like to know more, thanking you in advance.

Tino Cassolato
January 28, 2017

Jerry Diamond

Love to talk to you about your situation which is so similar to mine. Also living close to you and ride a bike and am 70.

George Fardelmann
January 19, 2017

Hi Jerry and all,
I’m in about the same place you were in, in 2004. 58, multifocal G7 4+3 psa just doubled from 3.5 to 7 in three months. NO extracap extension. MRI shows 4 lesions pirad 3 and pirad 4. I am scheduled for Brach LDR seeds but concerned my numbers are too high risk and should opt for surgery or cryotherapy. I also changed my diet and am off meat, eggs, dairy. Taking lycopene, green tea extract, turmeric, NOW plus. Latest psa was day after DRE. Will that affect score? Hoping so considering it doubled. Just had a 3TMRI in Portland which showed for clinically significant large volume lesions. 2 of most concern. one in left apex creating slight bulge on capsule and one against capsule on right base. Any suggestions for primary therapy decision would be much appreciated

Jerry Diamond
January 16, 2017

So I had an RP in 2004 with a Gleason of 3÷4 and a PSA of 4.5. All good after that five years later I go in for my 6 month and my first jump in 5 years I’m at .13 A month later I did the radiation and all good for the next 7 years. Went for my 6 month check I’ll be damned it’s back with a PSA of .27. I decided then I have to go radical in my diet. No sugar no artificial sweetners no desserts even have bread with no sugar and have totally stopped red meat and lamb. Chicken and fish sardines only lots of salads greens spinach Brussel sprouts kale asparagus and broccoli. Besides that every morning I have 8 ozs of pomegranate juice with 6000 units of vitamin D3 as well twice a day i have Curcumin capsules and every evening before I go to sleep I cut up fresh ginger with cinnamon in a cup and add boiling water to it. Let it steep for 10 minutes and then drink it. Have had 2 PSA s since over the last 7 months and my PSA is stabilized I am still .27. I was hoping it would drop, but grateful it has not gone up.Also did a bone scan and MRI and all is good. I’m seeing a great oncologist in Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and we do have a game plan as I am very active still riding my Harley at 70 now. Should my number start to increase I plan to go to Germany on my oncologists advice and get a special scan called a PET PSA HE which you can check up on Google. That will tell me exactly where my cancer hot spot is and then I can come back to Canada and they will do a procedure called HIFU which only kills cancer cells and leaves the good cells alone. There is as well a new therapy called immunotherapy where they take good cells from your body and reinject them back in and they go after the cancer cells.As well there is also a new therapy where they can inject you with gold nano particles and they will attack cancer cells with a special light that works in unison.So there are lots of options and many new things always coming down the pipeline and one day we will have a cure for cancer and we are not far away when we will be immunized for never getting cancer. Also not a bad idea to spend some time in solitude and maybe pray or just erase all thoughts from your mind. If there is anyone out there who would like to chat or write me please feel free to do so. Thanks for taking the time to read about my situation and the best of everything to all the guys out there facing this dilemma in their lifetime. One more thing never rest on your laurels be aggressive with your oncologist and if he is not giving you the right answers and advice get rid of him! IT’S YOUR LIFE NOT HIS ON THE LINE. Look at every option that is available and keep checking for new one Happy 2017

January 5, 2017

Writing for my father. In Feb 2003 at the age of 71, my father was diaganosed with prostate cancer from a biopsy with a Gleason score of 7. From March 2003 til late 2005 here is the progression of treatments after which the PSA was undetectible for until early 2016. 1. Cryoablation. Successful, but PSA creeped up within a few months. 2. Failed Radical Prostatectomy, surgeon opened and determined too much necrotic tissue and an attempt would lead to bleeding out. Closed back. 3. Chemo followed by radiation. This worked and for the last 11+ years dad has gotten shots of lupron I believe bi-annually and the PSA remained at undetectable. In January 2015 he got a reading of 1 following by 2 then 4 then December 2016 8. So the velocity is of course faster than we’d like. Since his initial treatment was cryoablation and the radical failed (but during radical there was some evidence it may have spread to the nearby lymph nodes but not definitively confirmed), it really could be in the original prostate bed or could have metastasized elsewhere. Dad is now 84 and it feels a little like “Where’s Waldo” because the growth at this point is likely microscopic, correct me if I’m wrong, and could be anywhere. He’s going to a urologist this month, but will need to find a new one as the one he’d used previously is no longer in practice and has retired.

Any thoughts or insight about survivability, location, veolcity would be appreciated. Dad is in good health, exercises daily (either at 24-hour fitness resistance and treadmill) or walking with mom at the mall. He eats a light, healthy individualized diet, has a small to moderate amount of wine a few times a week and literally sleeps 10-11 hours nightly as he wears a fitbit for tracking.



Tim Smith
December 23, 2016

I’m 54. I had Robotic surgery on 11/14/16.One of nine lymph nodes tested positive. Surgeon recommends follow up radiation and hormones. I’ll try to condense a long story. I had a PSA of 5 five years ago and went to a urologist who gave me the standard “glove” test and sent me away. I wasn’t told nor did I understand at the time the gravity of my situation. No treatment was recommended at that time other than, ” Come back in a year”. So I gave it no thought.
Fast forward five years. I feel a “sensation” in my lower left abdomen, so I visit my GP and he orders some tests. A later colonoscopy revealed a healthy colon. It was later learned through a scan that my sensation was a small hernia, HOWEVER the blood test came back with a PSA of 10.4. At this point I’m still oblivious to the numbers and go to a local urologist.A biopsy reveals a Gleason of 9 and T3 cancer in the upper part of my Prostate.After a second opinion and a lot of homework on local talent I had my Prostate removed.
My urologist seems to have a “throw everything at this” approach. With my high numbers he recommends radiation AND hormones as soon as I fully recover from my surgery. My continence is pretty good with a few exceptions. A squirt getting out of the car isn’t uncommon and the later in the day it is the less control I seem to have, usually when I get up from a seated position. I have always made it to the john but I’m not confident enough to stop using pads completely and not without a squirt or two.
I had one complication during surgery that most don’t have. I have three kidneys. The surgeon ordered a 3T MRI but we had to settle for the older 2T type since none in my area had it.This may be why he thought there was a “Y” into one ureter. He had a surprise when he cut something that spurted urine. Thank God I had the surgeon I did. He has able to re route my extra ureter and put into the bladder and put in a stint on the fly. According to him, the other alternative would have been a tube out my back.
They also removed nine lymph nodes. One was positive for cancer..ugh.
I’m not completely sold on the “hit it with everything” approach” after hearing about the side effects of radiation and hormones. I’m hopeful that my psa will be low enough that this won’t be necessary right away. Especially after reading of others who didn’t need it. If my numbers come back low hopefully I won’t need the other treatments yet. One can only hope, pray and eat right. Selenium, zinc,Vitamin D, ginger root, cinnamon, pure green vegetable juice, tart cherry juice..anything to help those healthy cells work better.Lay off the fatty red meats. loose weight.
A FYI on a few things I wish they had told me pre surgery-
You’re going to be shorter down there.
You might swell up down there. I did…a lot….like grapefruit size for two weeks.
If you have the catheter in in a low humidity environment the dry catheter can rub and hurt. Use some gentle lotion on the end to help.Just make sure the lotion doesn’t have anything else in it.This acts as a lubricant.
You will get some blood in your urine. I could be a lot of blood temporarily.
Some comments I wish I hadn’t heard-
Surgeon- It was really very sticky when we took it out. In his observation this wasn’t good, but he never said why. Reading in between the lines, it seemed that this was a sign if bad cancer. My response was- They just punched 12 holes in it for the biopsy, maybe that’s why it was “sticky”. I also have lingering thoughts that he was saying he didn’t get it all because it was so “sticky”.
Surgeon Assistant who was present during surgery-
I’ve been with Dr. **** in over 300 surgeries and this was one of the five worst I have ever seen.
I’m trying to remain positive.

Nora Chichi
December 22, 2016

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Roger Still
December 12, 2016

I underwent Proton Therapy in the fall of 2009. PSA is running around 1 but a new doctor decided to test my Percent Free PSA as well, and it has come back low, around 5%. Is there any data out there regarding what a low Percent Free PSA and a PSA of 1 mean after proton therapy?

November 25, 2016

p.s I welcome any advice please, Many thanks!

November 25, 2016

Hi to all. I found all these comments very encouraging:)
I am 53 and two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. It left the prostate and also went into one of my lymph nodes. I had radiation which never worked, and I have been on hormone therapy for two years. But recently my psa doubled, so I had the usual, a bone and ct scan, but they came back negative.
After much research, that’s still ongoing, I thought I would take an alternative route. So I take bicarb soda, laetril, b17, selenium, d3, cQ10, tumeric daily etc, I also watch my diet and try to eat plenty of brocolli, veg, smoothies, green teas, and I try to keep off dairy and meat so on.
After my psa doubled I was put on extra hormone therapy, but had bad side affects and came off them after consulting my consultant and because there we’re no evidence of cancer spreading.
I have had pain in my hips, groin and back occasionally, but I work outdoors as a builder and do lots of heavy work.
I Saw my consultant today and my psa has shot up in three months to 6.8 from 0.7, so more bone scans and ct and my consultant poo pooed that vitamins can help and told me I’m throwing my money down the drain and if these things worked he would send me to boots to get vits instead of giving me expensive drugs,and you can’t shut the gate when the horse has gone and he has given me an extra boost of hormone therapy and said the previous hormone tabs I were on brought my psa down and it looks like the cancer is trying to spread, but I have found your stories very, very encouraging and I will continue going down the natural route and see what my scans show.
Thanks everyone.

gerald diamond
November 24, 2016

Had a RP at 54 in 2004 PSA was 4 gleason score was 7. 3 months later had a PSA and was showing non detectable cancer after the RP. Five years later went in for my annual PSA jumped to .13. Had radiation for 3 months PSA dropped to undetecible after 6 months of the start of radiation. Now 7 years later or total of 12 years since my radical at age 70 now PSA showing .27. Decided to go radical no sugar whatsoever or anything relatex to sugar.,no honey no pasta no white rice no white bread no potatoes,no desserts of any kind, nothing in my coffee and definitely no red meat just fish and chicken and lots of Broccoli and spinach. I do get some sugar from apples and oranges as you need something for energy. I drink 8 ozs of pure pomegranate juice every day plus 5000 units of Vitamin D3 as well i take Curcumin 3 times a day and once a day i have tea made with fresh ginger steeped for 1/2 hour. Ive gone back 3 months later and my new PSA is exactly the same at .27. Not gone down but not risen . Im also going to add Lycopene along with the curcumin that im taking. Going in soon for another PSA and hoping to keep the PSA at .27 or less. Im going in as well for a CT scan next week and a bone scan. Will keep you posted. Good luck to all writing here

Joe Man
November 22, 2016

At age 51 I had a RP in Dec 1991 following a PSA of 6.4 and a positive biopsy which showed a totally embedded Adenocarcinoma, focal, grade 3+1.

