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CT test for hidden lung cancer is cost-effective but not covered for many likely to benefit

Published: November 06, 2014
  • Author: Beverly Merz,


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George Waldkirch
December 14, 2014

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Smoke free environment by electronic wheel
December 10, 2014

Smog hanging over cities & town are the most familiar and obvious form of air pollution. But there are different types of pollution—some visible, some invisible—that contribute to global warming. Basically any substance that people introduce into the atmosphere that has damaging effects on living things and the environment is considered air pollution.
Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the main pollutant that is warming Earth. Though living things emit carbon dioxide when they breathe, carbon dioxide is widely considered to be a pollutant when associated with cars, planes, power plants, and other human activities that involve the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas. In the past 150 years, such activities have pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years.To reducing smoke from Transport we have discovered an Electronic wheel Scooter, One wheel bikes.

California Worker
November 16, 2014

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Jessica Parker
November 11, 2014

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Jason Hiep
November 09, 2014

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