Chocolate: Pros and cons of this sweet treat

Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, which appear to have beneficial effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, blood flow, and other heart risks. Cocoa flavonoids may also improve blood flow to areas of the brain needed for thinking and memory. Still, it’s important to eat chocolate in moderation, because it’s also high in fat and calories. More »

Effective exercises for osteoporosis

Women who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or who’ve already suffered a bone fracture may worry about injuring themselves further if they exercise. In reality, exercise is essential for strengthening bones and preventing falls. The ideal program for osteoporosis combines weight-bearing, muscle-strengthening, flexibility, and balance exercises. (Locked) More »

4 important blood tests for women-and what the results mean

Four routine blood tests give women important information about their health. A blood sugar test checks for diabetes. The lipid panel assesses a woman’s heart disease risks. Thyroid-stimulating hormone and T4 tests evaluate thyroid function. And a test of 25 hydroxyvitamin D measures vitamin D levels. (Locked) More »

How to prevent colorectal cancer

Beyond getting regular colon cancer screening, there are several things women can do to reduce their risk of getting colon cancer. Lifestyle strategies should focus on eating less red meat, exercising more, and taking vitamin D and calcium when appropriate. More »

8 reasons why you're not sleeping

Many conditions can disrupt your rest, but they can be treated. The most common sleep stealers in women include sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, pain, poor sleep habits, a lack of exercise, and stress. Managing these factors and practicing good sleep habits can help you get a better night’s rest. (Locked) More »

Could cataract surgery extend your life?

People who underwent cataract surgery were more likely to be alive 10 years later, compared with those who continued to have vision problems. It’s possible that this surgery may improve physical and emotional well-being, contributing to the longer life span. (Locked) More »

Sodas linked to endometrial cancer

Drinking sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages may increase the risk of the most common type of endometrial cancer. Sugar-free drinks didn't confer the same risks. (Locked) More »