Two weeks after surgery my PSA was .16 and stayed around this level for about 2 years. For the next 10+ years my PSA was always <.10 and then it started to rise: 2007=.13; 2008=.19; 2010=.43 (doubled); 2012=.87 (doubled); and 2016=2.30 (2.6X in 4 years). I am in a watch mode due to being on the low end of a doubling rate.

Why would my PSA start to rise after 16 years? And what is my best treatment option.

gray marshall
November 16, 2016

Savvy blog post – I loved the points ! Does anyone know where my business could locate a template CT DRS CT-941 form to use ?

November 10, 2016

It is to my mind very important that patients must take notice of the fact that the prostate sometimes enlarge into the bladder wall. Consequently it is possible that the urologist may overlook this part of the prostate during a Da Vince Robotic prostatectomy so that it can be left behind as prostate
residue tissue which is vunerable to prostatitis.This may lead to confusing psa results.If you have high psa values after a prostatectomy read my story at YANA prostate cancer survivor stories.It is the last one due to my name Zorro

M. Todd Miskel
October 28, 2016


Diagnosed Stage 4 locally advanced to a few lymph nodes and 1 small bone met to right hip femur in 2016 at age 55. Was referred to hormone therapy clinical trial at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah as I am not operable. PSA at diagnosis was 7.1 with a low free PSA. As of 10/12/16 PSA is down to 1.2 and I feel ok. Trial meds are Lupron with TAK-700 / Orteronel (experimental med) combo. Side effects of hot flashes and fatigue are moderate and annoying but I can still work and push thru the annoyance. Hoping for continued PSA drop or leveling off.

October 21, 2016

Diagnosed with stage I PC at age 69. Primary care Mt Sinai Med Ctr in Miami Beach – interviewed every surgeon in Miami and Miami Beach – marginal intellectual honesty

My surgeon at Mt Sinai (the Best) discussed my options and my surgeon at Mt Sinai recommended low dose radiation – Mt Sinai is the only hospital with a clinical staff with both integrity and competency in the greater Miami area

My skepticism of the medical profession is based upon my 8 years as a research assistant at tge Harvard Medical School – without integrity there is no competency

The article was authored by the same caliber of the clinicians and researchers I worked for – integrity and honesty

The posts appearing above – with the exception of the Zorro post – are very disturbing – reflect inadequate counseling and knife happy quacks

Ray sinfield
October 21, 2016

Had a radical prostatectomy January 2014 .3 months later psa 0.05.stayed at that level for 18 months ,then rose to 0.055 then 3 months later went to 0.087 at this meeting with my consultant it was obvious that he wes convinced that my cancer was back and was preparing me for radiation and or hormone treatment ,getting an oncologist involved on the team. I read everything I could get my hands on looking for answers trying to understand read more books documents ,articles ,.Iam quite a sceptical person and didn’t believe I’d find any answers .I just wanted to understand what my chances were .
While reading some of the stuff I came across more than once references to. A book. Prostate Cancer understand, prevent and overcome. By Proffessor Jane Plant.
Anyway I sent of for a second hand copy of the book of Amazon, read it I can’t explain why but it made sense to me .
For me whose diet for 64 years had been pretty unhealthy ,the thought of following the recommendations in the book eg going totally non dairy lots of fruit and veg ,drinking green tea etc etc . I couldn’t see how that could defeat cancer although the arguments against eating dairy I found compelling .
After following Professor plants recommendations or doing what I could I was staggered when at my next psa test my psa dropped 15% to 0.074 .My consultant was staggered to after explaining what I’d done . He said there was a compelling amount of evidence to support what I was doing
But it wasn’t scientifically proven nevertheless he was keen for me to carry on has I had done.
Which is of course what I’m doing .Just had my latest psa test it’s now 0.07 ,just a slight drop 6%
But I’m so happy ,I really do believe that if I haven’t had come across other men’s references to Proffesor Plants book I’d now be in the process of having hormone or radiation treatment.
I don’t know what the future holds but I’ve got real hope regarding the future .
I’d just like other men to investigate .
Jane Plant and what she advocates is not an alternative to conventional treatment.
I’ve since purchased 4 copies of Jane plants book and gave them to my brothers and sons
Jane plant can be found readily on the net .

October 21, 2016

Had a radical prostatectomy January 2014 .3 months later psa 0.05.stayed at that level for 18 months ,then rose to 0.055 then 3 months later went to 0.087 at this meeting with my consultant it was obvious that he wes convinced that my cancer was back and was preparing me for radiation and or hormone treatment ,getting an oncologist involved on the team. I read everything I could get my hands on looking for answers trying to understand read more books documents ,articles ,.Iam quite a sceptical person and didn’t believe I’d find any answers .I just wanted to understand what my chances were .
While reading some of the stuff I came across more than once references to. A book. Prostate Cancer understand, prevent and overcome. By Proffessor Jane Plant.
Anyway I sent of for a second hand copy of the book of Amazon, read it I can’t explain why but it made sense to me .
For me whose diet for 64 years had been pretty unhealthy ,the thought of following the recommendations in the book eg going totally non dairy lots of fruit and veg ,drinking green tea etc etc . I couldn’t see how that could defeat cancer although the arguments against eating dairy I found compelling .
After following Professor plants recommendations or doing what I could I was staggered when at my next psa test my psa dropped 15% to 0.074 .My consultant was staggered to after explaining what I’d done . He said there was a compelling amount of evidence to support what I was doing
But it wasn’t scientifically proven nevertheless he was keen for me to carry on has I had done.
Which is of course what I’m doing .Just had my latest psa test it’s now 0.07 ,just a slight drop 6%
But I’m so happy ,I really do believe that if I haven’t had come across other men’s references to Proffesor Plants book I’d now be in the process of having hormone or radiation treatment.
I don’t know what the future holds but I’ve got real hope regarding the future .
I’d just like other men to investigate .
Jane Plant and what she advocates is not an alternative to conventional treatment.
I’ve since purchased 4 copies of Jane plants book and gave them to my brothers and sons
Jane plant can be found readily on the net .

October 17, 2016

Had protrate removed in January. 6psa going into surgery. Have had .008 psa since. Margins clear. Large tumor with one of nine lymph node cancer(small amount) Margins clear One DR. says I have 50% chance of it never coming back and one say 30%. Am on no treatment Any thoughts would be appreciated

February 13, 2018

Had the same psa after RP 1999. Followed up with radiation, no change. Started with caddied hormone therapy. Gradual increase in psa for 18 years. Psa doubled from 1.3 to 3.0 over last 3 months. Concerning. Will undergo auxin tomography to determine metastatasis location next week. Alternatives are more potent hormone therapy. Cannot have more radiation. Structure in urethra managed with self catherization for last 5 years. This is causing trama to the urethra causing a uti resistant to antibiotics. In uncharted territory now. Am 75 at this posting.

Geoffrey Dodd
October 15, 2016

Geoffrey Dodd (UK )
Hello, I had a radical prostatectomy just over a year ago ( September ) 2016 six weeks later my PSA reading was 14 and continued rising and is now 18.75
I have just found out that I have abnormalities at the bladder and urethra area.
I am still incontinent and unsure of which way to go. As this blog suggests if I elect to have radio therapy this may become permanent.
Thank you for listening.

Jerry diamond
October 2, 2016

I had an RP at 57 with a gleason score of 7 and a PSA of 4.5. all was good for 5 years and then my PSA started to jump and I was referred on to radiation which I did. 3 months after radiation my PSA dropped to undetectable. 7 years have passed since then and started checking once a year and just got the news that my PSA has gone to .27. I think I am back to square 1 and am now 70. My doctor says .27 is low not to panic. I say where there is smoke there is fire. I am taking 5000 units of vitamin D every day and 8 ozs of pure pomegranate juice every morning. Gone radical on sugar consumption 0 tolerance on sugar its a killer and as well no dairy or meat. Not sure where I am going with this but if the number does not hold I guess my next choice is chemical castration or bringing down the testosterone levels with Lupron. My dad had the same situation as I he died of heart failure, tough fighting those genes

September 28, 2016

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September 28, 2016

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Adel Ahmed
September 27, 2016

Adel Ahmed
I am 70 years old. a year and half before i performed a prostatectomy after a PSA level of 25. Unfortunately the PSA level didn’t drop to zero two months after the surgery. It dropped to 0.07 and started to raise, reached 0.2 a year after the surgery. Both MRI and biopsy assured an existence of a cancerous mass at the root of the penis and review of the MRI done before the surgery proved that this mass was there from the beginning and was overlooked both by the MRI report (it was seen in longitudinal sections and the axial sections didn’t go that below) and the surgeon. Now I finished a RT and would like to check with MRI if this mass is still have cancerous cells or not. It is not possible to have the PSA as indication to the treatment as the PSA is masked and will continue to be masked for another two months by Hormone therapy. What is the appropriate time to do MRI for follow up and check.?

jimmy wade
September 21, 2016

chung hc,,,,two hormone shots which cuts off the feeding of the cancer and than radio therapy….which with any luck kills it….keep fingers cross

September 20, 2016

I am 55 and had my Radical Prostatectomy done May 2015. My PAS was 0.03 after surgery and now are back to 0.4. Should I consider Hormone and Radio Therapy?

