A new look at treating Alzheimer's disease

Targeting tau proteins, and not just beta-amyloid, may be one of the best ways to identify Alzheimer’s disease early and develop more targeted treatments before the symptoms of the disease become too severe. Several drugs are in development that take this new approach. (Locked) More »

Sleep and magnesium supplements

Some initial studies have shown that an increase in magnesium may help with insomnia. However, the evidence is limited. Still, magnesium supports many nerve and bone functions, and older men should ensure they get enough by eating more green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds. (Locked) More »

Ask the doctor: Braces for knee arthritis

Although the medical research is mixed, men with knee arthritis may benefit from wearing a knee sleeve or an unloader brace to help relieve pain and improve the ability to perform certain activities. (Locked) More »

Taking aim at cancer

Targeted cancer therapies are drugs that block the growth and spread of cancer by interfering with specific molecules that are involved in the cancers’ progression. They can possibly treat certain cancers with fewer side effects and better outcomes. However, they do not work for everyone, or for every kind of cancer. (Locked) More »

Heart disease: All in the family history

Your family history can be as strong of a marker for heart disease as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. While you cannot change your genetic makeup, knowing your family history can help determine your risk and guide you to seek appropriate preventive treatment. (Locked) More »

Fight back against gout

Gout strikes men more than women and is more common with age. Lifestyle changes like reducing intake of meat, shellfish, and alcohol, losing excess weight, and staying well hydrated can help lower uric acid levels that lead to attacks. More »

Get active with trackers

Activity trackers can monitor a person’s activity and motion and provide the instant feedback needed to stay motivated and engaged in healthy behavior. While they often come with various features, tracking daily steps and recording active minutes offers the best information for the average person. (Locked) More »