Can't wait to see the doctor? You have choices

There are several options for medical care when you can’t see your doctor: emergency rooms for life-threatening emergencies and serious injuries; urgent-care clinics for less serious infections, injuries, and tests; and retail clinics for minor problems. (Locked) More »

What's the best way to lose weight?

Studies show that some commercial weight-loss plans can help people achieve modest weight loss, but there is little evidence of their long-term effectiveness. Calorie control, daily exercise, support, and counseling help with weight loss and maintenance. (Locked) More »

Healthy ankles: Your mobility depends on them

Sprains and Achilles tendon injuries are common and can usually be treated at home, but they increase the risk of further injury. Tendon stretches and wearing the right shoes can help prevent ankle injury. (Locked) More »

Why I'm not prescribing statins for all my patients

The 2013 ACC/AHA guideline defines everyone over 75 as a candidate for statin therapy. Because the risks and benefits of statin use are largely unknown for people this age, it’s important to review them carefully with your doctor. More »