Richard Michalowski
September 12, 2016

Dear Nick,

I was very happy to read your article for I had a Radical Prosectemy 4/2014. (Robotic Da Vinci). My doctor said cancer had spread to one lymph node and it was removed. I’m 70 now and walk 4 miles a day and swim, and drink and I ‘m having a ball. Anyway’s my PSA’s went from 0.01 to 0.12 after 2 years and my latest was 0.10. My surgeon recommended Proton Radiation Therapy. when I went to the Doctor to discuss this i was asking myself, why do I want to go thru this. I’m in great shape enjoying life, why put myself thru this. I felt if I die I want to go out as a man. I do have to wear pads 3 or 4 a day, sometime 5 or even six if I drink to much in fluids.. But I am now use to this and my loving wife is great about it. Here is the bottom line. I went to UC Irvine to another Doctor. He said that the would never go thru radiation himself, and would never recommend this to his relative’s. He said I am in great shape living life to the fullest why put myself thru this. I also asked him how to eat, and he recommeded a book called the China study. I am now kind of a Vegan. Not 100% but say 80% with no meat milk or cheese. Got lucky a few months ago PSA went to 0 but now back up to .10. The doctor watches every three months and he said unless it goes to .2 we will do nothing. I’m just so thankfull to be here. Do love happy hour at night not sure how great that is for me. We have a grandson that we love the heck out of only 19 months. We also love to travel a little and make trips to Vegas each 6 weeks. Life has no guarantees’ Did I make the right decision by not going thru radiation. I think so. The Doctor said the chances of not catching it were about 50%, and then if it was caught life expectancy was 10 years. What the heck is 10 years, i want to live to 100. Check out the China study and learn to smile a lot. I figure if they tell me I have a year to live, I then could go back to eating meat and cheese, and who knows even start smoking. Just kidding about the smoking. My theroy could be all wet, but it was my decision, hope this helps.

April 30, 2017

My husband and I appreciate your post. He just had his prostate removed Feb 14, 2017. His Gleason score is 9. They got all of the margins, but there was a puncture in the side of his prostate, which meant cells could’ve escaped. He just returned for his 1st blood test, which is 10 weeks post op and his PSA is .026. He still has urine incontinence, but as soon as that stops, they want to do radiation AND hormone therapy. You really have to watch out for yourself and be your own advocate. They are wanting to do all of that even though he doesn’t have a spleen, and he only has one kidney, (due to adrenal tumors that have been removed 3X in 7 years), which means his immunity is not like everybody else’s. In addition to that he is finally stave on bipolar medication and we understand the hormone therapy could totally mess him up. When I mentioned this to the radiation oncologist he said, “oh, he’s bipolar and he’s on bipolar medication? I didn’t notice that when I read his history.” SCARY!!
As his wife, I want my husband to make his own decision, as it’s his body and his life. He’s the one that will have to live with the consequences, whatever that might be. Thank you and God bless!

April 30, 2017

Corrected Comment:
My husband and I appreciate your posts! He just had his prostate removed Feb 14, 2017. His Gleason score is 9. They got all of the margins, but there was a puncture in the side of his prostate, which meant cells could’ve escaped. Lymph nodes were negative. He just returned for his 1st blood test, which is 10 weeks post op and his PSA is .026. He still has urine incontinence, but as soon as that stops, they want to do radiation AND hormone therapy. You really have to watch out for yourself and be your own advocate. They are wanting to do all of that even though he doesn’t have a spleen, and he only has one kidney, (due to adrenal tumors that have been removed 3X in 7 years), which means his immunity is not like everybody else’s. In addition to that he is finally stable on bipolar medication and we understand the hormone therapy could totally mess him up. When I mentioned this to the radiation oncologist he said, “oh, he’s bipolar and he’s on bipolar medication? I didn’t notice that when I read his history.” SCARY!!
Plan is to get full body imaging at the Thermogram Center in Denver, and see a Naturopathic Radiation Oncologist that he saw in the very beginning. Right now he can’t go anywhere without a restroom close by due to urinary incontinence. If he does radiation the Oncologist mentioned these are the possible side effects:
*Frequent urination
*Difficult or painful urination
*Blood in the urine
*Urinary leakage
*Abdominal cramping
*Painful bowel movements
*Rectal bleeding
*Bowel incontinence
*Sexual dysfunction
*Skin reactions
*Secondary cancers in the region of radiation
As his wife, I want my husband to make his own decision, as it’s his body and his life. He’s the one that will have to live with the consequences, whatever that might be.
We really appreciate any input you can give us, especially if you have been down a similar path.
Thank you and God bless!

Nick Cardis
August 30, 2016

I had a Radical Prosectemy in May of 2014, with no follow up treatment, after surgery psa was <.04 for about a year. Then it went to <.05 for eight months , then went up to <.06 for a couple months, now it has gone up to <.08 after two years and two months. Had a CT and Bone Scan in Aug. 2016 that showed nothing.Just had blood drawn on 8/30/16 for PSA level. will find out my level now in a few days.
Doctor already mentioning of the possibility of Radiation treatment if PSA level continiues to rise to .2 . What is your thoughts?

Jack Plant
August 15, 2016

Jack Plant
My first check up 6 months after discontinuing my Lupron therapy both my PSA and Testosterone jumped from trace amounts to .138 and 195 respectively. My Gleason score was a 9 and I was treated with 9 weeks of external beam radiation followed by the Lupin injections every 4 months for 16 months. Now my urologist wants to see me in 4 months to see if there is another jump to decide if we need to reinitiate hormone therapy. I don’t feel too upset “yet”. Should I?

August 11, 2016

I had RP at August 2013 when I was 50 and PSA was 6.83 and with a Gleason 3+4=7.After surgery PSA was <0.01 ,than after 1 year it was 0.02 ,after 2 year 0.04 and it is in the 3rd year and PSA is 0.06.My doctor is suggesting to wait and do nothing untill it is 0.2.
Shall I wait or insist to have hormone or radiation theraphy?

Micheal Anthony
July 29, 2016

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Micheal Anthony
July 29, 2016

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Dave P
July 21, 2016

In a follow up to my June 18th comments after my PSA rose to .1 two years after RPA, my doctor advised a new test due to the fact a different lab and PSA analysis were used.

Went to the same lab I have used for the past twenty years and my new result is .03

Sim Blitz
July 19, 2016

What is targeted therapy and nano medicine? Are they helpful in Prostate cancer treatment?

Tony Guille
July 17, 2016

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer some 7 years ago. after having regular checks over the previous 25 years with the symptoms although at the time I knew nothing about Prostate cancer.
Fortunately I had to see another GP because mine was on Holiday and he decide to ask for a P.S.I blood test.
This showed a figure of 551 which started a chain reaction of further tests under the auspices of a specialist. (needless to say I changed my surgery the next day.
My Gleeson was 9 with a T3 . after 4 years of hormone treatment my P.S.I leveled at 0.135. When a new specialist arrived, he decided I should have a ‘Holiday’ from treatment to allow my body to recover. After 22 months my P.S.I had risen to 18 and he put me back on one injection every 6 months but avoiding giving me the Bicalutamide. Now 12 months later I am back on the Bicalutamide and my P.S>I is at 47. still no side effects .
I am now 80 and play Golf 3 times a week and have always been fit. “Another day above ground is a bonus” Tony Guille,Guernsey

Emily Luke
July 11, 2016

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July 9, 2016

I suppose the wright word for of no-impotance is negligible and not neglectable.

July 9, 2016

My humble advice to any prostate cancer patients is the following:
Dont go for a psa test if you dont have any symptoms of prostate cancer
Make very sure that a higher psa value is not because of prostatitis.Antibiotics do not always cure prostatitis.The treatment must be for at least 10 days.
Make sure that you get hold of your biopsy report.
Never panic and make sure what the urologist means if he tells you that you have cancer but it is very small.Sometimes small is neglectible. Make sure when it is the case.
Dont get anxious after 18 months of watchfull waiting
If your psa is more than 0.1 after a prostatectomy dont panic.
If the urologist had left residue prostate tissue behind you can still get prostatitis.
Read my story on YANA prostate cancer survivor stories by the name Zorro.This is the last story because of the alphabet.

July 4, 2016

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July 3, 2016

well not good..after four hormone shot, being the last in jan of this year,,,when in friday for my psa check…up from 0.06 now it is 0.21..been thru lots of things..had prostate taken out in 2002..11 years later psa rose to .6,,took radiation of 33 hits..psa did not come down,,dont understand why, but it did not..guess it missed ha..than for the next two year had 4 shots of hormone…worked great till this past back on pills to see if that can keep it low..ha…if it gets back up to 0.4,,ct scan and bone scan again…than more time is coming

July 1, 2016

My dad had a RP in 8-93. 10/93 PSA .1. 3/94 PSA.3. Bone scan performed–negative. 35 radiation treatments. Then in 12/97, PSA .3 Three years of Hormone Treatment ending in 11/99. PSA started rising in 4/08 .2. 10/09 PSA .4. 2/10 PSA .9. 9/10 PSA .6. 2/11 PSA 1.5. 8/11 PSA 1.6. 11/12 PSA 6.. 2/13 whole body bone scan. 8/13 PSA doubled to 11.9. 12/13 Hormone Therapy-inj every 6 months. 4/14 PSA .4. 11/14 PSA .5. 5/15 PSA 1.2 Lupron. 11/15 PSA 6.37. 3/8/16 Clinical Trial. stopped trial. 5/16 Colonoscopy showed cancer. CT–shows metastasis or extension from prostate. possible mass on bladder and rectal thickening. we are getting ready to start Chemo–Xtandi. Doctor appointment tomorrow. besides prostate his overall health is good. He is 82 years old. Is this the best/last option? He has started to have problems with bowel removal..

June 24, 2016

i was 66 when i had it done and my psa was .2,,,,i dont have any side effects from it…i am not 69 going on 70 in three months..please read my statement right above yours. good luck,,jim

Eldie Mares
June 23, 2016

Had Rp Jan.2014 and recent PSA indicates a rise from trace to .2 in 6 months. Urologist recommended Salvage Radiation. MRI and bones scans are negative. Is this(radiation ) the right course of action at 64 years old or should I take a bit more time. No real issues now with urinary and fear I will cause damage undergoing Radiation. Eldie

June 22, 2016

i would not worry about .1,,,that was my psa reading for 10 and a half years before it started up…it has been 14 years from the time i had it cut out…been thru 33 hits of radiation and four shot of hormone. now it is wait and see..turn 70 in sept…

Dave P
June 18, 2016

Had RP in July 2014. After surgery had a Gleason score of 6 and no involvement to be found outside of the prostate. From 6/14 to 6/15 my PSA on three month testing was .01. In June 15 .01/ 9/15 .06, 12/15 .02, 3/16 .03, and 6/16 .1. Mu urologist said this was normal in all cases. When I see him in 2 weeks, there will be some serious discussion about the levels. I was 65 at the time of surgery am now 67 with no signs of incontinence and slight ED problems

John Gabriel Otvos
June 1, 2016

Hi lads, @ 68 I’m not able to help anyone here other than to say bless all of us. I’ve been through EBRT as an experimental invasive therapy for PC. I, like all of us here who have testified, have lived through these debilitating and oft times horrendous side effects from these “experiments” My psa #’s were headed down until I had an 85% bump ^ in a 3-mo period! I’m fully vegan now (5 years) + no added oil, sugar or salt, as I believe that the new nutritional science is telling us that animal food is the link between these lifestyle diseases and the rate of early death for we menfolk. There’s no magic bullet as the docs {bless all their souls} can only work with these numbers. It’s a game and they play as well as their teaching allows them. No more psa’s, no more biopsies {I’ve had 4} no more fingers up the bum. I’m healthy and the next time I see any doc, it’s because I am sick! Believe you are healthy, get lots of excercise, love well and love deep, *everyone* and everything you come into contact with, not just family and friends. Be of the world but not in it. Turn off all negativity and know that yes, our body does perish, but our soul, that inner part that belongs to The Formless One and the non-local consciousness, lives eternally in the NOW.

