March 2012 references and further reading

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Three (more) cheers for statins

A study boosts support for the ability of statins to help clear arteries of plaque, while two others reaffirm the drugs' safety. Considered together, these three studies should make most statin users and their doctors even more confident about using these drugs over the long haul. More »

Teamwork in angioplasty-bypass decisions

Updated guidelines for using bypass surgery or angioplasty to treat blocked cardiac arteries emphasize collaboration between two separate committees — one for angioplasty and one for bypass. This signals a shift away from competition between two cardiology specialties — interventionalists, who perform angioplasty, and cardiac surgeons, who perform bypass surgery — toward a collaborative approach designed to improve outcomes. (Locked) More »

Fun and exergames: Not just for kids anymore

If you're searching for an effective routine that's actually fun, or want a high-tech take on fitness, consider active-play video games, also called exergames. No longer just for youngsters, exergames such as Nintendo's Wii Fitness and Xbox's Kinect Sports are catching on with middle-aged and older adults as an enjoyable way to get moving. Exergames offer diverse activities and benefits from playing. Depending on the system, you can choose from muscle-strengthening workouts, balance and stretching games, aerobic exercises and dancing, martial arts, and simulated recreational activities such as golf, skiing, ping-pong, and bowling. More »

HDL cholesterol: Is higher really better?

A cholesterol study found that lowering LDL with a statin was more beneficial than attempting to boost HDL with niacin. This is not necessarily the end of the road for niacin, a pre-statin pioneer in managing cholesterol. Results of a large international niacin study are due out in 2013.  (Locked) More »

Small step forward for stem cells, giant leaps remain

In a very small study, stem cells from heart tissue helped boost pumping power in the hearts of heart attack survivors. But as encouraging as the findings were, stem cell research is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before yielding effective treatments for heart disease. (Locked) More »


If heart attack victims have to wait to be transferred to another hospital for emergency angioplasty, the delay is life threatening. (Locked) More »