Peptic ulcers and bacterial infections

The bacterium Heliobacter pylori is the only one that can survive inside the human stomach. It causes gastritis and ulcers, but is generally treatable with a combination of antibiotics. (Locked) More »

Red wine and prostate cancer

Cancer researchers found that men who drink moderate amounts of red wine regularly are less likely to develop prostate cancer. The reasons are not known, but may be related to antioxidant substances found in red wine. (Locked) More »

On call: No-flush niacin

In your January 2007 article on cholesterol, you said that no-flush niacin does not lower cholesterol levels. But my problem is low HDL cholesterol. Will no-flush niacin help my HDL even if it won't lower my LDL cholesterol? (Locked) More »

On call: Blood pressure in both arms

My doctor usually checks my blood pressure in my left arm. At my checkup he used my right arm, and the reading was 10 points higher than usual. I asked him to check my left, and it was 8 points lower. Does the difference matter? Which is my real pressure? (Locked) More »