Alan Davis
May 31, 2016

Hi Mohammad,
The best thing to do is seek out good doctors and get second opinions. Every case is different.(See my entry above on this blog)I had a Gleason of 8(4+4) went for a RP only because it left open a lot more options but at the same time the oncology Dr did have a honest assessment and agreed with my final.
Look closely at the Dr past successes.
Treatments are getting better all the time and as my consultant said there are plenty of options still open.

Alan D

Lee Jackson
May 30, 2016

It seems despite removing the prostate or receiving radiation every one was cure but after months and even years unfortunately the cancer came back. I am trying to find out how many of you have metal fillings in your mouths please? I had prostate cancer and also have metal fillings.

May 28, 2016

Prostate cancer PSA 14.5 and Gleason 7 (3+4) RP October 2015. Margins positive, negative lymph nodes and seminal vesicles. 3 months post PSA 0.4. Started and completed radiation 39 treatments. Advised to wait 6 weeks to recheck PSA, Very stressful . Needs advise. (age 57)

Alan D
May 26, 2016

Following up from my 29 Dec post. My Psa has gone up to 0.1 as of last week. Consultant thinks I have as much chance of passing away from Stroke or heart attack. I have to go back in 6 months I am back to or above my level of fitness prior to the RP and feel 100%.
As a 72 year old im going well
regards Alan

Rob Freitas
May 15, 2016

Hi Bob
Please read my post from April 21. Don’t look back at what you should have/could have/ might have done earlier. I think we all make the best decisions we can with the information at hand. That decision to not have RP is among the hardest of my life. I chose EBRT earlier on what I thought was a well thought out decision, reading as many journal articles as possible, talking to friends who are physicians. I had the same 80% chance of success with EBRT as I did with RP. I felt that I was not ready for the impotence/incontinence that went along with RP. After about 5-6 months post radiation my libido and erections returned and had almost 5 years of relative ease. My last PSA was .94 but it had doubled from .47, which I now know is a bad sign. I had a salvage prostatectomy on 5/5, just had the catheter removed Friday, am incontinent like you read about and glad to be alive. There was a chance I might end up with a temporary colostomy as getting the little devil out after radiation is not easy, but it turned out the surgeon got it out without problems. If you are considering salvage prostatectomy you must go to someone who does them “frequently”, in my case here in the northeast it was only one monthly but lots more than others in the area that did one yearly or none at all. I am a healthcare consultant and have access to many databases so have done my research on the stuff and am willing to share. If you want to communicate off line let me know and I will send you my email address. Everyone on this blog has had to go through the agonizing decision making process of which course of therapy to pursue. Don’t look back, just look forward….”you cant drive your car by constantly looking in the rear view mirror” Get all the info you can, talk to your friends, your partner, get second or even third opinions, and then go for it.

Irv Smith
May 28, 2016

Hi Rob, I would like to talk to you through email as I am deciding what treatment to take for prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 7 and a T2a rating. Thanks


November 27, 2017

Rob, please leave your email address so I can discuss my situation with you. Just diagnosed with PC. Psa 8, gleeson 3+4=7 & T1c don’t know what treatment to pursue.
Thanks Ken

May 13, 2016

May 2013, PCa per biopsy, Gleason 3+4, opted for 25 sessions IMRT followed by Brachytherapy in October. Feb 2014 PSA 0.31, over the course of the next year it increased to 1.34 then receeded to .69 by early 2015 and stayed relatively constant for that year. Early March 2016 it increased to 2.5, over the 2.0 above the lowest, and early May it was 6.37. So…I’m just starting the process of exploring a next decision. Am wishing now I had opted for RP as it seems to be the best from what I’ve heard at numerous groups. Good luck all.

April 26, 2016

PSA started rising appox. 5 years ago went in for biopsy no cancer found.Another 3-4 years go by PSA up to 4.9 than 5.4 another biopsy FOUND CANCER Gleason score was 6 non-aggressive wait and watch approach.Couple more PSA’S GOING UP TO 7 does another Biopsy and camera cancer not spreading but decided after talking to doctors to proceed with seed implants as they say with gleason at 6 have 98% success rate.Praying it was a good advise.God bless everyone on this board

April 23, 2016

I appreciate the information and the style in which Dr. Garnick presents his material. The posts by Dr. Garnick address the key questions men have. The material is informative but also sensitive to the feelings and emotional concerns of men going through prostate cancer. I have not found the in-person doctors who treat prostate cancer to be as helpful and supportive as this.

Dennis allee
June 18, 2017

Can you direct me to dr. Garnick’s writings on prostate cancer?

Rob Freitas
April 21, 2016

Hi my name is Rob. Thanks to all of you who have done meaningful posts here Diagnosed with PCa in 2010 at the age of 60, never had high PSA, highest it got was 3.46, but rising a small amount every year at regular physical, and my PCP saying he felt something on DRE but PSA too low to be alarmed about. After some urinary bleeding decided to see urologist who after biopsy diagnosed cancer with Gleason score of 8, a second opinion at Dana Farber in Boston said the Gleason was 7 (4+3). Opted for radiation and hormones as both RP and EBRT had same survival rates for me of 80% and EBRT seemed much less side effect laden. Have had low PSAs since therapy, but over last year PSA went from .4 to .9 and rad onc doc felt lump on prostate on DRE. In Nov had MRI which showed high likelihood of cancer throughout prostate followed by 14 core biopsy which showed 12 cores with cancer.

After discussion with rad onc and a surgeon it was felt that a salvage prostatectomy was my best option. Has lots of surgical risks associated with it due to the scarring from the original radiation and definite impotence and a high likelihood of incontinence as well. The surgeon does maybe 1 monthly, I did get a second opinion from another urologist who felt that I should go with that surgeon. Anyway…scheduled for surgery yesterday and turns out the surgeon was double booked and I didn’t have the surgery and wont for another 2 weeks. I am using this time to take a fresh look out there for information. Has anyone had a salvage prostatectomy post radiation and willing to share information? Thanks Rob

April 29, 2016

Try looking at proton radiation.

April 14, 2016


Dina K Branham
April 12, 2016

husband gleson score is back up 28.6 he was dianoised 2009 just found out to day that has 4 x sence last visit need to find a new treatment please help

Bill T.
April 12, 2016

Fellow PCa brothers – Please consider other options before allowing urologists to do blind biopsies or RP. They are trained to do blind (unguided) 12-needle biopsies as their “standard of care” for diagnosis. Instead the first thing you should do is get a 3T multiparametric MRI from a *competent* facility and radiologist. IF (and only if) the MRI indicates suspicious areas, then follow up with an MRI-guided biopsy which can be precisely directed. Blind 12-needle biopsies make NO SENSE since they can easily miss cancers, giving you a false “all clear” signal which can delay treatment and cause serious consequences.

Today there are something like 29 different options for PCa treatment, and each case is different. If your urologist suggests Radical Prostatectomy, go find a competent oncologist that will look at the full spectrum of treatments available before making any decisions. RP may be the urologists’ “standard of care” treatment, but it has serious irreversible consequences like ED and incontinence, and it should be among the last options you consider.

I highly recommend the website and the US TOO community there. You’ll find people in the same boat as yourself who are very knowledgeable and unbiased (unlike most urologists).

Read the book “Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers” by Blum (PCa patient) and Scholz (MD Oncologist). It is now a little dated for some of the latest treatments, but it is spot on with its advice about being wary of urologists’ diagnoses and treatments.

It’s your body…inform yourself before allowing anyone to make choices that you may regret later.

Gielie van Aarde
April 12, 2016

To everyone,that contributed to this most informative article,thank you.To those fellow humanbeings,with this dreaded disease,someone said these words of support to me,remember,while you are alive,everything is possible.Regards,Gielie van Aarde.

Steve Roman
April 10, 2016

Very informative. Thank you

Mike sheth
March 22, 2016

Why no one talks about Orchectomy or sub capsular Orchectomy. It is safer cheaper and less side effects.

Alan Davis
February 23, 2016

Alan D

Following my previous post, I had a RP in August last year. A PSA test three months ago came up with a 0.04 reading. A follow up test last week had a reading of 0.09. After consulting my urologist by phone the GP says I have to wait until my test and appointment in June. The gist is that consideration will then be made for further tests then possible hormone treatment. The key to further treatment is a PSA reading of 0.2 – 0.4 My preference would be for castration if given the option. All things health wise are good apart from this rising PSA reading.
Alan D

February 22, 2016

If a psa test reveals that antigens are circulating in the bloodstream, how can it be said that cancer is contained within the prostate.

carrie vincent
February 16, 2016

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jim w
February 2, 2016

bill, question,,the minute your psa got to 0.2 to 0.4,,something needed to be done than,,why wait till it got to 5.54,,,sorry but i would be getting on someone right now..dont wait,,,get a another GP..and get to a urologist now..when mind it 0.2 i had c scan and a bone scan..than 33 hit of radiation…please dont wait…

January 30, 2016

I had surgery 6 years ago, Gleason score was 6, margins clean. In the last 14 months my PSA went from undetectable to 5.54. I just got the test results 2 days ago and am in shock. My GP is testing again and the soonest I can get into a urologist is 7 weeks away. How concerned should I be?

January 21, 2016

Aussie Phil.
( age 71 )8 years ago I presented with PCA of 24 Gleeson 4/3 -7. High risk prostate carcinoma. treated with Radiotherapy consisted HDR brachytherapy 19.5 Gy in 3, External beam radiotherapy 50.4 Gy in 28 fractions. 4 years later with no other treatment my PCA had risen to 10.19. Started Hormone treatment consisting of an injection every 3 months for 2 years ( cost per needle $1100 au dollars. )Government picked up the tab. I payed only $6.50 per needle. Went off the hormone treatment because my PSA had dropped to 0.03 six months later my PSA is rising now 0.17. I have decided to watch and wait because I know the hormone therapy will fail after time and there is nothing left for me. so , its a juggling act.

