Waisted: Abdominal obesity and your health

Fat that accumulates inside the abdomen has come to be viewed by doctors as a key cause of cardiovascular disease. Diet and exercise are the fundamental principles that can reduce this fat and improve overall health. (Locked) More »

New Year's resolutions for health

Suggestions for healthier living include reducing stress, eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise, protecting against infectious diseases, maintaining a safe living environment, and getting regular medical care. More »

On call: Pharyngitis

I seem to get three or four sore throats a year. I don't want to run to my doctor for antibiotics every time. How can I tell when I need treatment and when I don't? (Locked) More »

On call: Winter depression

My wife gets down in the dumps each January. She thinks it's just because the holidays have come and gone, but I think it's more than that. Is it depression? (Locked) More »