The 4 best ways to maintain your brain

Some studies suggest that engaging in regular aerobic exercise, eating a Mediterranean diet, maintaining social connectedness, and undertaking challenges reduce the risk of dementia. Joining clinical trials can help provide better information. More »

Short of breath? Here's what you can do

Corticosteroids and short- and long-acting bronchodilators have roles in treating asthma and COPD. Getting the right diagnosis, finding the right mix of inhaled medications, and using inhalers properly is critical to controlling your condition. More »

What you can do for dizzy spells

Dizziness has several causes. Vertigo—a spinning sensation—is more common in women than men and usually caused by disorders in the inner ear. Dizziness can also be due to low blood pressure, medications, nerve damage, and dehydration. (Locked) More »

How to preserve your posture

Kyphosis, or dowager’s hump, is caused by vertebral compression fractures. Diet, resistance exercise, and bone-building drugs help prevent it. Minimally invasive surgery can help strengthen compressed vertebrae to reduce severe pain. More »

Take your workout to the pool

Exercising in the water is a good supplement to land exercise for aerobic conditioning and strength training because it is gentle on your joints. Most “Y”s and health clubs with pools offer water exercise training. (Locked) More »