Ralph wilson
October 2, 2016

Hi Phil.
Thank you for your story.
I was diagnosed with PC, in late 2012.
I started Radiating Therapy and Lupron quarterly shots, in early 2013.
It is almost 2017 and my PSA has risen to 0.12.
My doctor says if, my PSA rises to 3.o, I will need to start Chemo.
Plus my urine test indicates a CT Scan is necessary and Cysoctomy.
Looks like they suspect cancer of the bladder, but not sure.
I am not in any discomfort.
Anything similar happen, to you?
Thank You.

January 10, 2016

hi all….just got my last shot,,,wow…psa was 0.06..lowest it has ever been…next psa is in july. than every 4 months to see if it has settle or start to rise…if it stay down no more shots,,,whew,,but if it starts back up…hit .4 than back on the shots for life..the only think that i got was hot flashes and weight gain…it takes about a year for it to wear off…cant wait,,lol…

January 2, 2016


Hello public,
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Alan D
December 29, 2015

My journey started about one year ago through ‘normal’ medical check up which found I had a prostate that was firm and a had a lump. Prior to this I had regular PSA tests which showed no abnormalities for my age and did so right up to my RP. (I am now 72)
The biopsy showed I had 5 out of 10 positive and a Gleason score of 8. I was given three options by the Urologist: Do nothing, a RP or radiation. I then saw a specialist oncology radiologist; the option of radiology first would preclude me from a RP after this treatment. The reasons were fully explained to me at the time.
I elected to go for a RP.In hind sight the possible bowel problems were never fully explained apart from medical mishaps and I did not visualize how difficult recovery process would be. The August RP resulted in three days in hospital and then many weeks of recovery, now five months later my sleep patterns, bowel and bladder still are far from what it was. My three monthly test and visit to the urologist showed I had a PSA level of 0.04. Now the wait and see has started to a follow up PSA test at three months and at six months.
Radiation? At the moment I am not sure if I want to go down with that option.
I need to look at the percentages of fixing the problem, the average after effects I can expect and the velocity of the PSA change (if any) and the time span that will give me.
I live in Australia with free medical care so this has cost me zero and they even paid for travel and accommodation for my wife whilst I was in hospital. The consultants and care I have been given has been first class has was the stay in hospital.
What the future holds? I do not know, but which ever way it turns out I have had a very good life with a great and very supportive family and look forward to a long and happy time ahead.

Alan D

December 22, 2015

john, cant say much,,,but i had my surgery 13 and a half years ago…10 and half after surgery my psa started moving up…from .1 to .2,,,when and had a ctsan and a bone scan,,all neg…waited and it kept on going up to .6 when and had 33 hits of radiation therapy,,three month later it was .8,,,waited 4 more months,,it was 1.2…so doctor said we are not waiting and i started my hormone therapy june of 2014..after one month it went from 1.2 down to 0.07,,six month later it was 0.05,,another six months and it was 0.02…get my last shot next month..each shot is for six months…starting in july it will be a waiting game…now when i got my 33 hit of radiation the doctor there said dont worry about psa for two years cause it will go up and down..but the doctor i have said dont wait and i did each of us are different..i have only weight gain and some hot flashes..i cant tell you what to do…but me i did not.wish you luck,,,jim

December 22, 2015

I am 64 years old. I had rising PSA over the course of 3 or 4 years, but didn’t want to deal with a prostate biopsy. I don’t like going to doctors or getting poked with sharp things. So I put it off until my PSA went from 3.8 to 5.5 to 7.8, at which time my doctor said no more watchful waiting. The urologist did a biopsy which showed 3 of 8 biopsy sites positive, Gleason of 3+4. Had robotic assisted radical prostatectomy Feb. 2013. No lymph node involvement, seminal vesicles negative, margins negative, slight capular penetration. PSA tests were <0.02 for 6 months. Began to rise at 9 month check, from undetectable to 0.2 to 0.3, 0.5, 0.72, then 0.9. At this point, underwent 7 weeks of radiation therapy (35 treatments). Again, PSA <0.02 for 6 months. Last March, 2015 (9 months after completion of radiation therapy), PSA started rising again. Went up to 0.12, then 0.32, and 0.64 in July 2015, at which point I had a PET/CT scan, which was negative for cancer spread. Just had a PSA test last week December, 2015, and now it is 1.97, five months after the 0.64. So it’s tripled in 5 months. That would indicate a rapid doubling time and fast PSA velocity. Not sure how to proceed. There are negative side effects to hormone therapy. Will probably do more imaging at some point to look for spread of cancer. But not sure what else to do at this point. Hormones vs. waiting to start hormones. Don’t know. Very disappointing, though, when PSA started going up again each time, first after RP and then after 7 weeks of radiation therapy. Any advice? -John

January 8, 2016

I’m also John my story is in here. My RP was 11-17-15. I have been getting some hope from many of these stories. I have a friend who at age 60 discovered stage 4, that was 7 years ago. Gets regular hormone shots, his negitive comments have mostly been hot flashes. Others have indicated quote ” messes with their brain.” What that means exactly I have no idea. But he puts in 50 hr work weeks. Active in car clubs. He’s African American and they are hit the hardest with COMPLETE nightmare disease. Hard to believe if you have to pick a cancer this seems to be top choice. I may be on hormone myself soon, who knows. First app coming up in Feb, for now I wait. My advice do the hormone especially over radiation. Sadly something has to kill you, but there has been hope for many from this worthwhile site.
Good Luck

December 15, 2015

So far:
Diagnosed with PC July 2012. Gleeson 8 PSA 45
Radical prostatectomy Sept 2012. Positive margins and left incontinent and with ED. One year of monitoring PSA but it never got to undetectable level.
Salvage radiotherapy began Sept2013 and PSA at Dec 2013 was undetectable (>.02)
Since then I’ve had surgery to my bladder neck because it scarred up and I couldn’t urinate. That hurt! The incontinence became much worse after the operation and I was using 8 pads per day. I’ve now been fitted with a mechanical urinary sphincter and this has given me back control of my water works. I can highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering severe incontinence.
Unfortunately my last PSA test showed a small rise to 0.05 and I’ve been told that no action will be taken until it gets to 0.2 Don’t know how long that is likely to take.
I am now preparing myself mentally for the next step which will be hormone therapy. Sometimes I find it very difficult to cope with it all despite having lots of support from family and friends. I know I should be positive and get on with life but it’s not always possible. Cancer is a terrible disease.

Ntombizethu Dlamini
December 10, 2015

My dad is 81 years old. In 2011 he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Zoladex had to be administered for every three months. We were told that PSA had dropped to below zero. In 2015 November he had to change doctors. The second oncologist tested PSA and discovered that its in a range of 7. He suggested Radiotherapy. We are scared of it as we have seen some men passed on after Radiotherapy. We are undecided at this moment of whether we allow Radiotherapy to be administered or not. What could be the advice?

January 8, 2016

At 81 most health providers are more cautious regardless if they admit it or not. If hes doing quite well that’s a plus for him. For one they know life expectancy is about his age. And second, at that age they expect pneumonia or something else to step up to the plate. Hope that is not a harish statement for you, but have seen it one time to many. But I would ask about hormone treatment and see what they say if not already brought up. I’m not familiar with remaining many options. Im a not doctor but if he is vibrant, functions well, has positive outlook on life I would look in to it. Granted very, very tough call with a loved one even if he’s confined to wheelchair, depressed etc, you usually want them around as long as possible. I understand, lost ALL my family to cancer. There’s just me and my sister left. What brutal, punishing disease this is. Hope it goes well for you.

December 1, 2015

Aged 56, PSA 14, Gleason 9. RPT in Sept 2014 with nerve and lymph node removal, 1st PSA 0.08, increasing weekly. All scans and there were many were all clear. Lymph nodes, seminal vessels, gland margins all negative, docs really confused. PSA climbed within weeks to 0.5 and was rushed in for salvage radiotherapy combined with hormone therapy. Drugs triggered Myasthenia put on more drugs. Got married 3 months before PC was identified. Put on steroids for the MG and combined with the hormones for the PC, added 2.5 stone in weight, in months. ED, incontinent and radiotherapy messed up my bowels. Post radiotherapy, my 1st PSA was <0.03, just had my second blood test today, so tomorrow will be interesting. My wife has been my rock, she never expected 3 months into marriage to see her new husband unable to walk 300 meters without being out of breath, checking before any plans as to where the nearest toilets are located. So, I go to the gym every day to fight the cancer and the MG, I have stopped the drugs for a while (my choice), as I want to be me again and wherever this ends, I hope to keep my dignity. God bless you all, fight on to the end.

November 5, 2015

I had robotic prostatectomy five years ago. My PSA has been steadily increasing to 0.9 as shown in blood work done 2 weeks ago. My family doctor is referring me to a urologist. I’m expecting two options; radiation or hormone therapy. I’m 55. Anyone knows of any medical advancement other than these two awful options?

November 4, 2015

RP at age 58 in 2000. Gleason 7 (4+3), PSA 4.2, Stage III

I’m now 73. In 2013, PSA was 4.2. No symptoms. Had testicles removed in November 2013. In six months, PSA was 1.4. A year later it was .03. A year after that, 0.07.

Got another needle stick today and will get results in 2 days.

October 23, 2015

You are my inspiration and the very rsoean I am filled with so much hope after my own recurrence this year. I am climbing along with you in spirit and praying you have a wonderful experience in Africa. Much love to you, Monsignor. You touch so many people’s lives on a daily basis truly Grateful that God brought you into our lives.

