Will removing your fallopian tubes reduce your risk of ovarian cancer?

 Image: © magicmine/Getty Images Ovarian cancer is a challenging foe. It's often found at an advanced stage when it's difficult to treat. In recent years, researchers have learned that many cases of ovarian cancer don't even start in the ovaries. "It turns out that ovarian cancer is a bit of a misnomer. We think a portion of ovarian cancers actually arise from cells in the fallopian tubes," says Shelley Tworoger, adjunct associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard Medical School and associate center director of population science at the Moffitt Cancer Center. (Locked) More »

Over-the-counter cautions

Taking over-the-counter medications improperly can be dangerous. People should carefully follow instructions for nonprescription products and ensure that the medications they take, won’t cause harmful drug interactions. (Locked) More »