Antibiotics before dental work

In an important change, the American Heart Association has scaled back its recommendations on who needs to take antibiotics before dental work. The full guidelines emphasize taking care of your teeth rather than taking antibiotics to prevent an infection during dentistry. (Locked) More »

Driving and abnormal heart rhythms

New guidelines from the Heart Rhythm Society and the American Heart Association shortened the no-driving period for some people who get an implanted cardioverter-defibrillator after a heart attack. (Locked) More »

Scaling back on antibiotics

Medical organizations have long recommended taking antibiotics before certain procedures that could cause bacteria to infect the heart, but new guidelines state that only people with certain heart conditions or diseases need take the drugs. (Locked) More »

Sticking it to blood pressure?

The belief that acupuncture can lower blood pressure has been tested by studies, but the conclusions regarding its effectiveness are divided. (Locked) More »

Heart Beat: Nothing fancy

Death rates from coronary artery disease have been falling since the 1980s, due to emphasis on the need to combat the problem by adopting healthier habits. (Locked) More »