October 19, 2015

here is a chronology of events in my case:
75% kidney function Loss at age 49.
3 procedures to stabilize the kidneys. Kidney disease settled at stage 2.
no heart beat for 20 seconds due to morphine overdose at hospital.
Blood clot; on levonox for 6 months.
Finally diagnosed with Stage 4 metastetised prostate cancer (Gleason 10, PSA 36).
Hormone therapy (Lupron every 3 months for life).
3 months of chemo (taxoter) PSA dropped to almost zero before the 3rd session, clinical remission.
49 sessions of radiation.
9 months on Xtandi (PSA went up to 10 after 9 months)
2 full body scans showed no sign of cancer)
One week later urine was full of blood. Cancer was too small to show up on any scans. Cystoscopy/biopsy showed cancer on bladder wall.
Up until this point (2.5 years after diagnosis I was body building, no stimulants/steroids ever) full of strength and energy.
Surgery to remove bladder & prostate unsuccessful, had to settle for Illium divergence.
4 months on Zytiga, PSA went from 0.9 to 2.9 This month. Turns out different test facilities use different machines/different calibration. Retest showed PSA 1.2. Plan for next step pending.
I have 3 young kids, still go to work and coach two soccer teams. My wife has seen me at my lowest points through all this. I keep crawling out of every relapse. Why? only God knows. I follow the doctor’s advice religiously. I watch what I eat/drink. I was jucing like crazy in the beginning, turns out that the vegetable and fruit juice lower the acidity in the body. Cancer loves acidity, and cancer cells commit suicide in alkaline body, so they say. I do it anyway. I promised my wife that I will fight to the end despite all my weaknesses and frequent desire for the end. From the beginning I took the role of a soldier going into war, I will either survive and come home or die in battle. No difference. If there is one word I would want on my grave stone, it would be “Defiant!”thats the only way you can stand up to this bully called cancer. for those of you who have this disease or supporting some one who does, stay defiant and keep hope. progress is made ever day. God doesn’t forget anyone.

October 16, 2015

My husbands PSA was 9.6 during pyhsical in December 2009, by the time he saw the urologist less than 1 month later 11.7
RP via DaVinci, positive margins with a Gleason of 9 (4+5)
After regaining urinary control, underwent salvage radiation. For 5 years his PSA was .01 rising to .02 in January 2015
July 2015 it had risen to .56 6 weeks later to .67
Negative CT of abdomen and pelvis, negative bone scan. Has anyone else gone thru this same scenario? I have noticed most people have said their scans were also negative after treatment and recurring PSA. Are there any other tests that he should have? I have forgotten his T score, but know it was very aggressive. Thanks in advance

October 15, 2015


I can’t imagine what your mother is going through but there is always hope. My PSA has risen from 1.4 to 2.3 in just the last 3 months (10 months after Proton Therapy). I am expecting to go on to hormone therapy as I intend to fight the disease as best I can.

I will pray for you and your family,


February 12, 2016

Hi Ed, I was sad to hear (and surprised) that your psa had risen after proton therapy. I have been reading about proton and it seems to have such better outcomes than other treatments. This seems to not be your experience? My husband had prostatectomy 1 yr ago and now has recurrence….I have been wishing we had known about proton therapy back then and am considering paying out of pocket for it as a salvage treatment. Would you not recommend it?

October 9, 2015

My dad’s PSA is now 1.8 after waiting 4 months. Based on what I’ve read online, after surgery and radiation and he still has a PSA rising, he’ll never be cured. Just gotta keep it at bay for however long we can.

My mother and I are both disabled and cannot take care of ourselves. He makes the money. On our own, our SSI checks will not support us. My mom is talking suicide because she refuses to live without him.

On top of that I have Lupus that could flare at any time.

Anybody got and friendly advice for me? Cuz last night my mom was looking up ways to shoot yourself properly online.

October 8, 2015

See above story. I had my PSA retested. It went from 5.7 to 6.3 in 10 days. I guess they would just call it a six. Anyway, it was no fluke.

Saw a urologist in Florida yesterday. He said radiation after PSA is above 2.0 has not been shown to be worthwhile. My only choice is hormone therapy, but the side effects are horrible. Going in for my scans on the 19th. The idea is to delay hormone therapy as long as possible, and then decide if maybe I do not want to do anything at all. Hard evidence that any of this stuff actually prolongs a person’s life is sketchy and theoretical at best. I would actually opt for surgical castration over chemical castration to lower my PSA scores.

October 8, 2015

Surgery at age 56 he is now 58

October 8, 2015

Husband had robotic rp 2 years ago followed by 33 radiation treatments because psa was not as low as Dr. Had hoped post surgery.
Pre surgery: 28
Post: 1.8
Post radiation: .02<
Has been doubling last 3 psa's: 1.8, 4, 8
Has had 2 rounds of CT and Bone scan..both times clear.
Is considering a study. Not sure what to think here. Need some help, He is having some trouble with the possible side effects of hormone therapy..can anyone help with some REAL effects and not just the "maybe this and maybe that happens with this treatment".
He feels better than he has in 5 years and has stopped all prescription and otc medications in the last 12 months just to clean out his system. He thinks that it is impossible that he has any cancer in his body, but all indications are that it is in there somewhere. How long before it shows up? Leaning toward study…but he doesn't want it to effect his life, work, etc. HELP!

October 8, 2015

Medical care is not a perfect science
It’s a crap shoot All is in the hands of
The Creator God Bless all

October 3, 2015


Please do not panic, there are always other options. Looks like your dad could probably go for hormone therapy next; this is something that you should discuss with his doctor. Best wishes!

September 30, 2015

My dad had a gleason of 7 and had surgery. 5 years later he’s had a reccurance. He’s had radiation and now his PSA is 1.5. What exactly does that mean? My mom is hysterical because no one seems to have the answer. I’ve looked all over the web an no one has answers as to what it means after surgery AND salvage treatment AND the PSA is still there. No one’s PSA levels are what my dad’s are…could someone please help me…?

September 17, 2015

RP in 1995 (age 50)PSA undetectible for 17 annual physical exams in a row. I figured I was “cured”.

Two years ago PSA unexpectedly showed up at 0.6. This was so totally unexpected that both I and my family doctor (GP) never even noticed the change. Missed my annual physical last year. This year, PSA is 5.7.

So my PSA has increased roughly 10 fold in 2 years. Go figure. Right now I am in search of new urologist since I am loading up to move out of state – great timing eh?. I am open to hormone treatment, but radiation is going to be a hard sell. I have lived without sex for 20 years, but I don’t want to risk incontinence as well. I am 70. Most people in my family live into their 90’s. I would be happy to make 80.

September 3, 2015

RP in 2003. Slow rise of PSA and watched until rose to .35 and then had salvage radiation in 2011. PSA never dropped below .2 and now slowly rising to .58. Gleason 6 and seems to be 2-3 year doubling time. Wondering when to start hormone therapy or is I can continue to wait. If anyone has personal knowledge on whether the Choline C11 scan works and can find cancer for curative intent.

August 31, 2015

56, good news from urologist, first PSA below 0.1

August 30, 2015

Diagnosed PC 5-15, Gleason 7(3/4), t1c,RRP 6-21, clear margins, getting first PSA results tomorrow, 8-31. Nervous as hell

August 30, 2015

Follow-up to the previous comment: I’m very pleased to report that the mass was benign.

August 22, 2015

I want to enter this conversation.

I had a radical prostatectomy in 2006. My PSAs in the years that followed were never zero (to my chagrin), but they were low (hovering around .1). I was told by my family doctor and the urologist who did my surgery that it was nothing to worry about.

Last year the number started rising–at first .26, and then .76. Saw a cancer specialist who ran a CT scan that showed a “small mass” (how’s that for an oxymoron?) on my bladder. Again, he said not to worry–but after consulting with some of his colleagues, he called me back a week later and said that I should seek the advice of a (different) urologist.

Met with that urologist yesterday and he was the first person NOT to say, “Don’t worry about it.” I’m going to have a cystoscopy on Monday and he will take a biopsy. He has warned me that it’s likely (but not certain) to be cancerous, and that if it is, he’ll put me on radiation therapy.

As you can imagine, I’m not happy about this development. Looking for all the info I can find about similar situations.

August 11, 2015

Four years ago I was found to have prostrate cancer had 42 sessions of radiation ,then had homo theorphy,for four years,the Tumor moved to the spine t4 I think,& found a spot on my pelvic,doctor said my cancer is aggressive t4 type of cancer or 1V should I say,Chemo did not work for me so I have being on Zytiga for the last two years,& this worked very well,but now my PSA has started to rise from .02 to 5.45 in the last two months,they the oncologyist think the Zytiga is stopped working,dose this mean my cancer is back,they are thinking oh external rad beams,they are not sure what to do next,the are going to run some more tests,I would like to know if you taught of cancer has returned ? Kind regards peter God bless

June 2, 2015

Initial PSA 2834. Started hormone therapy and radiation. It was metastatic to bones, lungs and spine. After 6 mo on hormone therapy PSA increases from 16 to over 100. Chemo with docetaxel started for 6 cycles extended to 10. C diff has set in. On Vancomycin for 6 weeks while taking 2 more chemo treatments.

PSA went down to 18 now at 21. What would be recommendation for quality over quantity of life?

Ken Smith
April 9, 2015

I have a rising PSA after prostectomy. What’s wrong with opting for old fashioned physical castration?

March 28, 2015

bill,,,good luck,,,remember one thing..they are going after the lymphnodes,,cause the gland is gone…..not saying my radiation did not work..but my doc went ahead with hormone therapy…just in case…but like i said only side effects is hot flashes and little wt gain..

March 27, 2015

Madden & Jim my dad is going through the exact same thing now. 15 years after radical prostatectomy his PSA level are now at 6. Salvage radiation is being recommended, CT scan negative, MRI scheduled…but they did not recommend hormone therapy as of yet. They said they would use that as a last resort for him.

March 26, 2015

sorry chris,,,was not paying attention..madden who i was writing about..we are going thru the same thing..

March 26, 2015

chris,,,wow…sounds just like me….over ten years after surgery before my psa started back up…took radiation, 33 hits..the doc said dont worry about psa readings for two year,,,than we worry about psa than,,cause it will go up and down..well my other doc said we are not waiting…1.27,,month after a shot of lupron it when down to 0.06..after two shots it is two more shot and than it is a waiting game for sure…if it did come back than i am on the shot for life…ha…i cant tell you what to do…but i did not wait..kill it..right..the only side effects i have is hot flashes, which i am having one now..ha..and little weight gain..jim..good luck

March 19, 2015

Age 52 : 2007 : PSA 1.7
Oct 2008 : PSA 3.11
Dec 2008 : PSA 3.71
Feb 2009 : PSA 4.69
Mar 2009 : Biopsy (8/12 infected) Gleason 7(4,3)
Apr 2009 : Radical Prostectomy
Jun 2009 : PSA < .1
Oct 2012 : PSA = .1
Oct 2013 : pSA = .2
Dec 2013 : PSA = .225
Feb 2014 : PSA = .234
Feb-Mar 2014 IMRT radiation treatment 38 sessions
Apr 2014 : PSA = .267
Aug 2014 : PSA = .336
Dec 2014 : PSA = .555
Mar 2015 : PSA = .674
Seems like radiation was ineffective
I confusion is : When to start hormone treatment.
Doctor says wait and see
I am anxious, waiting means allowing cancer to expand its volume and territories.
Any recommendations?
Would a 3D MRI buy anything
Lupron vs surgical castration to reduce testtosterone levels?

