Should bypass surgery be done off-pump?

Studies aimed at determining whether performing open-heart surgery with or without the heart-lung machine (on- or off-pump) have found advantages to both. People who have suffered a stroke, have a diseased aorta, are very elderly, or have lung disease or poor kidney function are at risk for complications from the heart-lung machine and are the most likely to benefit from surgery performed off-pump. For people who are not at high risk for complications, on-pump and off-pump bypass surgery are equivalent when performed by an experienced surgeon. More »

What we need: geriatric cardiology

Most people with heart disease are older, take many medications, and have other medical problems. Yet cardiologists lack evidence on how best to treat these people, since most clinical trials exclude them. This creates uncertainty about the risks versus the benefits of treatments. The American College of Cardiology has organized a new Geriatric Cardiology Section to help cardiologists obtain the data they need to provide the best possible care for seniors. (Locked) More »

New thinking about stable heart disease

People with stable heart disease are at low risk for heart attack and may not need invasive treatment until significant chest pain is no longer relieved by medication. At this point, the risk of heart attack is greater, and coronary artery bypass surgery or angioplasty should be considered. (Locked) More »

Don't ignore "mild" strokes

Strokes that produce only mild symptoms still damage brain cells. The accumulated damage from several mild strokes may be harmful and irreversible. Anyone who experiences the symptoms of stroke, no matter how mild, should call 911. (Locked) More »

Generics as safe as brand-name drugs

Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as name-brand drugs and are equally safe and effective. Generics are necessary in order to meet the worldwide demand for billions of pills. Problems in manufacturing occasionally occur with both generic and brand-name drugs. Because the FDA oversees the manufacturing process, such problems are normally caught quickly and remedied immediately. (Locked) More »

ECG? There's an app for that!

People with heart disease will soon be able to transmit information about their heart rhythm to their doctor's office using an iPhone app. (Locked) More »

Diet matters after a heart attack

Eating a heart-healthy diet after a heart attack or stroke can dramatically lower the risk of having a fatal or nonfatal second heart attack or stroke, or developing heart failure. (Locked) More »