Is my painkiller an opioid?

Oxycodone is an opioid. A combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen should be used with caution and for the shortest duration possible. Talk to your doctor about tapering off the oxycodone or other opioid if possible. (Locked) More »

Is vertigo caused by a magnesium deficiency?

There is little evidence that vertigo is due to magnesium deficiency or prevented by magnesium supplementation. However, there is some evidence linking low vitamin D levels with vertigo and suggesting that vitamin D supplementation may be helpful. (Locked) More »

What can precision nutrition offer you?

Designing diets for good health based on a person’s DNA holds promise, but there is little evidence to support the effectiveness of personalized diets currently available on the Internet. (Locked) More »

Setting the stage for sounder sleep

Older people get less sleep than younger people, probably because they wake frequently and for longer periods during the night. To minimize wakefulness, follow bedtime rituals and schedules, make the bedroom quiet and comfortable, and avoid bright light, especially blue light from electronic devices. (Locked) More »

Exercising arthritis pain away

Studies indicate that physical therapy is often just as effective as surgery in reducing pain and increasing function for people with arthritis in their knees or backs. It’s wise to seek out physical therapy whenever joint pain interferes with your normal activities for more than a few days. (Locked) More »

How clean should your skin be?

Probiotic skin products, which are designed to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, are promising options for treating skin conditions in the future. However, there is no scientific evidence that currently available probiotic skin products are effective. More »