Thomas chiaruttini
October 20, 2016

I had lupron 6 months before radiation with psa 45 and Gleason of 9.

After the radiation my psa went down to 0. Got tired of side effects of lupron and stopped for 6 months. Psa went to 4. Started lupron and went to 0.2

6months later went to 0.9 and 6 months after that its 2.9. Have 5 months to see if it doubles sgain but i think i change ul to include casadex or use another type of hormone treatment.
Dont sweat it i just keep moving between test. We may have cancer but its manageable. My doc says. I try not to thi k about it.

Chris Redfern
March 16, 2015

I had a Prostatectomy in 2008 and have been having my PSA levels checked ever 6 months, and the PSA levels dropped with in weeks,to 0.05 and have stayed at, what i am told, a none recordable level since….I’ve been having my PSA tests now for 6+ years and have just started to have the test done yearly, the first yearly one i now have just received the results….and cant believe the results..the PSA level have increased….and doubled in a year to 0.1 and i am worried that after 6 + years i’m now going back to still having cancer.(recurrence) i am now and have been for some years been under my GP and am worried as i now need a referral to get back to a Urology department……

March 12, 2015

I had prostate cancer detected in 2008 from a biopsy. PSA levels over the previous year were bouncing between 5.5-7.5. Diagnosis was stage 1.
Three months after the prostatectomy(jan2009) the PSA was 3.5 and my urologist had a cow. Had more negative CT scans and 2 months later the PSA was somewhere ~2.0. Urologist put me on Proscar and went to another Urologist who did more biopsies and concluded there was a chunk of prostate tissue left behind from the original prostatectomy and that was the cause of the PSA. PSA continued down to ~.51 and I stopped taking the PROSCAR in early 2010.

After stopping the PROSCAR the PSA slowly went up and stabilized to between 1.47-1.11 between 2011-2014. In Feb14 I had to go the emergency room for a UTI and another urologist saw the prostate tissue and went in to take another biopsy. After the negative biopsy in May14, the PSA jumped to 1.67-1.81 between May-Dec14.In Feb15 saw a radiologist about Salvage therapy but the PSA went back down to 1.61. Radiologist is chomping at the bit for me to to do radiation, but seems a little cavalier about the risks (Didn’t even mention most in the above article). I think the PSA is still coming from the renegade prostate tissue and the urologists aren’t really very analytical. I also don’t think they understand the impact that stirring up prostate tissue has on PSA levels.
Sure wish I could find studies on what a ‘normal’ PSA would be for someone who had a chunk of prostate tissue left over from a screwed up prostatectomy. Don’t like the idea of doing radiation just in case.

Bobby Mac
August 3, 2016

I had prostatectomy on 4/20/16 psa 3 months later was 2.4.
Pathology report 2/10 nodes positive, positive margins and extracapsular extension.
Had 68 Ga PSMA scan showing activity in the prostate bed and a few poitive nodes.
I will do radiation and lupron.
Best to you,

March 5, 2015

My husband had a RP by the DaVinci Robotic procedure in 2005 the PSA has risen in the beginning slowly now its gone from 191 to 332 its in his lymph nodes and bone but he opts for no treatment unless he has extreme pain in the bones where he will then accept radiation for the pain. He is still feeling pretty good so I feel this is a strange disease to grasp and it depends on each person how it reacts. I can never get a solid answer as what his survival time is and they probably don’t know but as long as he is feeling fine I guess that’s what he wants. So far I can’t find anyone on here that has that high of PSA so now I’m more concerned.

Haim Nissani
March 2, 2015

Thanks for this comprehensive, eye-opening article.

February 25, 2015

Started hormone treatment after 33 hits of radiation.Cause psa did not go dowm. Had CT scan and bone scan. Did not see anything. Psa 1.2 before hormone treatment. Now after two shots Psa is dowm to 0.05..radiaction doctor total me that Psa would go up and go down after treatment. It would take two years before the Psa would settle down. Wonder if doctor started hormone treatment too early or not. This all started 11 years after removal of the prostate.

January 22, 2015

Diagnosed January 2011 PSA 65, Gleason 9/10 no mets. 38 rounds of radiation and 3 years hormone therapy. Maintain negligible PSA throughout treatment <0.02. Finished treatment January 2014, 1st check up August 2014 PSA 0.5, 2nd check up January 2015 PSA 1.5, watchful waiting for next 6 months….advice?

Trevor Greaves
January 12, 2015

In October 2013 I had a RP using the
Da vinchi robot Gleason 7 clear margins PSA went from .01 to.018 in one year Dr sent me for a PSMA Pet scan which showed a small leasion at the surgery site margins were clear

January 5, 2015

My dad is 71 and had PC at age 63. Had it removed numbers stayed at .01 for 4 years the. Crept up to 1.4. He was given the 3 month shot to reduce testosrone which took his numbers back down to.03 for a year. He had some side effects like hot flashes that he didn’t like. His dr moved out of the area and he gets a new dr. Who says psa numbers are just that..numbers and that we can’t treat what we can’t see so with that he stopped taking the shots. Well 3 months ago he was a 3.0. Now today he is a 24!! The docs say they never have seen this before and are baffled. All scans and test show nothing. We are very concerned but what should he do?

Jerry Diamond
January 16, 2017

With what u wrote he should go to Germany and get the special scan that they have there called a PET PSA HE that is right now only available in Germany soon next to be coming to Australia. That scan will locate every where he is hot with cancer. Then I would elect to have a HiFu treatment with a cancer clinic that specialises in it. The HIFU will kill the cancer cells and leave the good ones be. As well you should ask your oncologist if you would be a candidate for immunotherapy. The best to you

Ben B
December 30, 2014

Diagnosed April 2004
Glesson 5+5 and PSA 8.

RP undertaken July 2004.
Jan 2005 PSA 5 Thus 6 weeks of Chemo.

PSA level at 0.1 (with slight variations ) until June 2013. Gentle but steady increases until this month, December 2014, up to 0.5.

I seem to fit the category where a relapse is active. 74 so slightly scared that may not have clarity to make correct decision and then follow through.
Life very active, work increasing. Comment and or advice would be really appreciate. Reading other posts is really useful and inspiring.

Great site, thank you.

November 21, 2014

no comment

November 20, 2014

Radical Prostatectomy (11.4 psa,9 gleason) in 2002 followed by 37 beam radiation treatments, and have been on 4-month Lupron for 12 years. PSA has been undetectable at every 4 month test. I am considering stopping Lupron(at least temporarily while testing psa every three months. Am now 68 years old, Type 1 diabetic for 18 years(on insulin pump for 13 years), and Ankylosing Spondylitis since 22 years old. Considering my diseases I am in good shape and strong. I worked a full career until 62 years old, now walk 2 miles daily with workouts, and do my own yard work. Any advice regarding Lupron stoppage?

Jim P.
November 16, 2014

Diagnosed with P.Ca. at age 48 in 2008. Gleeson 6. Pre-surgery PSA was 3.1. Robotic RP in Novemeber 2008. PSA bounces around. First 2 readings after surgery .12 and .13 (after 2 months and 5 months). PSA fluctuated <.1 — .14 for first 3 years. Fluctuated .1 — .14 since Oct. 2011. Last PSA was .2 one week ago. Scheduled to have another PSAtest in 2 weeks. Assuming it will be .2 again.
Any advice?

Jerry A
November 15, 2014

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 at age 63, Stage 2a. Had RP in September 2011 with PSA at 5.6.
Gleason score was 7 (3,4) with a tertiary small amount of 5. No positive margins, no lymph node involvement;tumor was contained and encapsulated. PSA remained <0.1 until November 2013 when it hit 0.2. In May, 2014 it hit 0.3 and in July, 2015 it hit 0.5. I entered a clinical study that had 2 Lupron shots over a 3 month period and Casadex regimen of 123 days. Had 39 Radiation treatments ending on November 17, 2014. PSA after start of hormones went to undetectable.
No significant symptoms during radiation. Hormone therapy left me with frequent hot flashes.
I was already incontinent from RP so present therapy didn't change incontinence.
Entering data of PSA tests into PSA Doubling time Calculator revealed a doubling time of 6.2 months.
Otherwise asymptomatic and hoping we got it this time

joe ragg
November 7, 2014

Gleason 10
radiation was the treatment psa was 2 at start
after radiation then seed implant psa 1
then 0.7
six month later 0.6
12 months 0.4
18 months 0.7 psa went up

what does this mean in layman’s terms

Caren Tidwell
October 30, 2014

My husband had 0 psa for years then after 6 years it suddenly went to 1.6 and the repeat in 4 months was 6.0 He was a Gleason score of 8-9 and a T3 at the original surgery 6 years ago. He is in poor health and can not walk 20 yards without resting, his legs give out on him and he is short of breath and coughs a lot. He is on dialysis. I have to dress him a lot because he is so weak. We just found out about the high PSA yesterday and go to the urologist next week…any guess if his has recurrent cancer and if so his outlook. I know it is just a guess and you have not seen him but what are the signs if it has gone to the bone or lung. Thanks in advance for answering. Caren

nordin sahad din
October 30, 2014

Robotic prostatetomy was done in August 2009,at age 60,now am 66,first 3 years post-op follow ups psa was 0.01 starts to increase in December 2012,0.02 after every 4 months,0.18-0.23-043-(2013 reading)=0.39-0.42,latest 0.53(2014)repeated MRI and Bone Scan results are negative,but oncologist advice for radiotherapy,even after finger probe reveals nothing significant,another spcialist advice not to undergo the treatment,should wait and see,and monitor the future psa reading,basically I am fine and in good health,no urinary problems or incontinence,I am confused,PLEASE ADVICE,THANK YOU.

October 4, 2014

How do wives cope with testing every 3months after prostatectomy then a year later radiotherapy then 6years later a rise ,,that was 3 years ago bone scan clear…..the psa is now 2.95,,,,,
Husband has no symptoms but I am so anxious every 3 do wives cope?

