Yellow light on pain relievers

While there is a risk of adverse effects from any pain reliever, most people can take them safely. Use common sense, and have your blood pressure checked regularly if you are in a higher risk group due to heart disease. More »

Reception still fuzzy for fast CT scans of the heart

A new type of CT scan produces a clearer image of the heart than current methods, and without the need for an invasive catheter. Though there are some drawbacks to its use, the test may be helpful in emergency settings, when a quick diagnosis is needed. (Locked) More »

COURAGE to make choices

A long-term study of treatment for stable coronary artery disease found that angioplasty was no better than the combination of medication and lifestyle changes at preventing future heart disease or prolonging life. (Locked) More »

In Brief

Generic versions of the blood-pressure drug Norvasc will save consumers money. A high-fiber diet may lower C-reactive protein, which contributes to inflammation of arteries. (Locked) More »


New guidelines for CPR say to do chest compressions only and skip mouth-to-mouth breaths. Scientists are still looking for ways to boost HDL cholesterol. Periodontal treatment may be beneficial to the heart and arteries. (Locked) More »