January 12, 2016

Good question. For us, we stay busy. Very busy. My husband was diagnosed 12/2014. Radical prostectomy 9/29/15. All path reports were clear, first post appointment GREAT. .. We’re coming up on his next appointment 2/25. A little nervous, BUT. … we’re really staying busy.

September 30, 2014

My father had a gleason score of 4+3 PSA of 6.9. Radical prostatectomy in 2005. 16 of 32 lymph nodes positive. Had hormone injections and radiation. 6 years later PSA started to rise slowly. Now at 9 years we are at 10.1. Since January his PSA went from 6.54 to 10.1 last week. I am scared to death that this is it and that we could have done something more other than watch and wait. He has no pain, is 74 years old and is very active.

September 20, 2014

my husband had a psa of 25 which rose to 49 in three weeks. There was no sign of any spread. He then had radical surgery and it was determined that his gleeson was 6. His PSA went down to .4 and then to .111 over the first 18 months. Now it has gone up to .3. The doctor wants to see him in 3 months to determine whether it is a trend. I am very concerned. Is this a sign of recurrence? What are his options?

September 17, 2014

Radical prostatectomy on 29March 2014.All margins clear.Psa pre-op 2.37.Psa post-op at 3 weeks forty-five.Psa at 6 weeks post-op seventeen.Psa 12 weeks post-op 1.29.Psa 18 weeks post-op 1.24.Decided to respond with treatment only when a doubling time excist.What tests can be done to be certain that the urologist did not leave prostate tissue behind during prostatectomy. Robotic da Vince surgery was executed.

John faro
October 22, 2016

See my comment today

Your the only individual that approach your diagnosis methodically and intelligently

Be well – John faro

September 1, 2014

Had a RPT on 8/31/10..Gleason of 4+3 and SI invasion. Went 3 years with an undetectable PSA. A recurrence of .07 to .1 ..Although still considereda low number to me any rise is not good..So..Had all scans they were all clear and opted for Radiation of the prostate bed with a total of 42 sessions over 2 months..after 3 months PSA was undetectable once again..Will follow up in 6 months but feel really good we might of got it for good..All it takes is a PMA..positive mental attitude to beat the dreaded rise in PSA..

August 24, 2014

Like the other Jim (June comment) I had a radical prostatomy in 2003. Undetectable (<0.1) PSA until about 2010 then slow steady rise from 0.1 to 0.29 to mid-2014, now a jump to 0.42 in under 3 months. Abdominal CT and bone scans show nothing. I'm reluctant to start radiation so tomorrow I get a biopsy of (I think) the prostate bed. Then may have to weigh up risk vs reward – wait and see, or blast it before it goes any further? Can't say either option sounds good! I kind of hoped that the delayed and slow increase in PSA was a good omen but suspect that is probably unsubstantiated optimism.

helen collins
August 5, 2014

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Dennis alleew
June 18, 2017

Explain a little more the spell casting process. What is involved? How much does it cost?

February 21, 2018

What is his email? This one is not working

July 23, 2014

30 years ago I had PSA of 18. I had seed implant to prostate and 6 weeks of radiation. Not broad band. All was fine for for 25 years, PSA today is only 0.50 ,however, the radiation has caused scar to bladder and prostate that has been terrible for past 5 years.Broken scar tissue and blood clots blocking my urine off and on for 5 years.Finally I tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy for 80 hours and stopped the bladder blood clots.Now 3 years laterand years and 30 years after original treatment I have same problem with prostate blood clots. The oxygen treatment did not work this time.i pass clots on a regular basis praying they will not block me. Some have,most don’t I am 87 years old and very active or was until my activity caused scar tissue to break off.My doctor has no good answers.I say think twice before radiation. It comes home later and bites hard.

July 18, 2014

I had high dose radiation treatment via SBRT for my PCa, gleason 6 (3+3), 5/12 cores, all on left side. I was 50 when diagnosed and treated. I get my first PSA test next month and the waiting for results is difficult to know if it worked. I think I have 93% shot of it working but as difficult as it is waiting to know the results, I feel for those of you who have gotten the results and know the initial treatment did not take care of it. My prayers are with you!

July 14, 2014

Jim- My best guess is because the cancer is not where the radiation was targeted. I assume the pelvic bed was irradiated — were there scans that indicated something was there? Hormone therapy can keep the cancer at bay for an unknown period of time. If you want to try to pinpoint where the PCa is, you might want to try a different type of scan — research C-11 PET scans on Google.

February 22, 2017

I have both required, hormone therapy while I’m treated 40 times of radiation. To be more sufficient, we’ll see.

June 26, 2014

hi,,i had surgery in 2002 to remove my prostate. 11 years later my psa went up to .6 had radiation treatment. 33 hits..had another psa three months later and it was .8 ouch..four months later it was 1.2,,now i am worried. so the doctor put me on horomone far no side effects..but what i would like to know is why the radiation did not work…i am 68 years old…

January 19, 2016

Hi Jim, just wondering how things are going, I am in the same boat, any information would be appreciated.


June 17, 2014

I was stage pt3b gl9 at pathology post RP. PSA at two, five and eight months post op was .1, .2, and .3 respectively so I started lupron and IMRT. My Uro and RO both think PCa is still in prostate bed, but I don’t know why they think so. So I have taken the plunge hoping for a cure this time. What else could I do? Standing pat and doing nothing seemed like giving up. I have no PCa symptoms but side effects of ADT have started, primarily hot flashes, fatigue , upset stomach and bowels, and muscle pain. Side effects of SET have not begun. Can’t wait for those bad boys! I’m not sure I’ll get another three month lupron shot.

Don Jay
June 12, 2014

Hi, Im 56 y/o, 2 years ago I had RP via the da vinci robotic system. My highest psa was 6.44. Post surg, my psa was undetectable for approx 15 mos. Subsequently in Oct 13 my psa was 0.03, in January 14 it increased to 0.07 in May14 it increased to 0.10 and one month later this June it remains 0.10.
Path post surg indicates 0.9cm intra- postive margin w/ gleason of 4+3 . My urologist has referred me to the radiation oncologist, whom I saw last week 6/5/14. He is recommending radiation therapy. Your thoughts on if I should have the treatment as rx’d or should I take the wait and see approach. Your time and comments would be most appreciated, thank you very much!!!

February 22, 2017

Pet and MRI to see no cancer cell exist in other areas, (bones, organs). Than its safe to say its microscopic. In area that prostate existe. I’m in treatment (radiation 8wks, 40days) day 5.

April 20, 2017

I would Waite , my psa was 19.before surgery ,margin was positive after that 6 months later I had a psa of 0.012 I had 31 sessions of radiation my psa never went down that was in 8/14 today it’s 0.56 still very low I’m in no pain , still work full time and I’m not on any treatment at this time

Vinnie StJohn
June 2, 2014

I had a radical prostectomy Dec 2012. 9 months later, my PSA rose to.2. 6 months after that rise, to .3 I was sent to an oncologist who did a PET and MRI with contrast. Everything was completely clear with the exception of a 1.2cm lytic lesion in my right proximal humerus. How can I have mestastasis with a PSA of.3? Also it’s lytic and not blastic.
Oncologist wants to be “sure” at the expense of open surgical biopsy which 2 other doctors disagree on. Lesion is metabolically active with an SUV as high as 5.5, yet X-ray reveal non-aggressive. I’m in no man’s land.

May 22, 2014

I had Gleason 7 (4, 3) I think it was 4, 3 any ways, I remember the combo was the best combo with T1C added in. It was found after my PSA hit 12 and two very painful biopsies. I was treated in the fall of 2011, proton beam. For the last three months my PSA has gone from 1.2, 2.7 to 3.8. I’ve undergone a bone scan, nothing, prostate MRI, nothing and tomorrow, a spinal MRI. Dr. wants to conclude that a accident I had, which scarred my spine, is just that, a scar. After that a biopsy then a sit down to discuss options.

I’m 65 years old very disappointed and confused as to what my options are. I feel that someone just put a medical harness on me. They tell me that at my age and, moving forward, it will always be something.

Patrick Dawson
April 25, 2014

At 52 I had a Prostatectomy in Nov 2013 with a pre op PSA of 53 and eventual pathology report after surgery with Gleason 8
38mm tumor apex to base and both sides of the prostate with Margin and Extension..I chose not to have follow up Radiation because my first Post op PSA was undetectable….told the stats of chance of reoccurence by the Oncologist which are the same as here 85%…I guess some very nervous months await me!!

Michael Heinlein
January 4, 2014

I had robotic surgery 4/6/2013 showed lesson 8 after surgery with positive margin cut in on area by left blood vessel and never which could not be saved 3 month blood test showed less than .oo6 psa before operation was 2.9. No lymp node involvement no semen or bladder either. 6 month psa was 0.014 9 months .023 and then a 6 week test showed .04. Doctor wants send me to radiation oncologist next week for his info. What’s my chances what should I be looking at? What questions should I ask and is radiation the way to go. Should I buy green bananas ? Anyone have similar experience and how it turned out.

April 20, 2017

I had prostate removed in2/14 after, that had a positive margin in Augustus of 2014 I had radiation treatment done ,waited for my incontinence to be under control ,31 sessions of radiation done ,I had a psa of 0.012 before radiation treatment , after radiation treatment done ,no change in psa ,my psa today is 0.56 not takeing any meds at this time , it’s been three years since surgery , I feel no pain , I work a full time job in construction I’m 57 I’m just trying to work with herbs and getting down to a good weight also eat more healthy

November 6, 2013

I’ll be 70 in January 2014. I had open RP on 9/7/13 after Gleason 9 PC was discovered in 2 of 6 biopsy cores on 6/24/13. Pathology was not good: Gleason 9, SVI, pos. margin and extraprostatic extension at base with Gleason 7. No PC was found in the 10 lymph nodes removed.

PSA two months later is 0.1, which is not surprising and not bad IMHO, all things considered. I still have minor incontinence and have ED which I had prior to surgery. So I’m biding my time at this point waiting to talk to my surgeon.

April 14, 2017

And how are you in 2017? My dad’s story sounds like yours and I’m trying to understand what it means.

Jack Stopforth
July 9, 2013

I had radical surgery in October 2012 and was told in my first post-op exam that my PSA had not been fully eradicated and was measured at 0.01. Six moths later (June 2013) I was told it had doubled, but at 0.02 was still very low and should be monitored: only if it shows growth after 3 quarterly blood tests would my physician recommend radiotherapy or other salvage treatment. I want rid of the cancer and would rather have immediate treatment. Should I insist?

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